Chapter HN1F 64: I Said I’ll Crush You So I’ll Crush You!

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After Lin Feng activated the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation, the battle instantly fell into a one-sided fight.

24 golden arhats who all possess a foundation establishment stage mana standard. They surrounded the dozen wraiths and beat the crap out of them.

Regardless of single combat ability or group combat ability, these wraiths aren’t a match for the golden arhats to begin with. Moreover right now they are being restrained by the buddhist light and can only exert 80% of their skill. The result of the battle is naturally without question.

Sikong Nan watched the wraiths that he refined get killed one by one and cried out in distress.

“Kid, this isn’t over until one of us dies!”

Sikong Nan’s expression was savage. His two hands gathered in front of his chest and formed a spell sign. The black mist constantly gathered, gradually condensing into a black sphere of light.

The few remaining wraiths all released piercing screams. The red light in their eyes surged and shot towards the black sphere of light in front of Sikong Nan’s chest.

Red light constantly mixed into the black sphere of light and it became increasingly darker and heavier.

And following the constant shooting of red light, those couple of wraiths all started to become dispirited, as if they had their strength sapped from them.

Lin Feng thought: “He seems to be using a secret technique, sacrificing these wraiths to complete a certain secret art.”

Thinking here Lin Feng waved his hands. The 24 golden arhats brought their hands together and the golden light above their heads connected together, forming a golden cloud of light.

Lin Feng didn’t have any thoughts of waiting for his opponent to charge up his big move and then having a showdown with his strongest move after he’s charged it up.

Attack the army while they are in the middle of crossing the river, this is the correct path!

In the golden cloud of light, buddhist chanting boomed. A beam of golden light flew out from the light cloud and turned into a massive golden wheel, smashing down towards Sikong Nan’s head!”

A thick, blood-red pillar of light shot out from the black sphere of light with a bang. Black light circulated around the pillar of light, its momentum was frightening.

The golden wheel and the blood-red light pillar crashed together. They did not emit any sounds, but powerful invisible shockwaves constantly spread out in all directions with the point of contact as the center

Even the golden light mist in the buddhist light formation was blown away by the continuous shockwaves.

Invisible waves swept over the entire valley. Ancient towering trees in the mountain toppled over and countless plants were lifted up from their roots. Sand and stone flew in a flurry and cracks appeared even on the solid stone walls.

The blood-red light pillar was not destroyed by the golden wheel and the golden wheel was also unharmed. Two powerful forces refused to budge in the air and had actually entered into a deadlock.

Seeing this Sikong Nan felt great hatred in his heart: “Cunning kid, if he waited for me to completely finish this technique I would definitely be able to destroy his buddhist magic in one hit.”

“Dammit, being so heavily wounded, not only has my cultivation level dropped greatly, even a lot of powerful abilities cannot be used. Or else even if I only have foundation establishment stage cultivation level right now, killing a little bastard like you would be like killing a dog!

Sikong Nan roared in his heart: “If you land in my hands I will definitely boil your soul like lamp oil!”

Lin Feng’s expression was indifferent, he nodded his head leisurely: “Not bad.”

His calm appearance made Sikong Nan even more blue in his heart.

“But, you’re still far from enough.” Lin Feng’s hand made a seal and formed a spell sign. The 24 arhat light figures instantly responded, chanting a buddhist prayer again in a low voice: “Buddha is merciful!”

The golden wheel instantly surged with light, forcefully pushing forward and pressuring the blood-red pillar of light to constantly retract backwards.

The wheel’s speed of advance was not fast. It moved steadily and without haste, but it was filled with an unstoppable, unrivalled prospect of strength.

I said I’ll crush you so I’ll crush you!

Sikong Nan’s expression changed greatly, this time he couldn’t even speak. He could only struggle to persevere and resist, but in front of the golden wheel’s overpowering momentum, he appeared to be so powerless, like a candle in the wind that could extinguish at any moment.

But Lin Feng did not stop there, he was unforgiving. Only a dead opponent is a good opponent.

Letting the 24 sariras support the spell formation on their own, Lin Feng’s own mana had already converted from the buddhist mana to the thunder class mana of the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique.

Lightning, the most unyielding and most positive energy in the world. It is the most domineering and swift, and is precisely the nemesis of all ghosts, specially countering spiritual and evil magic.

Lin Feng’s palms came together, right away the thunder essence around his body rapidly gathered, forming a massive lightning blade over 10 meters long in the air. Violent bluish-purple lightning shone directly on Sikong Nan’s face, making his face purple in colour.

At this moment Sikong Nan felt like the light in the sky had suddenly dimmed. The sun did not disappear, it was that his vision was completely filled by the light emitted from another bluish-purple sun.

The skill derived from the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique, Wild Lightning Blade!

Lin Feng revealed his teeth smiling: “Old bastard, die!”

In Sikong Nan’s terrified eyes, the violent massive lightning blade arced across dozens of meters of space, chopping down towards his head while bringing up sizzling sounds that constantly crackled beside the ears.

“No!” Right now all of Sikong Nan’s mana was used in competing with the golden wheel, where does he have the extra strength to block Lin Feng’s attack?

In the sound of his wailing, Sikong Nan’s spirit that was floating in mid-air was directly cut in half by Lin Feng.

His lower body was directly blown to bits by the lightning. Countless electric sparks coiled around every inch of skin on his upper body,  constantly exploding and appearing very miserable.

“This kid is savage, I can’t fight recklessly against him anymore or else I’ll definitely lose my life here today!”

Sikong Nan glared venomously at Lin Feng. His remaining spirit turned into a cloud of black mist and returned back into the Netherworld Bead.

Lin Feng slightly knit his forehead and took back the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation. He darted forward and picked up the Netherworld Bead. He can sense that within the Netherworld Bead, Sikong Nan’s heavily injured spirit was actually rapidly recovering.

“Kid, no matter how arrogant you are, as long as I hide in this Netherworld Bead you can’t kill me!” Sikong Nan’s venomous laughter travelled out from the Netherworld Bead: “Sooner or later I’ll settle the score with you, let’s see who can laugh until the end!”

Lin Feng’s eyes lightly swept the Netherworld Bead. His finger drew a seal in the air and enchanted it onto the Netherworld Bead: “Without question the one who will laugh to the end is definitely me. As for you, hehe!”

Inside of the Netherworld Bead, Sikong Nan’s laughter abruptly stopped, as if someone had suddenly grabbed his neck. Only after a long pause did his enraged voice travel out: “What did you do? How can you cut-off the connection between me and the Netherworld Bead?”

“This… This is the Void Temple’s Heaven Cage Sigil?! How can you know the Void Temple’s secret technique, don’t you practise buddhist dao techniques?”

“Knowing dao techniques of the buddhist holy land and also knowing the skill of the daoist holy land, who exactly are you?”

Lin Feng did not pay attention to Sikong Nan who had already fallen into madness. He put away the Netherworld Bead and used the Black Cloud Flag to wrap up himself and Wang Lin who was still unconscious on the ground, leaving the valley.

Lin Feng attempted to use his mana to stimulate and wake up Wang Lin, but there was no reaction.

He wrinkled his brows and closely examined him, discovering that Wang Lin’s soul was actually also trapped in the Netherworld Bead.

“I have to fish out his soul as soon as possible. He doesn’t have any cultivation prowess, if his soul leaves his body for too long he won’t be able to return to his body.” Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag and flew: “The Heaven Cage Sigil also can only temporarily seal the old geezer. Leaving him alive is ultimately trouble, I’ll find a place and completely deal with all the problems.”

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