HN1F Chapter 67: True Netherworld Water

It’s weird, I’ve never listened to AKB48 music before.But somehow, when I’m listening to the asian music playlist on youtube, I can recognize if the song playing is an AKB48 song just by the intro… Do I have the makings of a super AKB48 fanboy!?!?

“Ghost King Cannon… Hundred Demon Night Parade technique… Got it, I found it, it’s here.” Lin Feng felt rejuvenated and carefully read the descriptions.

Ghost King Cannon, a secret spell of the Thousand Ghost Sect of the past, siphoning the spirits of countless wraiths and releasing them after compressing them using an arcane technique. Its attack power is very powerful and it was one of the killing moves of the Thousand Ghost Sect.

Hundred Ghost Night Parade, a secret spell of the Thousand Ghost Sect of the past. After killing the target the user can imprison the soul and use an arcane technique to refine it into a wraith, hiding within the user’s mana. When needed it can be released to attack enemies. The wraith completely maintains its cultivation level during life and the number of wraiths that can be controlled is closely related to the user’s cultivation level.

Lin Feng’s eyes turned: “Thousand Ghost Sect? I think it was a dark sect that was once very prosperous, afterwards it was wiped out by the Mt. Shu Sword Sect.

The Heaven Primal world’s power structure is relatively stable. Besides 30 years ago where the Great Zhou Dynasty teamed up together with many forces and destroyed the Buddhist sect, there is basically little change.

Before the elimination of Buddhism, the three great holy lands basically represented the strongest power in this world. Even with the matter of the elimination of Buddhism, the shadows of the Void Temple and the Mt. Shu Sword Sect could be seen, or else the Great Thunder Monastery couldn’t have fallen.

Ever since the three great holy lands were in power, in the thousands of years of time, the days of the dark sects have not been well. They’re basically rats that everyone hates. Even if a couple of big shots have appeared before, they were prominent for a time but they ultimately couldn’t avoid the end of being suppressed and exterminated.

The Thousand Ghost Sect is a classical example. In its heyday its name far surpassed regular sects, almost nearing the three great holy lands. It was the holy land of the ghost cultivators of the world and was the leader of the dark sects.

But after the peak is decline. Due to this or that reasons, after the couple of core dark cultivators in the sect died, they ultimately couldn’t avoid the fate of destruction. They were challenged by a sword cultivator of the Mt. Shu Sword Sect who wiped them out by himself, becoming one of the legendary stories in this sword cultivator’s wild life.

Lin Feng glanced at Sikong Nan and suddenly opened his mouth asking: “You are a member of the Thousand Ghost Sect?”

Sikong Nan was slightly stunned and then burst out with loud laughter: “Surprise surprise, there is actually still someone who remembers the Thousand Ghost Sect.”

“That’s right, I am precisely the last elder of the Thousand Ghost Sect, Sikong Nan.” He laughed proudly: “You kid, from where did you hear the name of the Thousand Ghost Sect?”

Lin Feng said slowly: “I heard a friend mention it.”

Sikong Nan laughed saying: “I’ll say you guys have some knowledge.”

Lin Feng continued to slowly say: “In his sect the story of your Thousand Ghost Sect has always been circulating around.”

Sikong Nan was surprised: “He is also from a dark sect?”

“No.” Lin Feng shook his head, his face revealing a warm smile like the spring sunlight: “My friend’s name is Liu Yang, he is a disciple of the Mt. Shu Sword Sect. In his sect, the story of a mighty senior taking down your Thousand Ghost Sect by himself has always circulated around.”

Sikong Nan instantly became silent.

The next instant, the space of the entire Netherworld Bead trembled, resounding with Sikong’s howl of utter fury: “I’ll kill you!”

Lin Feng secretly laughed. The angrier Sikong Nan is, the more unstable his mana control will be and the more openings he will reveal.

Even the Netherworld Bead will reject him more.

Sikong Nan was instantly taught a lesson, being miserably suppressed by the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation. At this time he also knew that he had fallen for Lin Feng’s evil trick. He rushed to calm down his mind and just barely succeeded, continuing to confront Lin Feng.

The spiritual energy in the Netherworld Bead is very thick, like lead and mercury. It is very difficult for Lin Feng to move this spiritual energy.

In addition, over an extended period of time of being in contact with this spiritual energy, Lin Feng discovered that his mana actually had signs of gradually going out of control.

