TGOE Chapter 3: Fog

April Fools!!! Can you spot the prank hidden within the chapter? (Hint: Don’t trust strangers.)



It was like the smooth sailing cruise ship had suddenly bumped into something and started to shake violently.

The sound of screams instantly rose up on the ship and inside of the meeting room, besides Su Lifeng who had reacted quickly and Jiang Yushi whom he was holding onto, the rest of the people all staggered and fell to the ground.

But there are a lot of things within the meeting room that can be used to stabilize oneself. They very quickly made instinctive reactions and grabbed at anything that could be grabbed around them.

“What’s going on? Did we hit a rock?” Someone shouted in fright.

Jiang Yushi tightly hugged Su Lifeng’s arm. She muttered subconsciously with a face of shock: “That’s impossible. This route is fixed, the ship has passed by here more than a thousand times, how could it hit a rock…” But she was also unable to explain why this kind of situation would suddenly occur.

“It’s not over yet.” Su Lifeng creased his brows and turned around bringing Jiang Yushi into his embrace.


After just finishing speaking a series of ear-piercing grinding suddenly sounded from all parts of the ship. Accompanied by a muffled “Bang” the French window abruptly burst apart.


The screams on the boat quickly turned into a breakout of shrill cries. Su Lifeng lowered his head, listening to the sound of crashing glass behind him his face was already completely white.

“Su… Su Lifeng, did you know that this kind of situation would occur?” Jiang Yushi was also trembling in fear and she couldn’t help asking this with a shaky voice.

“I didn’t know! Hold tight to me and don’t move!” Su Lifeng answered.

Of all the marine disasters that he knows of none of them will create a situation where a massive cruise ship will be suddenly thrown around and crushed on a calm sea.

Moreover after the glass broke, this feeling of being crushed was still constantly travelling over from within the cruise ship. The cruise ship rocked and continued travelling forward, just as if it was pulled by something into the narrow gap of two walls… But looking outside everything was as normal, there was nothing outside.

Don’t mention responding to this kind of marine disaster, it’s not even possible to comprehend what’s going on.

Maybe, this isn’t even a marine disaster to begin with…

Su Lifeng also only did everything he could do to prepare, right now he can only trust in the visions that he foresaw before.

In this disaster he won’t die!

Jiang Yushi who is closest to him will also be unscathed!

Two positives added together… Should also be a positive, right!

“What’s going on!”

“Save… Save me!”

“Oh my God… The ship’s going to flip!”

“What exactly is happening! ….Weep weep weep…..”

In a string of muffled noises and the shrill cries of passengers, Su Lifeng felt that all of the strength in his body was also being slowly snatched away.

As for Jiang Yushi who was in his embrace, she was also constantly trembling.

Su Lifeng squeezed out a strained line and roared: “Don’t be afraid! Stay here, we won’t die!”


The final loud bang travelled over and Su Lifeng’s vision suddenly went black. His hand that was grabbing tightly onto the railing instantly let go on its own and he lost consciousness…

Coldness, silence…

After a long period of unconsciousness, the instant he woke up Su Lifeng abruptly sat up from the ground and looked at his surroundings.

After couple of seconds later he completely sobered up.

After he fainted over the cruise ship seemed to have stopped. The place that he was lying at was not too far away from that railing.

But under the circumstance that he did not receive a heavy blow why did he suddenly faint?

He felt his body. He was not injured, just a bit exhausted.

Su Lifeng looked to his side and discovered that Jiang Yushi had also fainted, her hand was still grabbing onto his arm.

Being pulled by him she also released a sound and woke up.

“Are you okay?” Su Lifeng shook his head and asked.

“I… I’m okay… It’s just that I fainted for some reason…” Jiang Yushi responded and also strugglingly sat upwards in a hurry. She asked a bit weakly: “Is everybody okay?”

The sky outside seems to not be entirely dark yet but it was all foggy. Looks like they weren’t unconscious for too long.

Borrowing the faint light he could see that the ground was littered with broken glass and there were also a lot of patches of blood.

A couple of human figures were sprawled on the ground. After hearing Jiang Yushi’s call they all moved in succession.

“I’m fine…”

“I’m also good, I just hit my head, thankfully it’s not bleeding.”

“Somebody come help me up, my legs are like jelly.”

“Oh my God! Classmate Su was speaking the truth!” One girl stood up in shock. She stared blankly at her surroundings and then couldn’t help but start crying.

Jiang Yushi walked over and hugged her, gently comforting her: “It’s okay it’s okay, Cheng Xiaomei, you’re okay now…”

Cheng Xiaomei nodded her head and eventually calmed down a bit.

Her expression looking at Su Lifeng right now was already entirely different. At this moment, this unfamiliar boy who wasn’t even in the same programme as her looked quite dependable.

“Let’s go help everyone else.” Jiang Yushi said.”

Cheng Xiaomei hurriedly nodded her head: “O… Okay.”

On the other hand, Su Lifeng who was in the process of looking around suddenly froze…

This scenery is exactly the same as the vision that he foresaw before, but at the same time there’s also a massive difference.

“Why’s Yu Yihang gone?” Su Lifeng stared at the pool of blood on the ground and asked.

The blood was still fresh and regardless of whether it’s from the amount of blood seen or from the result that Su Lifeng foresaw, Yu Yihang is seriously injured.

