HN1F Chapter 49: We Are From the Yu Clan

No time to chat, my city needs me!… Or at least a very small, select group of people…


Lin Feng played with the Black Cloud Flag that had already shrunk to the size of his palm.

This is the first aurous core stage magic item that he has obtained. Even though it has been tainted by the Nether Blood River and its power is less than 30% of its peak state, even then it is still an extraordinary magic item. It is more powerful than all of the magic items Lin Feng currently has, even the Northern Aurora Sword is a cut below.

The Black Cloud Flag combines attack and defense in one and has the ability to shift through space for short distances, it really is nice.

Even more importantly is that different from the Northern Aurora Sword, this Black Cloud Flag is an aurous core stage magic item, within it there are spell formations that automatically absorb spiritual energy to nourish itself. When using it, Lin Feng instead does not expend that much mana like the Northern Aurora Sword.

But how to cleanse the tainted blood on the flag in the future and let it restore its original luster is a very troublesome matter.

Right now what made Lin Feng pleased was the system notification sound that rose up in his mind: “Host has obtained the Black Cloud Flag and completed the random side quest Black Cloud Underground Palace, reward 500 trading points!”

Lin Feng laughed. Before he finds out the pattern of the lottery system he actually better prefers these down to earth trading points.

Compared to the lottery system that depends on luck, the items in the trading system with a clear price tag are a bit more dependable, he buys whatever he wants. Of course the pretense is that he has enough trading points.

After pondering for a moment Lin Feng was not in a rush to exchange for anything and instead decided to save up the points.

Based on his experience, if he can take in a third disciple, besides a lottery chance the system will also reward 500 trading points.

Lin Feng plans on saving up some points and then going on a shopping spree.

Just as he guessed before, as Daoist Master Hei Yun’s soul-bound magic item the Black Cloud Flag is indeed closely connected to this Black Cloud Underground Palace. The mana within the magic item is inextricably linked to the spiritual energy flowing in the underground palace.

After Lin Feng refined the Black Cloud Flag using his own mana, his mind communicated with the flag and a detailed map of the Black Cloud Underground Palace instantly appeared in his head.

“If there’s a map then that makes things simple.” Lin Feng nodded his head, thinking in his heart: “Wonder if it can confirm the positions of Zhu Yi and the others?”

This thought just appearing, three dots of light instantly appeared on the map.

Lin Feng was overjoyed, he knows that these three dots of light separately represent Xiao Budian, Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi, but afterwards what made him surprised is that these three dots of light were actually all gathered together. This means that his two disciples are together with Zhu Yi right now.

Lin Feng didn’t feel happy, his eyebrows instead raising up slightly. He gave another command to the Black Cloud Flag: “Are there other people around the three people?”

Giving the command, 5 dots of light instantly lit up on the map. Each of them was very bright and they were right around Zhu Yi and them.

Lin Feng sighed, things might be a bit worse than expected.

“Where is Liu Yang?”

A massive dot of light appeared on the other side of the map, its brightness was stronger than all of the previous dots of light put together, although this massive dot of light representing Liu Yang was flashing constantly, presumably due to Liu Yang wrestling it out with the Nether Blood River.

Lin Feng’s forehead heavily wrinkled. Just as he thought, the brightness of the dots of light represent the height of the target’s level.

Liu Yang’s dot of light is the brightest and matches with his aurous core stage level.

Zhu Yi’s dot of light is the weakest, it was practically unseeable from being surrounded by the five big dots of light.

Xiao Budian’s brightness was about the same as Xiao Yan’s but is was also faint.

Those five big dots of light very likely represent five foundation establishment stage cultivators.

This means that not only Zhu Yi, even Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian have also landed in their hands. Regardless of whether they’re the Society of the Strong Gale or the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, for Lin Feng it’s all not good news.

“Hope they’re not hurt.” Lin Feng shook the Black Cloud Flag and disappeared from the spot.

When he reappeared Lin Feng had already been transported to the location of Zhu Yi and co.

Under the help of the Black Cloud Flag it was like Lin Feng had become one with the Black Cloud Underground Palace. Only Liu Yang and Huang San those kinds of aurous core stage cultivators can discover his existence, these foundation establishment stage cultivators are unable to sense him.

Lin Feng did not show himself at the first moment, he plans on first looking at the situation.

With this look Lin Feng couldn’t help but be a bit stupefied.

The scene in his imagination of his three disciples being captured and being tortured in every possible way and then not submitting did not appear.

In the tunnel, Xiao Budian and Xiao Yan both had a calm demeanor and were chatting happily with six cultivators of the house of the Marquis, walking towards the surface together.

