HN1F Chapter 87: Fiery Beauty

Here’s another song. I’m glad there are people who like the songs. Also, thank you to Shrimp Samurai for the JP translation for the phone call song. For your service, I shall abstain from shrimp… until the next time I feel like it. And I repeat, there is no open romance in this novel except for Xiao Yan and an unrevealed character.

Inside the space of the Netherworld Bead, Ma Wu’s soul had already completely become a semi-transparent pale yellow colour and was painfully struggling in the surging True Netherworld Water.

“My master will not forgive you!” Ma Wu roared with hatred.

Lin Feng chuckled: “I know, that nascent soul stage master of yours engraved a charm in your soul. As soon as you die and your soul dissipates he will immediately know. But I am not killing you right now, I wonder if he can know your current predicament?”

Ma Wu closed his eyes in despair. He never thought that he didn’t die but is suffering a thousand times more than death.

Lin Feng smiled lightly: “Tell me now, how come you guys instantly turned hostile and attacked the moment my disciple asked you guys for information about galactic sand?”

Ma Wu swore to all of the gods and buddhas in the heavens that he absolutely did not want to answer Lin Feng’s question, or just wanted to give an incorrect answer.

But the restraints of the Netherworld Puppeteer spell made him answer every question asked with the truth.

“The Society of the Strong Gale?” Lin Feng was indeed a bit surprised. To think that galactic sand would actually be linked with the Society of the Strong Gale.

The Society of the Strong Gale is an anti-Zhou organization formed by the adherents of Snowgale who had their country destroyed by the Great Zhou Dynasty. Amongst the numerous anti-Zhou rule organizations they are quite active.

Half a year ago to take in Zhu Yi as his disciple, Lin Feng went to the Zhou Dynasty imperial city, Tianjing. There he once came in contact with the people of the Society of the Strong Gale. At that time to threaten the Marquis of Xuanji, they abducted Zhu Yi who is the bastard of the Marquis of Xuanji.

This time the reason the Great Zhou Dynasty dispatched their army into the Ancient World Marsh is to pursue a group of Society of the Strong Gale cultivators.

Galactic sand was once discovered on the bodies of cultivators of the Society of the Strong Gale. This is why when Xue Chao and co. heard Wang Lin mention galactic sand, they wanted to capture him first without any second thought.

Lin Feng secretly frowned: “In the end I still don’t know the exact location of galactic sand. In the vast marshland where do you want me to go to find those members of the Society of the Strong Gale.

Throwing the Netherworld Bead back to Wang Lin, Lin Feng said casually: “It’s best to have a specific casting target to practise spells. Use this kid to practise the Finger of Hades. But remember, don’t kill him, I still have use for him.”

Wang Lin heavily nodded his head while Ma Wu screamed: “I won’t forgive you even if I become a ghost!”

Lin Feng was to lazy to bother with him. He shook the Black Cloud Flag and left with Wang Lin.

Since they mentioned that the Great Zhou Dynasty has an army right around here, the battle just now definitely startled them. Lin Feng naturally isn’t stupid enough to remain on the spot and wait for the army to arrive.

Even if the marsh is covered with miasma, right now Lin Feng was still doing his best to expand his area of perception.

He wants to find of the members of the Society of the Strong Gale. They will not easily reveal their whereabouts. Only when the pursuers of the Zhou Dynasty catch up to them and a battle occurs can Lin Feng discover their location from the mana fluctuations that travel over.

Just like this Lin Feng wandered around for nearly half a month’s time. At the same time as looking for the members of the Society of the Strong Gale, Lin Feng himself also did not give up on searching for galactic sand. But he still had no gains.

This day, Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag flying in the miasma fog. Suddenly he sensed a wave of violent mana fluctuations not far away from him. There is a lot of commotion, clearly there are people fighting.

Lin Feng hurriedly put away the Black Cloud Flag and landed on the ground. He moved stealthily and drew near.

Getting closer, light flashed within the fog. A dozen human figures mingled together. As one fell another rose, the battle was in full swing.

Lin Feng used the Shadow Sneak Technique to hide his body and also has the system to hide his mana fluctuations. He quietly approached, the two sides in battle both did not notice that someone had snuck right beside them.

The number of people in the two opposing parties is not even. The side with more people has a whole dozen people surrounding and attacking three enemies.

These dozen people are all wearing shining magic armour. They emitted a faint glow in the fog that completely cut off the miasma. The cultivation level of these people may not be high, but they move with discipline and have strong teamwork, exerting power that transcends their cultivation level.

They held identical lightning blades in their hands that flashed with lightning and roared with thunder as they were swung, demonstrating remarkable lethality.

The dozen people vaguely formed a formation. They were coordinated with each other and their mana also had a trend of resonating and joining together. Matched with their armour and blades their fighting power was multiplied.

“This is the Great Zhou Dynasty’s Shenwu Army?” Lin Feng looked at these dozen people and his eyes narrowed into slits.

The Shenwu Army is the Great Zhou Dynasty’s elite force. Different from regular mundane armies, this Shenwu Army is supposedly comprised entirely of cultivators. The rebels that they’re capture are also definitely cultivators.

