HN1F Chapter 61: Business Snatcher

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Even though Lin Feng was grinding his teeth in hate, but at any rate he at least had mental preparation. Wang Lin and Sun Xiaozhu on the other hand were completely dumbfounded.

Black smoke constantly rose up from the stone bead, forming a human figure in the air who released a grating laughter in a hoarse voice.

Lin Feng closely looked over, seeing that the human figure had the appearance of an old man. His demeanor was arrogant and overbearing.

“A puny qi disciple stage ant dares to covet my treasure? What a joke!”

The old man’s laughter was very bold, but Lin Feng sensed a heavy aura of malice and savagery between his brows.

This old geezer is definitely ruthless and diabolical, he isn’t a good guy.

Lin Feng’s eyes flashed. He didn’t rush to make a move and instead prepared to patiently observe for a while to get to know his opponent.

But Sun Xiaozhu did not have such control, he cursed saying: “What stray ghost are you, you dare to act so impudent?” While speaking he brought his palms together and formed a spell sign.

With the surging of his mana, a beam of golden light flew out from his waist and struck towards the old man.

The old man laughed coldly. He pointed his finger and a stream of black mist gushed out, blocking the golden light.

“Watch me break your evil magic.” The spell sign in Sun Xiaozhu’s hands changed consecutively. When the golden light was about to come in contact with the black mist, it suddenly exploded open, turning into a flurry of golden light and landing in the black mist like a storm.

For a moment golden light flashed, piercing the black mist full of holes.

At the side, Lin Feng watched Sun Xiaozhu who was beaming with joy, he couldn’t help but sneer in his heart: “Who do you think you’re facing?”

Sure enough, floating in mid-air, that old man’s expression did not change at the slightest.

The black mist suddenly started to spiral, as if a massive vortex. The golden rain drops were very quickly swallowed by the vortex, unable to make another splash.

Sun Xiaozhu’s expression changed greatly, his face turned deathly pale. After holding it in for a while he was still unable to hold it back, a mouthful of blood spraying out.

At this time how could he not know the old man’s power. He pointed at Wang Lin and hissed: “Traitor, you dare to collaborate with this heretic to plot against your own master. We the Mount Heng School cannot tolerate a traitor like you. Today I expel you from the school!”

“Target has resolved the original master-disciple relationship, host can now take the target as disciple.”

Hearing the system notification in his mind, Lin Feng stared a bit blankly at Sun Xiaozhu: “Holy shit, it’s that simple?”

Wang Lin is just a registered disciple of the Mount Heng School, placed under Sun Xiaozhu’s door. As long as Sun Xiaozhu this master resolves the master-disciple relation then he does not need the permission of the Mount Heng School.”

If not that Lin Feng was still able to maintain his reason, he wished that he could instantly hug Sun Xiaozhu and kiss him.

This guy is family!

Sun Xiaozhu still doesn’t know exactly what meaning his actions just now possess. Right now there was only one thought in his head: “There’s no way for me to pocket it anymore, I can only escape back and find the seniors of the school to subdue this demon.”

“Wang Lin you traitor. When I report to the two aurous core stage ancestors they will definitely take out the trash. They will kill you and this demon, exterminating evil and protecting justice.” After pointing his finger at Wang Lin and cursing him, Sun Xiaozhu ran away without even turning his head.

Seeing Sun Xiaozhu flee, that old man bared his teeth and smiled. He revealed a thick aura of bloodlust and brutality saying: “In my heyday, don’t mention two aurous core stages, even two nascent soul stages would just be chop-suey. But today I Zhuge Nan have fallen into hardship, I cannot allow you to go back and inform them.”

While speaking the old man pointed his finger. The black mist turned into a rope, rapidly flying towards Sun Xiaozhu. In the air it turned into the shape of a lasso, directly roping over Sun Xiaozhu’s neck.

Sun Xiaozhu had the living daylights scared out of him. He hurriedly retracted his domineering behaviour and cried out: “I was wrong, please forgive me once!”

