HN1F Chapter 47: Watching How You Die!

Just started playing Dying Light. Amazing game, those zombies that ping back orange scare the crap out of me.


This bamboo hat young man’s body was emitting an aura that Lin Feng felt was extremely dangerous, at the bottom of his heart heart there was a voice that yelled without stop.

“Run! Run! Run!”

This was entirely a biological instinct, an instinctual warning when encountering something that may cause himself to die.

Lin Feng had to constantly constrain himself to ensure that his body stood on the spot unmoving and not immediately turning around to run.

The bamboo hat young man’s completely unmasked mana fluctuations told Lin Feng that the person he is facing is an aurous core stage cultivator.

Moreover it’s an aurous core stage cultivator even more powerful that Blaze Sword Sect’s Elder Li that he met before.

Lin Feng laughed helplessly in his heart: “Even though I act like an expert in front of my disciples, that’s because I have no choice. In the end I’m still just a qi disciple stage small fry. Don’t keep sending this kind of aurous core stage opponent over, I really can’t afford it!”

The flying swords of Mt. Shu Sword Sect disciples are all different, but the carvings on their scabbards are all the same landscape design. It is the same as the Blaze Sword Sect’s flame robes and is a token of identity known by the world.

Lin Feng naturally also recognized it at a glance, thinking in consolement: “Yan Mingyue, Hui Ku plus this guy in front of me, who’d have thought that in a few short months of time I encountered one of each of the disciples of the three great holy lands.”

Even though his calves were already spasming a bit, Lin Feng still secretly held the sarira in his palms, preparing at any time to fight for his life. Wanting him to fold his arms and await death is not possible.

Liu Yang downed all of the wine in the white jade cup and jumped up from the giant rock. He tilted his head looking at Lin Feng: “Didn’t they say you’re also with a little kid, where is he?”

Originally Lin Feng was prepared to launch the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation, but upon hearing Liu Yang’s question a thought suddenly appeared in his heart and he had an even better idea.

After calculating the details in his heart and feeling that there weren’t any major holes, Lin Feng started his performance.

“Little kid, what little kid?” Lin Feng revealed a humble expression of reverence, his face puzzled.

Liu Yang frowned: “Stop your charade, I’m talking about that 3 to 4 year old child you had with you when you were fighting with the people of the Blaze Sword Sect.”

Lin Feng’s expression was astounded: “I may have little experience, but I’ve still heard of the name of the Blaze Sword Sect. It is a member of the Nine Heavens Sword Alliance and is one of the several well-known sword sect, how would a small wandering cultivator like me dare to provoke them?”

Hearing this Liu Yan suspiciously examined him: “But this is the right clothing, there’s no mistake.”

Lin Feng laughed helplessly: “I am only a qi disciple level 10 cultivator, how would I have the balls to provoke the Blaze Sword Sect?” While speaking Lin Feng released his own mana fluctuating, opening his hands and using his mana to crush a rock.

Liu Yang naturally doesn’t care about this level of mana, but he can clearly determine the depths of Lin Feng’s cultivation level.

But he was still puzzled in his heart: “If you don’t do anything then I actually can’t see through your cultivation level?”

Lin Feng produced a forced smile saying: “I inadvertently obtained a small item than can hide my cultivation level.” He swallowed his saliva, taking out a ribbon and handing it over to Liu Yan with a fearful and ingratiating smile: “Please take a look.”

The ribbon was just a regular item, but after Lin Feng took out the ribbon he actively released his own mana, causing Liu Yan to think that the reason he couldn’t see through his level was indeed because of the ribbon.

Liu Yang took over the ribbon but couldn’t sense any spell formations operating within. He tried it out himself and was also unable to hide his cultivation level. He suspiciously looked towards Lin Feng, but right now Lin Feng no longer had any secrets in front of him, he was clearly at qi disciple level 10.

“Why does it have no effect when I use it?” Liu Yang asked.

“Maybe it’s because my level is low.” Lin Feng said in embarrassment: “It’s just a small trick, it’s not worth your time oh great immortal of the Mt. Shu Sword Sect.”

Liu Yang smiled: “You know I’m from the Mt. Shu Sword Sect?”

