HN1F Chapter 63: Get Away From My Disciple!

Interestingly enough, I’ve never read any of the novels incorporated in HN1F besides a bit of BTTH. This pretty much means that had I not read all of HN1F, you guys who have read the novels would actually have a better idea/understanding of future/certain aspects/events/characters of the story than me.

Even though there was the glow of the Netherworld Bead blocking, Wang Lin who was surrounded by black mist felt colder and colder.

It was not his body that felt cold, but his soul that shivered and chilled.

As if gusts of ill wind that blew from the depths of his heart, no matter how warm the outside is it cannot block it.

He doesn’t know that this is the sign of excessive wear on his mind. If he continues like this he will damage his spirit.

Even though the Netherworld Bead can restrain Sikong Nan to a certain degree, Wang Lin’s own cultivation level is honestly too low. His spirit is simply unable to control the Netherworld Bead and cannot bear the exhaustion brought by the Netherworld Bead.

Beside his ears is the cackling of Sikong Nan. His vision started to go black and Wang Lin felt like his mind was about to collapse. A lot of irrelevant content also started to surface in his mind.

The first thing that Wang Lin thought of is his parents: “”Father, mother, am I about to die? Tiezhu is unfilial, I cannot go back to see you guys anymore…” (TL: I’m not really sure about this Tiezhu name for Wang Lin. As far as I know, there is a Xiao Ni phone game where there is a character called Wang Tiezhu who can evolve into Wang Lin. I’m assuming it’s his given name in this novel.)

What’s unbelievable is that the second thing that Wang Lin thought of is a white robed young daoist with wide sleeves in daoist clothing.

“If I went with that daoist at the time, would I not have today’s disaster?”

Wang Lin’s mind was a mess, the moment before he was about to lose consciousness, a voice suddenly travelled into his ears.

“Old bastard, fuck off and get the hell away from my disciple!”

Wang Lin used all of his strength to open his eyes. Light flickered before his eyes and the last scene that entered into his eyes is a beam of white light that ripped apart the heavy black mist as it flashed. That white robed young daoist whom he saw before stood in front him and was looking at him with a face of concern.

Wang Lin’s lips moved, he wanted to say something but was ultimately unable to release a sound. His head crooked and he fainted over.

Seeing that Wang Lin had only fainted over due to mental exhaustion, Lin Feng relaxed his heart and turned around facing Sikong Nan.

Sikong Nan stared coldly at him: “Youngster, you dare to ruin my plans. I will pull out your soul to make a soul lantern and have you suffer the pain of having devil fire erode your soul all day and night!”

Lin Feng swung his sleeves and protected Wang Lin behind him. He said calmly: “Scram right now and I can allow you to live.”

Sikong Nan’s eyebrows instantly raised up, he said while cackling: “You court death!”

While the black mist surged wildly, it flew up into the air and gathered together, virtually forming a physical body. Afterwards it started to rapidly spin, pressing down heavily like a drill towards Lin Feng who was below it.

The spell sign in Lin Feng’s hands changed, his mana automatically converted to the pure buddhist mana of the Kṣitigarbha Sutra. A layer of faint golden buddhist light had also appeared over his body.

Lin Feng has yet to fully cultivate the Kṣitigarbha Gilded Body, so he does not dare to be careless. His two hands formed a buddhist hand sign and he used the buddhist mana of the Kṣitigarbha Sutra to drive it, releasing the Minor Samsara Technique.

Releasing the Minor Samsara Technique, golden light gathered above Lin Feng’s head, forming a massive “卍” character pattern. (TL: If you don’t know, that is not the nazi swastika.)

The black drill rapidly spun downwards. With a single spin, the golden “卍” character above Lin Feng’s head had already directed the black drill to the side, landing far away in the cliff at the side.

The cliff that had experienced the erosion of the rain and wind for thousands of year and still remained firm was directly smashed to bits by the black drill!

On the surface Lin Feng’s expression did not changed, but alarm bells had sounded in his heart: “At present this old geezer only possesses a crippled soul, his strength is also equivalent to peak foundation establishment. If he recovers his peak state, how terrifying will he be?”

