HN1F Chapter 59: The Exchange Competition that was Brought Forward

Another joke. See if you get it.
Winter is here, I’ve decided to maintain my habit of taking cold water showers. But as I continued my habit, I discovered that I actually returned back to my childhood form!

After settling down his three disciples, Lin Feng shook the Black Cloud Flag and flew in the direction of Mount Heng by himself.

From far away he could see a thousand-legged centipede in the sky that was a whole hundred meters long. This centipede was completely black, thunder rumbled as it flew while stepping on black clouds. It circled above Mount Heng and seemed to be showing off.

Afterwards a violet sword aura rose into the sky from the highest summit of Mount Heng, it turned into a dragon shaped light figure in the air and roared at the centipede.

Only then did the centipede retract its arrogance, carrying the cultivators of the Eternal Dao Sect on its back and landing on Mount Heng.

The majority of people of the Mount Heng School all had their attention attracted by the centipede, Lin Feng very easily found his way up the mountain again.

The leader of the Eternal Dao Sect is a white-bearded old man, his cultivation level is foundation establishment mid-stage and he looks very friendly. He released bursts of laughter: “Fellow daoist, this time a lot of disciples with good potential have appeared in your Mount Heng School.”

The Mount Heng School’s nascent soul stage progenitor headed towards the Void Battleground and no news has been heard from him for hundreds of years. The aurous core stage cultivators in the school are all in closed-door training. Currently the head of the Mount Heng School is a middle-aged foundation establishment mid-stage cultivator.

Towards the white-bearded old man’s compliment, the head of the Mount Heng School was very modest. The atmosphere between both sides was very harmonious.

Lin Feng on the other hand sneered in secret, he knows that this harmonious and friendly atmosphere won’t last for long.

The Eternal Dao Sect is a visitor from afar and were first arranged to rest in the guest rooms. Three days later the exchange competition between the disciples of both sects will officially start.

The disciples participating in the competition are basically all at the qi disciple stage. Since arriving in this world, the dao techniques and skills Lin Feng has encountered are all of relatively high level, thus Lin Feng could not muster up any interest in the spells and martial skills used in the competition between the disciples of the two sects.

Half of his energy was used to hide his whereabouts, the other half was placed on Wang Lin.

Currently Wang Lin has only entered the school for a few days, and he is also just a registered disciples. There is nobody teaching him dao techniques and all he does on the mountain is manual labour.

But Lin Feng actually sensed a faint spiritual energy fluctuation from Wang Lin’s body. Even though it is very weak and he is still a far way from qi disciple level 1, but Wang Lin does indeed have signs of starting to channel energy into his body.

Lin Feng was greatly surprised: “Wang Lin does indeed possess astounding potential, but his bone root is after all a bit poor, even below the regular standard. He belongs to the type who rises up later on, he shouldn’t be making progress so quickly at the start of his cultivation?”

Right now Wang Lin was following well-behaved behind a middle-aged cultivator and seriously watching the competition that had already started on the stage. Inside of the crowd he was completely unassuming.

Lin Feng shifted his gaze over from Wang Lin to the middle-aged cultivator: “He actually has a master? Then it’s this person who taught him dao techniques, but he still shouldn’t be so quick.” This middle-aged cultivator himself is just at qi disciple level 8. Still being at this level in his middle ages means that this person pretty much has no potential left to tap into. In his life being able to successfully reach foundation establishment is pretty much the end.

“Looks like Wang Lin really did obtain a certain miraculous encounter. If it’s not some sort of godly artifact or super dao technique than it’s an old grandpa.” Lin Feng’s face became dark. This time not only did he get beaten by the Mount Heng School, even the position of old grandpa was robbed from him.

Lin Feng calculated in his heart, if he didn’t guess wrong, the Eternal Dao Sect with Master Pubei backing them up will most likely take the Mount Heng School’s base. Due to this the Mount Heng School’s reputation will drop drastically and the sect cohesiveness will definitely drop too.

Wang Lin who was originally not valued and now also has his own miraculous encounter might leave the Mount Heng School due to this.

Adding that right now he looks so unassuming, Master Pubei and the Eternal Dao Sect most likely won’t care about him either.

Lin Feng’s greatest competitor is that old grandpa who came out of nowhere.

“Wonder how much strength that old bastard still has?” Lin Feng exhaled a long breath, he’s already made up his mind.

Fight the old grandpa and steal Wang Lin!

This disciple is his.

Currently the competition between the disciples of both sects has already become very intense. One Mount Heng Sect disciple had the upper hand, forcing the disciple of the Eternal Dao Sect to use a magic item like a yellow paper to withstand him.

