HN1F Chapter 50: Keep Silent

Sorry about the long period of silence. I’m focusing fully on school so I’m not really going to be doing much translating. This will continue on for the next two months, but when May comes around I will enter into full translation mode and you guys will have 4 full months of my time.


“Me and my clan-brother came out to play together and saw a cave in the distance, so we came in to check it out. Who knew that we couldn’t get out anymore, can you bring us out old grandpa?”

In the dark tunnel of the underground palace, Xiao Budian’s sweet child voice crisply rose up.

Lin Feng who was silently following behind them shook his head and smiled. This little guy really is good at playing dumb and acting adorable, with just a little bag he dragged in the entire Yu clan.

Despite this little imp looking all cute and lovely, he’s probably thinking about how to knock other people out from behind.

I’ve got to be careful in the future too and not be fooled by this little guy’s harmless outer appearance, this little imp really knows how to cause trouble.

Hearing Xiao Budian’s question,  the yellow-clothed old man said with a smile: “We’re on our way back to Tianjing City too, it just so happens that we can also bring you guys back. Your family must be worried sick.”

When he said this his eyes were tightly locked on Xiao Budian, the other five people also had the same action.

Xiao Budian blinked his big, black eyes, his eyes revealing a colour of joy and cheering aloud: “Great!”

Xiao Yan at the side also revealed an expression of “We’re saved.”

The six cultivators of the house of the Marquis of Xuanji all secretly nodded their heads. Looks like these two little kids don’t seem to be faking it, they are indeed from the Yu clan.

Little did they know that Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian had already made an agreement beforehand. If they encounter trouble then they’ll raise the Yu clan’s flag.

The two people may not have seen Zhu Yi in person before, but they’ve both heard Lin Feng describe his appearance before which is why they recognized Zhu Yi with one look when they met. And it was very evident that even though these six people are cultivators of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, they are not on friendly terms and were bringing along Zhu Yi like escorting a prisoner.

Senior and junior apprentice-brother looked at each and unanimously decided to save Zhu Yi.

But the vast mana fluctuations of the six people told them that these six people were all foundation establishment stage cultivators. Don’t mention the six of them together, even if there was only one person, them two together wouldn’t even be the match for one hand.

Thinking that the yellow-clothed old man mentioned that their “family” was waiting at Tianjing City, Xiao Budian secretly moaned in his heart. He didn’t know before that people from the Yu clan had actually come to the Great Zhou Dynasty and arrived at Tianjing City.

Xiao Yan swept him with the corner of his eyes, hinting at him to calm down. Xiao Budian collected himself and then got close to Zhu Yi, asking curiously: “Big brother, are you also training with your elders?”

The yellow-clothed old man laughed. The other people also started laughing. Their smiling faces were very strange, one of them laughed saying: “Little buddy, he is not the same as you, he’s nothing but a scholar who learned a dao technique without permission.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yi raised his brows and said calmly: “Even though it is not of my free will, but just looking at the results it could indeed be considered training.”

The yellow-clothed old man slightly knit his brows and became angered in his heart. He knew that Zhu Yi was talking about the matter of Huang San being killed by Liu Yi with one attack.

But Xiao Budian does not care about what Zhu Yi’s eye-opener is pointing at. Instead he is a bit curious right now as to why his master would have his eyes on this green-clothed scholar as a disciple.

At this moment, the purple-fine-clothed middle-aged man who was silent the entire time suddenly lifted his head and said with a heavy voice: “Wait, something’s wrong.”

Everybody was startled. The purple-fine-clothed middle-aged man first stared at Xiao Budian: “You practise a thunder class dao technique.” He then turned his gaze towards Xiao Yan: “You practise a fire class dao technique.”

The other foundation establishment stage cultivators also reacted over, all of them using their mana to investigate and discovering that it was indeed so. The expressions on their faces all became dark.

The yellow-clothed old man said slowly: “The water class dao technique the Art of the Water God is known throughout the entire world, why don’t you two practise the dao technique of your clan?” (TL: Dao technique name subject to change.)