Different from the Great Qin Dynasty where the four great clans hold vast resources and a strong voice, under the combined effort of the Zhou emperor Liang Pan and the Marquis of Xuanji Zhu Hongwu, the Great Zhou Dynasty’s royal authority is unprecedentedly concentrated. He has a bit of the grandiose of the ancient saint emperors and the majority of cultivators are also collected under the control of the royal authority.

Rumors say the the Shenwu Army is an an army that gathers the elite cultivators of all stages within the border of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Being able to militarize cultivators who advocate freedom, on one side it is because the Zhou emperor and the Marquis of Xuanji have great ability, on the other it is also because the royal family can provide a large amount of cultivation resources to these cultivators. Thus cultivators from the Shenwu Army are all very powerful and they also advance their cultivation level very quickly.

These past few years, the item crafting standard of the Great Zhou Dynasty has made great progress. Batch after batch of powerful magic items are created and then provided to the cultivators of the Shenwu Army, arming them to the teeth.

Generally speaking, with a difference of one stage such as a qi disciple stage cultivator facing a foundation establishment stage cultivator, unless the qi disciple stage cultivator has a powerful magic item or spell holding down the line, it is very difficult to pose a threat to the foundation establishment stage cultivator. Not even quantity is enough to make up for quality.

But the Shenwu Army’s tacit coordination, strict discipline plus powerful equipment made all of this change.

A solitary foundation establishment stage cultivator being surrounded by a troop of Shenwu soldiers could very likely be killed on the spot.

Lin Feng observed closely, the three people surrounded by this troop of Shenwu soldiers were currently in a tight position with signs of danger appearing everywhere.

The cultivation levels of the three people are not actually weak. Out of two of them, one is qi disciple level 11 with a flying sword circling in the air, his swordsmanship is quite refined. The other person in particular is a cultivator at the great circle of perfection of the qi disciple stage.

But under the encirclement of a troop of Shenwu soldiers of which the person with the highest cultivation level is only qi disciple level 10, these two people are retreating one step after another.

If not for the third companion occasionally providing assistance, these two people would have already been killed.

Over half of Lin Feng’s attention was placed on that third person. It’s just that this person has flames rippling all over their body and he can’t see their appearance.

All Lin Feng knows is that the person is a female. A female seemingly surrounded by fire, a female who is like fire herself!

A crimson red tight uniform over her body, red riding boots, red cloak, red hair like a cluster of blazing fire and the fire flickering within her eyes!

“She should only have a cultivation level of foundation establishment early stage and having her qi ocean opened, but her fighting ability is truly powerful.” Lin Feng evaluated her strength in his heart and discovered this this red-clothed female is absolutely not an ordinary person.

Yet, this red-clothed female may be aggressive, but she does not dare to fight with full strength and instead has worries in her heart.

Because in the outer circle of the battle there still stood a middle-aged man. He wore the Dark Beast Black Light Armour that only field officer ranked officers in the Shenwu Army can wear. The surface of the armour flickered with a dark glow and the beast head on the chest was grim and ferocious.

This middle-aged officer’s aura was a deep abyss and a lofty peak. His mana was immense and he was clearly a foundation establishment cultivator no less weaker than the red-clothed female.

Seeing her companions frequently fall into danger, the red-clothed female released a cold snort. She shook her arms and held up a pitch-black halberd.

Black light flickered over the halberd, mixing together with the fire around the female’s body and turning into a red and black storm, sweeping out in all directions.

The troop of Shenwu Army cultivators all had grave expressions. They stood side by side, a dozen blinding-white lightning blades slashing down together. A dozen arcs of rolling lightning connected together as one, in the end turning into an enormous beam of blade aura and colliding with the red and black storm.

The dozen Shenwu Army cultivators all had pale faces. Even so their two legs were still firmly nailed to the ground. They were forcibly pushed sliding backwards, leaving dozens of deep tracks in the ground.

The red-clothed female wrinkled her forehead. The opposing side’s commander has yet to make a move, just relying upon a troop of qi disciple stage cultivators working together is enough to take on her attack by brute force. This made her unable to relax at all.

At this moment the middle-aged field officer suddenly opened his mouth, his voice was like rolling thunder: “Yue Hongyan, put down your weapon and surrender. This is your only way out.” (TL: 岳红炎, Yue Hong Yan. Family name means mountain, her name mean red flame.)

The fire circling around her gradually subsided. Only now did Lin Feng get a clear of the red-clothed female, Yue Hongyan’s true appearance.

She was unexpectedly young, just a 15, 16 years old girl. She did not tie her hair and it blew in the wind like blazing fire.

Her long red eyebrows were like two thin swords. There was no tenderness to be spoken of, instead they were filled with heroic spirit like a man and revealed a thick murderous aura.

Her face like white jade was flawless. Her nose was far more prominent compared to other females, showing her strong will. But her red lips that originally should have been rosy instead only had a hint of scarlet.

Hearing the middle-aged field officer’s words, Yue Hongyan smiled proudly and softly opened her red lips.


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