HN1F Chapter 81: Test You Guys

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Lin Feng closely examined the pill furnace before him. Three feet, a pointed top, completely black and patterns faintly engraved on the body. It’s just that right now the pill furnace is covered in dust and dirt, clearly it hasn’t been used for a long time.

Lin Feng poured in his mana. The pill furnace didn’t have any reaction. He put in some ingredients and there was still no movement.

“It really is weird.” Lin Feng scratched his head. No wonder this pill furnace looks so old and has no signs of being used for a long time. It looks entirely like a piece of scrap without any spirituality.

But Lin Feng doesn’t plan on second-guessing Zhu Yi’s luck. He entered into the system, opening up the inventory list and checking every item one by one.

The strange patterns on the body of the furnace can be used as an important identification mark.

Hard work pays off. Lin Feng found a pill furnace at virtually the bottom of the inventory list, its characteristics are extremely similar to the one in his hands.

Celestial Heart Flame Furnace, made using celestial meteoric iron. It creates heart flames on its own, adding a strong firepower and thus can greatly increase the success rate of alchemy.

Required trading points… 3000!

Lin Feng slapped his forehead and wished that he could immediately go over to the room next door to hug and kiss Zhu Yi.

3000 trading points, even if you sell him he can’t scrape together so many trading points.

From the initiation of the system until now, even including the novice gift, the total sum of trading points that Lin Feng has accumulated and obtained is only just 2800 points.

The 700 trading points that Lin Feng currently has on his hands is only enough to buy a leg of this Celestial Heart Flame Furnace.

“Not bad, not bad at all!” Lin Feng beamed with joy, but then had doubt in his heart.

Since this pill furnace is so good, why did no one discover it?

One or two people couldn’t discover the secrets of the pill furnace, but everybody who handled it couldn’t notice?

Carrying this doubt, Lin Feng closely checked the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace’s data. He noticed a caption within: “Only the seven great true flames can exert the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace’s use to its limit.”

Lin Feng blinked his eyes and he felt slightly bitter in his mouth. He finally understands why other people couldn’t discover the worth of this pill furnace.

The seven great true flames, the apex of all fire in this world. Every kind can limitlessly increase its power. They are endlessly powerful with apocalyptic power, how can their embers be that easy to obtain?

Lin Feng massaged his throbbing temples on both sides and told himself to calm down. Word by word he pondered on the information of the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace.

“Exert to the limit… In other words, spiritual flames on a slightly lower level than the seven great true flames can also make this pill furnace work, but they can’t exert its effect to the limit.” Lin Feng figured things out a bit: “The higher grade the spiritual flame, the more distinct the effect is. If the spiritual flame’s level is too low, it will be unable to drive this pill furnace.”

Thinking here, Lin Feng’s heart settled down.

The Fury Flames of Acala is recognized as a high level spiritual flame second only to the seven great true flames.

Lin Feng immediately lay down the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation and then used the same method as before, forming Fury Flames of Acala with the three blazing arhats as the core.

The little milky white ember landed in the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace and a change instantly occurred to the pill furnace.

Just as though a slumbering giant had finally awoken.

Around the milky white Fury Flames of Acala, a circle of crimson red flames lit up around it. It flickered around as if a strongly beating heart.

Following the beating of this “heart”, fiery red markings surfaced on the inner walls of the pill furnace.

At this time, the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace that was originally only the size of a palm rapidly grew bigger. Only until it reached a height of two meters and a diameter of also nearly two meters did it stop and firmly land on the ground An astounding mana fluctuation radiated from within it.

Lin Feng smiled: “That crimson red flame like a heart should be the so-called heart flame. Hm… It is truly extraordinary. The power of incineration within the flame is not much different even compared to the Fury Flames of Acala.”

With cultivators adept in alchemy, the dao techniques they practise are usually all fire class dao techniques. They need to use their own mana flames and convert it into alchemy flames to make pills.

Lin Feng practises the Art of Acala so he has his mana alchemy flames, but before now he has never made pills before so he is rather nervous in his heart.

Placing the materials for making the Great Thunder Revival Pill in the pill furnace, Lin Feng started to carefully control the alchemy flame.

Sometimes you’ve got to admit that learning something is indeed very particular about talent.

Lin Feng worked himself to death and fiddled around for half a day. In the end when he opened the furnace to retrieve the pill, what appeared before him was just a pile of char.