Xiao Budian’s and Xiao Yan’s hearts slightly sank. They didn’t think that they would reveal a flaw here. The two people’s minds rapidly turned, Xiao Budian answered while maintaining his composure: “Whatever dao technique my master teaches me is whatever I learn.”

The yellow-clothed old man’s face became dark: “Nonsense, if you really are a direct descendant of the Yu clan how could you take an outsider as your master?”

“Because his master is even stronger than the Yu clan.”

A calm voice lightly rose up. Lin Feng slowly walked out and appeared before everybody.

Xiao Budian and Xiao Yan revealed a smile at the same time, bowing towards Lin Feng: “Greetings master.”

The yellow-clothed old man creased his brows: “You talk big, may I ask who you are?”

Zhu Yi stared at Lin Feng, his eyes revealing a hint of surprise but he did not say anything.

He didn’t say anything but Lin Feng approached him on his own. After closely observing Zhu Yi for a while he let out a sigh: “I nearly missed you back then, I really didn’t think that you are actually Bingyun’s son, you’ve already grown so big.”

With this remark Zhu Yi instantly became rooted on the spot.

The cultivators of the house of the Marquis stared at Lin Feng in puzzlement, only that yellow-clothed old man was dumbfounded and shocked: “You… You actually know Meng Bingyun?”

Of the six people only this old man vaguely knows Meng Bingyun’s background. The other five people all think that she is just a concubine of the Marquis of Xuanji, they’ve never even payed attention to her exact name before.

Lin Feng did not respond to the old man, just continuing to stare at Zhu Yi: “That day the reason I headed towards Spring Mountain was to visit the grave of an old friend. I came across you by chance but I did not recognize you.”

“Afterwards only after asking that old monk in the temple did I know that you are Bingyun’s son.” Lin Feng said with deep feeling: “That you can regularly go and sweep your mother’s grave is very good. The world has already forgotten Meng Bingyun, but at least she has left something valuable in this world.”

Zhu Yi’s eyes turned slightly red. He bowed his body and said: “Even though I have never heard my mother mention you, but my mother has passed away for many years and you can still remember her. I thank you here on behalf of my mother.”

Lin Feng’s eyes stared straight at Zhu Yi. He said slowly: “In that past I once promised your mother that if you were willing, I could take you in as my successor and teach everything I know to you, helping you step upon the path of immortals and live an unrestrained life for eternity.”

“Zhu Yi, are you willing?”

Zhu Yi’s face revealed an expression of contemplation. Lin Feng did not rush him and calmly stood on the spot.

But the cultivators of the house of the Marquis were upset. Starting from the leading old man they all stared angrily at Lin Feng and scolded aloud.

“Young Lord Yi is the son of the Marquis of Xuanij. Who he chooses as his master, what path he walks in the future and what kind of life he lives will naturally be arranged by the Marquis. All Young Lord Zhu has to do obey, I believe that the Marquis’ arrangements will always be the best.”

“The Marquis of Xuanji, Marquis Zhu is his father. Don’t mention that Meng Bingyun has already died a long time ago, even if she was still alive she would still just be a concubine by the Marquis’ side, she has no power to interfere in the Marquis’ decisions!”

“The Marquis is the pillar that hold up the sky of the Zhou Dynasty, the golden bridge above the sea. He is the sky of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, all personnel and matters within the house of the Marquis have to follow the Marquis’ arrangements or else that is going against the heavens and they will suffer the wrath of heaven!”

“Leave quickly you daoist.  This world may be big, but if you aggravate the Marquis of Xuanji there will be no place in this world for you!”

Lin Feng didn’t even look at them, his eyes were staring at Zhu Yi the entire time. At this moment he turned his head and indifferently glanced at them.

“When I am speaking with someone, keep silent.”

Finishing speaking Lin Feng casually waved his hand. Dazzling golden light flew into the air and illuminated the entire tunnel, boundless mana swept the entire area!

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