HN1F Chapter 88: General Wicked

General Xie is General Wicked. I wasn’t sure before if it was just a name or if it was characterizing him. Today’s Chinese song of the day. I was moving stuff and cleaning up yesterday. I am deathly allergic to dust, even now my throat still kinda itches and my nose is a bit stuffy. I’m not allergic to anything else though so I guess that sorta balances out. Or not since there are people who are literally deathly allergic to something.

“Yue Hongyan, put down your weapon and surrender. This is your only way out.”

Hearing this, Yue Hongyan smirked. The black light halberd swept forward and a red and black storm headed straight towards the middle-aged field officer.

The Shenwu Army field officer’s face turned dark and he didn’t evade or resist, he just pushed his own mana and infused it into the Dark Beast Black Light Armour on his body.

The eyes of the savage beast head on the chest flashed with a black light as if it had become alive, releasing a low roar.

A massive apparition suddenly appeared in front of the Shenwu Army field officer. It was a violent beast, bellowing and colliding together with the storm that Yue Hongyan unleashed.

The beast apparition broke apart but the red and black storm also disappeared.

The Shenwu Army field officer said sharply: “All rebels of the Society of the Strong Gale who resist arrest are to be killed on the spot.”

Yue Hongyan glared at him with her large eyes: “I’ll kill you first!” Her feet stamped the ground and the ground was full of cracks. She had already charged in front of the Shenwu Army field officer like a bolt of lightning. The black light halberd brought up a wave of flames and it thrust towards his chest.

Hiding at the side, Lin Feng’s pupils suddenly shrank, his eyes stared straight at the black light halberd in Yue Hongyan’s hands.

The fire and the cyclone converged together, forming a massive firestorm that wrapped up and whirled around the halberd. In the end it gathered at the tip of the halberd.

The storm seemed to sweep away everything in the surrounding space, in the end gathering towards that pointed tip. Everything ultimately converged at this one point.

The point that pierces through all!

The Shenwu Army field officer’s expression slightly changed. His body floated backward, but after just moving he suddenly felt a powerful force of suction originating from that point on the tip of Yue Hongyan’s halberd.

The center of the firestorm seemed to want to completely suck him into that little tip!

“The Divine Spear of Oblivion?! The Shenwu Army field officer turned red in the face. He took out a jade slip from his storage bag and crushed it with his fastest speed. (TL: Google bamboo slip if you want to know what it looks like, google jade slip for a pleasant surprise.)

The jade slip was crushed and it turned into a multitude of barriers that blocked in the middle between him and Yue Hongyan.

At the same time as obstructing Yue Hongyan, the Shenwu Army field officer did not take the opportunity to retreat or flee. Instead he unleashed a fierce counterattack.

He let out a loud shout, his two hands forming spell signs together. All of his mana exploded but did not attack Yue Hongyan and instead all surged into the ground beneath his feet.

Seeing this scene, a bad feeling surfaced in Lin Feng’s heart.

Afterwards he saw those Shenwu Army cultivators who had originally already retreated all sheathe their blades in order. Their hands formed the same spell signs as their superior!

Everybody’s mana all surged into the ground.


Instantly, the ground beneath Yue Hongyan’s feet suddenly ruptured and exploded like an earthquake. Violent lightning charged up into the sky.

“Earth Core Thunderclap!” Yue Hongyan’s eyes narrowed. Only at this moment did she understand that the reason why the enemy leader, the Shenwu Army field officer didn’t attack is because he was preparing this kind of extremely terrifying spell.

In front are the many barriers created after he crushed the jade slip.

Below is the constantly exploding ground and violent lightning.

Deep into an ambush, the choice of Yue Hongyan who had fallen into a trap of absolute death was to let out a loud shout.


Ignoring the exploding ground beneath her feet, towering flames burst out from the black light halberd in Yue Hongyan’s hand and her speed increased again!

Not dodging or evading, not retreating or stepping down, just going forward!

If there is an obstacle, break through it!

If there is an ambush, destroy it!

Regardless of the countless layers of defense in front of the enemy, regardless of the constantly exploding lightning under the ground beneath her feet, Yue Hongyan’s halberd never once strayed or wavered!

The Shenwu Army field officer’s expression changed greatly. No matter what he never thought that this delicate looking little girl was actually so fierce.

Caught off guard, he was directly pierced by Yue Hongyan’s black light halberd. His entire body was directly sent flying by the raging firestorm and the Dark Beast Black Light Armour on his body was burnt to nothingness!

“Withdraw!” The Shenwu Army field officer grunted. If not for the protection of the armour on his body, just now he would have been directly skewered by Yue Hongyan’s halberd.

At this moment he didn’t dare to have any more hesitation and he rapidly retreated under the protection of his soldiers.

Yue Hongyan did not pursue, her entire body was wreathed in red fire. Bearing the bombardment of the enemy’s violent spell, all of the blood left her cherry lips and her white-jade cheeks were almost transparent white. Bright red blood blood dripped out from the corner of her mouth without stop.

Lin Feng who witnessed the entire battle exhaled a long breath and his eyes stared at Yue Hongyan.

Besides “savage chick”, he honestly couldn’t make any other evaluation.

This chick, she is the same as the martial skill the Divine Spear of Oblivion that she used. Where the tip of the spear points to, there is death and no life, there is me and no enemy, leave none alive.

But even though she repelled the enemy, Yue Hongyan herself also doesn’t have the strength to fight anymore. It was truly a Pyrrhic victory.

Her two companions hurriedly went over to support her. Yue Hongyan rested for a while and then said: “Let’s go fast, the Zhou dog’s main force will arrive soon.”

The three people hurriedly escaped into the thick miasma fog within the marsh, but they didn’t notice that after a moment, a human walked out from the fog and followed closely behind them.

