HN1F Chapter 60: Not Just One Person has Their Mind on Him

‘Tis another joke:
“Mulan, I love you. Let’s be together!”
“Holy shit, you know I’m a girl?!!”
“Holy shit, you’re a girl?!!”

Black clouds gathered above Mount Heng, a small pitch-black mountain suddenly appeared in the air. It grew with the wind and instantly turned into a towering peak.

Following Master Pubei’s spell sign, that massive mountain immediately smashed downwards. A screen of light like an upside-down bowl appeared over Mount Heng, protecting the Mount Heng School and withstanding the barrage of the giant mountain.

But following Master Pubei constantly applying force, the Mount Heng School’s protective formation without a same-levelled nascent soul stage progenitor holding down the fort had already becoming increasingly weaker. It was crumbling and about to be breached.

Lin Feng had already went down the mountain, watching this amazing scene from far away his face was also a bit pale: “Nascent soul stage cultivators are truly powerful. The difference in level is too big, any amount of plotting is futile.”

He looked at the protective formation of the Mount Heng School and also felt a bit lucky in his heart: “This formation is truly extraordinary, resisting again a nascent soul stage cultivator for so long. If I went to capture Wang Lin I definitely wouldn’t be able to force my way in. Instead of saying “capture”, “steal” would be a bit more appropriate.”

At the same time, it also occurred to Lin Feng that after he creates his sect, his primary objective is to first get his hands on a protective formation that can protect his base, this is the basic foundation.

That Mount Heng School’s protective formation may be tough, but without a nascent soul stage cultivator sitting center it was ultimately unable to withstand Master Pubei’s assault. Under a series of barrages, spiderweb-like cracks appeared on the light screen, spreading in all directions.

“Break!” Master Pubei shouted. The giant mountain pressed downward, directly dropping three inches. All of Mount Heng trembled and in the sound of rumbling, rocks tumbled and dust flew. The massive mountain was actually forced down dozens of meters into the earth.

At this moment the Mount Heng School’s protective formation was finally unable to hang on. It released the sound of a mirror breaking and the entire light screen instantly fell to pieces, vanishing out of sight.

Lin Feng sighed, he knows that the Mount Heng School is completely hopeless now.

Master Pubei’s domineering voice travelled over from the sky: “Your Mount Heng School’s two nascent soul stage progenitors have both died in the Void Battleground. You guys are unable to guard this Mount Heng, instead of letting it be stolen by someone else, it would be better to give it to the Eternal Dao Sect.”

“Besides people, you guys can’t take anything else with you. Another word and I don’t mind wiping out the Mount Heng School!”

“In addition, right now the Eternal Dao Sect is recruiting disciples. If there are people amongst you guys who want to join, you can stay on the spot.”

Lin Feng shook his head. This Master Pubei really is ruthless, he wants to dig up the foundation of the Mount Heng School.

The two aurous core stage elders of the Mount Heng School were both blue in the face, but they could only keep everything in their stomachs and leave Mount Heng bringing along the few disciples willing to follow the school.

Lin Feng didn’t care about anybody else, all of his attention was on Wang Lin. Looking from far away, he saw that Wang Lin did not stay behind and instead left the mountain together with the Mount Heng School.

Lin Feng resolutely followed over. The two aurous core stage cultivators used their escape technique, their bodies turning into arcs of light and carrying the group of disciples willing to leave. They flew in the air for a long time before landing on a barren mountain.

Such a massive Mount Heng School, yet only a mere 20 or so people were willing to follow the school. With just a couple of small fry they looked very miserable.

The two aurous core cultivators looked at each other. Their mouths were bitter but they still had to force themselves raise their spirits and encourage everybody. They didn’t dare to allow the last bit of people to scatter.

Lin Feng silently crept up the mountain. He saw the two aurous core stage cultivators in the middle of meditating. They were clearly making up for the mana expended while maintaining the formation before, three foundation establishment stage cultivators were guarding beside them.

The rest of the qi disciple stage disciples were scattered in groups around the mountain. Some people were working hard training while others were cursing and complaining.

Wang Lin was sent to go get water for everybody. He went alone walking towards the small stream in the distance.

Lin Feng chuckled and was about to follow behind him, but when his feet had just moved Lin Feng’s movements suddenly stopped.

Because he discovered that someone else was also silently following behind Wang Lin, and was paying attention not to make any noises, afraid of alerting the others.

