TGOE Chapter 2: Prelude

There’a always been a question on my mind. We all know that people listen to music in other languages when they have absolutely no clue what is being said. Most notably Japanese and Korean. But I’ve never heard of people listening to Chinese songs when they have zero understanding of the Chinese language. Does anyone here listen to Chinese songs while not know Chinese?

After calming down a bit, Su Lifeng suddenly pushed aside the chair and hastily ran outside while saying towards Jiang Yushi: “You stay here, don’t go anywhere before I come back.”

Jiang Yushi was baffled for a moment. Thinking of Su Lifeng’s odd display just now she caught up to him and asked with concern: “Did something happen?”

“I need to go confirm something, you stay here…” Su Lifeng said. Right now he honestly felt a bit discomposed, but the reasoning developed from a long time exposure to a variety of disasters made him very clearly understand what he needs to do right now.

Find a crew member and ask if there’s been any changes. Thinking of it now, there’s definitely a connection between the signal getting cut off and the disaster scene that he foresaw.

But right when he hurriedly came to the deck, his path was suddenly blocked by a human figure.

This person was wearing a pair of briefs and carrying a water volleyball. He suddenly jumped over in front of him: “Yo, isn’t this classmate Su who likes to isolate himself from the masses?”

Yet Su Lifeng who wasn’t paying any attention at all to his surroundings did not see him and the two people instantly bumped into each other.

The latter staggered backwards, his mouth instantly cursing unhappily: “The fuck, are you blind!”

Only at this moment did Su Lifeng react over, but after taking a glance at him he didn’t pay him any heed. He only casually said “Sorry” to him and then continued walking forward.

Briefs’ name is Ma Chonghao, he is as tall and big as a horse and is very proud of the abs that he gained through working out. Adding that his pockets are deep he is very popular with the girls. But Su Lifeng is not familiar with him, the reason that he came out right now to “tease” Su Lifeng was entirely because he saw Jiang Yushi who was following closely behind him.

But he didn’t expect that the result would be that he would get bumped, moreover Su Lifeng didn’t have any thoughts of stopping as if he had some sort of urgent matter.

“Lunatic…” Ma Chonghao released a muffled complaint and glared at his back in annoyance.

The “Field Experience Tour” this time is organized by the students themselves, openly recruiting people during the break.

Originally Ma Chonghao did not have any interest in “marine life”, the reason he came is because he saw Jiang Yushi’s name on the flyer. But what put him in a sour mood was that after he came he never had the chance to talk and chat with Jiang Yushi, instead it was the urbane-looking little white face who looks like he doesn’t have much strength who has a good relationship with Jiang Yushi… It’s also said that the reason he came is actually also because Jiang Yushi invited him on her own…

But in front of Jiang Yushi he doesn’t want himself to look too petty, so after he finished saying this one line he didn’t look at Su Lifeng anymore.

Su Lifeng in particular did not even care about this kind of small matter… He also didn’t have the mood right now. But he didn’t expect that after just taking two steps he was once again stopped.

A male wearing a pair of glasses grabbed his arm and said: “Classmate Su, how come you don’t apologize after bumping into Classmate Ma?”

It was Zhang Hai who is also a postgraduate student in the life sciences department like him.

This person entered a year earlier than him and follows that same teacher as him, he is a very old-fashioned person.

Towards Su Lifeng’s title of “Postgraduate student with the most potential”, he’s always frowned upon it.

Su Lifeng shrugged him off a bit impatiently and said: “I already apologized, I still have something to do, if you’ve got a problem then we’ll talk later.”

Zhang Hai’s expression became serious, he said unforgivingly: “What kind of attitude is that, who apologizes like you do, as your senior… Hey, Su Lifeng!”

Right now Su Lifeng did not have the time to talk nonsense with him. After taking a look at the crowd he very quickly discovered a crewmate and then walked straight towards him.

As for Zhang Hai, he glanced at the surrounding students and instantly felt like he had been embarrassed in public. Thus he also followed over: “I’d like to see what exactly you have to do…”

Ma Chonghao turned towards Jiang Yushi. Right when he put on a smiling face and wanted to speak with her, he discovered that Jiang Yushi had actually also followed over and he immediately became frustrated. He turned his head and took a glance, after thinking for a moment he threw away the volleyball in his hand and also followed over.

This crewmate was not far away from the swimming pool. To protect the safety of the passengers the ship crew always has people patrolling nearby, at the same time constantly checking the facilities on the deck.

