HN1F Chapter 53: None of Them are Fools


“If you have no use for this Jade Tree of Knowledge leaf then why not give it to me.”

Long Ye’s tone of voice was soft and soothing, as if she was lightly whispering words of love into her lover’s ear and pouting.

But hearing her voice Lin Feng’s back became covered in cold sweat and he felt his hands and feet become cold.

At the first moment he determined that the voice actually came from his Northern Aurora Sword.

“This demoness, has she been attached to my spell sword the entire time? Starting from half a year ago at Stone Village she already…” Countless thoughts flashed across Lin Feng’s heart. He forced himself to calm down and slowly opened his mouth saying: “You’re finally willing to speak?”

Only when the words left his mouth did Lin Feng discover that even his voice was a bit hoarse, but he still did his best to appear nonchalant, as if he already knew that Long Ye was hiding beneath his eyelids the entire time.

Lin Feng’s mind entered into the Northern Aurora Sword. A blanket of white light flashed by and a human figure immediately appeared in Lin Feng’s mind.

Long hair flowing behind her, bare-footed and her clothes as white as snow. Her face was inhumanly beautiful, it was precisely Long Ye.

Her beauty was the greatest that Lin Feng had ever seen, only Yan Mingyue could compare with her. This pair of archrivals really could be called peerless beauties.

Unfortunately Lin Feng was entirely not in the mood of admiring the beautiful woman in front of him. He still remembers in the past to save Xiao Budian, he lead Murong Yanran and co. to fight with Long Ye and then he took advantage of the situation and destroyed Long Ye’s body with a beam of Northern Aurora Mystic Light.

Long Ye’s “I’ve remembered you” at that time was still fresh in his ears, making Lin Feng shudder in fear.

Long Ye laughed softly: “I really can’t see through you. Hey, exactly what is your cultivation level?”

Lin Feng inhaled a deep breath and said: “Before I was merciful and let you live, looks like you have yet to learn your lesson.”

Long Ye laughed saying: “I’ve learned my lesson, that’s why even until now I haven’t killed you yet.”

Lin Feng’s heart felt a chill, he then continued to hear Long Ye say: “Because I really can’t see through you. I consider my cultivation level as relatively decent. Even though now I am heavily injured, my judgement still remains but I cannot see through you.”

“If I say that you are at a high level, but when you use your escape technique to travel you are just at the qi disciple stage. You never fight on your own and only control this foundation establishment stage spell sword to fight enemies. You also only have a qi disciple stage standard when setting up formations.

Long Ye spoke softly: “Do you really only have a level of qi disciple stage and it is simply that you possess some sort of treasure that can obstruct the probing of others? Honestly, there were so many times where I almost could not resist attacking you.”

Lin Feng secretly clenched his fists. He acted calm and said lightly: “How can the likes of you see through my depths.”

Long Ye quietly stared at Lin Feng. She suddenly smiled, her smile was like the moon breaking through clouds, stunning all of creation: “So, I’ve changed my mind. I won’t bother you anymore, instead I’ll make a trade with you.”

Lin Feng rapidly calculated in his heart to see whether or not he could kill this demoness and completely get rid of all future troubles.

While calculating in his heart Lin Feng casually responded: “A trade? I have the Jade Tree of Knowledge leaf that you want, what can you give me?”

Long Ye brushed the hair by her ear, the corner of her lips revealing a faint smile: “You seem to be looking for satisfactory disciples?”

“Hm?” Murderous intent surged in Lin Feng’s heart, the highest level of alert rang in his heart. The system is his greatest secret, nobody can know about it.

Because this damned system’s setting is incredibly bullshit. If Lin Feng does not complete the main quest he will be directly killed by the system. If he lets people know the contents of his quest and then they obstruct his way, then Lin Feng will really be done for.

The 24 sariras and the Black Cloud Flag were all in place. Lin Feng was prepared to strike out at any moment while on the surface he was still acting as if nothing had happened: “Seeing outstanding talent anybody would be moved, I am naturally no exception.”

Long Ye said: “Oh? But I’ve noticed that your disciples are all people of talent who were previously buried. Others were unable to discover their uniqueness but you had a discerning eye.”

Lin Feng chuckled dryly. He did not pick up the conversation but his murderous intent was already nearly inconcealable.

