HN1F Chapter 52: 3 in 1 Big Gift

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nuff said.

Zhu Yi asked seriously: “May I ask in your heart, in this world is reasoning the biggest or is strength the greatest?”

“Without strength you will be unable to uphold your reason. With empty strength but no reason, it is nothing but mindless violence.” Lin Feng smiled lightly: “What is the biggest in the world? A person with strength speaking reason, this reason is the biggest!”

Zhu Yi’s eyes exploded with an astonishing spirit.

“That’s right! If I had your strength, I would definitely dare to stand up for myself in front of my father. What is the biggest in the world, reason is the biggest. Father and son can also argue by reasoning, even emperors and officials can argue by reasoning!”

“If the prince have great faults, they ought to remonstrate with him, and if he do not listen to them after they have done so again and again, they ought to dethrone him! Those subservient principles of my father have strayed from the true nature of scholars. But towards these principles, with my feeble strength how can I argue over him?”

“If the king makes a great mistake then scholars need to dissuade him. If the king does not listen repeatedly and insists upon his actions then he will be dethroned! This is the principle of scholars, unfortunately without strength I am unable to uphold these principles.”

“Just as master said, speaking reason with strength, this is the correct path!”

Finishing speaking Zhu Yi lifted the lap of his robe and kneeled on the ground, kowtowing heavily: “Please take me in master, Zhu Yi is willing to practise under master’s teachings and learn dao techniques, learn reason!”

Lin Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief: “The third one, the hardships all these days is all worth it!”

Officially taking in Zhu Yi as his disciple, the third grid of data appeared in the disciple system that belongs to Zhu Yi.

Name: Zhu Yi

Age: 15 years 3 months

Current Cultivation Level: Guiding energy into the body, about to enter qi disciple level 1.

Potential Attributes: “Bone Root -> 7; Comprehension -> 9; Will -> 8; Blessings -> 10

Recommended Teaching Plan: “Recommended to practise thunder class or buddhist dao techniques. In terms of abilities recommended to practise spells as the main direction of development.

Lin Feng pondered for a moment. Even though he has the Kṣitigarbha Sutra and the Art of Acala these two top-notch dao techniques, he still decided to pass on to Zhu Yi the Nine Heaven Thunder Technique. The reason for this is because he’s got a few more thunder class abilities and spells on his hands, paired up with the Nine Heaven Thunder Technique it is more advantageous for combat.

“This is your eldest apprentice-brother Xiao Yan and also my current head disciple.” Lin Feng pointed at Xiao Yan and then pointed towards Xiao Budian: “This is your junior apprentice-brother Shi Tianhao, originally he was the first disciple whom I took in, but he is a big sloth and voluntarily chose to be the smallest.”

Zhu Yi looked towards Xiao Yan, his eyes flashing. He then bowed towards him: “Greetings Eldest Apprentice-Brother.”

Xiao Yan had his arms behind his head, he smiled and said with a lazy attitude: “No need to be so formal, between us apprentice-brothers there’s no need to be so courteous.”

Zhu Yi smiled lightly and still very seriously clasped his hands and saluted Xiao Budian. After pausing for a moment he said: “Junior apprentice-brother Tianhao.”

Xiao Budian bowed towards him with a smiling face: “Greetings Senior apprentice-brother.”

Zhu Yi took a deep look at him and didn’t say anything more. He said in his heart: “People say it matters not when we start learning, whoever attains shall be the teacher. Compared to this junior apprentice-brother there is too much of a difference between us. I need to do my best to catch up and then surpass him to be able to achieve the effect of acting by example as the senior apprentice-brother.”

When the three apprentice-brothers finished greeting each other Lin Feng opened his mouth and said: “I travel the world and will not stop in the Zhou Dynasty for very long. I also don’t have any intentions of taking up residence in Tianjing City, what plans do you have?”

“If you want to remain in the Zhou Dynasty I can pass on dao techniques for you to record and then return at regular intervals to see you.”

