HN1F Chapter 86: If I Use Aurous Core Stage Strength, Consider it Me Bullying You Guys

As of the moment I have 37 readers older than Chuck Norris (76) and 89 readers telling people to get off their lawns… Anyways, if you’re interested in Chinese music or don’t mind giving it a try, have a go at this song. It’s not Chinese pop music but it’s my favorite genre. This song in particular is a Chinese version of a Japanese song.

“Do you know the consequences of using a sword in front of me?”

Lin Feng said lightly.

Hearing this Xue Chao was ssurprised for a moment and then couldn’t help laughing: “Seems like you’ve gone crazy you daoist, who do you think you are?”

Closely afterwards he smiled cruelly: “A piece of trash like you has no use living in this world. That being the case I’ll send you on your way right now!” While speaking, he controlled the flying sword to chop down towards Lin Feng’s head.

But Lin Feng didn’t even look at the flying sword above his head, instead he looked at skinny bamboo pole-like Mister Ma and and asked calmly: “Foundation establishment stage, you have the highest cultivation level out of all of you guys here?”

Mister Ma slightly wrinkled his forehead: “Heretic, you truly do not know the immensity of heaven and earth. Still spouting nonsense here at this kind of time?”

Lin Feng chuckled: “Forget it, I still will not bully a bunch of kids.”

“Even using aurous core stage strength is bullying you guys.”

Before his voice died away, dazzling buddhist light charged up into the sky, directly knocking away Xue Chao’s sword that was chopping downward.

In the dumbfound eyes of Xue Chao and co, clouds of golden haze enveloped the surrounding 100 feet of marshland. The miasma fog originally in the marsh all disappeared and the rotten stench was also replaced by waves of sandalwood.

In the light haze, buddhist chanting rang beside the ears. It was precisely the 24 Heavens Arhat Formation.

In the buddhist chanting, 24 golden arhats strode out from the light haze. 24 100 foot tall arhat light figures formed a forest of giants, standing in a circle and surrounding Xue Chao and co in the center.

Every single golden arhat revealed foundation establishment stage mana fluctuations. The mana of the the 24 arhats connected together as one was truly as limitless as the sky and ocean.

Xue Chao and co. who were aggressively surrounded by this kind of line-up instantly felt pressure as big as a mountain.

That foundation establishment stage spellsword of Xue Chao’s was constrained in mid-air by buddhist light. It was like a fish in the desert, no matter how much it flailed around it was unable to move.

“This… How is this possible?” Xue Chao and the other two were stunned and unable to speak. Mister Ma’s face was also pale, he opened his mouth with difficulty saying: “Fellow daoist… No, Senior, please put away your skill, there might be some misunderstandings here.”

A freaking massive misunderstanding!

None of them thought beforehand that Lin Feng who looked to only have a cultivation level of the great circle of perfection of qi disciple could actually use such a terrifying skill. Isn’t this a misunderstanding?

Lin Feng’s voice travelled out from the golden buddhist light, it was very ethereal and grand.

“Misunderstanding? You guys made trouble for my disciple and recklessly took up arms in front of me. The facts are all here, I didn’t misunderstand at all.”

Mister Ma was already about to cry. He bit his teeth: “I am Ma Wu, a disciple of the Blue Rose Temple on Mount Evergreen. I had eyes but failed to see Mt. Tai and caused offense to you. My master is Progenitor Flower Vine, please give some face and forgive my afront just now.”

Seeing his bodyguard Ma Wu actually go and ask for Lin Feng’s forgiveness, Xue Chao’s eyes instantly turned red and he roared in anger: “General Xie and the army are right around here, why be scared of him?”

Even using every single ounce of strength he had he was still unable to call back his flying sword. He was instantly anxious, he took out a talisman from his clothes and hastily launched it towards the golden arhats.

Ma Wu’s face turned green and he wished that he could slap this playboy to death.

No matter how many helpers there are around here, if they can’t defeat Lin Feng and die first, at that time it will be useless no matter who comes.

The talisman exploded within the buddhist light formation, turning into balls of fire that constantly exploded. Even the billowing buddhist light golden haze was blasted open.

Blazing flames dashed to the sky and the tyrannical flames swept over with the force to burn the sky and boil the sea. The golden arhats also all retreated backwards. Under the assault of the blazing fire, their bodies made of light even became a bit unstable, as if they were about to shatter at any moment.

Ma Wu’s eyes instantly lit up: “Aurous core talisman?”

This talisman that Xue Chao threw out was astoundingly an aurous core talisman. This was specially made by a powerful elder in his clan for him to protect himself. It is equivalent to the attack of a powerful aurous core stage cultivator and is Xue Chao’s final ace.

