HN1F Chapter 48: You’re a Good Person

These are some pretty cool and funny Chinese usernames I’ve seen. “Little H Otaku”, “Boob Alien”, “2-D Is My Home”, “Panda!”,  “All My Lackeys”, “Pick A Language”, “Weak Hero”, “Our 2-D Dream”, “I’m A Little Weapon”, “Mr. Police That’s The Person”, “Official Account”, “That Chopped Green Onion”, “I Really Am A Bad Person”, “A Person Who Loves Lolis”, “No Imagination”, “A Certain 17 Year Old Girl’s Integrity”, “Actually I’m A Guy”, “Pineapple of the Dark”, “Thunder Cow 234”


In the sound of laughter, Liu Yang waved his hands and nine blood-red banners flew out.

Lin Feng’s eyes watched those nine blood-red banners fly into the air and then land above the blood lake.

The blood-red banners and the tainted blood in the blood lake were actually calling and responding to each other.

The tainted blood in the blood lake slowly rose and fell like it was alive, exhaling and inhaling and harboring a fascinating rhythm.

And in the air those blood-red banners flapped in the air without any wind, swirling and fluttering. Their rhythm was actually in unison with the tainted blood in the lake, both sides resonated with each other and they pulsated even more strongly and clearly.

“These nine blood-red banners were actually refined using True Blood River Water?” Lin Feng said in his heart: “This is an outright dark magic item, who’d have thought this guy actually still had this up his sleeves.”

Liu Yang slanted his eyes looking at Lin Feng and sneered: “This is a magic item I obtained when I killed a dark cultivator before, it was refined using precisely the tainted blood in this Nether Blood River.”

Looking at the nine fluttering blood-red banners above the Nether Blood River, Lin Feng’s expression did not change but cold sweat had already appeared in his palms: “This guy’s cultivation level is pretty high and he also has this kind of magic item in his hands, if I wasn’t scheming against him while he wasn’t guarding against me I’d pretty much be dead today.”

“But no matter how sly you are you’ve still gotta drink your Papa Lin’s dirty water!” (TL: I tried.)

Lin Feng stood on top of the stone beam, humbly bowing down: “I wish your greatness success!”

Liu Yan smiled noncommittally. He is just arrogant and not stupid, but the problem is that at present for him who is at the aurous core stage, Lin Feng who only has a level of qi disciple level 10 was honestly like a mundane person to him, he could crush him to death with one finger.

Towards opponents with little difference in strength, Liu Yang naturally puts some thought into things, but for cases where the difference between both sides is so great that he can easily steamroll over with just his strength, Liu Yang was honestly too lazy to use his mind.

“Besides this Nether Blood River in front of me there’s nothing else that can pose a threat to me. And now with these nine Blood Lake Banners forming a formation to protect me, I’m not afraid of the tainted blood eroding my mana. Everything is set!”

Thinking here, Liu Yang snorted and then walked forward, directly stepping into the blood lake.

Lin Feng stood on top of the stone beam, his expression was calm and collected but he was actually extremely nervous in his heart.

Now that Liu Yang has entered into the blood lake Lin Feng instantly breathed a sigh of relief. He watched as Liu Yang nonchalantly stood in the center of the blood lake, his body surrounded by nine blood-red banners blocking the turbulent tainted blood for him.

Lin Feng curled his lips: “He really thinks this place is his home field?”

Smiling for a moment, Liu Yang’s expression was relaxed. He lifted his hand and formed a spell sign, the nine Blood Lake Banners beside him all shook together and a dark purple blood aura faintly flowed over the banners.

While the blood aura flowed, it gradually merged together and went deep into the Nether Blood River below Liu Yang’s feet.

Instantly, the seething blood lake had a trend of gradually calming down. Seeing this Liu Yang smiled complacently, lifting his eyes and looking towards Lin Feng who was above him.

Lin Feng was also smiling, but his smile was completely different from the humble and submissive smile from before, he was laughing extremely triumphantly.

Liu Yang’s face sank: “What are you laughing about?”

Lin Feng laughed saying: “I’m laughing that the show has only just started, the good stuff is at the back.”

While speaking Lin Feng stomped his feet, heavily stomping on the stone beam he was standing on and directly crushing the stone beam. Countless stone fragments fell towards the blood lake like it was raining.

Liu Yang furrowed his brows, an expression of surprise and anger surfacing on his face.

But very quickly his eyes narrowed into a slit. He suddenly discovered that after Lin Feng crushed the stone beam, a pile of bones and a pitch-black flag surprisingly appeared from the stone beam.

The bones emitted a faint golden glow. Liu Yang knows that this is the result of their aurous core mana not dispersing and merging together with their remains after an aurous core stage cultivator passes away, similar to buddhist sariras.

But what Liu Yang was more concerned about was that pitch-black flag.

The pitch-black flag looked extremely ordinary, not a hint of any mana fluctuations were released from it causing Liu Yang to be completely unaware of its existence before.

This flag is precisely that Black Cloud Flag Lin Feng wanted to collect.

This Black Cloud Flag was not actually at the bottom of the blood lake but was instead inside of the stone beam right above the blood lake.

Seeing the remains and the Black Cloud Flag, how could Liu Yang not have known that he’d been had. But before he could react, after Lin Feng crushed the stone beam he immediately grabbed the flagpole and pulled the Black Cloud Flag out from the fragmented rocks.