Only Zhu Yi, even though he was a bit downcast he was still in a normal mood and did not receive any trouble, following behind everybody and advancing forward.

Huang San was killed by Liu Yang, these cultivators of the house of the Marquis were all a bit at a loss. Liu Yang witnessed the truth of them being together with Zhu Yi. Under this kind of circumstance if they insist on killing Zhu Yi and pushing the blame onto the Society of the Strong Gale, things won’t be as easy to fool.

It looks like Liu Yang won’t care about such a minor matter, but if news travels out then that would be very bad. To save face the Marquis of Xuanji would definitely kill them and bury them with Zhu Yi.

Due to this kind of consideration, after some deliberation the six people finally decided to just bring Zhu Yi back like this, whatever the outcome it’s still considered an achievement.

But who would have thought that they’d encounter Xiao Budian and Xiao Yan who had become separated from Lin Feng.

To this date no matter how you count it, Xiao Budian is still only four years old. A level of qi disciple level 6 was truly as eye-catching as a firefly in the night. The shock that he brought to this group of foundation establishment stage cultivators was even greater than compared to the Blaze Sword Sect at Wuzhou City.

Xiao Budian at that time who was still only at qi disciple level 4 already stunned Elder Li who was at the aurous core stage. Now with his level of qi disciple level 6 and matched with his cute, clean child appearance, the massive contrast made this group of foundation establishment stage cultivators temporarily lose their ability to think.

And then they reacted over. If they don’t pull this kind of talented child with prodigious potential into their sects, their sect founders would definitely jump out from their graves in anger.

Regardless of the purple fine-clothed middle-aged man or the five Five Elements Sect cultivators, they all surrounded Xiao Budian with smiling faces.

In comparison, Xiao Yan’s current strength of qi disciple level 7 at the age of 15 was not very remarkable.

After the affair with the Blaze Sword Sect, Xiao Budian had a clear understanding of his situation and knows that a lot of people covet his talent.

He just has a playful spirit still but he actually matured very early. These days following Lin Feng the little guy has become even more slippery.

Facing the group of foundation establishment stage cultivators who surrounded over, Xiao Budian did not shy away. His big, black eyes turned and he revealed a pair of shiny little canines, saying with a smile: “How do you do uncles and grandpas, junior Yu Hao pays his respects.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flashed and he also said very politely: “Junior Yu Yan greets everybody.”

“Yu?” These cultivators may all have different sects and teachings, but they all work in the House of the Marquis of Xuanji and are well-knowledged. Hearing Xiao Budian and Xiao Yan call their surnames Yu, the first reaction in their minds was the Zhou Dynasty’s neighboring country, one of the four great clans of the Great Qin Dynasty the Yu clan.

The leader of the five people of the Five Elements Sect the yellow-clothed old man asked with a smile: “Little buddy, your surname is Yu, are you a child of the Great Qin Dynasty’s Yu clan?”

Xiao Budian heavily nodded his head and said with a smile: “Yeah, old grandpa how do you know we are from the Yu clan, do you recognize someone from my clan?”

“The Yu clan’s name reverberates like thunder, unfortunately I have not had the fortune to meet a clan member.” The yellow-clothed old man’s face became even more sincere, but in his heart he was very disappointed.

A person from the Yu clan, that’s not easy to fight for.

The Yu clan that is ranked amongst the Great Qin Dynasty’s four great clans, they could also be considered well-known is this world. Of course they can’t compete with the three great holy lands, but like the Blaze Sword Sect they are both dominant powers within the borders of the Great Qin Dynasty.

The Yu clan’s heritage may be inferior to the Blaze Sword Sect that has been around for ten thousand years, but because of family blood their bonds are even stronger than a sect.

The six foundation establishment stage cultivators all looked at each other and called out unfortunate in their hearts. With this little guy’s talent, even in the Yu clan he’s definitely the most precious little baby. Don’t mention their sects, even if the Mt. Shu Sword Sect and the Void Temple came to ask for him they would still be given the cold shoulder.

One middle-aged cultivator of the Five Elements Sect secretly transmitted his voice towards the yellow-clothed old man: “The Qin Dynasty’s diplomatic envoys did indeed arrive at Tianjing City a few days ago, could there be people of the Yu clan amongst them and this child followed the elders of his family over?”

The yellow-clothed old man did not bat an eyelid and still looked towards Xiao Budian with a smile asking: “Why did you guys come here?”

Xiao Budian answered innocently: “Me and my clan-brother came out to play together and saw a cave in the distance, so we came in to check it out. Who knew that we couldn’t get out anymore, can you bring us out old grandpa?”

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