HN1F Chapter 54: All Sides Take Action


“After obtaining the Jade Tree of Knowledge leaf, what will you do?”

Even though he already had a plan in his heart, Lin Feng still opened his mouth and asked.

“Yan Mingyue wants to return to the Void Temple, I naturally also have my own place to return to.” Long Ye smiled faintly: “I’ve already said before, I don’t have any thoughts of bothering you anymore.”

“For your own good you’d better not.” Lin Feng said coolly: “I accept your trade, it’s a deal.”

Lin Feng believes that if Long Ye obtains the Jade Tree of Knowledge leaf then she will definitely recover a significant amount of her strength. After all her true form is a Jade Tree of Knowledge.

After completing this trade Lin Feng can also use Long Ye to go hinder Yan Mingyue.

Lin Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Them three people have fallen into this kind of bizarre and also tangled up circle of plotting. Each person hopes that the opponent in front of them can go deal with and hinder the third person.

Playing with the stone flute in his hand Lin Feng looked at Long Ye’s departing figure with a thoughtful expression.

In a sense, Long Ye has essentially thrown a hot potato at Lin Feng.

If he uses it well, Lin Feng can use this stone flute to scoop up sufficient benefits from the Void Temple.

But conversely, it can also bring disaster to Lin Feng. If the number one holy land in the world ignores everything and wants to forcefully take a certain item, nobody in the entire world dares to say that they can definitely keep it.

Lin Feng pondered in his heart. Maybe the conflict that exists between Yan Mingyue and the new Daoist Wayfarer of the Void Temple is something that he can take advantage of?

“Speaking of it, what exactly does this stone flute do? Why does the Void Temple value this little thing so highly.” Lin Feng scratched his head, he couldn’t feel any strong mana fluctuations from the stone flute.

The little things looks to be so ordinary.

Lin Feng shook his head and retracted his thoughts: “The matter of the cultivation abode can be put back, currently the most important matter is still my fourth disciple!”

Finally, this is the last one!

Hopefully he can successfully complete it.

It will definitely be successful… right?


The capital city of the Zhou Dynasty, Tianjing, the south-east sector of the city, the House of the Marquis of Xuanji.

Inside of the courtyard stood a skinny old man. The old man held a talisman in his hand, two words were clearly printed on the talisman, a “Buddha” character and a “Yu” character.

The skinny old man creased his brows: “Huang San failed and it’s related to the scum of the Buddhist sect and the Qin Dynasty’s Yu clan?”

Around him stood a circle of cultivators of the house of the Marquis, but in front of this old man they were all reverent and respectful. They did not release a single sound for fear of disturbing the old man’s thoughts.

This skinny old man is the second steward of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, people call him Mister Tao Er. (TL: Er, 二, means 2. San, 三, means three.)

Fatty Huang San is as venomous as a snake, there are also people who dare to call him a slave behind his back. But with Tao Er, even members of the main branch of the Zhu clan have to respectfully call him Mister Two when seeing him.

The reason for it is because this old man who looks skinny and shrivelled, like even a gust of wind could blow him down, is sufficiently strong!

Whenever the Marquis of Xuanji goes on his campaign of conquest this skinny old man will alway follow beside him. He has experienced an untold number of wars, fights, schemes and assassinations. The number of enemies who have died by his hands, just the number of aurous core stage cultivators already surpasses the double digits.

In front of him Huang San is just a child.

After a moment Mister Tao Er put away the talisman in his hand and turned around walking towards the main house in the residence.

Seeing him the guard hurriedly greeted him: “Mister Two.”

Mister Tao Er nodded his head: “I need to go see the Marquis, it is an urgent matter.”

The old man entered the main house and then came out after while. Facing the cultivators of the house of the Marquis waiting for him, Tao Er slowly opened his mouth, but his tone of voice was filled with an air of killing intent.

“Three things.”

“One, gather up people and head towards the place Huang San and co. went missing. Search every single inch of the place, I want clues.”

“Two, capture all of the already known members of the Society of the Strong Gale and the scum of the Great Thunder Monastery, don’t let anyone of them escape.”

“Three, come together with me and head towards the residence of the Qin Dynasty diplomatic corps to interrogate the members of the Yu clan about this matter.”

Tao Er spoke slowly, every word weighed heavily: “The Marquis’ original words were only two words, investigate thoroughly!”


