HN1F Chapter 89: Snowgale Survivors

Chinese song of the day. Seeing a lot of safety stuff and news about Pokemon Go these days. All I can say is, common sense still applies even when playing Pokemon Go. Telling someone there’s a Pikachu in their house isn’t a legit reason to ask for entry.

“Such a heavy smell of blood and murderous intent, is it my imagination?”

Lin Feng turned his head looking behind him but he couldn’t sense the presence of any person or creature. He could only shake his head and give up. But a lingering shadow was left behind in his heart, as if there was some danger right around him.

Withdrawing his thoughts, Lin Feng looked towards Yue Hongyan and co. He saw Yue Hongyan take out a magic item that looked like a small wooden sword.

The small wooden sword was activated by Yue Hongyan. It flew up into the air, spinning around a couple of circles and then stopping. The tip of the sword pointed in a direction. Yue Hongyan put away the wooden sword and the three people advanced in the direction the wooden sword pointed to.

Along the way, Lin Feng has seen this situation more than once. He already knows in his heart that Yue Hongyan and the cultivators of the Society of the Strong Gale use this magic item to identify direction within the Ancient World Marsh.

Lin Feng moved forward following behind them. He entered deep into the interior of the marsh and after going around danger zone after danger zone, he entering into a desert.

Stepping on the yellow sand, there was immediately solid ground beneath his feet. Lin Feng thought: “There is actually this kind of dry desert in the Ancient World Marsh where there are marshes everywhere? It’s practically like an oasis in the desert.”

“Desert, desert, could it be related to galactic sand?”

Lin Feng raised his eyes looking across. The area of the desert is extremely vast and covers dozens of kilometers around. A lone mountain stands at the center of the desert, it looks extremely out of place in the Ancient World Marsh.

Lin Feng silently snuck onto the barren mountain. With Yue Hongyan and co leading the path, he very quickly arrived in front of a cave halfway up the mountain.

The position of the cave is extremely hidden. If he wasn’t following behind Yue Hongyan and co, it would be very hard for Lin Feng to discover this place.

Yue Hongyan and co arrived in front of the cave. A voice from on top of a rock at the side suddenly travelled over: “Is it Hongyan who is back?”

A head popped out from within the rock, smiling and greeting Yue Hongyan and the other two. It was a secret sentry that the members of the Society of the Strong Gale placed here.

Yue Hongyan answered snappily: “Be more vigilant, don’t casually reveal your position during your shift.”

The person on the rock smiled saying: “I only spoke after seeing that it was you guys. If it were Zhou dogs, I would have directly cut down with my sword.”

Yue Hongyan and the other two walked into the cave, but Lin Feng was not in a rush to move. Instead he hid at the side and waited quietly.

In front of him, the figure of a middle-aged man hid behind a stone wall. He avoided the line of sight of the Society of the Strong Gale’s secret sentry above the cave and was quietly observing the cave. It was precisely the Shenwu field officer.

After attentively observing for a moment, he took out a silver bracelet from his storage bag and put it around his wrist. Afterwards he chanted the spell incantation.

Lin Feng looked towards his wrist. He saw that a circle of black text had suddenly surfaced over that originally silver bracelet, flowing without stop over the bracelet.

Black smoke rose up from the black text, enshrouding that Shenwu field officer’s figure.

The next moment, the colour of the black smoke gradually faded until it turned transparent. And what hid along with it was also the figure of that Shenwu field officer himself.

Lin Feng witnessed the entire process of him hiding his presence so he was not affected by the illusion. His consciousness was fixated on that field officer’s mana fluctuations, so he could still accurately capture his position.

Thus he saw the Shenwu field officer swagger towards the cave, openly passing through from under the eyelids of the Society of the Strong Gale’s secret sentry and walking into the cave.

Lin Feng grinned, this magic item’s ability to hide one’s presence is a lot more high-end than Lin Feng’s Shadow Sneak Technique.

But it is a lot easier for Lin Feng to pass through here.

Lightly shaking the Black Cloud Flag, the effect of spatial travel activated and Lin Feng had already disappeared on the spot. The next instant he directly appeared within the cave.

Entering into the cave, Lin Feng put away the Black Cloud Flag and walked down following the tunnel.

