HN1F Chapter 57: Qi Disciple Great Circle of Perfection

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Hearing the contents of their conversation, these two teenage cultivators should both be disciples of the Eternal Dao Sect whom Master Pubei belongs to.

Not long after they climbed the mountain they said their farewells and left. Afterwards some meddlesome disciples on Mount Heng spread word that the Eternal Dao Sect will be visiting in a few days. Disciples from the two sects will spar and test their skills.

The Eternal Dao Sect and the Mount Heng School are relatively close to each other geographically, for the past thousand years the two sects have given each other mutual aid, guarding together against outside forces and demon invasion. But at the same time they have also been secretly competing with each other, disciples often battle with disciples of the other sect and both sides have their wins and losses.

But with this time’s competition Lin Feng clearly sensed a different atmosphere.

The Mount Heng School’s nascent soul stage progenitor died in the Void Battleground but the Eternal Dao Sect’s Master Pubei returned safely.

And it just so happens that the Mount Heng School’s base is better than theirs. Right now the Mount Heng School that has lost a nascent soul stage progenitor holding down the fort is like a three year old child holding a gold bar.

Due to the southern border of the Qin Dynasty being bordered on demon territory, humans and demons are in constant war causing countless mountains and cultivation abodes abundant in spiritual energy to lay in waste. Thus a blessed spot beneficial towards cultivation is enough to make everybody fight over it.

The Mount Heng School is occupying a treasure ground like Mount Heng but unfortunately does not have a nascent soul stage cultivator holding down the fort, this will will probably draw the greed of all the cultivation sects at the southern border.

And the Eternal Dao Sect which is the closest one and at the same time also the one who got news first will undoubtedly seize the initiative.

In front of a superior cultivation abode that can be used as the thousand year foundation of the sect, that bit of friendship in the past is completely useless.

Maybe Master Pubei doesn’t want to completely turn hostile against them which is why in the sparring between the disciples this time the Eternal Dao Sect will very likely have some sort of special movements.

For example, adding a prize and betting each other’s bases?

In a short period of time countless thoughts flashed by in Lin Feng’s mind. He had a faint feeling in his heart that his Nine Transformations Blazing Spirit Pill might have also played a key role in the development of this matter.

Without the Nine Transformations Blazing Spirit Pill and Master Pubei returning injured from the Void Battleground, the first thing to do would definitely be to enter closed-door training to heal. Only after healing his injury would he then scheme for the Mount Heng School’s base and who knows when that would be.

It could be a few days or a couple of months, maybe even dozens of years.

Lin Feng sighed: “Every bite and every sip is preordained, it really is a mysterious fate. Originally I only wanted curry favor with that nascent soul stage progenitor but who would have thought that I ended up helping myself.”

Whether or not it can provide help isn’t certain yet. The Mount Heng School disciples who spread the news only know that the Eternal Dao Sect will be visiting in a few days but they don’t know the specific time. And Lin Feng only has one month of time left, if the Eternal Dao Sect comes after two or three months then it will be too late.

“I still have to make some preparations.” Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag and flew in the air: “If there really is no other choice then I’ll have to go and capture him. In any case that Mount Heng School doesn’t know Wang Lin’s potential and doesn’t value him. If I capture him they won’t necessarily take things seriously.

Returning to his three disciples Lin Feng still appeared calm and relaxed but he was busily making preparations in secret.

In the middle of the night Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged, slowly doing his breathing technique. The surrounding spiritual energy rapidly gathered with his body as the center and was absorbed into his body, charging at a hidden meridian point.

When a meridian point is unlocked, spiritual energy that is absorbed will be rapidly converted to mana and stored within the meridian point. Like this the cultivator’s mana will obtain a considerable advance.

This is a meticulous job that requires the cultivator to persevere doing dull breathing techniques and refining spiritual energy to breakthrough one’s bottleneck.

The energy in the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade has already been depleted. Lin Feng can only cultivate according to the regular path. The cultivation speed these couple of month has slowed down and is not as fast is before. After successfully advancing to qi disciple level 11 it came to a standstill.

