HN1F Chapter 55: One Step Late!


With the flickering of the light, Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag and actually barged into an alternate space.

The space was shrouded in mist and everything was chaotic and hazy.

After the mist dispersed, what entered the eyes was a boundless void. It appeared desolate and ancient, light occasionally flickered in the darkness but it was an uncountable distance away from Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was alarmed: “What exactly is this place?” He was in the middle of being puzzled when a great mana aura permeated the surroundings and constantly expanded.

The void ruptured once more and a dazzling light once again filled Lin Feng’s vision. When his vision returned to normal he had already returned to Heaven Primal, moreover it looked like his location was still at his previous flight path.

“Was I simply pulled into that void space by chance?” Lin Feng pondered. When he turned his head a face was suddenly imprinted into his eyes.

This is a large old man, he has a wide face with big ears and looks quite dignified. He was staring at Lin Feng and sizing him up, his expression was extremely perplexed.

Lin Feng’s heart skipped beat and he thought of that vast mana fluctuation he felt in that void space.

No matter if it’s Elder Li of the Blaze Sword Sect or Liu Yang of the Mt. Shu Sword sect, their mana may be deep and powerful, but compared to this big old man before him they are not worth mentioning.

Lin Feng had a guess in his heart, but he didn’t even dare to continue thinking along that path because that would make him lose all courage.

At this moment the big old man opened his mouth and spoke. His voice was like rolling thunder: “I am Master Pubei of the Eternal Dao Sect, who are you?”

“The Eternal Dao Sect?” Lin Feng did not have any impressions in his mind. Only after checking the system did he know that this is a sect at the southern border of the Great Qin Dynasty, the master with the highest cultivation level in the sect is at the nascent soul stage.

Without a primordial soul cultivator holding down the fort, this kind of sect naturally cannot compare to the three great holy lands and the Nine Heavens Sword Alliance. But with a nascent soul stage monstrosity they could be considered a prominent sect at the southern border of the Qin Dynasty. The location of the sect is near the Qin Dynasty’s most southern area the Ancient Star Domain. That place is the boundary between the human world and the demon world.

While checking information Lin Feng said: “I am a wild cultivator, just call me Daoist Lin.” Not waiting for Master Pubei to open his mouth again, Lin Feng asked in advance: “Looking at your appearance you seem to be hurt?”

Master Pubei did not respond and closely observed Lin Feng for a moment again, but he still couldn’t see the depths of Lin Feng’s cultivation level.

Under Master Pubei’s great pressure, Lin Feng felt like he was a small boat in a raging storm. Wave after wave crashed against him that could that could engulf him at any moment.

Don’t mention retaliating, even if Master Pubei doesn’t do anything, simply by applying mental pressure Lin Feng is unable to last for very long.

Luckily after probing for a long time Master Pubei still couldn’t perceive Lin Feng’s cultivation level. With doubts in his heart he retracted his mana and Lin Feng finally felt a lot better.

“That’s right, I was wounded by someone in the Void Battleground. But it is not serious, I can recover after a brief period of closed-door training.” Blue energy faintly flickered over Master Pubei’s face, clearly the enemy had penetrated his body using ice class mana.

Lin Feng’s heart stirred: “The Void Battleground?” Looks like that void world I accidently entered before is the Void Battleground.

Lin Feng has heard of the Void Battleground. That is an alternate space independent from the Heaven Primal world. It resides alone beyond the heavens and is vast in space. Even though human cultivators have always been exploring that place, there still remains many regions and areas within the Void Battleground that remain unknown.

Inside of the Void Battleground there are many cultivation resources that are scarce in the Heaven Primal world. But spatial turbulences surge within and it is extremely unstable and dangerous. Even if aurous core stage cultivators enter within it is still almost certain death.

Thus in general only great cultivators of the nascent soul stage or primordial spirit stage enter within to search for treasure. But even so, unknown dangers and interpersonal conflict cause many powerful cultivators to fall within that void.

