HN1F Chapter 71: Head Supporting the Heavens, Feet Trampling the Netherworld

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Sikong Nan waved his hands. Surging True Netherworld Water instantly roared towards Lin Feng, turning into a tidal wave and crashing down upon Lin Feng.

Right now Lin Feng has reached a critical moment in studying the Netherworld Nirvana Manual. Sikong Nan suddenly coming to interrupt made Lin Feng very irritated in his heart.

The 24 sariras floated above Lin Feng’s head. Rolling buddhist light turned into a golden prosperous cloud, holding back the True Netherworld Water that fell from the sky.

The mana cultivated by buddhist dao techniques is the most heavy and condensed. Even the True Netherworld Water cannot get rid of it right away.

But the golden prosperous cloud is still rapidly eroding at a visible rate and will not last for much longer.

Sikong Nan laughed coldly while staring at Lin Feng: “Let me see how long you can last.” While speaking, he constantly urged the True Netherworld Water to attack Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wrinkled his forehead and his mind communicated with the taotie cub in the ring, Tun Tun.

“I don’t want to!”

Tun Tun shrieked, her little head shaking like a rattle-drum. She shouted in exasperation: “You’re such a bad person. You actually want me to drink True Netherworld Water?”

Lin Feng laughed saying: “It’s okay if you refuse, but I need to make it clear to you first that besides this thing, there isn’t anything else for you to eat for some time. If you don’t want to than just go starve.”

Tun Tun was a bit hesitant. Seeing her expression, a thought appeared in Lin Feng’s heart: “You’ve drank True Netherworld Water before?”

“Yeah, the taste is so good.” Tun Tun hesitated for a moment and still said: “But after drinking it my head was all dizzy and I can’t remember a lot of things from the past.”

Lin Feng’s jaw dropped. The taotie is truly one of the four great ancient savage beasts, swallowing the heavens and devouring the earth. It isn’t even afraid of the domineering True Netherworld Water and just loses some memories. Its mana isn’t actually purified at all.

“What’s there to be afraid of. If it tastes good then everything’s okay, deliciousness is the most important thing.” Lin Feng tempted her incessantly.

The expression on Tun Tun’s face become more and more struggled. She knows that Lin Feng does not have good intentions, but she cannot restrain her gluttonous nature. For a taotie, eating is a natural instinct on the same level as survival.

“Screw it, eat first think later. This past half a year was about to starve me to death!” Finally, the little loli yelled out in frustration. In her yelling, her body reverted back to her original taotie form.

Lin Feng tossed up the ring and removed the Heaven Cage Sigil within. A massive suction force instantly came from the ring, swallowing the True Netherworld Water like a black hole.

Taking advantage of the buddhist light and the ring blocking the river water, Lin Feng started to seize the time to study the Netherworld Nirvana Manual. While he was studying the dao technique, his mind was also attempting to communicate with the True Netherworld Water.

The same as the Art of Acala cultivating Fury Acala Flames, the ability cultivated by the Netherworld Nirvana Manual is True Netherworld Water.

Comparing the two and combining theory with practise, the many problems in Lin Feng’s heart before all suddenly became clear.

In his mind, there seemed to be a river rushing by. The river water flowed unceasingly, like time, eternal and unstopping.

Lin Feng silently stared at his own reflection in the river. The reflection is not his fixed appearance and is instead constantly changing into a myriad of appearances.

A charming newly-wed girl, an old and dying elder, a meditating monk chanting scriptures, a dangerous bandit killing and robbing, a suave young man… One after another broken fragments, thousands of lives of reincarnation.

A light of understanding surfaced in Lin Feng’s heart: “This is my last life, my last last life, my past lives of countless reincarnations…”

“Reincarnation through the Netherworld, death and rebirth. All life moves towards decay and oblivion here, and then new life!”

Daos of life, death, reincarnation and nirvana resounded in Lin Feng’s mind. In the end they blended together as one and even connected together as a line with the mana in his body, like a Netherworld River quietly flowing in the Netherworld.

Lin Feng opened his eyes. Looking at the surging True Netherworld Water before him he smiled faintly.

Seeing his smile, Sikong Nan’s heart trembled for no reason, as if he was about to be struck by disaster.

