HN1F Chapter 84: If the Snake does not Die

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“You’re looking for galactic sand?”

“That’s right.”

Hearing Wang Lin answer like so, Xue Chao waved his hand without demur: “Capture this kid first.”

Wang Lin’s heart sank. He never could have thought that the opposite party would want to do him harm after just saying two lines.

Could it be that these people are also searching for galactic sand?

Wang Lin was baffled, but he didn’t have the spare time to dwell on it. A tight-uniformed youth behind Xue Chao was already heading towards him.

He released his mana fluctuations without any concealment. Even Wang Lin can determine that this is an enemy he is entirely unable to beat.

Qi disciple level 8.

10 of Wang Lin who is at qi disciple level 2 aren’t even a match for a qi disciple level 8 cultivator. The gap in cultivation level between the two parties is honestly too great.

Seeing Lin Feng not have any movement behind him, Wang Lin thought: “Does Master want to test me?”

Wang Lin pulled himself together and looked calmly at the tight-uniformed youth walk over with a careless face. He clearly also doesn’t think that a little qi disciple level 2 cultivator can pose a threat to him.

This person’s attitude instead aroused the fighting spirit in Wang Lin’s heart: “Whether or not I can beat him is one thing, having the courage to fight is another.”

Thinking here, Wang Lin kept calm and quietly watched the opponent draw near.

Seeing Wang Lin appear as if to be scared dumb and not moving at all, the tight-uniformed youth laughed saying: “If you’re smart you won’t need to suffer.”

Finishing speaking, he extended his hand and grabbed at the air. His mana turned into an invisible big hand, shadowing over Wang Lin.

In an instant, the surrounding air around Wang Lin’s body all seemed to have frozen, crushing together towards Wang Lin and making it difficult for him to breath.

But Wang Lin was not scared and was instead delighted, because he has seen that his opponent is completely unconcerned with him. He didn’t even use any spells with this grab, he just simply used his own mana to capture Wang Lin.

His movements are so carefree that there are openings and weak points everywhere over his body.

Wang Lin quietly inhaled a deep breath and still did not move recklessly. He silently awaited the enemy’s invisible big hand formed by mana and watched as it already arrived in front of him.

The tight-uniformed youth relaxed his mind even more which makes sense. Don’t mention that he has foundation establishment stage Mister Ma holding the line on his side, even without him a mere qi disciple level 2 kid can only obediently submit before him.

But right at this instant when his attitude was the most relaxed and careless, Wang Lin suddenly moved.

Right when the giant mana hand was about to grab him, Wang Lin suddenly stepped forward and extended his arms.

Wang Lin’s left hand formed a spell sign while his right index finger pointed out, directed straight at the tight-uniformed youth.

The tight-uniformed youth was stunned and he saw an extremely thin sliver of black air shoot out from Wang Lin’s right index finger, straightening into a thread and shooting towards him.

This black thread was like a knife cutting through tofu, easily piercing through the giant invisible hand formed by the tight-uniformed youth’s mana. The condensed mana did not cause any obstruction to the black thread and it let the black thread pass through without any resistance.

In the time that this tight-uniformed youth was slightly dazed, this black thread had already arrived in front of him.

Seeing this, Lin Feng who was in the back immediately started to laugh silently.

The reason he purposely didn’t appear is indeed because he wants to observe Wang Lin’s overall performance when encountering trouble.

The result made Lin Feng extremely pleased.

The opposite party suddenly turned hostile and Wang Lin was surprised but did not fall into a panic. Facing an opponent much more powerful than himself, he calmly seized the opportunity and suddenly attacked right when the enemy was the least vigilant.

Finger of Hades, a skill derived from the Netherworld Nirvana Manual. After Lin Feng taught it to him Wang Lin has clearly also practised it diligently.

Pointing with his finger, the mana mixed with the aura of the True Netherworld Water condenses into a thread that is virtually capable of destroying anything. The opponent’s qi disciple level 8 mana cultivation level may be greatly superior to Wang Lin, but the True Netherworld Water performed its special effect of purifying the mana of others and directly pierced through the opponent’s giant mana hand.

