AAIAALSS Chapter 5: Her appearance made it seem like time had gone back

I was in the mood for translating some more of this. No, it’s not what you’re thinking… I think.

「Take me to the amusement park.」


「You don’t understand? Is it because I didn’t add a subject or something? You’re clearly just a perverted lolicon but you’re such a bother. Listen closely, I want you to take me to the amusement park right now!”」

Yumeno Sena straightened her body. She was clearly lifting her head and looking at me, but she could naturally use a condescending tone.

「You didn’t go home at all last night, won’t your parents be worried if you don’t go home?」

「It’s okay, just now I already called them telling them I’m going to the amusement park to play with a friend.」

「Don’t tell me that when you were on the rooftop just now you already calculated that I would come to the rooftop to apologize to you, and then you would be able to propose the demand of me taking you to the amusement park to play, are you Conan Edogawa?」(TL: Detective Conan. If you didn’t know that, you and me can’t be friends.)

「Pretty much. Anyhow, letting a perverted lolicon like you take me to the amusement park, you definitely can’t refuse.」

Sena spread her hands. I already understand that I have to take her there. Me who gave up on resisting went down from the rooftop first, Sena followed closely behind.

I thought of the distance between the apartment and the closest amusement park and felt that it would be better to bus over. Thus I brought along Sena to the nearest bus stop. Taking this bus we can go directly beside the amusement park.

「Are we taking the bus?」

「You don’t have that kind of princess setting where you can’t even stand taking the bus, right? I don’t care about you, anyhow my wallet is unable to support me taking the taxi to such a distant place again.」

「I’m not so unapt as to be unable to stand riding on the bus, I’m just randomly asking. On the contrary, why is your reaction so big you perverted lolicon?」

Being together with her my blood pressure really has been breaking new records every moment. If I die from a heart attack in the future it’s definitely her fault.

Not making us wait for too long, very quickly the bus gradually appeared on the horizon in our vision. When it drove closer I could see that the bus wasn’t too empty. Even though it’s a lot better compared to having nowhere to stand during rush hour, there won’t necessarily be seats if we board right now. We boarded the bus. After buying two tickets to the amusement park we surveyed the bus and discovered that there was still one empty seat.

「Sena, you stand and wait for the bus to reach the amusement park.」

Hahaha, luckily there is still one seat. How could I foolishly give the seat to her and then stand by myself for so long! Before she could react I hurriedly occupied that spot, bearing the surrounding gazes of contempt and sitting down with an easy conscious.

「Che, you perverted lolicon, you’re doing this on purpose?」

Before I could understand the meaning in her words she sat directly on my legs, leaning her petite body on me. I could feel some soft parts press against me.

「Are all perverted lolicons so good at finding benefits for themselves?」

I miscalculated… I didn’t think that there was still this way. I bring shame to all of the lolicons in the world! But I think the majority of lolicons who don’t understand the truth might be seething with envy against me, at the very least amongst the surrounding gazes there are a couple that are very hot.

And yet, never mind Sena sitting on my legs, she was actually naughtily rubbing against my body. Especially that place she was sitting on, hehe, don’t underestimate me, do you think I will have some sort of reaction to you?

A couple minutes late I stood up and let her sit by herself.

「Pervert lolicon, you don’t want to get more intimate with me in a place with so many people? Looks like you don’t have the attribute of getting more excited in crowded areas.」

I was already incredibly embarassed right now, luckily her voice is very quiet and only I can hear.

Afterwards, the long period of standing was honestly too painful, so I used a myriad of positions to relieve the fatigue in my leg. In the end I finally survived to the stop.

「Yawn… I’m so tired from sitting for so long.」

After getting off the bus Sena stretched herself. She completely did not consider the feelings of me this person who stood for so long that my legs almost broke.

「Come on come on! I’m going to play to the fullest today!」

I waited in the long line with her. Today is afterall the weekend, there are also relatively more people coming to the amusement park. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes it was finally my turn.

「How many people?」


「It’s one adult ticket and one child ticket, right.」

「Child ticket? Um… yeah.」

At this moment Sena just happened to be standing under a height line. Just a bit and she could reach the 150 cutoff line. After entering the amusement park, Sena was very discontent with the ticket seller’s behaviour of mistaking her as a child. I could only go and buy ice-cream to make it up to her, in any case the child ticket she just bought also saved me a great expense.

「Let’s go play that first to warm up!」

「Are you serious?」

I looked towards the roller coaster in the direction of her finger, an appropriate scream just perfectly travelled over at this moment.

