HN1F Chapter 62: The Script isn’t Right!

I can confirm that the correct name is Sikong Nan. Cough cough, the pirated version I’m using got it wrong last chapter. Remember people, don’t pirate, support the official product…

Wang Lin’s face revealed a resolute expression. He bit his teeth and said: “I can endure any kind of suffering.”

Lin Feng stared coldly at Sikong Na. Right at the instant when he was about to attack, he suddenly noticed that after Wang Lin agreed, a hint of imperceptible smugness and exultion flashed by in his eyes.

“Hm?” Lin Feng was slightly stunned. A thought flashed by in his mind: “This old geezer isn’t like me who has a system and knows that Wang Lin possesses amazing potential. The current Wang Lin just looks like a piece of trash with extremely poor aptitude. Why is he so happy about taking in Wang Lin?”

In a split second Lin Feng forced back the impulse to attack.

“There’s something wrong with this old geezer!”

With this pause, the smugness and exultion in Sikong Nan’s eyes had already disappeared. He glanced at the gathering place of the Mount Heng School people in the distance: “This is not the place to speak. I’ll take you to a secret place and then we’ll talk.”

While speaking, black mist swirled around Sikong Nan’s entire body, enveloping Wang Lin and flying towards the distance.

Lin Feng quietly controlled the Black Cloud Flag and secretly followed behind: “Let’s see what the hell you want you old bastard.”

With a son of the heavens like Wang Lin who is basically like the main character of a xuanhuan novel, carrying an old grandpa around with him is practically the standard. But Lin Feng has this persistent feeling that there’s something wrong with Sikong Nan this old grandpa.”

The black mist carried Wang Lin and flew for over 50 kilometers before landing in a valley. Wang Lin landed on the ground dizzy. In front of him the black mist reformed Sikong Nan’s figure.

Lin Feng followed behind them and arrived at the valley, but he saw Sikong Nan wave his hand, sending out a cluster of black mist that enveloped the interior of the valley. People on the outside could neither see inside nor hear the sounds within.

“This black mist is all the manifestation of that old geezer’s mana. If regular means are used to sneak in, no matter how stealthy a person is, they will still be discovered by that old geezer.” Lin Feng grinned: “Too bad it’s not a problem for me.”

Lightly shaking the Black Cloud Flag, black light flickered and Lin Feng entered into the interior of the barrier that Sikong Nan setup. The Black Cloud Flag moves by directly breaking open the void. Lin Feng teleported from the space outside of the barrier to the space inside the barrier, he didn’t even touch the black mist and naturally won’t be discovered by Sikong Nan.

After Lin Feng silently snuck in, he saw that inside of the barrier formed by black mist, Sikong Nan and Wang Lin were standing face to face.

“Nobody should bother us here.” Sikong Nan said to himself. He then turned his head towards Wang Lin and said with a serious face: “Practising my dao technique requires the aid of this Netherworld Bead in your hands.”

Lin Feng’s gaze fell upon the stone bead in Wang Lin’s palm, Wang Lin himself also lowered his head looking at the stone bead.

Sikong Nan continued saying: “Your bone root is rather poor and your foundation is also weak. If you want to increase your strength as fast as possible then there is only one way. That is I use the empowerment technique to help you advance in leaps and bounds.”

Wang Lin asked in puzzlement: “Empowerment?”

Sikong Nan nodded his head saying: “In a bit, use all of your effort to communicate with the Netherworld Bead in your hand with your mind. It’s best if you can arouse the Netherworld Bead’s power to nourish your body, at the same time release your mind to me and open up your consciousness. I will empower you and help you increase your level.”

“Only by working from both sides and combining the power of both sides can you be reborn.”

Wang Lin blinked his eyes, he was silent for a long time before suddenly opening his mouth and asking: “Elder, why are you helping me?”

When the words left his mouth, Sikong Nan and Lin Feng were both stunned. This kid, it’s one thing when he doesn’t open his mouth,  but when he does he asks the right questions.

Sikong Nana was dazed for a moment before releasing a cold snort: “I get angry just looking at that pathetic appearance of yours. I decided to take pity on you and give you a helping hand and you’re striking an attitude?”

