HN1F Chapter 80: Amazing Luck

It’s a trap!!!

With Lin Feng’s cultivation level, he naturally can’t undo the seal left behind on the storage bag by an aurous core stage cultivator.

But it is no match for the True Netherworld Water he has that can purify all mana. He retrieved the Netherworld Bead from Wang Lin. Even though he can’t use the Netherworld Bead to fight enemies, it’s still very easy for him to draw out some True Netherworld Water to remove the seal Hui Kong left on the storage bag.

Opening the storage bag, he stuck out his head and took a glance. Instantly, Lin Feng twitched his lips.

This Monk Hui Kong seems to walk the path of penance, his storage bag is broke, there really isn’t anything good inside.

Besides some miscellaneous items like clothes and money, there are only some medicinal ingredients.

Lin Feng  knows absolutely nothing about medicinal ingredients, he could only miserably cross-reference them with the system one by one to determine the species of the medicinal ingredients.

While looking, Lin Feng became ecstatic.

These ingredients are actually all the raw materials for the Great Thunder Revival Pill. With these ingredients and adding the pill formula obtained from Hui Ku, Lin Feng can make the Great Thunder Revival Pill himself.

“Not bad, not bad. Even though it’s a bit troublesome, it’s not a big deal. Do things yourself to enrich your life.” Lin Feng thought happily and continued to inspect the storage bag.

Suddenly, a bronze mirror attracted Lin Feng’s attention.

The mirror is one foot in diameter. The mirror frame is intact, but there is a giant hole in the center of the mirror. Although Lin Feng can clearly sense that there is still spiritual energy retained in the bronze mirror.

Lin Feng picked up the bronze mirror and the system notification suddenly rose up beside his ears.

“Host has triggered random side quest, repairing the Universal Mirror.”

Lin Feng opened wide his mouth and only closed it after a long while: “Does Lady Fortune smile upon me?”

He still hasn’t completed the side quest from the Wind & Thunder Talisman before and now he’s got another one. Happiness came to suddenly and it truly made Lin Feng a bit surprised.

“You’re called the Universal Mirror? That’s a pretty grand name.” Lin Feng pulled himself together and started to read the quest description.

Random side quest, repairing the Universal Mirror.

Quest Background: The treasure the Universal Mirror has suffered great damage. Collect enough galaxy sand to repair the Universal Mirror.

Quest Time Limit: Three months, if not completed on time, quest is failed.

Lin Feng scratched his head: “They’re both three months, but the great intersecting mountain range and the Ancient World Marsh are to the east and west, they are far more than hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from each other? Even with the Black Cloud Flag there’s not enough time to reach the two places within three months.

With such distance, he can’t travel to the two places even with the Black Cloud Flag. The Black Cloud Flag’s spatial shifting ability can only travel short distances. If he flies, the speed is also clearly not enough.

This is still just the time spent on travelling, if he adds in the time to complete the quests and find the items, time is even more tight.

The two quests are both to find items. The items are there and he’s not afraid of someone getting there before him and taking them. But if he doesn’t complete the quests on time, the side quest rewards issued by the system will definitely be gone.

Yet it just so happens that right now Lin Feng really needs the side quest rewards to accumulate enough trading points to go trade for the dao techniques required to complete his main quest.

Side quests are all randomly issued, if he misses this opportunity he doesn’t know when he’ll get another chance.

Lin Feng embraces one principle, and that is that one’s luck is conserved. Today he had great luck so for a long time in the future he probably won’t have such treatment…

“My head hurts.” Lin Feng shook his head and once again went through Hui Kong’s storage bag. After not having any other gains, he placed his attention back on the pile of ingredients: “Before anything else, find a way to get a pill furnace first and then make a Great Thunder Revival Pill. The longer Xiao Yan’s injury drags on, the worse his condition gets.”

Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag and flew hundreds of kilometers before landing on the ground. After asking the way, he flew back up and arrived at an old city in the southeast area of the Great Qin Dynasty. This place is that same as Chuzhou, there is also a massive cultivation materials trading square.

Lin Feng’s goal is to find a pill furnace.

Even though there are furnaces in the trading system and they are also all good stuff, the amount of trading points required is too great. Right now Lin Feng desperately needs trading points to trade for dao techniques. He wishes that he could split one point into two to spend, he is truly reluctant to trade for a pill furnace.

Thus he could only come to the city square himself to find one, although Lin Feng was cautious and he brought along Zhu Yi.

Entering into the city square, he instructed Zhu Yi and then the two people split up. Lin Feng wandered around for half a day but didn’t find a suitable core furnace.

The complexity of pill furnaces is the highest of all magic items. The creation process involves alchemy, spell formations and other such things. Its creation difficulty is ranked number one in item crafting.

The Great Thunder Revival Pill also isn’t an ordinary medicine. Making this kind of high-level pill, a quality pill furnace can greatly increase the success rate and play a big role.

Lin Feng who didn’t have any gains sighed. After determining Zhu Yi’s position and walking over, he saw Zhu Yi bartering with a wandering cultivator.

Lin Feng took a close look. Zhu Yi was holding a pill furnace in his hand, it looked pitch-black and very normal, only its style was a bit quaint.

But Lin Feng doesn’t dare to look down on this pill furnace at the slightest, because it was found by Zhu Yi.

Who is Zhu Yi? The chosen one, the king of luck!

A max blessing of 10, even Xiao Budian and the others who are also main character level cannot compare with him.

This kid is definitely a weapon of mass destruction for finding treasures.

At this time Zhu Yi also saw Lin Feng walk over. He hurriedly greeted him: “Master.” At the same time he also quietly used his mana to transmit his voice to Lin Feng: “Master, this pill furnace may look ordinary, but I feel like there is something strange with it. Please make a decision Master.”

Lin Feng thought in his mind, good disciple, as long as you feel like something’s strange.

But on the surface, Lin Feng only lightly scanned the pill furnace and then didn’t pay it any more attention. Zhu Yi also didn’t speak anymore and obediently stood behind Lin Feng.

Seeing that Lin Feng is the true customer, that wandering cultivator selling things hurriedly used his silver tongue to recommend his merchandise to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng randomly picked up a white jade jewel box. It is cool to the touch but not cold. The cold aura within flowed continuously and it was always uniform without any change.

Seeing this, the seller instantly introduced with high spirits: “You have good eyes Fellow Daoist. This Energy Sealing Casket is of extraordinary quality and is carved from an entire Energy Sealing Stone. If you put valuable medicinal ingredients within, not the slightly bit of their spiritual energy and medicinal properties will be lost. It truly is an exceptional treasure.”

Once they are picked, some spiritual herbs will rapidly lose their spiritual energy and become useless. At this time, with an Energy Sealing Casket, one does not need to fail on the verge of success.

Lin Feng asked indifferently:  “How are you selling it?”

“Are you prepared to trade using an item or pills?”

“Do you want Energy Cultivation Pills?” Energy Cultivation Pills are pills Lin Feng obtained from Hui Kong’s storage bag. They are rich with spiritual energy and can solidify one’s foundation. It helps cultivator practise dao techniques.

The wandering cultivator’s eyes instantly lit up. Unless he himself knows alchemy, it is very difficult for a wandering cultivator like him without a sect to obtain pills beneficial to cultivation.

“If it’s Energy Cultivation Pills then there’s no problem.” The wandering cultivation smiled saying: “30 Energy Cultivation Pills and this Energy Sealing Casket is yours.”

Energy Cultivation Pills are not easy to make, Hui Kong’s storage bag also only has just 50-60. Hearing him actually dare to make an unreasonable demand, Lin Feng didn’t get angry. Looking at him, he lightly spit out two words: “Too expensive.”