But even though the speed is slow, Lin Feng is not worried. He knows that before his steps were too large and his foundation was a bit too unstable. His speed may have slown down for these few months but his steps are firm and he can clearly feel that he is more adept in the usage of mana.

Through a long period of honing Lin Feng has already reached the peak of qi disciple level 11. Right now he is tackling the very last meridian point.

Under his unremitting efforts the final meridian point was finally unlocked. The spiritual energy that was originally unmoving and built up here instantly poured downward like a flooded dam, entering into the withered meridian point and forming a massive spiral.

The rotation of the spiritual energy became faster and faster, the spiritual energy at the center was being constantly converted to mana and nourishing Lin Feng’s body.

Different from before where things were over after filling it with mana, Lin Feng continued to consecutively swallow multiple Energy Recovery Pills that recover mana. He constantly pushed the mana in his body, forming a massive cycle in his entire body!

The 12 meridian points were all unlocked and connected as one. The mana stored in the meridian points was no long isolated like bodies of dead water as before, instead they turned into a surging river, constantly circulating in Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng exhaled a long breath and suddenly released a loud shout that echoed like a tiger’s roar and dragon’s cry.

His voice was covered by the mana ward of the Black Cloud Flag and was unable to travel out of the room, but Lin Feng’s heart was very satisfied.

At this moment with the twelve levels all unlocked, Lin Feng has reached the great circle of perfection of qi disciple level 12, the peak of the qi disciple stage.

Lin Feng pushed open the room door, his face revealed a satisfied smile. He said in his heart: “In cultivating dao techniques, the higher one’s level the slower the progress. Even though I had the help of the system and started directly from qi disciple level 4, but reaching the great circle of perfection of qi disciple level 12 in less than one year is still pretty fast, right?”

“Could it that I’m actually a prodigy too?”

He was in the middle of thinking when his three disciples greeted him. Lin Feng smiled and said in a happy mood: “How is the cultivation going? Is there anything you guys don’t understand?”

Xiao Yan: “I just wanted to tell master. Last night I saw the moon rise and the sun set, the stars glittered in the sky. As I watched I had a faint insight into a type of incredibly profound principle of the martial way. After pondering for the night I came up with a martial skill and I just wanted master to review it. In addition, the bottleneck in the level of my dao technique seems to also have loosened due to this and I think that I can breakthrough it very soon”

The corner of Lin Feng’s lips twitched. Dude, you’re already qi disciple level 9. If you advance again then that is qi disciple level 10. If I remember correctly you used four years of time in the past before reaching the great circle of perfection of qi disciple?

Zhu Yi: “If I may speak master, last night I was strolling in the mountain and chanced upon a strange flower. Spiritual energy overflowed from it and it was covered in golden light. It does not seem like an ordinary item . I did not dare to take liberty and specially brought it back for master to take care of it.”

Lin Feng expressionlessly took over the spiritual flower. Through searching the system he learned that this flower is called a Three-Leaf Orchid, it is precisely the main material for that pill which aids people in breaking through their bottlenecks, the Barrier Breaking Pill!

Xiao Budian: “Master, master, I advanced to qi disciple level 10! Uh, I somehow just randomly did so… I don’t really know what happened.”

Lin Feng was speechless, his eyes looked towards the heavens at a 45 degree angle. He felt like something slid by in the corners of his eyes…

“Coach, I also want a marriage annulment!”

“Coach, I also want an abusive father!”

“Coach, is it too late for me to start drinking animal milk right now?”

Sending off his three disciples in depression, Lin Feng returned to the room. After sitting blankly for a moment he took out a ring from his clothed.

It was precisely that ring sealing the remnant soul of the tao tie. Before Lin Feng was afraid of the tao tie so he was constantly reinforcing the Heaven Cage Sigil to seal her, in the end he was practically about to forget that there was still this matter.

He just used the ring to practise the Heaven Cage Sigil when he had nothing to do. After finishing practising he threw it to the back of his mind.

But now he’s changed his mind. If he really does go to the Mount Heng School to capture Wang Lin, if the aurous core stage cultivators want to take things seriously then Lin Feng needs even more cards in his hands.

Right now he wants to unite and mobilize all power of use.

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