Looking at the tight-uniformed youth’s stunned face, Wang Lin’s heart quivered. Although his reaction was calm, this is after all his first time fighting with someone.

Thinking of the result that he could possibly kill this person, Wang Lin couldn’t help but slightly hesitate.

With just this slight hesitation, the black thread formed by the mana of the Finger of Hades instantly trembled and became not so stable.

Lin Feng wrinkled his forehead and called out crap in his heart.

While in the opposing group, Mister Ma’s eyebrows shook and he relaxed his heart.

Sure enough, the black thread slightly quivered and its speed slowed down a bit.

The tight-uniformed youth had already reacted over and just barely crooked his head, dodging Wang Lin’s Finger of Hades.

Xue Chao and his other follower were dazed for a moment and their faces revealed an expression of interest. Evidently they also didn’t think that the tight-uniformed youth would nearly screw up.

Mister Ma’s gaze fell upon Wang Lin.

He is after all a foundation establishment stage cultivator, his sensitivity towards mana fluctuations is far superior to qi disciple stage cultivators. Even though at first he also didn’t think that Wang Lin had the balls to resist, but right when Wang Lin moved he already perceived it.

Mister Ma also didn’t think that Wang Lin’s Finger of Hades spell would actually be so domineering. No matter how careless that tight-uniformed youth was, he ultimately has a cultivation level of qi disciple level 8. He is far greater than Wang Lin, who would have that he would have his defense directly broken by Wang Lin.

The difference in level between the two people is honestly too great. Besides the tight-uniformed youth’s carelessness, the subtleties and dominance of Wang Lin’s spell was also an important factor in making up for this..

Mister Ma started to become interested in Wang Lin.

On the other hand, Lin Feng sighed and thought: “Even though he’s destined to mature into decisive main character, this is after all his first time fighting with someone. It’s impossible for him to be as cold-blooded as a machine.”

Even though he evaded Wang Lin’s Finger of Hades, the tight-uniformed youth still felt embarrassed. His entire face instantly turned red and he glared at Wang Lin. He was truly angered by Wang Lin.

The tight-uniformed youth clapped his hands together. The mist in the air rapidly gathered towards him, turning into a savage water dragon in front of his chest and then clawing towards Wang Lin.

Right now Wang Lin was also regretful in his heart. His momentaneous hesitation resulted in him not beating the snake to death, and now the snake is about to bite back.

“Show no mercy when you attack, attack not when you show mercy. If I fight again in the future I must use my full power, I absolutely cannot give the enemy the chance to retaliate.

Wang Lin’s face was dark and he made up his mind.

Facing the enemy’s fierce spell, Wang Lin was not fearful. His hands formed a spell sign and his mind communicated with the Netherworld Bead.

Even with all of the treasures in Lin Feng’s hands, there isn’t a single won that can match the wonders of the Netherworld Bead. Of all of the treasures that he has come in contact with, maybe only the Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil can battle it. But this item has been greatly damaged and a lot of its power cannot be unleashed.

Moreover, with Wang Lin’s current cultivation level he cannot exert even 1/10000s of the Netherworld Bead’s power. But he has refined this treasure using his blood and has also practised the Netherworld Nirvana Manual. He can already control the Netherworld Bead with some difficulty.

The enemy just so happens to be using a water class spell. True Netherworld Water is ranked amongst the six great true waters, the sovereigns of water. It also seems to have been angered by this water dragon baring its fangs in front of it.

Following Wang Lin’s thought, the Netherworld Bead slowly flew up, emitting a pale yellow light in the air.

Upon coming in contact with the yellow light, the water dragon instantly fell apart.

The tight-uniformed youth was dumbfounded.

Xue Chao was also dazed. Looking at the Netherworld Bead again his eyes instantly revealed a colour of greed and desire.

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