Two beams of white light flew out from the Mount Heng School disciple’s sleeves. They rapidly flew in a circle in the air and then struck towards the opponent at a lightning fast speed.

The Eternal Dao Sect disciple let out a rueful laugh. All of his energy was focused on withstanding the opponent’s previous attack, he doesn’t have any energy left to block this second attack.

Right at this moment. Somebody in the crowd of Eternal Dao Sect disciples below the stage suddenly released a cold snort. Afterwards a black beam of light charged out, intercepting the two beams of white light in the air and grinding them to pieces.

The people of the Mount Heng School all yelled in anger. That Eternal Dao Sect disciple laughed coldly and jumped onto the stage. Looking at the Mount Heng School disciples below the stage he said in arrogance: “All of the qi disciple stage disciples of the Mount Heng School come at me all at once, I alone am enough!”

The expressions of the elders of the Mount Heng School also darkened, together they looked towards the leader of the Eternal Dao Sect the white-bearded old man.

The old man stroked his beard and released a dry cough saying: “Let’s decided the winner with one person this time. If there is a person among your Mount Heng School disciples who can last for 10 seconds and not lose than we’ll call it the win of the Mount Heng School!”

He paused for a moment before saying with a grin: “There is something that I want to take advantage of this opportunity to say. If we the Eternal Dao Sect win today’s competition, than besides those prizes from before you also have to add another one. You have to lend this Mount Heng to us the Eternal Dao Sect for 500 years!”

Hearing his words, Lin Feng silently laughed: “It’s here, it’s coming!”

The faces of all of the cultivators of the Mount Heng School turned slightly green. The head of the Mount Heng School narrowed his eyes: “Fellow daoist, are you joking?”

The white-bearded old man smiled but didn’t respond. He turned towards that arrogant disciple on the stage: “Release the talisman.”

Hearing this the person opened up his shirt, revealing a talisman. Taking off the talisman his mana instantly surged, revealing a strength of the great circle of perfection of the qi disciple stage.

But even more eye-catching was still that talisman, upon seeing it all of the foundation establishment stage cultivators of the Mount Heng School revealed expressions of shock.

The white-bearded old man said coolly: “Fellow daoist, you can see that the mana on this talisman is unable to be created by anyone other than a nascent soul stage progenitor. Truthfully speaking, out Eternal Dao Sect progenitor Master Pubei has returned from the Void Battleground… He brought back news, the two progenitors of your Mount Heng School have both died.”

“For old times sake we the Eternal Dao Sect did not take away your base by force or trickery and instead gave the Mount Heng School a last bit of consideration. In this competition if the Mount Heng School wins then this matter ends here. I’ve already brought the message, fellow daoist Huang Long, let the competition continue!”

Reality shows that at the moment, the Mount Heng School’s strongest qi disciple stage disciple is only qi disciple level 10. Even a bunch of people together aren’t a match for that qi disciple great circle of perfection Eternal Dao Sect disciple.

Lin Feng laughed very unscrupulously. It vaguely occurred to him that if not for his Nine Transformations Blazing Spirit Pill helping Master Pubei heal his injury in advance, this exchange competition might not have been conducted so early.

If this exchange competition wasn’t brought ahead of schedule, this exchange competition could very well have become little buddy Wang Lin’s first novice village battle on his path towards greatness.

At the moment where his sect-brothers are completely overshadowed and the enemy is extremely arrogant and domineering, he goes up and slaps the enemy down. Thereby stunning the audience and from then on stepping upon the right path that belongs to him.

Mm, what a perfect script?

But right now the competition has been conducted in advance and Wang Lin is only at the energy channeling stage, he hasn’t even reached qi disciple level 1 yet. How can he display his awesomeness and turn the tides?

Sure enough, in this exchange competition the Mount Heng School lost without any surprise. The disciples of the Mount Heng School watched bitterly and in anger at the Eternal Dao Sect leave.

The news of their nascent soul stage progenitors deaths weighed especially heavily on their hearts like a massive boulder.

Wang Lin was mixed in the crowd, his expression was enraged and frustrated, but he couldn’t do anything.

His gaze was very complicated. He subconsciously reached into his clothes, in his heart his desire for strength became increasingly stronger.

With hopes of what if, the Mount Heng School did not move out right away. But what awaited them was instead despair.

Five days later, rolling black clouds covered the peak of Mount Heng. A voice like rolling thunder sounded in the sky.

“I am Master Pubei, all of the juniors of the Mount Heng School come out!”

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