HN1F Chapter 74: Master Isn’t Home: Won’t Submit!

I see you when you’re sleeping, I know when you’re awake… Please don’t report me.

Tao Er looked at Xiao Yan and said indifferently: “This black-clothed kid is of no use. Let’s pry open his mouth and get the answer from him.”

Hearing this, Yu Tian also looked towards Xiao Yan and started to laugh sinisterly: “Pretty good, just what I was thinking.” While speaking he waved his hand and a couple of Yu clan cultivators circled over wanting to capture Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan stared coldly at this scene. At this time he suddenly opened his mouth asking: “I say, have you guys planned things out a bit too optimistically?” His hands let go of the black metal greatsword and the greatsword crashed on the ground kicking up dirt.

His two hands extended outward and mana gathered in his palms, condensing into two clusters of corporeal flames. The flames burned brightly and started to constantly compress. Compressing and compressing until they turned into two dark-red spheres of light.

Seeing these spheres of light, Tao Er’s and Yu Tian’s expressions both slightly changed: “Red Lotus Burst, the Void Temple?”

Xiao Yan’s expression was ice-cold. His two hands push forward and the two spheres of light flew towards the the Yu clan cultivators who pounced over.

“Boom! Boom!”

The two massive clumps of fire instantly exploded open. The two Yu clan cultivators didn’t even have the time to react and their bodies were already blown into mists of blood!

The roaring flames instantly swallowed the flesh and blood, directly turning them into ashes. Not even crumb was left.

Two massive pits were blown open on the ground. Jagged cracks spread out like spiderwebs and the entire cliff was about to be torn apart.

Everyone else stared dumbstruck at this disastrous scene. They may all be mass murderers with their hands stained in blood, but seeing their companions being blown to smithereens by Xiao Yan’s Red Lotus Burst, everybody felt chills run through their entire body.

Tao Er’s eyes flashed: “Take them down, I want them alive. Find out their background.”

Along with Xiao Yan’s attack, Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian also rushed forward together. Under the cover of the firelight from Red Lotus Burst, they instantly charged into the enemy line.

Crackling lightning poured out from their bodies. For a moment lightning flashed, dying everybody’s vision blue and purple.

The next moment, two massive lightning blades roared into existence, crossing together and forming a cross. Arcing through the air like a mowing sickle.

Wild Lightning Blade!

Xiao Budian and Zhu Yi who both practise the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique together used the Wild Lightning Blade that Lin Feng taught them. The violent lightning blade cut all obstacles in front of it directly into pieces, wildly reaping human lives.

“Capture the ringleader first in order to capture all his followers.” Zhu Yi shouted in a low voice. He unsheathed the sword at his waist, Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian also did the same action.

The sword technique of the Wayward Flying Sword and the escape technique of the Cloud Dragon Escape were fully displayed by the three apprentice-brothers. They turned into three arcs of light and shot towards the sky.

Bully the weak, them three brothers aren’t so stupid as to go fight Tao Er who is considered a strong person even in the aurous core stage.

Yu Tian also didn’t think that these three kids all look like they’re just qi disciple stage, but they are actually so fierce. They’re mana is vigorous and their skills are astonishing. For a moment they were actually completely wrecking havoc amongst his men.

Seeing them all charge towards him, Yu Tian laughed in anger: “Perfect.” His hands formed a spell sign and a crystal bottle flew out from his sleeve. At first it was only the size of a thumb, but it grew in the air and instantly turned into a dozen meters tall, the diameter of the bottleneck was a whole ten feet.

A massive force of suction came from the mouth of the crystal bottle, wanting to directly suck in Xiao Yan and co..

Xiao Yan yelled: “Duo!” and also brought out the Buddhist Thunder Staff. For a moment, buddhist light exploded and directly withstood the suction of the crystal bottle.

But with this delay, Xiao Yan and co’s assault was also dissolved. Yu Tian sneered, the lineal dao technique of the Yu clan, the Art of the Water God started circulating. A mana aura as vast as the ocean instantly weighed down on Xiao Yan and co. making it hard for them to breath.

Seeing this, Tao Er praised him saying: “Young Master Yu is truly a child of the Yu main branch and a main target of nurture. Already establishing your dao root at such a young age.”

Yu Tian’s cultivation level is far superior to Xiao Budian’s and the other two’s. Even with three against one, he is still at ease. The endless cold air had virtually turned into a cover, enveloping the three people. In the area of the cold air, Xiao Yan and co. all sensed that not only had their mana circulation become sluggish, even their bodies were about to become frozen.

Xiao Yan bit his teeth: “Screw it.” He threw away the sword in his hand not using it and suddenly lowered his body, picking up that heavy, burdensome black metal greatsword.

“If you and me really are fated today, then help me get over the hurdle in front.” Xiao Yan clenched his teeth, his mind completely assimilated into the black metal greatsword.


After just entering, Xiao Yan instantly knew that he’d poked the hornet’s’ nest.

Like an unparalleled tyrant who had been in deep slumber being suddenly awoken and releasing the most terrifying roar!

In Xiao Yan’s mind, there was only fire, purple fire, boundless and endless fire! The fire that was like a mighty ocean dyed the entire space in a terrifying, sinister purple!

“Hm!” Tao Er suddenly opened his eyes wide. Elder Yue who originally had a half-dead look also also had a more serious expression.