Walking not too far and avoiding a couple wave of secret sentries, Lin Feng passed through the end of the tunnel and his eyes filled with light.

The entire mountain is virtually completely hollow. The interior of the mountain is a massive cave, houses criss-crossed at the bottom of the cave and smoke lingered in the air. It was astoundingly the appearance of a small village.

The sound of dogs barking and children playing travelled over from the distance. Lin Feng even smelt the fragrance of rice float into his nose.

“This…” Lin Feng snuck into the village and couldn’t help being a bit dumbfounded.

A couple of children in the village ran past. One of them was carrying a big rooster that was constantly flailing around. Behind them a village female fuming with rage was carrying a broom and chasing after them: “You bunch of brats, stealing my chicken again. I’m going to teach you guys a lesson today!”

Lin Feng looked a bit awestruck at this scene before him. He can one hundred percent guarantee that these women and children all don’t have any cultivation prowess. They are but the most ordinary mortals.

Walking further into the village, the more he saw the more Lin Feng knit his brow.

In one house, a woman with a sickly face laid weakly in bed. A petite little girl was cutting wood and boiling water. After finishing the housework she then hurriedly carried the medicine bowl to her mother. She carefully scooped up a spoonful and gently blew on it.

Only after cooling down the medicine did the little girl put the spoon in front of her mom. Watching her mother drink the medicine, a joyful smile blossomed on the girl’s face.

In another yard, a well-built man easily juggled stone locks. His son only a couple years old also took off his shirt. He was stripped to the waist, exposing a row of small ribs on his upper body.

The boy released an immature shout. He also lifted a stone lock, yelling to his father like displaying a prized treasure.

The man laughed out loud. He put down the stone locks and lifted up his son, letting him ride on his shoulders and starting to turn in circles.

The boy rode on his father’s shoulders and giggled happily.

The sound of reading travelled over from a big house far away. Lin Feng walked over and saw that within the yard, a bunch of little kids sat on rows of small stools, properly putting their hands behind their backs and reciting poetry aloud together.

A man with the appearance of a teacher stood beside them holding a book in his hand.

The teacher read one line and then those children repeated after him. The man’s deep, smooth voice and the crisp, tender voices of the children rose and fell, overlapping together.

A gentle woman in the house who seemed to be that teacher’s wife was busy beside the stove. She stared at the rice pot sitting over the fire, occasionally turning her head looking at her husband and her husband’s students, letting out soft laughter.

Lin Feng was silent: “These people are probably all survivors of Snowgale, the relatives and family of those Society of the Strong Gale cultivators.

Far away, that Shenwu field officer was hiding at the side and was also staring blankly at the scene before him.

His face was uncertain and he struggled in his heart: “General Wicked has monstrous bloodlust. If he finds these people, he probably won’t care that these people are just mortals and will kill them all just the same. Should I…”

Suddenly, a wave of mana fluctuations attracted the attention of both Lin Feng and the field officer.

On the empty ground of a yard in a big house at the east end of the village, dozens of teenage boys were sitting cross-legged, cultivating and regulating their breathing.

In front of them stood a fire red girl. It was precisely Yue Hongyan.

Yue Hongyan raised her eyebrows as straight as two fine swords, she said: “This time there are a lot of Zhou dogs who came. In the most dangerous case, you guys also have to go to battle.”

“If you guys don’t cultivate diligently and increase your strength, how will you protect your families!”

The teens before her all didn’t speak. They all cultivated diligently, but everybody seemed to have a fire burning in their hearts. They are bound by a common hatred for the same enemy, they’re clearly just a bunch of growing kids, but their wills united like a fortress radiated a stunning aura.

The Shenwu field officer looked at this scene before him with a dark face. He closed his eyes: “Forget it…” Afterwards he took out a voice transmission crystal from his storage bag and was about to crush it.

This crystal can allow him to directly talk with General Wicked.

Right at the instant when he was about to crush the voice transmission crystal, black light flashed before his eyes and for a moment the world spun around him.

When this field officer returned to his senses, he was already in a dark space.

In the darkness, a young daoist wearing a white robe and daoist clothes slowly walked out. It was precisely Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at this Shenwu field officer and shook his head: “Even though I don’t want be a busybody, but since I’ve bumped into it I can’t turn a blind eye.”

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