This person was precisely the Shenwu Army field officer who was just defeated by Yue Hongyan.

His Dark Beast Black Light Armour has already been destroyed and only a white robe remained on his body. His face was pale and he is clearly gravely injured, but his expression was extremely composed and calm. He carefully trailed behind Yue Hongyan and co.

When his figure also disappeared, not long afterwards Lin Feng’s figure slowly walked out from the fog. His expression was uncertain.

“This person is such a schemer, actually taking a risk and pretending to lose. Is it to find the location of the Society of the Strong Gale’s base in the Ancient World Marsh? If there was the slightest mishap just now he really would have died under Yue Hongyan’s spear.”

“I wonder if Yue Hongyan and the other two people can really lead me to find the location of galactic sand?”


Over 5o kilometers away from Lin Feng and co in the marsh, a massive military camp was built right on top of the vast bog.

Within the military camp, many cultivators wearing armour constantly passed-by between the tents. Those with a low cultivation level were only qi disciple level 3-4, while those with a high cultivation level had foundation establishment mid-late stage strength.

Regardless of the height of the cultivation level of these cultivators, a common characteristic is that they all have the hardened aura of a soldier. It looks like it does not match their identity as cultivators, but there is a weird sense of harmony.

At the center of the military camp was erected a massive tent.

Inside of the tent, the crying sounds of a woman and a child constantly travelled over.

A man fell to the ground on his back. His eyes stared at the ceiling of the tent. The anger, hatred and fear in his eyes had already gradually disappeared, becoming a lifeless colour. Fresh blood bubbled from the wound on his neck and even released a bit of heat.

The young wife cried in agony and closely hugged her son, using her hands to cover his eyes.

She is afraid to let her son see the miserable appearance of his father being killed.

But the young boy seemed to sense something. He struggled incessantly and cried without stop, tears constantly seeped out from the gaps between his mother’s fingers.

Across from them, a sturdy man wearing heavy armour leaned against a chair and was slowly wiping the dripping blood on his sword.

His name is Wicked, he is the commander in charge of this troop. His surname is Wicked, his name is Wicked, his entire name is only one word, Wicked.

His troops and subordinates all called him General Wicked.

Looking at the crying mother and son, Wicked lightly flicked the sword blade and opened his mouth saying: “He wasn’t willing to praise me, what about you?”

The young wife’s body trembled nonstop. She weeped silently not saying a word.

Suddenly, her arms were empty. She lifted her head in a panic and saw a scene that scared the living daylights out of her. Her son had already landed in Wicked’s hands.

The boy was virtually scared dumb. Wicked lightly scanned the young wife: “Praise me, or else he dies.”

The young wife’s body was stiff. It was precisely this demon in front who lead an army and hunted her compatriots of Snowgale, moreover killing her husband right in front of her. Yet now he wants her to praise him?

How could she do that?

But if she doesn’t, her son…

The little boy stared blankly at his father’s corpse on the ground and finally reacted over. He started to cry loudly and he waved around his hands struggling hard.

Wicked didn’t even look at him once, he just stared at the young wife and placed the sword on the little boy’s neck. He said calmly: “Praise me.”

A chill surged from the sword and a bloodstain instantly split open on the boy’s neck.

The young wife’s entire body shuddered. She didn’t dare to have any more hesitation and she difficulty opened her mouth: “General, you are brilliant and almighty, please spare my son…” After the first words left her mouth, the mental barrier in the young wife’s heart completely collapsed and words of flattery came out one after another.

But her expression was completely numb. Her mouth moved mechanically as if she was a walking corpse, she just looked at her son using eyes filled with tears.

Wicked closed his eyes and slightly raised his head. He seemed to be quite enjoying it, he opened his mouth saying: “Continue, don’t stop. The moment you stop I’ll kill him.”

The young wife constantly spoke words of praise, but she ultimately has a time when she exhausts her vocabulary. At the end she started to constantly repeat.

The sword held to her son’s neck put a lot of pressure on her. In the end her mind finally turned from numbness to complete devastation. She spoke incoherently and was already unable to speak fluently, she could only look towards Wicked with pleading eyes.

Wicked frowned: “Is there no more?” He calmly looked towards the little boy who was already hoarse from crying: “In my life what I hate the most are you brats. Annoying people with your crying, upsetting people with your crying and you don’t know how to praise me.”

“What use is there keeping you?” While speaking, Wicked threw the boy on the ground.

The young wife rushed towards her son in delight. But the next instant, a big foot came crashing down, crushing the little boys head right in front of her!

“Ah…. Ahhhhhhhh!!!” The young wife went blank for a moment and then madly rushed towards her son’s body.

Over there, there was only the little boy’s small headless body and blood all over the floor.

Wicked turned his sword and blood flashed at the young wife’s neck. She slumped to the ground, her eyes blankly staring at her son’s corpse.

“After killing these three people, my mana increased a bit more again. Not bad, not bad at all!” Wicked inhaled a deep breath. A red light flickered over his face, his face was very calm.

This kind of calmness was bloodthirst and cruelty a million times colder than being cold-hearted.

“Those Society of the Strong Gale rebels, they use this kind magic item to fix a position in the Ancient World Marsh?” Wicked walked out of the tent. Looking at the group of Shenwu Army soldiers silently waiting for him outside of the tent, he said calmly: “Move out, the target, the rebels’ base in the marsh.”

Wicked suddenly smiled: “Don’t spare a singly rebel!”


In the depths of the Ancient World Marsh, Lin Feng was cautiously followed behind Yue Hongyan and co when his body suddenly shuddered. He turned his head looking behind him.

“Such a heavy smell of blood and murderous intent, is it my imagination?”

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