HN1F Chapter 68: Within the Netherworld Bead

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Under Lin Feng’s control, the 24 golden arhats stood divided in three directions, surrounding Sikong Nan in the center.

The three blazing arhats rose up into the air. Beneath the bodies of each blazing arhat were seven arhats holding them up, powerful buddhist light was constantly supplied to the blazing arhats.

The fire on the bodies of the blazing arhats became increasingly stronger, shooting into the sky and connecting together as one above Sikong Nan’s head, turning into a blazing sea of fire.

Lin Feng’s face showed an expression of anger, he shouted with a staggering gaze: “Buddha is merciful, but sometimes He also shows wrath, releasing eternal flames of fury, eradicating all evil, burning everything and all!”


The entire space of the Netherworld Bead jolted, afterwards a golden buddha with four faces, eight arms and an expression of anger slowly ascended from the sea of fire. Between the buddha’s brows is a closed, vertical eye.

The golden buddha chanted a deafening buddhist prayer. In the buddha’s voice, the vertical eye between his brows opened, shooting out a small, ivory-white ember from the vertical eye.

The ivory-white ember looks incredibly feeble, as if a gust of wind could extinguish it.

Yet, upon seeing it, Sikong Nan was incredibly terrified: “A Wisdom King! You actually cultivated the Fury Flames of Acala!”

In the air, wherever the ivory-white flame burned to, the space there would start to collapse and disintegrate!

Lin Feng extended a finger and pointed. The ivory-white ember instantly turned into a straight line, shooting towards Sikong Nan.

Where the fire line passed by, the mana within the Netherworld Bead that purifies all was instantly destroyed. It was simply unable to block the advancement of the fire line. The fire line shot to Sikong Nan’s protective black mist, and it was as if a spark splashing into a pan of oil.


The black mist completely vanished and it all started to burn up, turning into blazing flames. At this moment it all turned into fuel for the fire, helping the fire burn stronger.

The Fury Flames of Acala, within the flames are thoughts of incredible anger, thoughts of anger where even Buddha becomes angered and burns all. Even other flames, as long as they are not the seven great true flames, they will all be burned away by the Fury Flames of Acala.

Sikong Nan finally felt the threat of death, he was panic-stricken in his heart: “I truly am a tiger descended to the plains and being bullied by dogs! I have actually fallen to the state of being stepped on by this kind of kid. If it was in the past, I’d pinch him to death with a finger!”

“At this critical moment I can’t worry about that much anymore. Even if I die I’m going to pull you down with me.”

Sikong Nan roared saying: “Little bastard, let’s die together!”

Following his roar, a low rumble travelled out from the depths of the space within the Netherworld Bead.

Lin Feng slightly wrinkled his brows and listened carefully. It seems to be the gurgling sound of flowing water.

“This is…” Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He thought of something in his heart, but it was already too late for him to react.

The sound of flowing water travelled from far to near and became increasingly louder. In the end it turned into a loud rumbling as if a dam bursting!

A river with transparent, yellow water flowed down, rushing towards Lin Feng and Sikong Nan.

Lin Feng secretly cursed: “Fuck!”

Turns out it’s not that there isn’t any True Netherworld Water in the Netherworld Bead, on the contrary there is a tremendous amount of True Netherworld Water stored here.

It’s just that Sikong Nan has always been unable to refine and control the Netherworld Bead, so this True Netherworld Water is also a great scourge for him and he didn’t dare to lightly touch it.

But right now he has already been forced into a corner by Lin Feng, he’s naturally let go of all concerns and figured that he might as well summon the True Netherworld Water to perish together with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s expression was dark. The Fury Flames of Acala that he controls is still just a small ember. Against so much True Netherworld Water, it can’t even make a splash and will be directly swallowed.

Sikong Nan laughed hysterically, getting swallowed first by the True Netherworld Water that rushed over. Lin Feng could very clearly see that the instant the fire surrounding him came in contact with the True Netherworld Water, it was all extinguished.

Seeing this scene, the corner of Lin Feng’s eye jumped. His gaze wandered around looking at his surroundings and he was urgently thinking of a plan in his heart.

Suddenly, the scenery before Lin Feng’s eyes lit up and he saw a massive, transparent sphere of light floating above the surging True Netherworld Water. Inside of the sphere of light is sitting a skinny teen, it was surprisingly Wang Lin.