“Fight a path out and then when we draw the army over, even if he is an aurous core or nascent soul old monster it is still certain death for him!” Xue Chao’s face was twisted and the two followers behind him all echoed in response upon hearing him.

Seeing an aurous core talisman carving out a path, Ma Wu’s thoughts also livened up. If he doesn’t need to grovel on his knees of course he doesn’t want to either.

Ma Wu’s two hands instantly formed a spell sign. He opened his mouth and spit out a plant seed. Under the stimulation of Ma Wu’s mana, the seed rapidly sprouted and grew in the air, turning into a seedling.

The leaves of the seedling were clear and a rich green. It looked very pure and fresh, but the green circles of light that emitted around the seedling revealed a terrifying mana fluctuation.

Where the green light passed, the golden buddhist light in the 24 Heavens Arhat Formation all gradually vanished.

Originally the buddhist light formation was already a bit unstable after sustaining the bombardment of the aurous core talisman. Now with Ma Wu’s followup attack it has become even more precarious.

Seeing this, Ma Wu couldn’t help saying with a smile: “Fellow daoist, if you are willing to leave now we’ll forget about everything from before. What do you say?”

Xue Chao snorted: “As if, I think this daoist is just a pewter spearhead that shines like silver. He looks good but he’s useless, he’s just relying on this formation that he picked up from god knows where to put on a charade. Once we break this formation I’ll show him who’s boss.”

Ma Wu didn’t care about his words. He let Xue Chao play the bad cop while he played the good cop: “Fellow daoist, if you don’t turn away now, Young Master Xue is not going to let things go with you. At that time it will be too late for you to regret.”

Lin Feng’s chuckling travelled over from the within the buddhist light: “Exactly who will regret when it’s too late?”

“An aurous core talisman, hehe, so what if it’s an aurous core talisman?” Lin Feng smiled saying: “I said before that it would be bullying you guys if I used even aurous core stage strength.”

Finishing speaking, the situation in the 24 Heavens Arhat Formation suddenly changed. Three of the arhats amongst the 24 golden arhat suddenly burned up with blazing flames.

The remaining arhats respectively guarded the three flaming arhats in groups of seven. Their pure buddhist mana was endlessly supplied to the flaming arhats.

The three flaming arhats chanted a buddhist prayer together. Fire charged up into the sky, connecting together in the air above their heads and turning into a boundless sea of fire.

The sea of fire rumbled and even the entire buddhist light formation shook for a moment.

Xue Chao and co. who were at the qi disciple stage didn’t really have a clear feeling, but foundation establishment stage Mister Ma clearly felt that there seemed to be something terrifying about to be born in the sea of fire.

The next moment, a golden buddha with four faces, eight arms and an angry expression slowly rose up from the sea of fire. There was a closed vertical eye between the brows of the buddha.

The milky white Fury Flames of Acala shot out from the vertical eye between the buddha’s brows, landing on the blazing flames created by the aurous core talisman.


They are both flames, but the blazing fire created by Xue Chao’s talisman seemed to have become the fuel for the Fury Flames of Acala. In just a short instant, the red fire completely died out and turned into a boundless white sea of fire!

The Fury Flames of Acala are this domineering, even other flames will be burned to nothingness by it!

Ma Wu watched with a face of despair at the little sapling he brought out get surrounded by the white sea of fire. He wanted to take it back but was unable to do so and it was instantly burnt to ashes.

“No!” His soulbound magic item being destroyed, Ma Wu spit out a mouthful of blood. He collapsed to the ground and in the next instant he was surrounded by the sea of fire, turning into a flaming person while screaming.

The remaining three people didn’t even have the room to struggle and were devoured by the sea of fire.

“Why exactly did I mess with this kind of fiend?” This was the last though in all of their minds, they really did regret when it was too late.

Watching this scene in front of him, Wang Lin had a vibrant look in his eyes.

Lin Feng suddenly came to his mind: “I can’t burn them all, I still need to ask them about the matter of galactic sand.” Thinking here, he hurriedly retracted his Fury Flames of Acala ability and converted his mana to the Netherworld Nirvana Manual.

Of the four people, only Ma Wu with the highest cultivation level still luckily kept his life. But his body has already been burnt to a crisp and only his soul remains.

Not waiting for him to rejoice that the fire was finally extinguished, his soul was captured by a stream of mana.

Ma Wu was instantly scared out of his wits. Lin Feng stared at him with a smiling face and used the Netherworld Puppeteer spell.

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