This person was precisely that middle-aged cultivator who was suspected to be Wang Lin’s master. In his eyes staring at Wang Lin, a cold light faintly flickered.

Lin Feng’s eyebrows slightly raised, it looks like he isn’t the only one who has his mind on Wang Lin.

“I should just kill you while I’m at it and just perfectly get rid of your master-disciple relationship.” Lin Feng laughed coldly and followed over.

Wang Lin arrived beside the stream. He turned his head looking around for a moment and didn’t discover anyone.

But he didn’t know that the middle-aged cultivator was not far away behind him and Lin Feng followed closely behind him.

The two stalkers bother paid attention to restrain and hide their bodies and aura. Wang Lin who isn’t even qi disciple level 1 naturally couldn’t discover them.

After not discovering anyone behind him, Wang Lin crouched beside that stream and starred in a trance at the flowing stream.

The great change occurred too suddenly, making him a bit flustered. Essentially, he is still just a simple youngster, today is his first time experiencing the law of the jungle in the cultivation world.

This feeling made him feel constrained and desire powerful strength even more urgently to let him be able to do something and not be like when the great change occurred, a powerless weed that no one cares about.

Wang Lin took out a grey stone bead the size of a baby’s fist from his shirt and said in his heart: “This thing might be the key to changing my fate.”

That day he was rejected by the Mount Heng School and he jumped off the cliff to kill himself due to unstable emotions, but he inadvertently obtained this stone bead.

Subtle spiritual energy travelled into Wang Lin’s body from the stone bead, healing the heavy injury created from him falling from the cliff. Wang Lin instantly realized that this stone bead wasn’t a normal item.

This is why that day Wang Lin was suspicious in his heart when Lin Feng visited him, he thought that Lin Feng had discovered the secret of the stone bead and came for the stone bead.

After Wang Lin entered into the Mount Heng School, he was taught some most basic dao techniques. But when he was unable to grasp the essentials, it was the stone bead that once again channeled spiritual energy into his body. Afterwards Wang Lin discovered that he could actually successfully channel energy into his body, this strengthened Wang Lin’s judgement even more.

This stone bead is definitely a treasure.

The Eternal Dao Sect has a lot of people and their situation is complex. It was precisely to guard the secret of the stone bead that Wang Lin chose to stay in the Mount Heng School.

Seeing that stone bead, Lin Feng’s eyes turned cold. He grinded his teeth: “You’re the bastard…”

While the eyes of the middle-aged cultivator on the other side lit up, his face lighting up with pleasure: “I knew you had a secret on you, you little brat. Haha, god bless me, bestowing this treasure upon me.”

Sun Xiaozhu revealed himself. Wang Lin was horrified, turning his head and seeing Sun Xiaozhu, his expression instantly turned pale.

“Good disciple, let me see that stone bead.” Sun Xiaozhu walked over towards Wang Lin while chuckling. Wang Lin’s fist holding the stone bead slowly tightened, he said in a low voice: “Master, this is just a regular marble, I’m just playing with it for fun.”

Sun Xiaozhu sneered and suddenly slapped Wang Lin to the ground: “You still dare to fool me? With your garbage aptitude, there must be a special reason to you being able to channel energy into you body after entering the school for only a few days. If it wasn’t to determine the secret on your body, you think I would take a piece of trash like you as my disciple?”

Wang Lin lay on the ground, his body curling into a ball and tightly hiding the stone bead in his embrace.

He tightly pressed his lips, not saying anything. His face was filled with an unyielding spirit.

Sun Xiaozhu laughed coldly saying: “After obtaining a rare treasure you don’t think of offering it to your master and actually dare to keep it for yourself? Be a good boy and give the item to me or else you’ll be in a lot of pain!”

“Nice job!” At the side Lin Feng was cracking his knuckles, hurriedly adjusting his clothes and preparing to make his appearance: “Your actions will perfectly compliment my majesty, thanks bro!”

Lin Feng was just about to walk out when Wang Lin who was on the ground suddenly released a low cry. He then saw black smoke rise up from the stone bead in his embrace. It formed a human figure in the air who laughed in a strange manner.

Lin Feng practically tripped over his own feet. He hurriedly stood still, grinding his teeth and staring at the human figure in mid-air: “Holy fuck, you really do have an old grandpa?”

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