Tianjing City a day later, a big residence in the western sector of the city, this is the residence of the Great Qin Dynasty’s diplomatic corps.

In the west branch, after sending off Mister Tao Er who visited, a middle-aged man in a body of sapphire blue robes sat silently in a chair.

A young man across from him said angrily: “Zhu Hongwu is too arrogant. His subordinate goes missing and he puts the blame on us!”

The blue-robed middle-aged man glanced at him: “What do you say we should do?”

The young man answered without even thinking: “Do what? We don’t do anything. What does this have to do with us, we’re clearly being framed.”

The blue-robed middle-aged man looked at him and sighed in disappointment.

The young man knew right away that he answered incorrectly and hurriedly lowered his head.

The blue-robed middle-aged man’s expression was calm, but the words that he spoke blazed with a murderous aura: “Somebody is framing we the Yu clan and we just do nothing, just watching them frame us and pour dirty water on our bodies?”

The young man woke up: “You mean?”

The blue-robed middle-aged man snorted: “Whoever dares to mess with the Yu clan must pay for it!” He looked at the young man: “I’ll hand this over to you. The House of the Marquis of Xuanji investigates theirs, we’ll investigate our own. I’d like to see who dares to mess with the Yu clan!”

The young man hesitated for a moment: “But we are after all serving as envoys in the Zhou Dynasty, this place isn’t our territory and we don’t have enough people.”

The blue-robed middle-aged man said coolly: “Just contact the main family.”

His gaze was a bit deep and quiet: “It really is eventful lately, it’s also not very peaceful over at the Shi clan. It’s said that somebody wants to harm Shi Tianyi. During these moments we cannot fall into disorder, but even more so we cannot do nothing, like that the enemy will instead swarm over all at once.”


Around the Black Cloud Underground Palace, a grey-clothed person stood in the deep mountains. He wore a massive straw hat that covered his face.

“There is the aura of sariras here. Hui Ku was here before and also fought with someone.”

The grey-clothed person silently felt the change in the surrounding spiritual energy: “Fortunately the sariras were not damaged.”

“Hui Ku you sect betraying scum, you dare to defile the bones of the sect elders like so. I will take back the sariras and let their souls rest in Nirvana.”

“As for you this piece of scum who defiles his elders, I will send you into the cycle of reincarnation!”

Upon smelling the scent of a human, countless savage beasts gathered around the grey-clothed person.

The grey-clothed person took off the straw hat revealing a shiny bald head. A strong light surged in his eyes and when the beasts came in contact with his gaze, they all scattered in fright. Some weaker beasts were actually so frightened that they were unable to control their bladder and bowels, collapsing to the ground.

With a droop of the grey-clothed monk’s eyelids the light vanished and he became ordinary again. Putting on the straw hat, his body flickered and he had already vanished within the vast woodlands.


The battle at the Black Cloud Underground Palace caused all sides to take action.

Lin Feng was unaware of this. He did not hang around the Black Cloud Underground Palace and instead brought along his disciples hitting the road.

Not sure if he already used up all of his luck before this, during his entire trip he did not encounter a fourth candidate who met the criterion as his disciple.

“Do I have to go back and find Xiao Zhener that little girl?” Lin Feng was stumped in his heart. He traversed half of the Great Zhou Dynasty’s land and also passed through thousands of miles of territory of the Great Qin Dynasty but he still had no gains.

But time was rapidly flying by and in the turn of an eye only one month remained of the one year quest time limit.

Right now the master and disciples were at the southern border of the Great Qin Dynasty. Even though Lin Feng was anxious in his heart, in front of his three disciples he still maintained his composure. While travelling the master and disciples also trained.

This day Zhu Yi’s cultivation had broken through a bottleneck and he was about to increase his level.

Thinking for a moment, Lin Feng left behind Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian to protect Zhu Yi while he controlled the Black Cloud Flag to wander around in the area.

Lightly shaking the flag, under the flowing black light Lin Feng opened up the void and rapidly advanced forward.

He was in the middle of flying in the void when a blanket of dazzling light suddenly lit up before Lin Feng’s eyes.

Where the light vanished was a hazy mist, as if chaos was raging. Everything looked hazy and blurred.

Lin Feng was startled: “What’s going on? The Black Cloud Flag broke open the void and actually brought me to an alternate space?”

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