HN1F Chapter 58: Little girl, Uncle Will Take You to See Goldfishes

Hey, you, yeah you, I’ve got some delicious candy in my big, white, unsuspecting van with tinted windows and false license plate, come in and I’ll give you some.

Besides the Mount Heng School, Lin Feng is well aware that even though he doesn’t know whether it is a godly item or old grandpa, it is certain that Wang Lin still has a big golden leg to hug. This is also Lin Feng’s job competitor.

Lin Feng’s mind entered into the ring. Inside of a cage weaved together by pillars of light in the dark space sat a little girl. She had two pigtails and looked like a cute little doll.

The little loli was sitting in complete boredom and constantly grumbling: “So hungry, so hungry…”

The corner of Lin Feng’s lips twitched: “This glutton.”

Seeing Lin Feng the little loli wrinkled her cute little nose, she turned her head with a “Humph” and didn’t look at him.

The little girl’s behaviour was a bit childish but Lin Feng did not dare to take her lightly. In a sense, the level of danger of this savage beast cub who looks like a loli is in no way inferior to an aurous core stage cultivator.

Because currently Lin Feng can only use the Heaven Cage Sigil to trap her but is unable to completely kill her.

Pushing the power of the 24 Arhat Heaven Formation may do the trick, but it’s not a hundred percent guarantee.

With caution in his heart Lin Feng still had a smiling face on the surface: “Little girl, are you used to living here?”

Hearing Lin Feng ask this the tao tie cub instantly scowled and wanted to explode at him. Only after taking a close look at the light cage around her did she grudgingly hold back her anger and release a heavy snort: “Stay in here for half a year and you’ll naturally know what it feels like.”

Pausing for a moment the little girl still couldn’t resist asking: “I say, it’s one thing to imprison me here, at least give me some food, I really am so hungry!”

Lin Feng thought in his heart, if I let you devour mana and spiritual energy, after you recover your strength I won’t be able to imprison you anymore.

Even though she’s been imprisoned by the Heaven Cage Sigil the entire time, Lin Feng did not torture or weaken her. She may not have eaten this whole time, but the mana that she originally had has not disappeared. It is impossible for her to starve to death.

The hunger that she feels may be real, but that is entirely due to the tao tie’s glutinous nature.

Lin Feng said with a smile: “The amount of time that we’ve known each other now is not short and I still don’t know your name?”

The little loli rolled her eyes: “Why should I tell you?”

Lin Feng didn’t get mad. He said with a smile: “There’s something good in it for you if you tell me, such as, food…”

The tao tie cub’s eyes instantly lit up and her face lit up with pleasure: “Really?”

“Really, but the precondition is that you have to speak the truth.” Lin Feng extended a finger and flicked a pole of the cage, his voice turned cold: “If you dare to fool me you know the consequence.”

The little loli retracted her neck: “Since I was little my parents both called me Tun Tun.” (TL: 吞吞, tun tun, her name basically means swallow/devour.)

“Tun… Tun?” Lin Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This name really is high-class, it really couldn’t be more fitting.

Tun Tun swallowed her saliva: “Is there food?”

Lin Feng calculated things out. The Heaven Cage Sigil that he set up when he was at qi disciple level 7 could already trap Tun Tun at her current strength, giving her a little taste of sweetness can’t hurt. But he has to control the amount to ensure that that his qi disciple level 12 strength can still seal her.

After finishing his calculations Lin Feng threw some pills towards Tun Tun.

Tun Tun did not hesitate and was truly like her name. Opening up her little mouth she swallowed them all in one go. After she finished eating she smacked her lips: “It’s too little, it’s not even enough to fill the gaps of my teeth.”

Lin Feng smiled slightly: “This is just the beginning, as long as you’re good there’s a lot more where that came from.”

Tun Tun’s eyes flashed and she was instead not so keen anymore: “You human, what do you want to do?”

Lin Feng smiled saying: “The sword aura of that old geezer from the Blaze Sword Sect last time, did it taste good?”

Tun Tun became furious: “You want to trick me again into being your shield?”

“You can only blame yourself for having too small of an appetite, you’re blaming me for getting stuffed?” Lin Feng was completely calm: “But don’t worry, after that time I have an approximate idea of the limit of your appetite. I will take note to control the amount next time I find food for you.”

Lin Feng smiled like the wolf grandma tricking Little Red Riding Hood: “You better think carefully, besides this method there isn’t another way to fill that little stomach of yours.”

Tun Tun’s face was uncertain, Lin Feng’s words were like the tempting words of the devil from hell: “Think about it, being hungry is such a painful thing. Your heart feels so flustered, like somebody is scratching at it with a tiny claw…”

Tun Tun shuddered. She felt helpless in her heart, right now she is at his complete mercy and is completely in Lin Feng’s control.

“F, fine.” Tun Tun agreed helplessly.

Man dies for wealth and tao ties die for food… (TL: Replace tao tie with bird and you get the original saying. A lot funnier if you know the original saying.)

