HN1F Chapter 72: First Main Quest, Complete!

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In the light sphere, Wang Lin finally woke up. He turned his head looking around. He just so happened to see the scene of Sikong Nan’s roaring in despair and getting swallowed by the True Netherworld Water.

Thinking of Sikong Nan wanting to kill him before with monstrous ferocity, Wang Lin was slightly startled. Afterwards he lifted his head and saw a young daoist in a wide-sleeved white robe wearing daoist clothes looking at him with a smile.

Above that white-robed young daoist’s head, a golden cloud of buddhist light shone brightly and the Netherworld River below his feet flowed endlessly. His sagely appearance made Wang Lin feel incredibly small.

At this time Wang Lin started to gradually remember that the last scene he saw before he fainted was this white-robed daoist descending from the sky, pushing back Sikong Nan and saving him.

Now it looks like Sikong Nan has already been executed and he has been saved.

Wang Lin hurriedly said: “I was rude before and betrayed your kindness. Now I have also been rescued by you, I am truly ashamed.”

Lin Feng thought: “Damn straight.” But only the surface he only smiled faintly: “As long as you are safe child. Such a small matter is nothing but the lift of a finger for me.”

Wang Lin paused for a moment, his face revealing an awkward and struggling expression. He wanted to say something but he is too embarrassed to open his mouth.

Lin Feng knew his thoughts. He smiled saying: “Are you willing to take me as your master now?”

Wang Lin’s mind was clear and he bowed down to the ground: “Before I did not know the immensity of heaven and earth and treated you without proper respect. Thank you for not abandoning me and saving my life. I am willing to follow under your teaching and be at your disposal. Please accept me!”

Lin Feng sighed towards the sky. In his heart he is actually more excited than Wang Lin: “Finally… Finally…”

At this moment, Lin Feng even had the impulse to cry. From the one year quest time limit there are actually only five days left. If things dragged on for another five days and he didn’t completely the quest, with this bullshit system’s bullshit nature, it definitely wouldn’t be polite with him.

It would definitely kill him on the spot.

System notifications sounded constantly beside his ear. It was like a divine melody, unprecedentedly beautiful.

“Congratulations to host taking in your fourth direct disciple Wang Lin.”

“Host has obtained reward of one lottery chance and 500 trading points.”

“Main quest special reward issued!”

Lin Feng really wants to first look at his quest reward, but Wang Lin is still eagerly staring at him. Lin Feng could only force back his excited heart and say with an indifferent face: “This Netherworld Bead is a surprising treasure. Put it away and be sure to study the profundities within.”

Wang Lin’s lips moved but did not make any sounds. Seeing this Lin Feng knew the thoughts in his mind. He smile saying: “This treasure may be good, but it is nothing to me. This is your own fortuitous opportunity, cherish it well.”

“You also have three apprentice-brothers, you’ll understand when you see them. It is true that I will teach you guys everything that I know, but how far you guys can walk on this path of cultivation still depends on your own hard work.”

Wang Lin thought, “That Sikong Nan was so fierce but Master could still easily exterminate him. Master also does not care about the treasure that I value with my life. Even though I don’t know what Master’s cultivation level is, it is definitely extremely high.”

“Me training with Master is ultimately better than being a servant over at that Mount Heng School.” Thinking here, Wang Lin’s heart was fervent: “Father, Mother, I will definitely work hard. I can definitely become an immortal.”

Right now Lin Feng was checking the data in the system related to Wang Lin.

Name: Wang Lin

Age: 15 years 6 months

Current Level: Qi Channeling, about to enter Qi Disciple Level 1

Potential Attributes: Bone Root → 5; Comprehension → 10; Will → 10; Luck → 8

Recommended Teaching Plan: “Recommended to practice water class dao techniques or dark sect dao techniques, in terms of abilities the recommended direction of development is a focus on spells.

Note: His bone root is relative poor so his initial cultivation difficulty will be greater, but he will seldom encounter bottlenecks when increasing his level. His cultivation progress is first slow then fast.

Right now Lin Feng has two water class dao techniques on his hand. One is the Blue Oceanic River Technique, one is the Netherworld Nirvana Manual. The latter is a lot stronger than the former and should originally belong to Wang Lin. With the assistance of the Netherworld Bead it can help Wang Lin quickly bridge the initial stage of difficulty.

After teaching Wang Lin the Netherworld Nirvana Manual, Wang Lin completely refined the Netherworld Bead this treasure. Right now inside of the Netherworld Bead, he is the absolute ruler, even Lin Feng can only simply protect himself.

But Wang Lin did not have any signs of smugness. He understands that this is entirely the arrangement made by Lin Feng to nurture him.

Wang Lin may look silent, but he is a very emotional person in his heart. Lin Feng saved his life today, accepted him as his disciple and gave him a great gift. This debt of gratitude will remain firmly in his heart.

Wang Lin refined the Netherworld Bead and then under Lin Feng’s guidance, his soul left the Netherworld Bead and returned back to his body.

At this time Lin Feng’s mind had also completely retracted from within the Netherworld Bead. Looking at Wang Lin he nodded his head in satisfaction.

This has been a fruitful trip. He took in Wang Lin this chosen one as his disciple and moreover cultivated the Netherworld Nirvana Manual this kind of top-tier dao technique, grasped the spell Netherworld Puppeteer and turned an evil spirit into his puppet.

It’s just that the Netherworld Puppeteer may be good, but it also has its flaws.

Such as he can only refine the person under the state where their body is destroyed and only the soul remains.

Moreover, after practicing the Netherworld Puppeteer, the puppet is actually the same as a dead person. Their cultivation level before death is fixed and cannot be further increased.

In addition, under the circumstance where the difference between the caster and the target’s cultivation level is too great, he also cannot refine it and could suffer backlash.

But what made Lin Feng the happiest is still the system reward after completing the quest. Besides taking in Wang Lin as his disciple and obtaining the standard lottery chance and 500 trading point, there is another special big prize obtained from completing the main quest.

The special big prize is directly a mystery chest with a question mark.

But Lin Feng noticed that there is still a difference between this chest and the mystery chest in his lottery system. The mystery chest in the lottery system that exists as the big prize is black, but this main quest reward chest in front of him is silver in color.

It looks a lot more high-grade.

Lin Feng opened the chest without any hesitation. After taking a glance his eyes became fixed, staring into the chest unable to pull away.

“This… This thing… Oh my God!”

Only after a long while did Lin Feng recover his wits and gasp. He felt a bit like his brain couldn’t keep up.

“Master, Master!”

Seeing that his Master seemed to be pondering about something, Wang Lin originally did not want to disturb him, but he was also afraid of delaying his Master’s business.

Lin Feng returned to his senses and turned his head looking at Wang Lin: “What’s wrong?”

Wang Lin held a glowing crystal in his hand: “This crystal has been flashing non-stop.”

Lin Feng focused his eyes. That is the voice transmission crystal, is there something happening with Xiao Budian and the other two?

Crushing the crystal, Zhu Yi voice traveled out from it: “Master, we’ve encountered people from the Yu clan. They might have recognized Junior Apprentice-Brother. We’re doing our best to lose them. Eldest Apprentice-Brother was afraid of disturbing Master’s closed-door training so he did not notify you. But I was afraid of an accident so I wanted to let Master know.”

Lin Feng inhaled a deep breath. He lifted his hand taking back the Black Cloud Flag enveloping the valley and then lightly shook it. With the flowing of the black light, it wrapped up him and Wang Lin.

“Let’s go!”

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