HN1F Chapter 56: Sudden Surprise

Behold, this is a cookbook that teaches you to cook with the greatest ingredient in the world. 

Lin Feng rushed over to Mount Heng but unfortunately he was indeed a step too late. All the new disciples were in the middle of the disciple ceremony.

The system notification sound rose up: “Discovered target suitable to becoming host’s direct disciple.”

Lin Feng closely scanned the crowd and confirmed that the person the system is talking about is a youth at the very back of the crowd.

That youth’s figure is a bit thin and small. His lips are tightly pressed together and the other disciples beside him are all looking at him with expressions of disdain.

A string of system notifications sounded beside Lin Feng’s ear.

“Talent system has finished organizing the data, target number five’s data is as below.”

“Bone Root -> 5; Comprehension -> 10; Will -> 10; Blessings -> 8.”

“Conclusion: Target lacks innate talent but possesses great potential, recommended to take in as a disciple and carefully guide him, he will definitely become a pillar of the sect.”

Lin Feng was dumbfounded.

What did he see? He actually saw two max attributes. In this kid’s four data values there are actually two values that are a max value of 10.

Comprehension is one’s understanding of cultivating dao techniques and abilities. Xiao Budian and Xiao Zhener both have a comprehension of 8. This means they can very quickly have a good grasp of anything they learn. The master only needs to teach them once and they themselves are able to build upon this foundation and obtain mastery.

Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi are even higher, they both have a comprehension of 9. This means that not only do they learn quickly, they can also step out of the box and make innovations.

And what does a comprehension of 10 mean? It means that he instantly grasps whatever he learns and using his own understanding, he can correct the flaws in dao techniques and skills making them reach a more perfect state.

As for a will of 10? It indicates that this person’s mind and will are extremely strong, indomitable and unyielding. Nobody and nothing can defeat his spirit.

How many hundreds of millions of beings are there in the Heaven Primal world? Even a prodigy out of a million is still an astronomical number, but in the end only a very few number of them are able to truly amount to something. The reason is because if one’s will is not strong enough then it is very easy to waste one’s gift.

Two max attributes plus a blessing of 8 made this kid’s completely garbage bone root become not so glaring.

Just as the system concluded, he lacks natural talent but possesses incredible potential. So much so that it’s almost a cheat!

Seeing the disciple ceremony in progress, Lin Feng’s mind rapidly turned: “What do I do, should I just mess up this disciple ceremony? This Mount Heng School is a big sect of the southern border on par with the Eternal Dao Sect, their strength is not weak…”

“According to what that Master Pubei said, the nascent soul progenitor of this Mount Heng School perished in the Void Battleground. Then the strongest master here at present should be aurous core stage, but I don’t know how many aurous core stages they have. This place is the base of the Mount Heng School, they have the homeground advantage…”

Right now there only remains not even one month until the time-limit of the system quest. Lin Feng’s expression was uncertain, he spent a great amount of effort to calm himself down: “So be it, I’ll secretly meet with this kid for a moment and then think about it. What is his name?”

“Oh right, Wang Lin.”

Lin Feng looked on as Wang Lin entered into the Mount Heng School and heard the system notification beside his ears change to: “Target matches the criterion but already has a master, needs to abolish the current master-disciple relationship to be able to become the host’s disciple.” Lin Feng’s heart was dripping blood.

“Goddammit, just one or two days of time. If I got here one or two days earlier then that would be right when Wang Lin was rejected by the Mount Heng School and in physical and mental pain. All I’d have to do would be to go forward and fool him a bit and I’d be able to easily take him as my disciple.

Feeling any more regret doesn’t help the situation, Lin Feng collected his emotions and started to make plans.

Just as Xiao Yan illustrated, entering into the Mount Heng School using this kind of method, Wang Lin will definitely be detested by his teachers, scorned by his sect-brothers and hated by all. His sense of belong to the sect will not be strong, Lin Feng still has a very good chance.

Thus Lin Feng decisively concealed himself in the Mount Heng School.

He won’t and doesn’t need to enter into those important places. All he has to do is find the residence for registered disciples like Wang Lin. The guard and formation restraints of this kind of place are all very lax and are not a problem for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng found his way towards Wang Lin’s residence and heard a couple of Mount Heng School disciples mocking Wang Lin.

“A person like you is practically the shame of our Mount Heng School!”

“When the inner disciple exam comes around why don’t go try jumping off a cliff? If you can enter into the inner-sect using suicide again than I’ll say you’ve got some skill.”

Wang Lin was silent, allowing them to mock him. The couple of people walked out of the room while cursing and speaking foul-words.