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he said in a heavy voice: “Thank you for your kindness, but there’s no need to trouble you. Please send me back to join my school elders.”

Sikong Nan narrowed his eyes: “Ungrateful brat, do you know what you’re saying?”

Wang Lin pursed his lips and said modestly: “I am slow-witted and my level is lowly, I am afraid that I will be unable to repay your kindness. I cannot receive a reward without merit, I do not dare to accept such a huge favor.”

Sikong Nan started to cackle: “But this isn’t up to you!”

Wang Lin’s expression changed slightly, he heard Sikong Nan continue to say: “Originally I wanted to save some time, but since you don’t know how to appreciate kindness, I can only spend some effort and let you witness my ability!”

While speaking, Sikong Nan’s two hands formed a spell sign. Rolling black mist instantly spewed out, completely covering Wang Lin.

At the side, Lin Feng watched with his jaw dropping: “This script isn’t right, the main character is going at it with his old grandpa?”

Being covered by the black mist, stars floated in front of Wang Lin’s eyes and his head was drowsy, he only wanted to fall asleep right now.

Instinct told Wang Lin that if he just sleeps over like that, he’ll never wake up again.

At this moment a lightbulb lit up in Wang Lin’s head and a thought suddenly flashed by in his mind: “This old geezer’s cultivation level is far more than qi disciple stage. He’s too much higher than me, killing me is like killing a mosquito.”

“Even though he appeared from the Netherworld Bead, he doesn’t seem to be able to control the Netherworld Bead? Right now the Netherworld Bead is the only thing I can depend on. If there is something that can protect me, it is definitely only this Netherworld Bead.”

Thinking here, Wang Lin forced himself to pull himself together and placed all of his spirit into the Netherworld Bead.

At critical times, Man’s potential will explode. Wang Lin really did successfully communicate with the Netherworld Bead.

The originally dusky and completely unassuming Netherworld Bead emitted a pale yellow glow that isolated Sikong Nan’s black mist.

Seeing this Sikong Nan stormed with anger, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He could only constantly strengthen his mana and hope that the black mist can breach the yellow light.

Right now the old geezer’s balls hurt like crazy.

In the past Sikong Nan contended against people for this Netherworld Bead. With his physical body destroyed and his soul heavily wounded he could only attach himself within the Netherworld Bead. Over dozens of years later, not only was he unable to refine this treasure, he instead had a trend of being refined by the Netherworld Bead and was gradually trapped within the Netherworld Bead, unable to come out.

When Wang Lin obtained the Netherworld Bead, his body was wounded and his blood dripped onto the Netherworld Bead. He actually inadvertently used his blood to refine this treasure, but at the moment Wang Lin’s level it too low and he is unable to control the Netherworld Bead.

Sikong Nan’s plan was to take over Wang Lin. Not only would he regain a new body, he could also use this opportunity to refine the Netherworld Bead this treasure.

Who knew that Wang Lin would become suspicious and not give him a chance. But Sikong Nan also cannot kill Wang Lin. If Wang Lin dies, Sikong Nan will have to continue being trapped within the Netherworld Bead. So his plan right now is to use his spell to subdue Wang Lin and have him obediently hand over his body.

Too bad in this moment of life and death, Wang Lin actually successfully controlled the Netherworld Bead to resist against him. Sikong Nan was in an awkward situation, he could only continue competing with Wang Lin to see who gives in first.

Right now Lin Feng understood everything.

This isn’t an old grandpa, this is clearly an old devil who wants to take over Wang Lin’s body!

Understanding this point, Lin Feng completely made up his mind. Looks like the first bucket of gold in Wang Lin this main character’s life is the treasure the Netherworld Bead and not some old grandpa.

This Sikong Nan is a freaking villain.

Not only will he not fight with Lin Feng for the position of old grandpa, he will instead become the villain stepping stone to compliment Lin Feng.

Of course, the precondition of everything is that he can’t allow this old geezer to really take over Wang Lin’s body.

Lin Feng laughed coldly while looking at Sikong Nan: “Old bastard, bullying my disciple? You really don’t know how the word ‘dead” is written.”

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