Zhu Yi thought seriously for a moment and responded saying: “The ancients say it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. I am willing to follow master to travel the world.” After pausing for a moment he said softly: “I don’t intend to participate in this year’s imperial examination anymore, but three years later I hope that master can allow me to return to Tianjing City to participate in the imperial examination.

Lin Feng smiled, he knows that besides attending the imperial examination to complete his aspiration, Zhu Yi also has thoughts of returning home in glory after attaining success in his cultivation prowess and reasoning with his father, the Marquis of Xuanji.

“Entering under my teaching all you need to do is obey my rules. I will never restrict your freedom.” Lin Feng smiled saying: “Like I said, you have to walk you own path on your own, for your own matters make your own decisions.”

Zhu Yi smiled saying: “I understand.”

Lin Feng lead his three disciples and left the Black Cloud Underground Palace. Standing at the entrance of the underground palace Lin Feng felt regretful in his heart: “I have the Black Cloud Flag, this underground palace is like my own home. If there wasn’t the Nether Blood River causing trouble I could treat this place as my base. Too bad, it really is too bad.”

Same as the previous two times, after taking in Zhu Yi as his disciple the reward the system gave was also a lottery chance and 500 trading points.

Lin Feng still continued to save up his trading points. He already has his eyes on something good in the trading system, but it is very costly and requires him to save up a bit more.

In any case after looting Hui Ku and the six cultivators of the house of the Marquis Lin Feng has obtained many cultivation pills beneficial to cultivating. Even though he’s got an extra mouth to feed now it is still enough to use.

Lin Feng entered the lottery system: “Let’s see if anything good will appear in the lottery this time.”

This time Lin Feng hopes to be able to get a martial skill. Zhu Yi is suited to practise spells. Cloud Dragon Escape and the Nine Heavens Thunder Summoning are enough for him to learn for a while, while over at Xiao Budian who is suited to practise both spells and martial skills, Lin Feng has still yet to truly teach him a martial skill. Not to mention Xiao Yan who is suited to specialize in the martial path.

Mr. Vulture’s bone mace is actually refined using a martial ability called White Bone Hammer Smash. The old geezer himself is proficient in the martial way. He was at an old age and was unable to increase his cultivation prowess. His qi and blood gradually declined which is why he used his own martial skill to refine this bone mace magic item to fight enemies.

White Bone Hammer Smash is actually pretty good, but including the Art of Acala that everyone knows comes from the Great Thunder Monastery, if Lin Feng is always teaching his disciples abilities and dao techniques from other sects it is inevitable that they will have doubts in their hearts.

Thus Lin Feng hopes to obtain a martial ability of less well-known origin, of course its power also has to be acceptable. If he can’t get one from the lottery draw then Lin Feng will probably have to bear the pain and expend trading points to trade for a martial skill from the system.

“Ocean Wave Palm? Not bad, but it doesn’t have much growth.”

“Thunder Arhat Fist? The martial skill for monks of the Great Thunder Monastery to build their foundation. No good, disregarding its low level, any person would be able to recognize that it’s a martial skill of the Great Thunder Monastery.”

Very unluckily, the three abilities in the wheel system were all spells.

And while the three types of abilities in the dice system were all martial skills, it’s unfortunate that they are either not strong enough or are the signature martial skills of other sects. People can recognize them with one glance.

“The third one? Hm, Divine Vulture Palm, the famous martial skill of the wandering cultivator Master Vulture from thousands of years ago. But since Master Vulture passed away it has already been lost… This one’s not bad!”

Finally his luck wasn’t completely horrible. After looking at the description of the third martial skill Lin Feng’s eyes lit up.

Divine Vulture Palm is in the eighth grid, in other words when Lin Feng rolls his dice he needs to roll an eight to be able to obtain this martial skill.

“The number is very lucky,  I choose you!”

Giving the command in his mind the three dice instantly started spinning.