This kind of crewmate is not a service personnel, but also unavoidably part-times as this kind of role. He also regularly encounters the queries of tourists and even requests for group photos and the like. But for this crewmate, the situation of a young man with a serious expression suddenly speed walking towards him with two males and a female following behind him is still pretty rare.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” The crewmate was very familiar with this student group and asked with a smile.

But Su Lifeng’s reaction was very impatient, moreover the question that he asked also made this crewmate greatly surprised: “What’s going on with the signal on the ship? Just now it suddenly got completely cut off, what’s the situation?”

“This… Don’t worry, this kind of situation may be rare, but it is also possible. Please wait patiently, I believe that it will recover very quickly.” The crewmate responded saying, while in his heart he said strangled: “Even if you’re an internet junkie there’s no need to be so impatient…”

Towards this kind of all-purpose response Su Lifeng was not satisfied. He furrowed his brows and wanted to continue asking when suddenly, he saw this crewmate with a formulaic smile on his face suddenly start to wail while covered in blood, beside him there was also a fallen radio…

After this vision disappeared Su Lifeng collected himself, directly looking towards the crewmate’s waist: “Is your radio a professional marine radio? Can it have signal problems? Such as now?”

The crewmate was even more confused, but he still patiently said: “Under regular circumstances it will not. We are equipped with the most professional equipment, even if this kind of wireless radio is bathed in water for a period of time it can still be used after taking it out. Moreover radios have very high stability…”

“Can you please turn it on for a moment?” Su Lifeng did his best to make his request seem not too strange, due to this he acted calm and asked: “I am pretty interested in this.”

But at this time, a harsh voice suddenly travelled over: “Su Lifeng, this is the important matter that you mentioned? Proposing such a laughable request towards the crewmate, interfering with the job of others and just causing trouble for people…”

Zhang Hai’s face was full of mockery. He was thinking of the “accusations” that he could place on Su Lifeng’s head while Ma Chonghao was secretly laughing at the side. Originally due to Jiang Yushi always approaching Su Lifeng on her own to talk he already saw him as a bit of an eyesore, and then he bumped into him just now…

Even though Jiang Yushi also didn’t understand the details, but hearing Zhang Hai’s words she looked at him in slight discontent. She was just about open her mouth and speak for Su Lifeng but she suddenly heard Su Lifeng shout without even turning his head: “You shut up!”

“… You!” Zhang Hai was practically about to go mad with anger.

“If you don’t want to die in a bit due to a disaster then shut up!” Su Lifeng was extremely fed up with him in his heart. If it was during regular times he would have a hundred different ways to shake off Zhang Hai’s spite, but right now he doesn’t want to and doesn’t have the energy to deal with him!

Hearing the word “disaster”, Zhang Hai and co. were first dazed and then started to laugh from extreme anger: “Su Lifeng, have you gone crazy, moreover saying this on the sea. Are you trying to sensationalize and attract attention…”

“Yeah, what disaster. The weather right now is so nice, did you have a nightmare and then treat it as real?” Ma Chonghao finally couldn’t resist and said this thinking himself humorous.

But Jiang Yushi’s expression after listening up to here suddenly paled. Her heart fell into chaos and this time it was her who opened her mouth and cut them off: “Don’t talk anymore!”

Jiang Yushi is usually very good tempered. With her sudden aggravated tone, Zhang Hai and Ma Chonghao both couldn’t help but become dazed for a moment. Afterwards Ma Chonghao’s expression became cloudy…

The crewmate was also dumbfounded: “Boy, you can’t speak this kind of nonsense, if it causes some unnecessary misunderstandings…”

“May you please turn on your radio? You can choose not to believe me, but I can tell you that when you turn it on it will definitely have no signal. Why don’t we verify it.” But Su Lifeng stared closely at him and repeated his words.

The crewmate opened his mouth.  He did not believe in Su Lifeng’s words but in the end he still helplessly pulled out his radio and pushed a button: “Boy, it’s impossible for the situation that you mentioned to occur. Now you should be able to relax and go back. The cruise ship docks tomorrow, you don’t need to be so nervous, you can go back and sleep…”

Yet he was unable to finish his words.

The moment the radio turned on it instantly released a wave of piercing noise.

The crewmate was a bit stunned. He hurriedly pressed it a few times but was unable to solve the problem.

“Str… Strange, what’s going on?”