Lin Feng who was sitting down cross-legged suddenly stood up. He took back the ring Tun Tun is inhabiting and the golden buddhist light above his head also rose up into the air. No longer blocking the True Netherworld Water and allowing the endless river water to fall on his body.

Sikong Nan’s eyes popped. He discovered in shock that the True Netherworld Water poured straight on Lin Feng’s body, but Lin Feng was completely unharmed. There wasn’t even a single drop of that True Netherworld Water that touched his body, instead it landed meekly under Lin Feng’s feet and supported him up.

The True Netherworld Water that purifies and wipes out everything in the world is right now just like a docile servant. Obediently bowing down under Lin Feng’s feet and holding up Lin Feng like protecting a king.

Head supporting the heavens, feet trampling the Netherworld!

Sikong Nan stared blankly at this scene: “How can this be?”

Lin Feng laughed: “Why not?” He glanced at Sikong Nan and smiled saying: “Get down.”

With his command, the True Netherworld Water holding up Sikong Nan’s body suddenly dropped. Caught off guard, Sikong Nan’s body that was hanging in the air directly fell into the surging Netherworld River.

Sikong Nan was alarmed. Sikong Nan who has already been completely refined by the Netherworld Bead, all of his mana has merged with the True Netherworld Water. He can no longer use any of the dao techniques and skills that he knew before. If he is unable to control the True Netherworld Water, he’ll essentially become a sheep at the mercy of the shepherd.

Unfortunately, right now no matter how he ordered it, the True Netherworld Water did not have any reaction.

Lin Feng was also not in a rush to attack. He only stared at Sikong Nan with a faint smile on his face. Right now Sikong Nan was as if he had a bucket of cold water dumped on him. He felt shivers from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, a deep despair surfaced in his heart.

He roared as if a trapped beast: “Even like so, you can’t do anything about me either. I have already become one with the Netherworld Bead. Unless you destroy the Netherworld Bead, you can’t kill me.”

“With your cultivation level you simply cannot destroy the Netherworld Bead.”

“Who said I want to destroy the Netherworld Bead? Rashly destroying such a treasure, isn’t that a crime against nature?” Lin Feng chuckled and shook his head saying: “Not to mention, who told you that I can only kill you by destroying the Netherworld Bead?”

Sikong Nan blanked, an ominous feeling surfaced in his heart. The next instant, he suddenly felt that the True Netherworld Water around his body became increasingly heavier, crushing the breath out of him. Right now, the originally pale yellow river water actually gradually turned black.

The black True Netherworld Water constantly penetrated Sikong Nan’s soul. Sikong Nan felt a feeling of suffocation like he was drowning.

Lin Feng said slowly: “I bet you don’t know, there is a spell derived from the Netherworld Nirvana Manual called Netherworld Puppeteer. It can use True Netherworld Water to turn people into puppets.”

“This puppet is different from your Hunder Demon Night Parade technique. You turn people into wraiths and they only keep their mana and cultivation level before death. But their memories and intelligence are all erased, all that’s left is resentment and murderous intent. But it is ultimately an inferior result.”

Lin Feng laughed softly and said: “This Netherworld Puppeteer spell of mine turns people into puppets, but not only can they retain their memories before death, they will even still retain their own consciousness.”

Retaining its memories in life means that the puppet not only possesses its mana and cultivation level before death, even its abilities and spells will also be retained. Moreover it will possess the cultivator’s rich combat experience during its life.

Retaining its consciousness means that it possesses intelligence. It can think and can react flexibly.

Sikong Nan’s heart became colder and colder. Lin Feng looked at him and smiled saying: “Simply speaking, you’ll be the same as before you were turned into a puppet, besides one thing.”

“That is, you will unconditionally obey my every command.”

Sikong Nan roared in despair. His originally pale yellow, nearly transparent soul had already been completely dyed black by the True Netherworld Water. Afterwards he was swallowed by the surging river water and sealed at the bottom of the river.

Only after repressing Sikong Nan did Lin Feng’s mind relax. He slightly sensed something and he lowered his head looking at the light sphere beneath his feet.

Wang Lin’s soul in the light sphere moved and he finally woke up. He opened his eyes with a dazed expression.

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