HN1F Chapter 78: Flowing Wind Sigil, Wind & Thunder Genesis Sigil Formation

I choose you, Pikachu!

Lin Feng first entered into the trading system.

This time he has a clear goal, that is to try and find three suitable dao techniques. Trying his luck in the lottery system is naturally placed at the back, first he’s going to find ones to his liking in the trading system.

Lin Feng saved up not using the 500 trading points rewarded from the Black Cloud Underground Palace side quest before and the 500 trading points rewarded from taking in Zhu Yi as his disciple. Now adding the 500 trading points rewarded from taking in Wang Lin as his disciple, Lin Feng has currently saved up a total of 1500 points.

Compared to when the system was first initiated and the mere 300 points provided by the novice gift, Lin Feng could be considered relatively rich.

But dao techniques are all expensive items, he still needs to plan carefully when trading them.

“Art of the Scattered Stars, secret dao technique of the Way of the Stars, comprehending the rotation and movement of the stars in the heavens… This should be able to meet the requirement for “Heaven”, right?” Lin Feng scanned the price: “800 trading points?”

Lin Feng slightly knit his brow and then carefully searched in the trading system for a moment, but there was only the Art of the Scattered Stars this one dao technique related to “Heaven”.

“Look at the other ones first.” Lin Feng changed target and continued searching.

“Heavenly Wind Daoist Scripture, secret dao technique of the Heavenly Wind Temple, comprehending the profound mysteries of the circulation of wind and cloud. Can obtain the Heaven Twister Gale skill from cultivation.”

“Art of the Turbid Waves, secret dao technique of the Turbid Waves School, a technique for simultaneous mastery of both water and earth spiritual energy… Water and earth coincide perfectly, sediment in lakes. Hm, sounds good.”

Sounding good is one thing, but the price made Lin Feng a bit worried.

These two dao technique are the same price as the Art of the Scattered Stars. They all cost 800 trading points.

The three added together are a whole 2400 trading points. Lin Feng laughed helplessly. Just now he felt like he could be considered a rich man, looking at it now he’s still a poor guy.

“Let’s buy one first and then see if I can get lucky in the lottery. If all else fails, I have to do everything possible to get a side quest and earn some more trading points.” Lin Feng pondered, at any rate the system still left one year for him.

The main quest this time is a one shot deal. As long as he gathers 8 suitable dao techniques, he can merge and create his own, original fundamental dao technique for his sect. Not like the last main quest where he had to find his four disciples one by one.

Thinking of the reward of the main quest, Lin Feng felt his heart blaze.

Even though power sources are not easy to find, the War God Golem’s might gave Lin Feng a deep impression. When he completes the main quest again this time, the reward presumably won’t be stingy either?

Lin Feng first payed 800 trading points and exchanged for the Art of the Scattered Stars.

Comprehending the Art of the Scattered Stars, a magnificent scene appeared in Lin Feng’s mind.

Like a completely clear night sky, the vast starry sky could be seen at a glance. The stars in the heavens flowed endlessly, thousands of millions of stars wandered and spun in front of Lin Feng one after another, rendering the most mysterious and magnificent scenes one by one.

Absentmindedly, Lin Feng felt like he was in a space of nothingness. Space did not have a boundary, time did not have an end, he just stood there silently flying and wandering with the stars beside him.

The disappearance and movement of every star seemed to harbor a principle of the universe.

But when Lin Feng wanted to probe the secrets within, they brushed past him and it was difficult to see the truth.

“The conception of this dao technique is excellent. Millions of stars, each harboring a powerful and profound principal. But in the end, the person who created the dao technique hadn’t reached that level, he could only scratch the surface. In the end he only had a hazy understanding and shook around a half bottle of vinegar, flaunting his half-assed knowledge.”

Lin Feng shook his head in regret but didn’t take it to heart, because right now the black hole representing “Heaven” of the eight trigrams had already lit up with white light.

Before Lin Feng after all only had a guess that this dao technique that comprehends the secrets of the stars could meet the requirement. But if he guessed wrong, those 800 big bucks would have gone completely down the drain.

But reality shows that the Art of the Scattered Stars meets the system’s requirement and Lin Feng relaxed his mind.

Eight types of dao techniques, now he has already gathered six. Just two more and he can merge them together.

Coming out from the trading system, Lin Feng entered into the lottery system and prayed in his heart: “It would be the best if I could directly get one, then things would be very easy.”

First he looked at the wheel system, the three dao techniques in it all do not meet the requirements.

Entering into the dice system, Lin Feng looked at the selected items. The first thing that entered his eyes was a Great Thunder Revival Skill.