Regardless of the Kṣitigarbha Sutra or the Minor Samsara Technique, they are both secret techniques with infinite profundity of the Buddhist sect. Only with the combination of the two did Lin Feng withstand the first round of attack by Sikong Nan.

Moreover it was a good thing that he used the Minor Samsara Technique and used the method of leveraging force to deflect the black drill. Or else if he took it head on, with his incomplete Kṣitigarbha Gilded Body it would most likely not end well.

Lin Feng’s pupils shrank: “Since I’ve made this enemy today, I absolutely cannot leave behind any future trouble! Raise not your hand when showing mercy, show no mercy when raising your hand.”

Thinking here, he raised up his arms. 24 golden dots of light flew out in all directions, scattering on the ground.

Sikong Nan stared at Lin Feng and snorted coldly: “A baldy of the Buddhist sect? What I hate the most is monks.”

“I’ll have you witness my Hundred Demon Night Parade technique.” Sikong Nan’s spell sign changed in succession, the black mist emitted became increasingly thicker and gradually enveloped even the entire valley.

Shrill screams sounded in the black mist, dozens of crimson red dots of light suddenly lit up in the black mist, appearing very glaring.

The next instant, Lin Feng saw a dozen black shadows stumble out from the thick mist. They were a dozen pitch-black wraiths with hideous faces. It turns out that those crimson red dots of light that lit up before were their eyes.

Sikong Nan’s cackling rose up in the black mist: “Too bad, too bad, back in the day when I used the Thousand Demon Parade and Ten Thousand Demon Parade, what grandeur that was? Now I have fallen into hardship and only a dozen of worthless wraiths remain in my hand, but dealing with you is more than enough.”

“Little bastard, when I kill you I’ll turn you into a member of them and have you be at my command for eternity!”

Lin Feng closely looked over and saw that one of the weaker wraiths among them, even though his body was pitch-black and his face was twisted, but from his facial features he could still vaguely recognize that he is precisely that Sun Xiaozhu who was just killed by Sikong Nan.

From the aura around this wraith, he has entirely retained Sun Xiaozhu’s cultivation level of qi disciple level 8 from when he was alive.

Amongst this group of wraiths, Sun Xiaozhu’s strength could be considered the weakest. The other wraiths at the worst possess mana of qi disciple great circle of perfection. There are six wraiths that should have been foundation establishment stage cultivators when they were alive and in the end had their souls pulled out by Sikong Nan for this technique.

In front of him the group of wraiths hissed and howled. Lin Feng turned a blind eye to them, his gaze looking towards the depths of the black mist. He laughed saying: “You really are teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs.”

Sikong Nan was stunned: “What did you say?”

Lin Feng smiled, smiling radiantly and dazzling. He lifted his hand and lightly snapped.

“Pa!” With a crisp sound, dazzling buddhist light burst into the sky. Waves of golden light flushed the black mist clear. Buddhist chanting filled with benevolence could be heard without end. The ill wind and ghostly wails vanished in a flash!

The scent of sandalwood flooded the nostrils, causing people to enter a state of tranquility. Lin Feng bathed in the buddhist light, closing his eyes and listening to the buddhist chanting. His hand lightly tapped to the beat and he was very comfortable.

But those dozen wraiths had it bad. They were completely surrounded by golden buddhist light, their entire bodies were as if they were being burned by fire. They could only curl up into a ball and struggle in resistance.

Lin Feng opened his eyes and smiled: “You just said, they’re more than enough to deal with who?”

With this smile he revealed his snow-white teeth that were even slightly glimmering.

But landing Sikong Nan’s eyes it made him shudder.

Sikong Nan has always thought that he was already vicious enough, but looking at Lin Feng right now who had a smiling face, he felt like he was facing a super prehistoric monster.

Lin Feng laughed, his right hand gently waving forward: “Then, let’s start.”

24 golden arhats chanted a buddhist prayer together that shook the ears. They rushed in great strides towards Sikong Nan and those dozen wraiths. When they moved the earth rumbled and mountains shook.

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