“That is Wang Lin’s soul.” Lin Feng instantly realized. He didn’t dare to hesitate and jumped onto the light sphere. He was like standing on a small raft, advancing following the rushing Netherworld river.

Only at this moment did Lin Feng have time to observe Wang Lin who was in the light sphere. He saw that his eyes were tightly shut and he was unconscious. He did not have any reaction towards Lin Feng’s arrival.

Lin Feng’s eyes moved and he sat down above the light sphere. He was located right above Wang Lin’s head and the two people were as if on the top and bottom bunk.

The light sphere drifted along with the flowing water. After drifting for who knows how far, a black stone pillar suddenly appeared in the center of the river. The light sphere bumped into the black stone pillar but was not bounced away and instead was tightly stuck to the stone pillar.

Lin Feng stared at the black stone pillar and observed it for a moment. He extended his hand stroking the stone pillar. Right away a long dao technique incantation poured into his head.

“This is… the Netherworld Nirvana Manual? This is the dao technique to refine the Netherworld Bead this treasure?” It came to Lin Feng: “I see, so that’s how it is. After Wang Lin wakes up, he will obtain the Netherworld Nirvana Manual here and start to comprehend the dao technique and skills contained in the Netherworld Bead, thereby completely refining this treasure.”

“With the Netherworld Bead in hand, Sikong Nan that old geezer wouldn’t be able to do anything with him.”

Having a treasure and a dao technique, it would be about time for Wang Lin this lurking dragon to rise up into the sky. Stepping upon his golden path of invincibility.

This is probably the path of the chosen one that Wang Lin should be walking.

Lin Feng laughed. Since he’s encountered this kind of lucky thing, he naturally won’t be polite.

Lin Feng doesn’t plan on taking away the fortuitous opportunity that should belong to Wang Lin, but he cannot allow Wang Lin to grasp the Netherworld Nirvana Manual on his own and then independently refine the Netherworld Bead,

Having him, this master, teach him the dao technique and then guiding him to refine the treasure, this is the correct tempo.

Thinking here, Lin Feng smiled faintly. He calmed his heart and started to seriously meditate on the profundities of the Netherworld Bead dao technique that came from the black stone pillar.

Inside of the Netherworld Bead is a spiritual space where no physical bodies exist, the area of the space is infinitely wide.

At a place very far away from the black stone pillar, a human figure suddenly floated up from the Netherworld river. It was surprisingly Sikong Nan.

But the Sikong Nan of now is greatly different from before. He is no longer circled by black mist and looking ghostly. Instead, his entire body has turned into the same dusky-yellow colour of the True Netherworld Water and his body is also semi-transparent.

Right now the old geezer’s mana aura has also become the same as the True Netherworld Water, hiding an aura of annihilation and purification within the calmness.

“I may not have died, but I am worse-off than dead! I was actually refined by the Netherworld Bead this treasure. This life I cannot leave this Netherworld Bead.” Sikong Nan’s face was twisted and filled with hatred: “But I have also profited from misfortune, allowing me to not only no longer need to fear this True Netherworld Water, but to also be able to manipulate it.”

Sikong Nan silently sensed his surroundings. The True Netherworld Water lifted up his body and then rushed in the direction of the black stone pillar.

“You two kids, this time you guys are dead!”


Xiao Yan and the other two were walking on the road. They were in a rush and returning back to Mount Heng together.

Xiao Budian suddenly blinked his eyes and said in a low voice: “Apprentice-brothers, someone is tailing behind us.”

Xiao Yan is carrying the black greatsword that suppresses his mana, making it difficult for him to even do the most basic travelling. He doesn’t have the spare energy to sense his surroundings. Hearing Xiao Budian’s words he controlled the impulse to turn his head to look behind and silently threw a sidelong glance at Zhu Yi.

Zhu Yi also didn’t act rashly and instead silently spread out his mana to investigate.

After a moment, Zhu Yi nodded his head virtually unnoticeably: “There are indeed some people. Their cultivation level is only qi disciple stage, it’s not that monk from back then.”

Xiao Budian big, black eyes turned: “When we left Chuzhou City, a group of people walked head-on past us. Amongst them was an old man. For some reason he was staring at me the whole time. Could they be together with him?”

After being silent for a moment, Xiao Yan said flatly: “Find a place in front and deal with them.”

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