With this pull, it was like a spark being thrown into a pan of oil. The entire underground palace suddenly fell into havoc, it was like the world was ending.

Liu Yang’s expression turned ghostly pale. He wanted to fly out of the blood lake, but who knew that the Nether Blood Lake that was in his control a moment ago also suddenly revolted.

Countless amounts of tainted blood flew into the sky like an erupting volcano!

And at this moment, the originally unexciting Black Cloud Flag also released powerful mana fluctuations, black light flowed and it revealed its true colours.

Seeing this Lin Feng silently laughed, he did not guess wrong.

The Nether Blood River is not an ordinary river, its special characteristic is contaminating and devouring all life so it is extremely dangerous. Once it crosses over to the human realm from the Netherworld it will cause disaster and go around doing evil.

But after such a long period of time, the Nether Blood Lake did not even spread the slightest bit towards the surface and was instead forced to flow underground. The reason is because of Daoist Master Hei Yun’s remains and this Black Cloud Flag.

Daoist Master Hei Yun may be a wandering cultivator, but his compassionate feelings are worthy of being revered by all. After he created this cultivation abode and accidentally opened up a spatial rift between the Netherworld causing the blood river to invade the human realm, he did not shirk his responsibilities and single-handedly sealed off the blood river breach.

If not for Daoist Master Hei Yun’s remains and his magic item suppressing this blood river branch, don’t mention this underground palace, the Nether Blood River probably would have already flooded towards the Zhou Dynasty’s imperial capital.

After so many years, a marvelous but brittle balance had formed between the remains, magic item and the Nether Blood River, both sides were at an equilibrium.

This is why the Black Cloud Flag’s mana did not leak out and Liu Yang who was at the aurous core stage was also unable to sense it, because the Black Cloud Flag’s mana was all cancelled-out by the Nether Blood River.

Now that Lin Feng has pulled out the Black Cloud Flag, with the loss of the Black Cloud Flag’s mana suppression the Nether Blood River was instantly like a beast out of its cage and roaring outwards.

Liu Yang was scrambling about, the surrounding tainted blood was like a monstrous flood wanting to drown him. Right now the nine Blood River Banners were like candles in the wind, not only were they unable to help Liu Yang, they were instead like wandering sons who had returned home and were about to throw themselves into the embrace of the Nether Blood River.

What Liu Yang practises is in then end not the Blood River Secret Art. When the Nether Blood River is calm he can still rely on the Blood Lake Banners to protect himself, but now that the blood lake has fallen into a frazy he immediately became in jeopardy.

Liu Yang’s eyes were crimson red and staring at Lin Feng: “You daoist, die!” Disregarding the blood water that had already stained his body and was wildly contaminating his mana, Liu Yang patted his sword scabbard and a beam of sword aura even more frenzied than the blood lake shot straight towards Lin Feng’s head.

The Shaoshang Sword, the most domineering of Mt. Shu’s Six Meridian Swords and also the most domineering sword technique in the world!

Before the sword aura had even jumped out of the scabbard, Lin Feng already sensed that he’d been enveloped by an extremely chilling murderous intent. He felt as if even his soul was about to be frozen, a thought couldn’t stop appearing in his heart: “Don’t dodge, there’s no point, with such a powerful sword aura death is guaranteed…”

When the sword aura truly appeared before him, Lin Feng who was transfixed by the sword pressure even felt that his mind had already stopped, not even a thought could turn in his head. The sword aura did not touch his body, but just the wind brought up by the sword was about to cut him into pieces.

If he didn’t have any preparations Lin Feng would without any doubt die under this vengeful attack of Liu Yang’s.

But right now he smiled faintly, he even had the spare time to wave his hands towards Liu Yang to say goodbye.

“Buddy, you really are a good person. If not for you I’d still have to rack my brain about how to seal this Nether Blood River after pulling out the flag, thanks!”

While speaking, the Black Cloud Flag in Lin Feng’s hand lightly shook. Black light rose up and it had already opened up the void, sweeping up Lin Feng and disappearing out of sight.


Liu Yang watched in near hopelessness as Lin Feng disappeared on the spot, his violent and domineering powerful sword aura could only cut at the empty air.

The next moment he was already swallowed by the boundless blood sea.


“If I don’t die then even if I have to chase you to the ends of the world I will cut you into a thousand pieces!” (TL: Future cameo appearance confirmed.)

Liu Yang’s angry howls seemed to still echo in the air. Lin Feng picked his ears: “How’s about you first be a good boy and replace the Black Cloud Flag to suppress the Nether Blood River for me and then we’ll talk.”

In the first place he never expected to screw over Liu Yang and kill him so easily like this, or else after he took away the Black Cloud Flag it would be him having a headache about the flooding Nether Blood River.

How things are right now is pretty good. With Liu Yang acting as the sacrificial lamb, to protect himself he can only do his best to suppress the swelling blood river and the blood river thus then becomes Liu Yang’s cage.

Lin Feng remarked from the bottom of his heart: “What a good person! This kind of good person who sacrifices himself for others is honestly too few, or else how wonderful and happy of a world would this be?”

As for whether or not this guy will get out one day, this was temporarily out of Lin Feng’s control. For Lin Feng, this is pressure and also motivation to keep going higher, urging him to improve his own strength as quickly as possible.

The most important matter right now is still to first find those three poor disciples of his.

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