In the dense fog of cold air, Xiao Yan’s pained and frenzied howl travelled out from within. The next moment, a dark purple greatsword nearly 10 meters long and as wide as a door rose up into the air and pierced through the cold mist!

Xiao Yan released a furious roar, his hands holding onto a greatsword of fire and lifting it high above his head, pointing straight at the heavens. He had an imposing manner as fierce as a god of fire descending upon the human world and cleansing all evil. All enemies will be burned to nothingness.

Yu Tian was dumbstruck. He watched as Xiao Yan ripped apart the cold mist with his sword and chopped towards him!

Soaring flames arced through the air, virtually tearing apart the air and leaving behind a dark purple trail in the air that lingered on.

This attack kills all enemies below the aurous core stage!

At this time Elder Yue could not longer sit by idly and he released a cold snort.

Light flickered in front of Yu Tian and a divine blackstone mountain suddenly surfaced. It was ancient, heavy, majestic and indestructible.

Xiao Yan’s cultivation level is far inferior to his and the fire greatsword was blocked the the divine blackstone mountain. Even though it struck the divine blackstone mountain and caused it to constantly shake, it was unable to break through Elder Yue’s defense spell.

The fire greatsword exploded with a bang. The flames that burst out turned into a flurry of scattered flames, hitting the surrounding qi disciple and foundation establishment cultivators and causing them to flee in a panic.

Elder Yue exhaled a long breath: “Not bad boy!” But he did not show any mercy. He formed a spell sign and the divine blackstone mountain flew up into the air and pressed down towards Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan looked at this scene unresigned, but he no longer had the strength to attack again. The black metal greatsword fell heavily to the ground. All of his mana was exhausted and he couldn’t even move a pinky finger.

“This sword of yours, give it to me too.” He heard Elder Yue’s voice beside his ears. Xiao Yan wanted to resist, but the divine blackstone mountain directly pressed him down on the ground, the black metal greatsword was also already snatched off the ground.

Elder Yue swung around the black metal greatsword: “It is indeed extraordinary, but you are unworthy of it.” While speaking, he increased his mana and the divine blackstone mountain shrank to the size of a millstone, but its weight increased instead, crushing Xiao Yan making him lie on the ground unable to move.

“Speak, where is that Master of yours?”

Xiao Yan lay on the ground, he clenched his teeth not speaking. His entire skeleton were creaking and all of the bones in his body were about to be crushed by Elder Yue’s spell!

Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian exclaimed: “Eldest Apprentice-Brother!”

“Quiet!” Xiao Yan roared in a low voice. Blood faintly exuded from his face. He strained himself and turned his head looking towards Elder Yue: “Take it easy old geezer. One day my master will find you guys to settle things and cut down your dog heads!”

Tao Er at the side walked over, his face was expressionless: “There won’t be that day. The result will only be me killing him. Unfortunately you are destined to be unable to see that wonderful scene.”

Only at this time did Yu Tian who was still in shock collect his wits. He stared at Xiao Yan with a dark expression. He never imagined that he would almost be killed by a qi disciple level 9 kid. Right now he is a bit furious from embarrassment: “Elder Yue, break all of the bones in this little bastard’s body.”

He stared at Xiao Yan and said with a cruel smile: “You are very loyal to your master, but is there any use? What need is there for a master who can’t even protect his own disciple. He’s nothing but a worthless wretch.”

Xiao Yan growled: “Bullshit!”

Elder Yue constantly increased his power. Xiao Yan’s body was already releasing the sound of bones breaking, putting him in a cold sweat from the pain. Elder Yue said coldly: “I’ll give you another chance. Tell me where your master is and I’ll end your suffering.”

“In, your, dreams!” Xiao Yan said one word at a time, using all of the strength in his body.

Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian wanted to charge over, but they were respectively surrounded by the cultivators of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji and the Yu clan. They are hopelessly outnumbered and are also about to be captured.

Tao Er looked at Zhu Yi and said slowly: “Young Master Yi, do you see? Maybe that demon is right around here, watching his own disciple suffer but not daring to come out to save him. You tell me, what use is there is having such a waste as your master?”

With a quiet and pale face, Zhu Yi did not say anything.

Yu Tian on the other hand, walked over beside Xiao Yan and kicked Xiao Yan’s back. He laughed saying: “You are wrong Mister Tao Er. Looking at this black-clothed kid, you know that a piece of trash taking a piece of trash as his master is just perfect.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were bloodshot: “Don’t call me trash!” The feeling of powerlessness today made him think of those dark three years of time again.

Yu Tian laughed saying: “I called you that, what can you do about it?”

“Not much, you just need to leave your life behind.”

A cold and indifferent voice suddenly sounded in the air.

Yu Tian’s smile froze on his face. Everybody’s expression slightly changed.

Tao Er and Old Geezer Yue turned their gazes towards the distance. There, two people appeared.

One of them is a thin and small youth, closely following behind another person.

That is a young daoist in a wide-sleeved robe wearing daoist clothes, staring at them without any expression on his face.

Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian called out simultaneously: “Master!”

On the ground, Xiao Yan had already fallen into a semi-unconscious state. After seeing who came, his eyes beamed with a weak radiance and he started to laugh.

Lin Feng looked at the black-clothed youth whose face was covered in blood. After being silent for a moment, he nodded his head not saying anything, but Xiao Yan understood his meaning.

Turning around and facing Yu Tian and co., Lin Feng only said one line.

“Come die!”

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