Incidentally, the old elder of Stone Village once mentioned that Xiao Budian’s father and grandfather regularly enter into the Void Battleground. In fact, it was precisely because his grandfather went missing in the Void Battleground that his parents went to go save him, thus causing Xiao Budian to suffer disaster.

This progenitor of the Eternal Dao Sect, Master Pubei, in front of him is clearly also a member of the people who enter into the Void Battleground and in the end he suffered a defeat within.

Lin Feng said nonchalantly: “The Void Battleground? There may be risk but presumably you did not walk away with empty pockets either.”

Master Pubei snorted: “Just risk? The progenitor of the Mount Heng School who went in together with me directly perished within. If not for you suddenly barging in and disturbing the void thus allowing me to seize the chance to rip open a rift, this old life of mine would probably also be lost within.”

Lin Feng thought for a moment and took out the Nine Transformations Blazing Spirit Pill that he got from the lottery: “Meeting is a form of fate, I see that your injury is brought about by ice mana. With your mana even though you can heal yourself, it will undoubtedly waste a lot of time.”

“I just so happen to have a Nine Transformations Blazing Spirit Pill here. It has a miraculous effect in healing this type of injury, I give it to you as a gift.”

Master Pubei was greatly surprised. He doesn’t even need to take over the pill, with just a glance he knows that Lin Feng speaks the truth. He couldn’t help but be immensely puzzled: “Why do you give it to me?” He may say that, but this old man was truly domineering and he bluntly grabbed over the pill.

Lin Feng smiled faintly: “I wanted to give it to you and so I did so. Where do all these whys come from?”

Master Pubei’s eyes flashed. He laughed loudly and said: “It was I who was foolish. Okay then, I accept your kindness. If you have time I welcome you at any time to come to the Eternal Dao Sect as a guest.”

Lin Feng laughed: “When I have the time.” Finishing speaking he turned around and left. Master Pubei was eager to take the medicine to heal his injury and so he naturally did not ask Lin Feng to stay.

Even though Lin Feng doesn’t know how much of an effect it will have, but he is still very happy to be able to obtain the favor of a nascent soul stage cultivator using a pill that he doesn’t need.

Returning back to the location of his three disciples, the three people were having a lively chat.

Lin Feng asked: “What are you guys talking so happily about?”

Xiao Budian smiled saying: “Master, just now we heard someone tell a strange story. Around here there is a sect called the Mount Heng School. A couple of days ago they opened their doors for new disciples. There was a big brother who didn’t pass the assessment and was unable to enter the sect. In the end he actually jumped off a cliff on Mount Heng wanting to suicide.”

“He failed to kill himself and was rescued by the people of the Mount Heng School. I heard that they’re going to make an exception and take him in as a registered disciple.” (TL: In general it goes something like registered disciples, outer disciples, inner disciples, core disciples and direct disciple.)

At the side Zhu Yi sighed saying: “He is a persistent one and his personality is especially unyielding. But in the end he got what he wanted and his hardships were not for naught.”

Xiao Yan on the other hand shook his head: “Entering into the sect like that, what can he do even if he gets a master? The elders of the sect reluctantly took him in so as to not have a reputation of driving a person to death. They definitely won’t carefully teach him and his sect brothers will also mock him saying that he was only able to enter the sect due to his suicide.”

Zhu Yi said: “Constantly striving to improve oneself is worth commending. I just hope that he can continue persevering or else his pressure will becoming increasingly greater.

At the beginning Lin Feng was just listening to it as a story. But as he continued listening he suddenly felt that something was a bit off: “This kid, why does he sound a bit like the main character of the trash school and mortal school of novels?” (TL: The trash school of novels is where the MC starts off as a piece of trash. Check out “A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality” for the mortal school.)

Lin Feng asked: “Just now you guys said that the Mount Heng School has already taken him in?”

The three disciples nodded their heads together: “They just brought him back to the sect.”

Lin Feng didn’t say anything more. He brought the three people and immediately headed towards the Mount Heng School. While walking he felt anxious in his heart: “Please get there on time. If I get there a step late and miss him then who do I cry to.”

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