Like the previous time, the three dice still don’t stop at the same time. They become still one after another and very quickly the first die stopped spinning.

A giant “6” was facing upward.

Lin Feng’s heart instantly sank. It was just the first die and it was already a six. To obtain the Divine Vulture Palm at eight points the last two dice can only roll ones.

Not even an extra point is okay, this probability is honestly too low.

Very soon the second die also stopped. It was precisely a one!

Lin Feng breathed out a heavy sigh of relief. His eyes stared closely at the last die and he silently prayed in his heart: “I only want a one, I only want a one!” At the same time he rapidly scanned each of the potential items he could get.

The first two dice add up to a sum of seven, then after the last dice settles down the potential total is 8-13.

Number 8, Divine Vulture Palm.

Number 9, nothing.

Number 10, an Azure Spirit Pill used to cure poisons.

Number 11, a one-time use talisman with decent power, Thunder Spirit Gold Talisman.

Number 12, the mystery chest with a question mark.

Number 13…

“Hm? Wait a second, mystery chest?” Lin Feng was slightly surprised. A thought was turning in his mind when the third dice had already stopped.

Lin Feng swallowed his saliva and looked over. Facing upwards on the third dice was a big “5”!

Six plus one plus five, twelve.

Lin Feng stared with mixed feelings at the mysterious chest that had already appeared before him. Speaking of it his luck is actually pretty good. Out of a total of four lottery draws he got the special prize twice.

But who knows exactly what will come out from the chest? Right now Lin Feng desperately needs a dependable martial skill.

With a nervous heart Lin Feng opened the chest. Three orbs of light flew out from the chest.

Lin Feng was stunned, he then saw the first orb of light fly to his front. The light dispersed and a fire-red coloured pill landed in Lin Feng’s palm.

“Nine Transformations Blazing Spirit Pill, condensation of the fire essense of the world. Hot but not intense, has a miraculous effect in healing cold injuries.”

Lin Feng let out a sigh: “I have no need for this thing. Forget it, I’ll put it away first just in case.”

I got the big special prize, don’t give me something entirely useless. Lin Feng was rather upset, after putting away the Nine Transformations Blazing Spirit Pill the second orb of light landed in front of him. The light dispersed and revealed its true form.

“A martial skill, Wayward Flying Sword?”

“One thousand years ago Wayward Sword Saint’s secret sword technique. Using this sword technique Wayward Sword Saint climbed Mt. Shu and challenged the Mt. Shu Sword Sect., emerging unscathed. Since the death of Wayward Sword Saint it has already been lost?”

This is a martial skill even more awesome than the Divine Vulture Palm.

Looking at the sword manual of the Wayward Flying Sword in front of him, the depression in his heart was instantly swept away. He only felt like laughing towards the sky.

With a giant grin on his face Lin Feng put away the sword manual and then stared at the third orb of light. He was delighted in his heart: “The special prize this time is really awesome. Looks like it’s a three in one big gift, giving out three items at once, wonder what good thing this third one will be?”

The orb of light landed in Lin Feng’s palm and the light dispersed.

Lin Feng looked at the item and suddenly froze. He blinked his eyes and for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

“Jade Tree of Knowledge Leaf, the leaf of one of the four great spiritual trees of the world, the Jade Tree of Knowledge.

Lin Feng was slightly at a loss: “What do I need this thing for. Jade Tree of Knowledge, Jade Tree of Knowledge… Isn’t that the true form of that female demon Long Ye?”

“If you have no need for this thing then why not give it to me?”

Lin Feng was in the middle of thinking when an extremely lazy voice suddenly rose up in his mind.

That is a female’s voice. It is not crisp and pleasant, instead it is low and hoarse. But it possesses a peculiar charm and is very alluring, leading the heart to willingly sink into the bottomless abyss.

But right now Lin Feng was covered with chills. He had an expression like he’d seen a ghost and he nearly screamed: “You’re Long Ye?!”

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