And listening to that piercing noise, Su Lifeng’s expression completely froze.

In that vision that just appeared on the crewmate, that radio that he saw was also turned on and the noise that it released was precisely this noise.

This shows that the time of the occurrence of the disaster is definitely not too far away. But Su Lifeng still held onto a glimmer of hope, if only he could have a bit more time!

Not waiting for the crewmate to return to his senses, Su Lifeng already took in a deep breath and said towards him: “Now you should at least believe in me a bit? Please contact the captain, we are about to encounter a disaster at sea. Please ask him to immediately sound the alarm and make all preparations. I don’t know what kind of disaster it will but it’s better to believe it true than false, prepare as much as possible.”

After finishing speaking he didn’t pay any attention to the crewmate’s shocked expression. He turned his head looking towards Jiang Yushi: “Our rooms all have lifejackets. You come with me to go get lifejackets and then notify everybody to go get one.”

Jiang Yushi’s mind was in a state of chaos, for a moment she didn’t know what to ask. She only subconsciously asked: “Then… What if they don’t believe you?”

Su Lifeng glanced at Zhang Hai and Ma Chonghao who were at the side. After hearing the white noise from the radio these two people fell into a state of shock and disbelief: “Then all we’re doing is completing our last act of camaraderie.”

Everything has to be quick!


There are five kinds of marine disasters while there are four kinds that can endanger this ship: Catastrophic tides, sea ice, tsunamis and storm surges. Additionally there’s also typhoons that are associated with atmosphere.

While recalling his knowledge towards marine disasters Su Lifeng made the best use of time to make preparations.

What made him a bit disappointed but was also within his expectations was that the alarm had not been sounded the whole time. Everything on the boat was as usual. He did not waste time to personally go find the captain. One is because he would very likely be stopped, two is because he honestly can’t waste that time…

Up until this date the disasters that he’s foreseen are all ones that would definitely occur. The result of putting all of his time in stopping it could very likely be hopeless. Moreover compared to going to persuade him, Su Lifeng is more willing to do all he can to create some initiative for himself and not placing all of his hope on the crew this kind of uncontrollable target.

In addition the reaction of the majority of students was also within his expectations. Some people started to laugh uncontrollably after just listening halfway through. Some people silently shook their heads, seemingly unable to understand why Su Lifeng suddenly started to go crazy, even fooling the girl with a lot of popularity in the entire school to go crazy with him.

There were also some who dubiously chose to believe in Su Lifeng. Yu Yihang whose relationship with him was passable for these couple of days was one of them.

“Lifeng, why do you have this kind of idea?” Yu Yihang is a very outgoing person. He likes to play music and other things and he is also relatively popular. The reason he’s following Su Lifeng is not because he actually believes him but largely because he thinks that it’s very interesting.

“Speaking of it how is this lifejacket worn. I remember they taught us when we boarded the ship but who remembers this… Oh right, Li Feng, if a disaster doesn’t occur then it’ll be really embarrassing for you. Just now I heard Zhang Hai say that the crew might call the police to detain you for spreading terror. Want me to go put in a word for you and have him let you off…”

Yu Yihang held onto the lifejacket and talked while struggling with it. The rest of the people were also mostly chatting. After they got their lifejackets they listened to Su Lifeng’s arrangements and came to a meeting room with few people that is also very close to the deck. This place also has big French windows, through the windows one can very clearly see the calm sea outside. Under this kind of circumstance a lot of people started to think that Su Lifeng was sure enough just delusional…

Only Jiang Yushi followed beside Su Lifeng the whole time. The expression on one of their faces was lost and nervous while the other’s was abnormally heavy.

He just saw Yu Yihang’s appearance, he was also covered in blood… A lot of the people here will die!

But he still didn’t see what the surrounding lighting was like, he couldn’t determine the time through the vision…

“Hey, I’ll go to the dining hall to buy some biscuits, who wants water?”

“I’ll get playing cards?”

“Actually, sitting like this and playing together is also pretty interesting. I saw a similar movie before, it was called ‘Lichnyy Nomer’ (Countdown). Everybody pretended they were about to die and then spoke out their last words before death…”

“What kind of stupid game is this. If you ask me my last words are that you’re a freaking idiot.”

“Oh, so that’s how it’s worn…” Yu Yihang said happily.

Yet right at this moment, without any warning the ship suddenly shook violently!

It’s here!

Su Lifeng grabbed the railing beside him and then held onto Jiang Yushi!


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