“Holy cow.” Lin Feng breathed in and continued looking down. He saw the Heavenly Wind Daoist Scripture quietly placed in the number 12 grid.

Lin Feng was a bit divided. One cannot have both the fish and the bear paw. This kind of decision alway makes people’s balls hurt.

But very soon, Lin Feng noticed an even more ball aching matter.

The Great Thunder Revival Pill’s number is 1, that is to say the dice has to roll a one to be able to get the pill.

… But the problem is, how can three dice roll a one? The smallest is a three.

Before he’s never encountered the situation where what he wanted was in 1 or 2, so Lin Feng didn’t really care and he only reacted over now. You actually can’t get one or two in this dice system, adding the two empty grids, there are actually four grids in the dice system where he can’t obtain the item within.

Lin Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “You stingy system, taking advantage of me even on this kind of small thing?”

But Lin Feng could accept it this time. The system essentially made his choice for him, just go straight for the Heavenly Wind Daoist Scripture in number 12.

“12… 12… 12! Go!”

Under the control of Lin Feng’s thought, the system threw the dice. The three dice started to rapidly spin on the light disk.

The first die stopped very soon. Lin Feng looked over and his heart sank half way down.


Lin Feng’s heart instantly tightened. The remaining two dice have to be a six and a five for him to be able to get the Heavenly Wind Daoist Scripture.

Very soon the second die stopped.


“Nice!” Lin Feng clapped his hands, his eyes staring straight at the last die and repeatedly chanting: “Five, five… Five!

The die stopped.

Still a six…

The first is a one, the second is a six, the third… is also a six!

Lin Feng was silent for a moment and then exploded open: “Fuck you motherfucker! You system, you’re retarded, your entire family’s retarded!” (TL: 13 points is apparently colloquialism for retarded, but just as a joke or in an unharmful way. Like cute retarded…)

“Fuck!” Lin Feng left the system with a depressed face. He couldn’t even be bothered to see what exactly was in the number 13 grid.

At this time the system notification suddenly sounded beside his ears.

“Host has triggered random side quest, Wind & Thunder Sigil!”

Lin Feng was dazed for a moment. When he returned to his senses, he first checked what exactly he got.

That is a stone talisman the size of a palm. Sparse line patterns are engraved on top, ancient and grand.

Flowing Wind Sigil, the crown treasure of the Wind & Thunder School of the past. It is a pair with another Thunder Element Sigil. The two sigils combined can set up the Wind & Thunder Genesis Sigil Formation.

The Wind & Thunder Genesis Sigil Formation, wind and thunder rage, helping each other grow hand in hand.

Cultivating inside of the Wind & Thunder Genesis Sigil Formation, the cultivator can enjoy the nourishment of endless wind and thunder spiritual energy. They can get twice the result with half the effort and their cultivation speed far surpasses the average cultivator.

Lin Feng was dazed for a moment and then checked the side quest.

Random side quest, Wind & Thunder Sigil.

Quest Background: The Wind & Thunder Sigil was originally the crown treasure of the Wind & Thunder School. In itself it does not have a lot of power, but the two combined as one can set up the Wind & Thunder Genesis Sigil Formation. This attracted the covetous eyes of other forces who went to rob it. Ultimately the Wind & Thunder School fell and the two sigils went missing.

Quest Objective: Head towards the great intersecting mountain range, the Wind & Thunder Sea where the Thunder Element Sigil is located. Use the bond between it and the Flowing Wind Sigil to find the Thunder Element Sigil.

Quest Time Limit: Three months, if not completed on time, the quest will be failed.

“Misfortune may be an actual blessing!” Lin Feng remarked with a smile plastered on his face.

This Wind & Thunder Sigil may not have any combat power, but using it to assist in cultivation, it is practically a cheat-like existence.

With this thing as compensation, his depression from not getting the Heavenly Wind Daoist Scripture was also swept away.

Not to mention he also triggered a side quest. Completing this side quest and obtaining the reward, he’ll be able to directly exchanged a dao technique from the trading system.

Lin Feng put away the Flowing Wind Sigil and calculated in his heart: “Find a way first to get a Great Thunder Revival Pill to heal Xiao Yan’s injury, and then head towards the great intersecting mountain, the Wind & Thunder Sea to find the Thunder Element Sigil.”

Thinking here, Lin Feng planned on going to check up on Monk Hui Kong who was captured by the War God Golem.

Maybe this monk from the Great Thunder Monastery might have a ready-made Great Thunder Revival Pill on his person?

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