Chapter 69: Master Isn’t Home: Secret Teachings of the School

Sorry for going AWOL for so long. Basically, I was sick for a while, I went camping over the weekend, I had to do some school work, I had to help out with the family business, and this chapter was crazy hard for me to translate… That last part totally isn’t the main reason…

After knowing that they were being followed, Xiao Yan was silent for a moment and then said flatly: “Find a place in front and deal with them.”

Right now he is carrying the black greatsword and his movement speed is as slow as a crawling turtle. If they allow the stalkers to reveal their location, their main group can catch up to them very quickly.

Xiao Budian and Zhu Yi looked at each other and both slightly nodded their heads. They are also decisive people, they will not tolerate ill-intentioned people to just follow behind them like that.

After reaching a tacit understanding, the three apprentice-brothers stopped communicating and didn’t purposely increase their speed. But they gradually strayed from their original path and turned into a forest beside the road without changing their composure.

At this time, the two Yu clan cultivators following behind them revealed their figures and hurriedly chased into the forest.

Xiao Yan is carrying the black greatsword making his body extremely heavy. Walking on the ground, he really does leave a footprint with every step, so these two Yu clan cultivators aren’t afraid of losing them either.

The tall cultivator amongst the two grumbled while walking: “Why does Young Master Tian have to have us follow these three little brats? It’s a complete waste of time.”

The short cultivator “shushed” him and said in a low voice: “Whatever Young Master Tian says, whatever we do. Don’t talk so much crap.”

He was in the middle of speaking when the footprints in front suddenly vanished. The reactions of these two cultivations was also quick, they immediately knew that something was wrong. They’ve very likely already been exposed.

Not waiting for them to react any further, a ringing sound suddenly travelled over from the thick foliage above them. The two people subconsciously raised their heads. The sound of wind travelled into their ears and a massive greatsword had already filled their vision.

Xiao Yan held onto the black greatsword and descended from the sky. His two hands holding onto the sword handle and chopping down with amazing power.

But the black metal greatsword is honestly too heavy, Xiao Yan is unable to nimbly wield it either. With this chop, the strength is truly amazing, but the faces of the two Yu clan cultivators both showed a smile of disdain.

The two people lightly jumped backwards together and had already escaped from the attack range of the black metal greatsword. The greatsword is too heavy, Xiao Yan is unable to change directions and can only watch the two people evade the sword blade.

But Xiao Yan does not care and even has the leisure to smile at those two Yu clan cultivators.

The two people were rather baffled by his smile. But the next instant, their scalps suddenly went numb and their hairs stood on end, as if there was some disaster that was about to descend upon them.

Xiao Budian carried the white bone mace that was like a hammer and silently appeared behind the short cultivator. He used a polished technique that could not be more polished and hammered the back of the short cultivator’s head.

The short cultivator let out a cry and felt like there were golden stars spinning in front of his eyes. He turned his body with great effort, forcing himself to focus his mind and not faint.

But just turning around, he still hadn’t seen anything yet and a white shadow flashed in front of him. Another hit hammered down hitting him square in the forehead.

The short cultivator’s eyes rolled back and he no longer had the strength to struggle. He fell straight back and directly fainted.

This two hit combo of Xiao Budian’s had truly grasped the essence of quick, accurate and ruthless. He has already trained it to the point of perfection. Even if Lin Feng was here he would have to sigh with emotion, this kid truly has talent in the promising career of knocking people out from behind.

At the side, Zhu Yi and the tall cultivator who were still fighting also slowed down, their eyes simultaneously looked over at Xiao Budian’s side.

It was honestly that Xiao Budian this moe to the extreme, cute little shota, knocking people out from behind so savagely and skillfully honestly looks so wrong.

But this kid still didn’t have any realization and was instead very complacent. He smiled towards Zhu Yi and said: “Second Apprentice-Brother, this is our school’s secret technique, specially used to capture the enemy alive. When master taught it, you still hadn’t entered into the school so you didn’t have the chance to learn it.”

“Wait a bit, in a little while I’ll demonstrate it to you again. Once you learn it you won’t need to have so much trouble next time.”