Zhuge Nan laughed in mockery saying: “It’s too late to think of begging now!”

Finishing speaking the black mist lasso directly tightened. Sun Xiaozhu did not feel suffocated, but all of his mana had been bound.

The next instant Sun Xiaozhu screamed, his eyes were empty and he stood dumbly on the spot like a puppet. It turns out that his soul was directly taken away by Zhuge Nana, his body had already become an empty shell.

Lin Feng’s pupils slightly shrank. He thought: “Being able instantly take away the soul of a qi disciple level 8 cultivator and he didn’t even have the chance to fight back, this old geezer isn’t easy to handle.”

The black mist lasso released itself from Sun Xiaozhu’s neck and returned into Zhuge Nan’s body. The old geezer’s face was filled with an expression of enjoyment. He exhaled a long breath towards the sky: “Delicious, I haven’t tasted this in a long time.”

Devouring the souls of people, Zhuge Nan’s technique was very clearly dark magic. Don’t mention Lin Feng, even Wang Lin could tell that his origin is not upright.

Zhuge Nan slanted his eyes. Seeing Wang Lin have a faint look of horror in his vigilance the old geezer snorted in disdain: “What are you looking at? We cultivators act against the heavens in the first place, whoever upsets you, you kill them.”

“In the few days you’ve been in this bullshit school, how much humiliation have you suffered? If it was me, hmph! This school would probably have already been slaughtered by me. All who insult me, I will crush their souls!”

Wang Lin laughed helplessly: “I…”

“Don’t interrupt me, I haven’t finished speaking yet, hmph! This little school of yours has a couple of girls who look pretty decent, you really don’t know how to enjoy life. If it was me I’d already have captured them and used them as cultivation vessels, sucking their yin essence dry! Mm, I really miss that experience, I haven’t tasted that feeling in over 30 years.” (TL: If you don’t have any clue whatsoever of what he’s talking about, you’re probably not old enough to know.)

Wang Lin was already stunned speechless.

Zhuge Nan rambled on endlessly for half a day before finally stopping. He looked sideways at Wang Lin and snorted: “Stupid brat, what’s the feeling like of getting bullied in your school and one guy taking on the whole lot of you?”

Wang Lin thought about it for a moment. He’s only been in the school for only a couple of days and suffered a lot of ridicule and contempt. In terms of his feeling of belonging towards the Mount Heng School, it really isn’t that strong.

But during the exchange competition when that qi disciple great circle of perfection disciple of the Eternal Dao Sect stood on the stage and announced that he would challenge all of the qi disciple stage disciples of the Mount Heng School, amongst the crowd Wang Lin also felt his anger surge. He was enraged.

Unfortunately he doesn’t even have a level of qi disciple level 1. He could only helplessly watch him point his finger at everyone’s noses and provoke them.

Seeing Wang Lin’s face reveal an expression of fury, Zhuge Nan smiled leisurely: “How’s the feeling of having your school’s base snatched by someone, getting driven out and running away like a homeless dog?”

Wang Lin pursed his lips: “What do you want to say?”

Zhuge Nan smiled saying: “Do you want to become stronger? Do you want to possess unrivalled strength? Do you want to slap a person back to their grandma’s home when they provoke you?”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up..

On the other hand, hiding at the side, Lin Feng’s eyes blazed with fire: “Fucking shit, this old bastard is not only stealing my business, he’s also stealing my lines!”

Zhuge Nan laughed loudly: “It’s nothing but a trivial matter. Follow under my teaching and in ten years you’ll be able to climb the path towards the heavens and the road of success. At that time you will know that the nascent soul stage cultivator who snatched you guys’ base today is nothing but a glass vase!”

“But the path of cultivation is filled with thorns, it is absolutely not a smooth road. You must face all kinds of pain and suffering, can you bear it?”

Wang Lin’s face revealed a resolute expression.

On the other hand, the expression on Lin Feng’s face was aggressive. His mana surge and he was prepared to fight.

“Fuck! Get the fuck out of my way, this disciple is mine!”

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