Where could this kind of wounded person go?

“Gone? That’s not possible… Hm, Chen Haifa is also gone…”

“And He Yao, she’s also missing!”

After the other university students sobered up they also released alarmed shouts.

The names that they mentioned are all people that Su Lifeng saw injured in his visions.

Su Lifeng was originally a bit scared of the numerous wounded and corpses that he was about to see, but what he never expected was that these people were actually all gone already.

“There’s a lot of blood here… Look, isn’t this He Yao’s cell phone! It’s covered in blood!” Cheng Xiaomei suddenly shrieked and then picked up a cell phone covered in fresh blood. She said with a deathly pale face: “Could it be that emergency rescue personnel brought them away?”

This explanation instantly obtained the support of the others. One boy even smiled gladly: “That’s definitely it. Thank god everybody is okay and we’re still alive.”

“Yeah, it’s all thanks to Classmate Su. Although what was that just now? You should know something, right Classmate Su?”

“This weather doesn’t look too good, it’s all dark and overcast.”

A couple of people continued to chase after Su Lifeng for answers.

But Su Lifeng was still staring at the blood. He then frowned and asked: “There’s only one medical care room on the ship, how could help come so quickly? Even if there really was help, then why didn’t they also wake us up?”

These people were all clearly in a bit of a panic. Seeing this kind of situation their first thought was actually that the people had all been saved…

Jiang Yushi evidently sensed something wrong just like him, but she still said: “Don’t be so nervous Lifeng, everything’s fine now. The ship is only so big, where could they go? Let’s go look for them and check up on the other students while we’re at it…”

“Yeah, everything’s already okay.” Cheng Xiaomei nodded her head and said so, seemingly speaking to herself.

But Su Lifeng waved his hand, after two seconds of silence he suddenly asked: “Everything’s okay now? Then I want to ask, do you guys hear the sound of waves?”

When he said this line his face had already become extremely pale, his tone of voice was also a bit panicked.

Everybody was dazed and Jiang Yushi immediately started to listen.

Outside it was terrifyingly silent…

Jiang Yushi’s face slightly paled and she stood up running outside.

Very quickly she released a shocked cry: “God… Where is this?”

Everybody looked at each other and suddenly developed an inexplicable sense of fear.

In the dense fog the cruise ship that was heavily deformed from being squished was stopped quietly on the sea.

And within visible range all they could see was the deep, dark surface of the water that was like a pool of dead water.

Farther away was entirely covered by an endless fog.

Everybody was shocked speechless by the scenery before their eyes. Su Lifeng stared at the fog, an even worse feeling shortly surfaced in his heart.

Right now he hasn’t seen anything yet, but he can be certain that the disaster is not over yet.

“I’m going to the deck to take a look.” Su Lifeng suddenly turned around and left.

He has a very strong feeling that he only foresaw the first half before.

And right now the reality is that the wounded are missing.

Jiang Yushi immediately followed over, Cheng Xiaomei also hurriedly followed behind in a fluster. After hesitating for a moment the others also did the same thing.

On the boundless sea, the unknown and isolation represent the greatest terror… And Su Lifeng clearly knows more than they do.

Along the way Su Lifeng did his best to observe every detail that he saw. From the shell of the ship, the entire cruise ship was virtually as if it had been heavily scratched by a massive piece of sandpaper.

He can’t imagine what kind of natural disaster could create this kind of phenomenon.

The people on the deck also seem to have all fainted, at this moment they were also starting to wake up intermittently.

All over the place was the sound of light weeping and Su Lifeng was rapidly moving in the crowd and scanning them.

He was looking for those injured people that he foresaw before….

Not here, not here…

Even that crewmate was gone…

And at this moment somebody on the ship finally cried out in terror: “My girlfriend is gone! Has someone seen her? There’s so much blood here, she’s definitely hurt…”

“My friend’s also gone! I was hiding with him here just now!”

“Little sis, has anyone seen my little sister!”

In the wave of bewildered cried Su Lifeng stopped outside of the cafe.

Right now there only remained a pool of blood in the place where the couple is his vision should be lying, along with a scrap of cloth from that girl’s body.

He instantly thought of the scene of that girl screaming in misery.

Then looking at the reactions of the surrounding people, evidently nobody heard it.

When she cried for help everybody was unconscious, besides…

“The wounded!”

At the same time that this thought appeared in his mind, a couple of images suddenly flashed by in front of his eyes.

That girl and her boyfriend were within it, the girl was still shouting in a panic: “Help… Help!”

Yu Yihang’s figure also flashed by. His eyes were tightly shut and his entire body was trembling without stop…

Right at this moment a shadow suddenly flashed by in the fog…

Su Lifeng instantly felt like his heart had been grabbed. A sense of unspeakable fear instantly enveloped his mind.


Following a low roar the vision vanished all at once.

Su Lifeng gasped violently, only after a long while did he recover the feeling that he was still standing on the ship.

“I… I will die?”

He was dazed for two seconds and then suddenly ran to the side of the ship.

“Classmate Su, what’s wrong?” Cheng Xiaomei asked nervously.

But without the need for Su Lifeng to respond they also already knew.

In the distant fog a black line faintly appeared…

“That is… an island…” Jiang Yushi opened her eyes wide in disbelief and said.


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