HN1F Chapter 79: Tricking the Hell out of People

Anybody who’s interested, the 3-D animation of the manhua Feng Shen Ji comes out the 24th. Here’s a trailer and a MV

As an aurous core stage magic item, the Black Cloud Flag may have been tainted by the True Blood River Water and is unable to exert its true power in battle, but Lin Feng still easily uses its ability of carrying people to fly and shifting through space.

As a spatial type magic item, besides being able to engage in short distance spatial travel, the Black Cloud Flag can also open up an isolated space.

Two black masses of light flickered in the space. One of them is wrapping up Xiao Yan and his three apprentice-brothers. Lin Feng went to check up on them, Xiao Yan’s injury is relatively stable.

While the other mass of black light is wrapping up the War God Golem. Right now it has already become tranquil, the red light in its eyes has completely extinguished and its frightening aura has also vanished. It is just like a statue.

The War God Golem’s arms are still tightly clamped around Hui Kong. Even though the War God Golem has already lost its energy, Hui Kong who was captured by it also had his mana sealed and was unable to move.

Seeing Lin Feng, Hui Kong’s lips moved. He wanted to say something, but in the end he still closed his mouth not speaking.

On the surface Lin Feng looked like he didn’t care at all, but he was actually secretly observing Hui Kong.

“You are also here for my disciple?”

Lin Feng asked coolly: “I heard my disciples say that you recognized Hui Ku’s Buddhist Thunder Staff and you are looking for Hui Kong?”

Hui Kong raised his head and muttered a buddhist prayer: “Amitabha, I am indeed here for that traitorous junior apprentice-brother Hui Ku. Accurately speaking, I want to chase back the sariras of my sect elders that were desecrated in Hui Ku’s hands.”

“Hui Ku committed great treason and actually refined the sariras of the sect elders into magic items. I absolutely cannot sit by indifferently.”

Even though he landed in Lin Feng’s hands, Hui Kong still had a calm look. It’s not that he’s not afraid, but that he has his faith in his heart and his will is strong enough.

Lin Feng asked: “What is your buddhist name?”

Hui Kong responded: “My buddhist name is Hui Kong.”

Lin Feng looked at him and suddenly asked: “If I tell you Hui Ku’s location, what will you do after you find him?”

Hui Kong’s drooping eyelids suddenly flipped open and a strong light surged in his eyes: “Cripple his cultivation prowess and take him in front of Buddha to recite scriptures for the rest of his life to atone for his sins.

Lin Feng stared at his eyes, he knows that this big monk is telling the truth.

“Unfortunately little monk, you can’t do that anymore.” Lin Feng said calmly.

Hui Kong’s expression didn’t change: “You mean that you’re going to kill me so I am unable to find Junior Apprentice-Brother Hui Ku to get back the sariras?”

“Or are you saying that Junior Apprentice-Brother Hui Ku has already died by your hand, so I am unable to take him in front of Buddha to recite scriptures and atone?”

Lin Feng glanced at him: “Smart alec.”

Hui Kong responded: “Please enlighten me.”

Lin Feng waved his sleeve: “Hui Ku has indeed already died, but he did not die by my hand. He died together with a cultivator working under Zhu Hongwu.”

Hui Ku’s eyes narrowed slightly, his expression became serious: “The Marquis of Xuanji, Zhu Hongwu?”

In the past when the Great Zhou Dynasty joined together with many forces to exterminate the Great Thunder Monastery, the Marquis of Xuanji was the commander in chief. Hui Kong is also a disciple of the Great Thunder Monastery, even though he’s not as extreme like Hui Ku, he also harbours hatred towards the Marquis of Xuanji.

Lin Feng slightly sneered: “If others leave me alone, I’ll leave them alone. The second steward under Zhu Hongwu and the guest elder of the Yu clan were all smashed to bits by me. The child of the Yu main branch dared to step on my disciple, so I took his leg.”

“Why do you think I left you behind not killing you and only captured you alive?”

Hui Kong lowered his head saying: “I did not actually offend you or your disciples, I just wanted to ascertain the whereabouts of the sariras.”

Lin Feng thought: “Of course it’s because the War God Golem is out of juice.” But towards Hui Kong he naturally won’t say it like that. Hearing Hui Kong’s response, Lin Feng nodded slightly: “This is just one of the reasons, the other is because of your junior apprentice-brother, Hui Ku.”

Hui Kong looked at Lin Feng a bit surprised. Lin Feng said calmly: “Before Hui Ku passed away, I was right in front of him.”

“This Buddhist Thunder Staff was passed to me by him before he died.” Lin Feng explained: “But those 24 sariras were destroyed in the Netherworld Blood River beneath the Black Cloud Underground Palace.”

Hui Kong’s expression paled: “Netherworld Blood River! Do you speak the truth?”

Lin Feng said coolly: “I only ever say things once.”

Hui Kong’s mind was in a mess. If the sariras really were thrown into the Netherworld Blood River, they would definitely be completely contaminated by the tainted blood and lose all of their buddhist nature.

He collected his mind and said in a low voice: “I was rude, please tell me the details within.”

Lin Feng suddenly changed his tone and asked: “Because of the matter of the sariras, you are very discontent with your Junior Apprentice-Brother Hui Ku?”

Hui Kong was slightly surprised, but he still responded very openly saying: “I did indeed commit the sin of anger, but my heart is so, I do not dare to make excuses to hide it.”