Hearing this Lin Feng laughed weirdly, just like a creepy uncle who successfully tricked a little loli to go see goldfish. (TL: Go to the bottom of the page for a new Chinese meme lesson.)

Working things out with Tun tun, Lin Feng’s mood became a lot better: “I’m already at qi disciple level 12, next up is foundation establishment.”

Foundation establishment is establishing one’s dao root. Different from the qi disciple stage being split into 12 levels, the foundation establishment stage is only split into three levels generally referred to as foundation establishment early stage, foundation establishment mid-stage and foundation establishment late stage. Sometimes they are also called the three realms; qi ocean, spirit tower and core furnace based on their traits.

Foundation establishment early stage, the cultivator establishes a qi ocean. Their mana is as vast and boundless as the sea and is far superior to qi disciple stage cultivators in terms of the total amount.

The cultivators of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji that Lin Feng met before in the Black Cloud Underground Palace were all foundation establishment early stage. The five people of the Five Elements Sect with the yellow-clothed old man as the leader and that purple fine-clothed middle-aged man were all qi ocean realm cultivators.

Foundation establishment mid-stage, the cultivator forges a spirit tower using the boundless mana in the qi ocean. This spirit tower is the true foundation of a cultivator’s dao technique. A thousand story building rises from the ground. Forming the aurous core in the future and hatching the nascent soul all starts from here.

Elder Ye Ge of the Celeritas Sword Sect who brought Murong Yanran to the Xiao Clan to break off the engagement, Mr, Vulture, the white-clothed scholar and the black-clothed swordsman who attacked big monk Hui Ku are all foundation establishment mid-stage, spirit tower realm cultivators.

As for foundation establishment late stage, that is refining a core furnace above the spirit tower. Compared to spirit tower realm cultivators, core furnace realm cultivators simply have slightly more refined mana. The difference in fighting strength is not big.

But refining the core furnace is the most important process of the foundation establishment stage, because the core furnace will directly determine the success of a cultivator forming their aurous core. Whether or not one can tackle higher stages after aurous core depends all on the quality of the core furnace.

Big monk Hui Ku whom Lin Feng killed and robbed the sariras from was actually already foundation establishment late stage, a core furnace realm cultivator. Due to the Art of Acala dao technique he practised being flawed he was unable to form his aurous core and break through to the next stage. This is also the reason why he was so obsessed with Xiao Yan.

The foundation establishment stage may only be split into three realms, but there is still a difference of strength between cultivators of the same level. This is because spirit towers are split into 9 grades, grade 1 is the best and grade 9 is the worst.

By extension one can obtain a core furnace from grade 1 to grade 9. There is a great difference between each grade and an even greater difference is displayed in the future after forming the aurous core. There will also be a difference in the quality of the aurous core. The core furnace directly determines a cultivator’s cultivation potential in the future.

Refining a grade 9 core furnace above a grade 9 spirit tower, being able to form an aurous core is already a massive fortune. As for the quality of the aurous and advancing stages in the future, don’t even think about it.

As for refining a grade 1 core furnace above a grade 1 spirit tower, after the cultivator advances to the aurous core stage they will definitely have a promising future.

Why did Xiao Budian suffer disaster in the past? It was because he was born with a qi ocean and above the qi ocean stood a sovereign spirit tower that is above a grade 1 spirit tower!

Erecting a sovereign core furnace above a sovereign spirit tower, the aurous core formed will inevitably be the very best. Don’t mention aurous core stage, nascent soul and even primordial spirit are all within sight.

Lin Feng thought: “Xiao Budian’s bone root is still a max value of 10. When he opens his qi ocean in the future and erects his spirit tower can he still obtain a sovereign spirit tower?”

While thinking Lin Feng pushed open the room doors and walked out of the room. He saw that his three disciples were all in the courtyard and their gazes were looking towards the distant horizon together.

Seeing Lin Feng come out the three people hurriedly greeted him. After greeting him Lin Feng asked them what they are looking at. Xiao Yan responded saying: “Master, just now a giant centipede that was a whole hundred meters long flew by in the sky. Many human figures could be faintly seen on top of the centipede and it headed in that direction.”

Following the direction of his finger and looking over, Lin Feng’s eyes flashed.

“That direction is the location of the Mount Heng School, could it be that the people of the Eternal Dao Sect have arrived?”

Welcome back to Chinese Meme Time. Today we will be talking about the origin behind  “Uncle will take you to see goldfishes.” This phrase originates from a crime in Hong Kong. For the purpose of abduction, a middle-aged man raised some goldfish on a rooftop and would say to little girls: “Little girl, how’s about uncle take you to go see goldfishes?” After taking them to the rooftop he would then find the opportunity to rape them. Afterwards people used “Goldfish man” to represent men with pedophilia and even expressing men who engage in chat with young girls while carrying evident deceitful purpose, especially old men.

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