But he then heard Long Ye continue saying: “Seeing you taking in disciples I know that you have big plans. You have plans of establishing your own sect? Regardless of you humans or we demons, we all need a suitable place to cultivate.”

“If you want to establish a new sect then you require even more a suitable place to act as your base. I just so happen to know a place that is still ownerless, you might need it?”

Lin Feng’s mana that was already circulating was stopped right in its tracks, getting stuck in his chest and making him nearly cough out blood from the stuffiness.

After a long while Lin Feng finally caught his breath and he asked snappily: “Where?”

Long Ye smiled saying: “You’ve agreed to my trade?”

Lin Feng calmed his heart and said calmly: “How do I know whether you speak the truth or lies? We’ve had some nasty conflicts before, you don’t have the capital for me to believe me.”

Long Ye rolled her eyes at him. Her expression was exceedingly charming, just like she was flirting with her lover: “If you want to increase the price then just say so.”

Lin Feng was overwhelmed in his heart and only calmed his mind after a difficult struggle.

Long Ye said: “Okay then, I’ll add another item. This item I can give you first and then you give me the tree leaf and then I’ll tell you the location of the place and then you go check it out yourself. No matter what you don’t lose, are you satisfied now?”

Lin Feng slightly furrowed his brows: “What item?”

Long Ye raised her hand, her fair palm was holding a short, intricate stone flute. The stone flute revealed an ancient and great aura.

Lin Feng’s pupils slightly retracted. He said in his heart: “This aura, I seem to have encountered it somewhere before… Where?”

“That’s right, this is the aura of the dao technique of the Void Temple! I’ve sensed it on Yang Mingyue before, this stone flute is related to the Void Temple.”

Thinking here the conversation with Yan Mingyue that day instantly surfaced in Lin Feng’s mind. Yang Mingyue once mentioned that there is something in Long Ye’s hands that regardless of her or the Void Temple have to try and get back.

Could it be this stone flute?

Lin Feng lifted his head and looked at Long Ye. He didn’t speak but from his eyes Long Ye could already understand his query. Thus she nodded her head: “That’s right, this is the item Yan Mingyue is looking for. But I also do not know exactly of what importance this item has towards her and the Void Temple.”

She crooked her head and looked at Lin Feng with a cute and playful expression: “Are you willing to make this trade?”

Lin Feng did not speak, seemingly weighing things out in his heart.

But in reality there was a storm raging in his heart, countless thoughts flashed by: “That day this demoness clearly bore a grudge against me, why can she act as though nothing happened now?”

Lin Feng didn’t believe that this Long Ye would have a big heart and not care about old grudges.

Besides being unable to grasp Lin Feng’s true strength and thus causing her to have concerns, Long Ye should also have other intentions.

For her there is more good than harm in keeping Lin Feng alive.

Where is the good? There can only be one possibility, and that is targeting Yan Mingyue and the Void Temple.

A light of understanding rose up in Lin Feng’s heart. The mutual probing and repeated secret battles between him and Yan Mingyue before all landed in Long Ye’s eyes. From Long Ye’s point of view, keeping him alive is thus leaving behind a possibility of hindering Yan Mingyue.

“If I want to establish the number one sect in the world and become history’s number one founder then I will definitely clash with the current big sects. The Void Temple stands at the very front.” Lin Feng laughed helplessly in his heart: “This demoness may not know this point but she undoubtedly made a correct choice.”

Thinking here a thought suddenly flashed across in Lin Feng’s mind. Yan Mingyue clearly knew that he learned the Heaven Cage Sigil but she didn’t do anything. Besides being unable to see the depths of his strength is it not also because she has a grudge with Long Ye?

At the time Lin Feng hoped for Yan Mingyue to go deal with Long Ye, perhaps Yan Mingyue also had the same intentions, wanting to borrow Lin Feng’s hand to go deal with Long Ye.

Yan Mingyue may truly want to get back the stone flute in Long Ye’s hands, but she won’t necessarily fight to the death against Long Ye.

On one hand she’s worried that they’ll both be heavily injured or even go down together, on the other hand she very likely wants to leave behind Long Ye to conversely hinder Lin Feng.

These two woman, they really aren’t easy to deal with!

But I’m not easy to bully either.

After planning things out Lin Feng made up his mind.

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