「Do you usually eat the meat first for your appetizer and leave the vegetables for last?」

「What kind of stupid metaphors are you using you pervert lolicon, anyway we’ve got to ride that first to light up the atmosphere!”」

Under her strong demand we sat on this “iron dragon”. A minute later it will take me to experience a “marvelous” adventure. Looking at the dramatic curved path ahead, I looked with a pale face at Sena who was excited beside me. For her this probably really is just livening the mood…

“Sizzle….” The roller coaster gradually started moving. Under Sena’s strong demand I sat with her in the first row. The metal chain pulled the massive train towards a small slope, in a bit the train then rushed down from the small slope. There wasn’t anything thrilling about the entire process, but I knew that this was just the start.

Pray tell why does a roller coaster ride have to set up so many small slopes before the most thrilling section? In terms of physics, it’s to increase the inertia of the train. Like this at the most thrilling section it can slow down moving up for a while and then have the metal chain easily pull it up. And from a psychological point of view, if it was the fucking most thrilling section straight off the bat you’d piss your pants!

This is like the demon king and hero theme in old-school RPG games. Don’t they all have the hero set out from the novice village, constantly fighting monsters along the way to level up and then in the end using the holy sword and holy shield to go challenge the big bad demon king. If you let the LV.1 hero holding a wooden sword and wooden shield encounter the demon king who came for a stroll at the novice village entrance, then what is there to play?

And I am a bit different. Even though I’ve already slain a couple of monsters before, my current level is at most LV10, my equipment is also at most an iron sword and iron shield. So this is the reason I found for me screaming in fear during the roller coaster’s 360 degree loop.

「Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee deeeeeeeeeeeeemoooooooooooon kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis toooooooooooooooo early ah—–」

You want to ask me why I ended prematurely with an “ah” at the end when I said this line with a trembling voice during the loop?

I who is currently constantly rinsing out my mouth in the amusement park washroom can warn you that after playing this kind of programme, honestly don’t speak. It’s very easy to bite your tongue.

「You’re honestly worthless. You’re clearly a pervert lolicon but you can even bite your tongue from a warmup.」

「 Dish haf noshing to do wish roricon (This has nothing to do with lolicon)!」(TL: I have absolutely no clue how to write this.)

「Okay okay, don’t talk anymore. It hurts just watching.」

After I spit out all of the blood in my mouth, Sena gave an ice-cream to me.

「Eat some ice-cream and your tongue won’t hurt so much.」

「Ah… Thanks.」

The scene right now is like when we just arrived at the amusement park. Me and Sena are sitting on a bench, but the one eating ice-cream has become me.

「Is it good?」

「It’s okay…」


Sena came close to me and stuck out her rosy little tongue, licking the ice-cream in my hand like a cat.

「It’s so good, I think it’s even better than the one I ate.」

「I feel like the taste won’t be different.」

「You pervert lolicon, why do you still have the time to make comments, shouldn’t you immediately stick out that crude tongue of yours and lick the cream where I licked and experience what my saliva tastes like?」

「When you say it like that I kinda don’t want to eat it anymore…」

「Hurry up and eat! It’s all your fault for being so worthless, making me waste so much time to play.」

Under Sena’s urging I finishing off the ice-cream neat and quickly. The frosty feeling in my mouth did indeed make the part of the tongue that I bit feel much better.

Next up I don’t know whether Sena found her conscious or if she really wanted to play them, the majority of the games we played afterwards were all relatively entertaining but not thrilling games.

But facing this double carousel in front I will not go on no matter what.

「Hurry up and go in with me.」

「No, only this one I am firmly against.」

「You pervert lolicon, shouldn’t you like this kind of ride the most? You can clearly go in and look at even more cute 3d lolis!」

「That’s right, I am indeed a lolicon, but me riding on this is honestly too shameful. So I will absolutely not go in, just give up.」

Seeing that she couldn’t convince even until the end, Sena angrily went in by herself. Actually, it’s not like there aren’t any adults who go in and ride the double carousel, but my dignity just doesn’t allow me to go in. As for the reason… How should I put it. When a regular boy moves up to high school, he will start to customarily think that childish things like these are not suitable for him, start to seem dismissive of those books that a lot of people read and instead recommend some very unpopular books to show that he has a unique perspective, start to think that he is already a mature person and look down on some childish behaviours. All in all, this can all be explained using one term.

Konibyo Syndrome. (TL: Chuunibyou is middle school second year syndrome, the term used in the novel is high school second year syndrome. GT tells me that’s konibyo.)

Aoba Yi dealt 99999999 damage to Aoba Yi.

Aoba Yi entered abnormal state 「Melancholy」.

Ah… Honestly, why do I have to criticize myself? I decided to first leave this rotating structure that makes me feel sad. Yet right after taking a few steps, I caught a glimpse of a person sitting on a bench.

For an instant I stood there dazed as if I’d been struck by lightning, she who stood in the park underneath that starry sky that year gradually surfaced in my brain…

「I have no need to tell you my name, your appearance to me is just a fleeting meteor」

Her eyes were even more radiante than the stars in the sky. Her voice was even more distant than the long night. For me she was also a fleeting meteor, and in the end she crashed in my heart.