Only Wang Lin remained in the room. He let out a long breath and lowered his head muttering to himself: “Father, mother, I will definitely succeed, I will become an immortal!”

Lin Feng smiled. His body flickered and he had already arrived in the room. He smiled saying: “You can’t become an immortal in this kind of environment.”

Wang Lin was startled, he stared blankly at Lin Feng who suddenly appeared: “Who are you?”

Lin Feng lightly waved his sleeves, he didn’t answer Wang Lin’s question and instead asked: “Cultivating and seeking the universal way is a long and rugged road. There isn’t much beauty and romanticism, instead there are many thorns and difficulties. In the first place your talent is worse that an average person, if you don’t do your best to catch up then what hope do you have of succeeding?”

“But in this kind of sect you will only be assigned menial jobs of fetching water and cutting wood. You are called a disciple but you are actually just manual labor.” Lin Feng said calmly: “Your starting point is low to begin with and your speed is even slower, how do you continue walking down this path?”

Wang Lin tightly pressed his lips together. He looked at Lin Feng before him who was wearing a white, wide-sleeved robe and daoist clothes. After a long while he opened his mouth and said: “What is your meaning?”

Lin Feng sighed softly: “I’ve met you before when you were just born. Your natural talent may be poor but our fates are tied together. At the time I already had thoughts of taking you as my disciple. I wanted to waited until you turned 16 before returning, but I didn’t expect that you would have already entered into this Mount Heng School.”

“If you are willing you can leave the Mount Heng School and enter under my teaching.” Lin Feng said generously: “I will carefully guide you and teach you all of my skills and abilities. I will not be like this Mount Heng School and dishonor you by ordering you around like a labourer.”

Speaking up to here Lin Feng laughed softly: “As for my ability, if you want to see it then I’ll take down this Mount Heng School in an instant!”

Wang Lin looked at Lin Feng in amazement. His eyes clearly held a certain degree of fervor, his lips moved wanting to say something but he suddenly held it back.

Not only so, his gaze looking at Lin Feng even had a hint of vigilance and his right hand subconsciously went into his clothes.

Lin Feng was slightly dazed. Wang Lin expression looking at him right now was like guarding against a thief. This was not something Lin Feng foresaw.

“That action of his right hand reaching into his clothes, he seems to be trying to protect something?” A thought appeared in Lin Feng’s heart and he cried out crap in his heart: “Crap, this kid’s blessing is also 8 points, could he have found sort of treasure?”

That appearance of Wang Lin’s, he clearly thinks that Lin Feng knows his secret and is here to trick him for his treasure.

Lin Feng wanted to cry. Looks he wasn’t just a bit late, this Wang Lin’s luck has clearly already started to take a turn for the better. His hegemony aura is flourishing and he is already about to walk upon the path of greatness that belongs to him. (TL: If you’re wondering about the hegemony aura, read the Dragon Proud Sky page in the Almanac of Knowledge.)

Regardless of whether that is some sort of super godly item or if there is an old grandpa inside, overall Wang Lin is already about to make his rebound.

Lin Feng was depressed in his heart but on the surface his expression did not change. He stared calmly at Wang Lin: “Do you find it inconceivable? No matter, make your own decisions. I will stop in the small town at the bottom of the mountain for 20 days. If you’ve made up your mind you can come to the town to find me.”

Under the circumstance where Wang Lin has already become wary of him, he cannot drag his feet and keep sticking to him or else he will instead arouse a negative mentality in him and he will only be even more distrustful.

Finishing speaking Lin Feng used the Cloud Dragon Escape Technique and disappeared out of sight.

Wang Lin was stunned and was slightly regretful in his heart: “Was I too paranoid?”

After going down Mount Heng Lin Feng’s expression was overcast. While walking he calculated in his heart what he has to do to be able to take the bull by the horn and poach his disciple from the Mount Heng School.

“The spiritual energy of this Mount Heng School really is better than our own sect and is more suitable for cultivation.” A voice suddenly travelled into Lin Feng’s ears. Lin Feng’s footsteps paused slightly and he hid his body, after a moment he saw two youths walking up Mount Heng.

“Not too long from now this place will be our Eternal Dao Sect’s territory.” The other youth snorted saying: “Our progenitor Master Pubei safely returned but the progenitor of the Mount Heng School died in the Void Battleground, everything is fate.”

“Only the strong can live in a good cultivation abode,  they’re about to move out very soon.”

Watching the figures of the two youths disappear into the mountain, Lin Feng furrowed his forehead and silently pondered.

Maybe with this sudden surprise he now has an opportunity.

In a bit a warm smile like the sun surfaced on Lin Feng’s face.

“What is mine will not get away!”

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