“Was the fire too strong? Or were the ingredients not matched right?” Lin Feng grabbed his head in distress. The materials are still very abundant, but he can’t practise like this either.

After furrowing his brow and thinking for a moment, a light bulb suddenly lit up in his head.

“You guys all come to my room, carry your eldest apprentice-brother with you guys.” Lin Feng calmly transmitted his voice to Zhu Yi and co. next door. Afterwards he sat cross-legged, quietly awaiting the arrival of his disciples.

Xiao Budian pushed open the door and entered first. He looked at Lin Feng with question marks all over his forehead along with the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace in Lin Feng’s room that was about to poke the ceiling.

Behind him, one at the front and one at the back, Zhu Yi and Wang Lin carried a stretcher and walked into the room. Xiao Yan was lying on the stretcher, his face was pale but his mood was pretty good.

“Greetings Master.” The four people said together. Besides Xiao Yan who was lying down and couldn’t move, the other three people all bowed and saluted him.

Lin Feng lightly nodded his head and then said: “You all see this pill furnace here?”

The four people nodded their heads together. Zhu Yi asked: “Master, this is that pill furnace from the city square before?”

Lin Feng smiled slightly: “The name of this furnace is the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace. It’s a pity that it was a bright pearl covered in dust before. Now I have reactivated it and let it show its true form.”

Zhu Yi clicked his tongue in wonder: “This really is a wondrous item.”

At the side Xiao Budian asked: “Master, you called us over to look at this pill furnace?”

Lin Feng shook his head and answered: “Not at all, the reason I called you guys over is to test you guys.”

Test us?

The four people all looked at each other. On the stretcher, Xiao Yan said softly: “What test is there, please instruct us Master.”

Lin Feng pointed at the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace and said casually: “To heal Little Yan’s injury, I am currently making a type of pill, but I purposely made mistake in a couple of places. Making it as it is right now, it is doomed to fail.”

“Right now I will test you guys to see if you guys have the spirit or gift for alchemy, and if you guys can pick the the mistakes that I purposely left behind.” Lin Feng said with a poker face and handed the pill formula for the Great Thunder Revival Pill over to them. He also seriously explained the function of the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace.

“Am I too shameless? I think I’m just average…” Thoughts turned in Lin Feng’s mind, but his face still had a sanctimonious appearance. He said lightly: “You guys can discuss between yourselves, I am listening at the side. I know in my heart whoever proposes a correct idea.”

The four people exchanged gazes and then gathered together beside Xiao Yan’s stretcher. They started discussing with their heads touched together.

Lin Feng secretly perked his ears listening to the content of their discussion and then compared it with his own views. He had quite the gain.

He has to say that the system’s judgement is very accurate. Among the four people, Xiao Yan was the fastest to get the hang of alchemy and has the deepest understanding. In regards to the mistakes in Lin Feng’s original alchemical procedure, Xiao Yan found them the fastest and he also found the most.

As for whether or not they’re accurate, that remains to be verified.

In the end, the other three people also chose Xiao Yan to make the summary.

“… The Sky Bone Herb cannot be placed entirely into the pill furnace to be refined, it has to first be ground into powder; the Frost Dew and the Jadefire Phosphorus Herb need to be mixed together first before being thrown into the pill furnace to be refined, they cannot be thrown in separately.” Xiao Yan concluded. At the end, after hesitating for a moment he continued saying: “Also, I think the time for opening the furnace should cut short by one hour, but I am not certain about this point.”

Lin Feng’s demeanor was quiet and calm. After listening to Xiao Yan finish speaking everything, he lifted his head asking the other three people: “Do you guys still have anything else to add?”

The other three people all shook their heads so Lin Feng smiled saying: “You’re done speaking, not going to change anything more?”

Xiao Yan bit his teeth: “No.”

Lin Feng stood up and said with a smile: “I won’t make any comments, we’ll let reality speak for itself. I will use you guys’ method to make this batch of pills and see what the result is in the end.” Finishing speaking, he did as Xiao Yan said, treating the ingredients and starting to make the pill.

Lin Feng controlled the furnace flame, the four disciples also closely watched the pill furnace. Xiao Yan was especially nervous and his palms were even starting to sweat a bit.

The four people didn’t know that Lin Feng was actually even more nervous than them. He stared anxiously at the pill furnace: “Ya little kid, you better be right.”

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