I approached in slight disbelief that girl who is so similar to her. The same glossy black hair, the same black dress, the same cool, beautiful appearance.

She noticed me approaching her but she didn’t look scared at all. This is also very similar to her.


「Stop pervert lolicon! What do you want to do!」

Sena who came out from the double carousel ride stopped my seemingly “indecent” behaviour. Seeing me not have any further action, she carefully walked to the side of the black dress little girl.

「Just now I was far away so I wasn’t certain, I didn’t think that it was actually you, Classmate Yoruhisa.」

The black dress little girl nodded her head at Sena, looks like they know each other.

「Classmate Yoruhisa, this idiot lolicon didn’t do anything to you, right?」

Yorushia shook her head.

「Good thing I came on time, or else I really don’t know what kind of perverse things this guy would do!」

「That’s it with you! No matter what I am a lolicon who stands in the lolicon circle of cherishing lolis as their purpose!」

I looked closely at the black dress girl called Yoruhisa by Sena. I saw that there were still differences between her and the her of the past. Compared to the her of that time, Yoruhisa is a bit more mature. The her of that time looked to be as old as me during that time, if I could meet her now she should at the very least be in high school.

「Do you and this girl know each other?」

「Yeah, Yoruhisa is my classmate. Even though she doesn’t speak much, her popularity in the class is extremely high!」

「I can see that she’s at least a bit taller than you.」

Compared to Yoruhisa, Sena’s height that doesn’t surpass 150 cm is indeed a bit shorter. Yoruhisa’s intricate, doll-like face matched perfectly with her long dress that was as black as night,.

Under the stars that day, she was also wearing a black dress, as if blending together with the night sky.

「Classmate Yoruhisa, why are you here?」


「Could it be that you’re lost?」

Yoruhisa lightly shook her head. It looks like she just doesn’t want to speak.

「Your classmate is the same age as you. Even you can’t get lost, how could she become lost?」

「I feel like recently you’re speaking more arrogantly you pervert lolicon? Should I have you draw some BL illustrations to cool down?」

「…. I’m sorry, I’ve already cooled down right now.」

Yoruhisa stood up from the bench and calmly walked away.

「She just left like that….」

「You pervert lolicon, so you like Yoruhisa’s type more? Whatever, Yoruhisa is also indeed a very cute girl, it’s quite within reason for you to like her. But I’m warning you, you’re absolutely not allowed to do anything strange to her.」

「What are you thinking… Have you ever seen me approach a loli so casually before? I am a benchmark lolicon who silently cherishes lolis from far away not giving them pressure. For me it is their smiles that are the most important! 」

「If you say it like that you do seem to be right. Along the way, even though I regularly saw you using your disgusting gaze to look at the other girls in the amusement park, you did indeed not bring any trouble to them. So to say, you were unable to resist Yoruhisa’s charm which is why you couldn’t help lay your hands on her you pervert lolicon.」

「Exactly how did you suddenly come to this conclusion? I just thought of someone after seeing her!」

「Thought of someone? Usually when a guy hits on a girl doesn’t he always say “Miss, you are very similar to a person I know”, this kind of method? How come kidnapping little lolis now has unified with the method of hitting on girls? Could it be that the method of taking her to go see goldfishes is already out of fashion in kidnapping little lolis now?」

「Why do you know so much? Are you the lolicon or am I the lolicon? Moreover the method of taking little girls to see goldfishes was outdated a long time ago, okay?」

「Then what method is used now?」

「Taking her swim… No wait, I don’t kidnap little lolis! I really feel like she’s very similar to a person!」

「Is it that girl you said you liked when you were in grade four?」

「I already said it’s not… Eh! How do you know!」

「Who else could you think of after seeing a little loli?」

Sena’s words drew blood with one prick…

「It does indeed seem to be like that…」

「Could it be that Yoruhisa is that girl you like? Even though you guys are only two years apart it’s still possible, but she looks like she doesn’t remember you at all.」

「No, she shouldn’t be. That girl should be about my age, but this classmate of yours called Yoruhisa really is very similar to her. She’s entirely her appearance after growing up a bit.」

「Then could it be Yoruhisa’s older sister or something? Oh right, you should at least know her name, right! Yoruhisa’s full name is Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki.」


「Could it be that you’re actually so worthless that you didn’t even ask her name you pervert lolicon? Even if it was grade four you are so lame!」

「I asked! Don’t randomly belittle grade four me! It’s just she didn’t tell me…」

「Then we can still conclude that the grade four you is so worthless!」

I lowered my head. Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki, I’ve already remember the name of this girl who is so similar to her.

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