The wandering cultivator scratched his head: “Fellow Daoist, this really is a good thing! Think about it, without an Energy Sealing Casket, if you encounter that kind of spiritual herb that rapidly loses its spiritual energy once picked, won’t you cry yourself to sleep?”

Lin Feng said casually: “Since you’re selling the Energy Sealing Casket, you’re not a herb collector or alchemist. You have absolutely no use in keeping the Energy Sealing Casket. Energy Cultivation Pills are what you truly need the most. I am willing to use pills to trade with you so make sure the price you give me is reliable.”

The smile on the wandering cultivator’s face froze and he felt distressed in his heart. Originally he saw that Lin Feng was a new face so he made an unreasonable demand, but he didn’t think that Lin Feng knows that practise. He bit his teeth and said: “25 Energy Cultivation Pills, I really can’t go any lower.”

“5.” Lin Feng grinned, but he almost made the wandering cultivator jump up: “Are you joking? Are you here to mess with me?”

Seeing him become angered, Lin Feng wasn’t worried. He said leisurely: “Just now you said this was carved from an entire Energy Sealing Stone?”

The wandering cultivator’s heart jumped. He saw Lin Feng point at the Energy Sealing Casket and say: “You tell me, what’s with this seam joined together?”

“Messing around? Who’s messing around?” Lin Feng’s expression abruptly changed and he had a cold face: “Playing tricks in this city square, what do you think the result will be?”

Laughing helplessly, the wandering cultivator said in a low voice: “Fellow Daoist, please forgive me, I also had no choice. How’s about this, 20 Energy Cultivation Pills…” Seeing Lin Feng raise his eyebrows again, he hurriedly changed it and said: “15, 15 Energy Cultivation Pills! I really can’t go any lower or else I’ll make a loss!”

“10! If you agree than we’ll trade right now, or else let’s go over to the city square administration to have a good talk.” Lin Feng laughed coldly saying.

The wandering cultivator pulled a long face and didn’t pick up the conversation. His eyes turned around for a long while and he suddenly saw the pill furnace that Zhu Yi had his eyes on before. He hurriedly said: “15 Energy Cultivation Pills and I’ll throw in this pill furnace for you. Your protege had his eyes on it just now.”

“Nice, I’ve really got amazing luck today.” Lin Feng secretly made a victory sign. On the surface he put on airs and then successfully got the pill furnace.

Heading out of the city square, Zhu Yi looked like he wanted to say something. Lin Feng glanced at him and asked: “Do you feel like my behaviour of bartering with that child for a few mere Energy Cultivation Pills was very strange?”

Zhu Yi pressed his lips together and answered: “I do indeed have uncertainty in my heart, please enlighten me Master.”

Lin Feng smiled leisurely: “In the end it comes down to money, but you must not look down on money.”

Zhu Yi responded saying: “I may have studied the classical scriptures, but I am not a pedantic bookworm who does not speak of profit. But I just feel like haggling over a bit of small profit is a bit difficult to understand.”

Lin Feng looked at him and said seriously: “Money actually harbours a powerful conception of power of invincibility and wards off evil.”

“Think about it, in the entire world, the people who pray for money everyday far surpasses the number of people who pray to gods and buddhas.”

“The word money runs through all of humanity and is current in the entire greater realm. Basically where there are people there is money.”

“The common will and demand of billions of people gathered together, what a massive force that is. Have you ever thought of all this?” Lin Feng lightly waved his sleeve and said coolly: “There are principles everywhere in the world, big and small, this is not just random talk.”

Zhu Yi was stupefied by Lin Feng’s speech. Only after a long while did he return to his senses. He bowed saying: “As Master teaches, I was shallow before.”

Lin Feng nodded his head in a composed manner and walked forward in satisfaction. Zhu Yi hurriedly followed behind him.

Bringing Zhu Yi back to their temporary accommodation, Lin Feng immediately took out the pill furnace and started to ponder about what exactly this treasure is.

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