Zhu Yi’s composure that he built up from a decade of studying finally broke. The corner of his lips twitched as he shook his head: “This… I’ll pass on it.” Looking at this little guy in front who currently has the highest cultivation level amongst them three apprentice-brothers, but is willingly taking the position of the youngest apprentice-brother, Zhu Yi actually felt slight chills on his back.

That tall cultivator in particular was staring in shock at Xiao Budian.

Is this still a kid that isn’t even five years old yet?

If he is, why does he have such a high cultivation level?

Most importantly, why is he so shameless!

What secret technique that is specially used to capture the enemy alive?

Please, that is a sneak attack!

The short cultivator has already fainted. If he wakes up and finds out the truth, he’ll definitely also be like the tall cultivator right now, hundreds of millions of ancient tyrannosauruses running past in his heart.

Xiao Yan held onto the black greatsword in distress and said to Zhu Yi: “Second Apprentice-Brother, don’t listen to his crap. Master was joking with him and this kid treated it as real… Or I should say, he knows that Master is joking but this move is just this kid’s cup of tea, so right now he is parading around under Master’s name.

At the side Xiao Budian was smiling very happily while Zhu Yi was shaking his head and smiling helplessly.

“For the moment, I can’t use this thing when fighting.” Xiao Yan sighed releasing his hand, throwing down the black greatsword and kicking up the dirt on the ground.

The next instant, Xiao Yan’s figure flickered and he had already disappeared on the spot: “Attack together, let’s end this fast.”

The tall cultivator blanked and then saw Xiao Yan suddenly appear in front of him. His cultivation level that was suppressed by the black greatsword before all exploded out, his fist punching towards the tall cultivator’s face.

Dodging Xiao Yan’s fist in a fluster, the tall cultivator felt a chill on his neck. A sword had already been placed at his neck. The sword was held in Zhu Yi’s hand. The green-clothed scholar had one hand behind his back in an indifferent manner: “It’s best if you don’t move. We already have a live one, whether we leave you alive or not depends on your own performance.”

Speaking of live ones, Zhu Yu’s eyebrows twitched again while looking at the short cultivator who was still unconscious on the ground, and he glared snappily at Xiao Budian.

Xiao Budian walked over with a grin and asked with a smile: “All right, speak, why are you following us?”

The tall cultivator wanted to open his mouth and talk bullshit, but upon coming in contact with those glittering eyes of Xiao Budian’s and then seeing Xiao Budian play with the white bone mace in his hand, he instantly felt a chill on the back of his head and he could only force himself to say: “I am a cultivator of the Yu clan. If you guys are smart it’s best if you guys let us go or else you guys will suffer big time.”

The smile on Xiao Budian’s face gradually faded. He didn’t speak either, he just silently stared at that tall cultivator.

This person never thought that he would be scared by the stare of a four or five year old child.

Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi exchanged gazes. Zhu Yi said softly: “The maternal family of that Shi Tianyi?” Xiao Yan nodded his head with a dark expression.

Zhu Yi turned back and stared at that tall cultivator: “Agent of evil, just eradicate him.”

The tall cultivator’s heart froze, and then staring at Xiao Budian’s expressionless little face, all of his courage instantly dissipated.

But he is also just following orders, he doesn’t know why he is following Xiao Budian.

But Xiao Budian and co. understood very quickly. After knocking out that tall cultivator, Xiao Yan said in a heavy voice: ‘Could they have recognized Youngest Apprentice-Brother?”

Zhu Yi nodded his head: “The probability is very likely. Maybe they are still unable to confirm it which is why they only sent two people to tail us, but it it is certain that they are already suspicious.”

Xiao Budian lowered his head: “I dragged you guys down.”

Xiao Yan waved his hand and said unconcerned: “What are you saying. We are apprentice-brothers, there’s no dragged down shmagged down.” He looked at the black metal greatsword on the ground and scratched his head slightly distressed: “If you want to talk about dragging down, it’s me dragging you guys down instead.”

“What way is there to move with this thing and also increase our speed without leaving any traces?” Xiao Yan pulled a long face: “Everything that we have has been sunk into this thing. Throwing it away is too much of a shame.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian also had distraught faces.

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