Lin Feng’s cast a glance towards the scabbard at Liu Yang’s waist, saying with a smile: “The Mt. Shu Sword Sect, the number 1 holy land in the world of the way of the sword, it’s name reverberates like thunder. No matter how ignorant I am I naturally also know of it.”

Liu Yang curled his lips, completely losing interest in Lin Feng: “Boring.” He paused for a moment and then asked: “Have you seen a young daoist dressed just like you with a 3 to 4 year old child in this underground palace?”

Lin Feng blankly shook his head. Liu Yang then asked: “Then what did you come to this underground palace for?”

“I.. I came out to hone myself and accidently entered this underground palace.” Lin Feng answered a bit sheepishly.

Liu Yang laughed coldly, boundless killing interest spread outward, prickling Lin Feng and making him tremble.

“Calm your anger please, calm your anger.” Lin Feng hurriedly said: “I… In truth I heard that there is a treasure at the bottom of this underground palace, so I came to try my luck and see if I was lucky.”

“Treasure?” Liu Yan was a bit surprised: “What treasure?”

Lin Feng answered honestly: “Legends say that 1000 years ago this place was the wandering cultivator Daoist Master Hei Yun’s cultivation abode. After Daoist Master Hei Yun perished in the blood river his soul-bound magic item the Black Cloud Flag still remained in this cultivation abode.”

Liu Yang curled his lips: “Daoist Master Hei Yun? Never heard of him, he seems to be an aurous core stage cultivator? An aurous core stage magic item, it’s not a big deal.”

Lin Feng smiled apologetically: “You have great power, naturally you do not care about it. But I heard that this Black Cloud Flag has the effect to shift through the void, presumably it is very rare thus I came to try my luck.”

“Shift through the void?” Liu Yang became interested. Spells and magic items that can shift through the void are all very rare and have endless uses, even he felt moved about it.

Liu Yang attentively sensed the surroundings for a moment and then frowned saying: “I can’t sense that there is a treasure here.”

Lin Feng secretly glanced at the blood lake at the side and stammered about unable to speak.

Liu Yang noticed his movement and laughed: “It’s in this Nether Blood River? Separated by the Absolute Blood Water, it is indeed not easy for my mana to probe it, but…”

He slanted his eyes and looked at Lin Feng with a faint smile: “How do I know you’re not tricking me? How about this, you go down first to find it for me.”

“I originally had intentions of seeking treasure, but when I found out that the treasure was actually within the Nether Blood River I fell into a dilemma. I am unwilling to leave but I also don’t dare to go down.” Lin Feng hurriedly shook his head: “With my insignificant cultivation level how can I bear the erosion of the tainted blood in the Nether Blood River? I’ll turn into pulp in a mere matter of seconds.”

His face was filled with terror, looking at the Nether Blood River below like avoiding the plague.

Seemingly to distance himself as far as possible from the tainted blood, Lin Feng climbed on top of a stone beam protruding from the cliff above the blood lake, looking at the turbulent Nether Blood River below him with a face of horror.

Liu Yang laughed loudly: “This Absolute Blood River Water is the most evil and foulest thing in the world and can taint all mana and magic items. It is indeed very sinister, but it cannot trouble me!”

“Even if the treasure really is below the Nether Blood River it doesn’t matter, instead it can make me not that bored, but…” Liu Yang looked towards Lin Feng with a cold laugh: “There better really be a treasure below here or else I’ll make you regret coming out of your mother’s womb!”

On the surface Lin Feng revealed an expression of heartfelt admiration: “Only the capable can obtain treasures, you obtaining the treasure is the true mandate of heaven. That I can watch at the side is already my greatest fortune!”

Liu Yang laughed complacently, Lin Feng smiled with him at the side while laughing coldly in his heart: “I am watching at the side, but I’m watching how you die!”

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  1. kitotikatatari says:

    Lin Feng laughed helplessly in his heart: “Even though I act like an expert in front of my disciples, that’s because I have no choice. In the end I’m still just a qi disciple stage small fry. Don’t keep sending this kind of aurous core stage opponent over, I really can’t afford it!”
    the funniest
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    woo—-! go lin feng! really awesome acting skills, and heh, let’s trick liu yang! Definitely one of my favourite chapters, this one!


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