Lin Feng nodded his head and continued saying: “Do you know what Hui Ku said the most before he died?” He stared at Hui Kong’ s eyes and said slowly: “Hui Ku said, he knows that he has betrayed his sect and will definitely go down to hell. He just hates that he cannot see the day when the Zhou Dynasty falls and the blood debt of his sect is avenged.”

Hui Kong instantly fell silent.

Fundamentally speaking, Hui Ku and him are the same.

Due to the hatred of his sect being exterminated, Hui Ku went against the prohibition of anger and murder, and even didn’t hesitate to refine the sariras of his sect elders into magic items. Just to increase his strength to take revenge against the Zhou Dynasty.

He himself also knows that this is an act of treason, but he was simply unable restrain the rage and hatred in his heart.

This is also Hui Ku’s will, no excuses and no need to make excuses.

Lin Feng’s sighed with regret saying: “Your Junior Apprentice-Brother Hui Ku may have been extreme, but he fights an eye for an eye. Moreover it’s not his own personal vendetta but the blood debt of his sect. Moving forward without being led astray, a tooth for a tooth, I admire people like him.”

“Hui Ku knows that you’ve always been tracking him. He doesn’t ask for you forgiveness, he just asks to be at your mercy after revenge is taken. He will also offer back the sariras.” Lin Feng said coolly: “Hui Ku had an epiphany before he died, his anger and hatred dispersed and his greatest regret wasn’t that he died before he could avenge his sect, but that the sariras were lost in the Netherworld Blood River and he was unable to return them to you.”

Hui Kong’s expression gradually paled, a trace of agony surfaced in his eyes.

Lin Feng was paying attention to every miniscule change in his expression. Seeing this, he became even more confident in his heart. He hurriedly struck the iron while it was hot: “Hui Ku has always hoped to be able to obtain your forgiveness. The reason he gave that Buddhist Thunder Staff to me is because he hoped that I could return it to you and pass along a message for him. He said that he is destined to enter into the infernal hell to atone, but all of his actions have been for the Great Thunder Monastery. If he had any selfish motives, may the heavens strike him down!”

“The reason I gave the Buddhist Thunder Staff to my disciple before was just temporarily for him to defend himself.” Lin Feng said casually: “Since I’ve enountered you today I’ll hand it over to you.”

Finishing speaking, Lin Feng handed over the Buddhist Thunder Staff to Hui Kong, but Hui Kong did not accept it. His face was pale and he only muttered to himself: “Junior Apprentice-Brother, you walked the wrong path, you really did walk the wrong path… You were so silly, sigh!”

At this stage, Lin Feng already completely knows that in the past when they were training at the Great Thunder Monastery, Hui Kong’s and Hui Ku’s relationship must have been extremely close. It’s very possible that they were taught by the same master and were apprentice-brothers who lived and ate together.

After the Great Thunder Monastery fell, the two people escaped together. Hui Ku who had a violent and extreme temper refined the sariras of his sect elders as magic items to increase his strength, and due to this, upright and serious natured Hui Kong split with him.

It was precisely because of their close relationship in the past that Hui Kong was so intolerant of Hui Ku doing this kind blasphemous thing like desecrating the remains of his elders, and why he would be so committed to capturing Hui Ku and getting back the sariras.

Making clear of the relations within, Lin Feng decisively made the final attack: “So, the reason you can escape under my hand with your life today, half of the credit goes to that junior apprentice-brother of yours who’s been pursued by you the whole time. Take care of yourself, where you go from now on is up to you.”

Hui Kong sighed at the sky. Tears fell like rain and he was silent not speaking.

Lin Feng’s expression was calm, he stared at him not speaking.

After a long while, Hong Kong’s mood finally calmed down. He inhaled a deep breath, looking at Lin Feng and saying: “Thank you for telling me all of these things and undoing the knot in my heart for these past 10 years.”

“Junior Apprentice-Brother Hui Ku gave this Buddhist Thunder Staff to you. Since you’ve already passed it on to your disciple, I naturally won’t ask for it. I believe that even Junior Apprentice-Brother Hui Ku will also agree with this decision of mine.”

Lin Feng asked calmly: “What will you do when I release you?”

Hui Kong said: “I wish to head towards the Zhou Dynasty’s Tianjing City and take a trip to that underground palace to pay my respects to Hui Ku. Then I’ll try and enter deep into the underground palace to see if I am lucky enough find a couple of sariras. The odds may be slim, but I will still do my best.”

Lin Feng could tell that this monk is the kind of person who keeps his word, every word he spits out is a nail down in the plank, thus he loosened the War God Golem’s restraint and released Hui Kong.

Hui Kong brought his palms together: “Before I offended you and your disciples. Thank you for your magnanimity, I am eternally grateful. If luck brings us together again in the future, if there is anything I can do, I am at your disposal.”

Lin Feng nodded his head indifferently. Hui Kong chanted a buddhist prayer again and then used the Garuda Windsurfing Technique, disappearing in the distance in an instant.

Watching Hui Kong’s distancing figure, Lin Feng exhaled a long breath.

Due to Zhu Yi, he is bound to go against the House of the Marquis of Xuanji and the Great Zhou Dynasty. There is only good and no harm in burying a few more nails for them.

The enemy of an enemy is a friend. If he can make use of him, why wouldn’t he?

“Moreover… Hehe!” Lin Feng laughed while taking out a storage bag, this is Hui Kong’s storage bag: “The storage bag of an aurous core stage cultivator, there should be some stuff in here.”

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