It’s not tainting his mana like the True Blood River Water, instead it has a trend of reverting the mana that Lin Feng painstakingly cultivated back into regular and pure spiritual energy.

The training of qi of cultivators is channelling the spiritual energy of the world into their bodies and converting it into their own mana. And within this Netherworld Bead there is actually a faint type of strange power than can reverse the conversion between spiritual energy and mana.

It is precisely by borrowing this power than Sikong Nan is able to withstand the buddhist light refinement of Lin Feng’s 24 Heaven Arhat Formation.

After thinking deeply, Lin Feng discovered that the Netherworld Bead this treasure could very likely be related to the legendary True Netherworld Water, or even be created using True Netherworld Water.

True Netherworld Water is also ranked as one of the six great true waters of the world like the True Blood River Water. It originates from the Netherworld, an existence even closer to the Infernal Hell than the Nether Blood River.

The Netherworld is also known as The River of Forgetfulness, True Netherworld Water is also known as the Water of Oblivion. Its power can purify everything within the world and revert it back to its primordial state.

As long as the human soul is stained with even one drop of True Netherworld Water, it will lose all memories.

When mana is contaminated by True Netherworld Water, it will also be reverted back to the purest spiritual energy of the world.

Luckily this Netherworld Bead also seems to have been greatly damaged. There isn’t any real True Netherworld Water in the bead, or else right now all of Lin Feng’s mana would have already been reverted clean.

But the Netherworld Bead is after all created using True Netherworld Water and carries a certain degree of the True Netherworld Water’s mystical effect, helping Sikong Nan withstand Lin Feng’s refinement.

Lin Feng calculated in his heart: “Fire and water do not agree. If I want to subdue the True Netherworld Water, it can only be the seven great true flames that are on the same level as it. I don’t have any of the seven great true flames in my hands, but there also isn’t any real True Netherworld Water here.”

“The Fury Flames of Acala is one of the spiritual flames second only to the seven great true flames. If I can cultivate the Fury Flames of Acala then I can definitely subdue this Netherworld Bead’s mana.”

Unfortunately, just like his Kṣitigarbha Gilded Body, currently Lin Feng has still yet to cultivate the skill of the Fury Flames of Acala. It’s not that he doesn’t have enough talent, but that currently Lin Feng who is only at peak qi disciple, the level of his dao technique is too low and it is not sufficient to cultivate the Fury Flames of Acala.

Lin Feng’s gaze landed on the bodies of the 24 golden arhats and he thought: “Maybe I can borrow their strength.”

The 24 sariras making up the formation are all the spiritual remains of the Great Thunder Monastery’s eminent monks. The cultivation level of these mighty buddhist cultivators is far more than simply foundation establishment stage. It is because Hui Ku’s cultivation level was only foundation establishment stage, which is why he could only create 24 arhat light figures with foundation establishment strength.

Now that they’ve landed in Lin Feng’s hands, following the increase of Lin Feng’s dao technique level, foundation establishment stage is still okay, but if one day he is able to form an aurous core and attain aurous core stage cultivation level, he can remake these sariras and obtain 24 arhat light figures that possess aurous core stage strength. That, is a power that transcends the heavens.

Lin Feng converted his mana to the buddhist fire class mana of the Art of Acala. He then used to fire class mana of the Art of Acala to try and communicate with the 24 golden arhats.

Three golden arhats reacted, resonating with the mana of Lin Feng’s Art of Acala.

Lin Feng’s heart relaxed, he knows that his guess is not wrong.

The sariras manifesting these three golden arhats, in life as eminent monks, the dao technique that they practised should also have been the Art of Acala!

Lin Feng instantly laughed: “This will make things easy, I was just afraid that out of the 24 of you there wouldn’t be a single one who practised the Art of Acala. Now there are actually three, hehe, old bastard, you’re dead!”

Lin Feng constantly channelled the mana of the Art of Acala into those three arhat light figures. His mana stimulated the mana hidden with the sariras. Blazing flames instantly appeared over the three arhat light figures and they started burning up.

The other arhats split into three groups of seven, respectively guarding those three blazing arhats and continuously supplying their mana to the three blazing arhats.

The three blazing arhats brought their palms together and chanted a buddhist prayer. The fire on their bodies shot into the sky, connecting together as one and turning into a blazing sea of fire.

Warning signs emerged in Sikong Nan’s heart. He stared in terror at the sea of fire above his head: “Little bastard, what do you want to do?”

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