HN1F Chapter 90: Strange Person Underground

Chinese song of the day. I thought long and hard for something to say… And I came up with nothing.

Even though he regularly screws that crap out of people, Lin Feng has always persisted in believing that he is still a noble man, a pure man, a man with morals, a man who is above vulgarity, a kind hearted man.

As a good person, he must have the most basic heart of compassion and sympathy.

Even though he doesn’t know what kind of character the commanding general of this Shenwu Army troop is, once the army invades the mountain, the people of this small mountain village will definitely suffer.

Lin Feng shook the Black Cloud Flag and directly kidnapped that Shenwu field officer.

The field officer’s eyes flashed and he looked at the black space in the Black Cloud Flag: “A spatial type magic item, or an aurous core stage magic item?” Rapidly making a clear judgment, the Shenwu field officer put away the voice transmission crystal.

Facing the spatial obstruction of the Black Cloud Flag, even if he crushes the voice transmission crystal he is still unable to get in touch with the outside world.

Lin Feng was also observing him. He discovered that the field officer did not look flustered from being trapped and unable to communicate with others.

In fact, at this moment, the expression on this Shenwu field officer’s face actually had a bit of relieved ease.

A thought appeared in Lin Feng’s heart and he asked: “What is your name?”

That Shenwu field officer said calmly: “I am Dao Zhiqiang, Zhou Dynasty Shenwu Army vanguard, left wing brigade one captain.”

Lin Feng nodded his head: “Who is the commanding Shenwu Army general this time?”

But this time Dao Zhiqiang did not respond and only quietly stared at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at him: “Besides your name, don’t even think about getting any military intelligence from your mouth, is this what you mean?”

Dao Zhiqiang smiled: “You are a smart person.”

Lin Feng shook his head: “Unfortunately, you aren’t. If I really want to know something I would directly refine your soul. Do you think you can hide anything?”

“Then that depends on whether or not you have that ability.” Dao Zhiqiang’s expression slightly changed and he said heavily.

Lin Feng chuckled: “Loyalty? I’ve observed you for a long time, I can see that you don’t actually want to pass back the information here to your superior?”

Dao Zhiqiang instantly fell silent. He lowered his head not saying a word.

“Think about what course you want to follow.” Lin Feng waved his sleeve and directly left the Black Cloud Flag.

Lin Feng left and Dao Zhiqiang didn’t have any thoughts of resisting or struggling. Instead he sat straight down and spaced out at the black void.

Seeing this, Lin Feng had an idea in his heart: “Looks like the commanding Shenwu Army general this time has very heavy bloodlust, to the point where even his own subordinates are worried about him slaughtering civilian mortals.

“This Dao Zhiqiang,  even though he has the sense of discipline of a soldier, he also has his own thoughts.” Lin Feng thought: “The Zhou emperor and the Marquis of Xuanji may be able to gather and drill cultivators into soldiers, but they are ultimately not a genuine army.”

Cultivators who seek to be unrestrained and free, their nature contradicts that of the army.

Even if Dao Zhiqiang struggles, Lin Feng has absolute certainty that he can suppress him with ease. So he doesn’t pay any attention to him and left him to his own devices in the Black Cloud Flag.

Lin Feng searched in the village for a short while and very quickly found a lone Society of the Strong Gale cultivator.

Nowadays Xiao Budian’s technique of knocking people out from behind has already had faint signs of the student surpassing the teacher, but Lin Feng is after all the founder of this “school secret technique”. He has a deeper grasp of the three word formula quick, accurate and ruthless.

The person is just a little qi disciple stage cultivator. With Lin Feng silently sneaking to behind his back, he was directly put down with one hit without even making a sound.

Smacking the back of his head and then not waiting for his body to slump down, Lin Feng had already swiftly supported his body and dragged him into a corner without any people.

Directly opening his storage bag, Lin Feng threw a couple of loose items all to the side, picking up a small wooden sword and closely examining it.

The workmanship of the wooden sword is very detailed. The material of the wood itself is not outstanding, but on the sword handle there is a small crystal the size of a grain of sand embedded into it.

Its size may be extremely small, but the crystal shimmered with light, shining like the dazzling stars at night.

“Galactic sand!” Lin Feng inhaled a deep breath. The little crystal embedded in the wooden sword is the galactic sand he’s been looking for.

Even though there is only one grain of galactic sand, Lin Feng already knows that he’s found the right place.

If every Society of the Strong Gale cultivator has a wooden sword like this, just the galactic sand on these wooden swords is already a considerable amount.

Lin Feng even had a guess in his heart.

These wooden sword magic items help the members of the Society of the Strong Gale distinguish the path in the Ancient Word Marsh. It lets them walk in the vast marsh that is enveloped in miasma, where the spiritual energy is chaotic and it’s difficult for one’s consciousness to have an effect. It very likely does not determine direction.

Instead these wooden swords are always pointing in one direction, and that is this stretch of desert, this lone mountain in this desert.

Then, what is the principle behind this wooden sword magic item?

Could it be that there is a massive galactic sand vein buried here, then after the galactic sand produced here is embedded in a wooden sword and then refined using a secret technique, it develops a special connection with the vein and points to the direction of the vein?

Thinking here, Lin Feng didn’t hesitate anymore and activated the wooden sword with his mana.

The wooden sword spun around a few circles in the air and then stopped. The tip of the sword pointed in a direction.

Lin Feng followed the direction the tip of the sword was pointing towards and looked over. That place is the end of the village and moreover is behind the big house where Yue Hongyan is teaching those village kids dao techniques.

After going around the big house there was a pile of rubble. Dozen meter long boulders were randomly piled together like a small mountain.

Lin Feng went past the boulders and saw a pitch-black hole in the ground in the middle of the rubble.

Entering into the hole, Lin Feng instantly wrinkled his brow.

The spiritual energy within the hole is actually extremely pure. This made Lin Feng who’s been in the Ancient World Marsh for nearly a month a bit unable to adapt.

But this is definitely not a good thing. Impure spiritual energy suddenly becoming pure is not something that can be done by a simple treasure or spirit stone vein.

It can only be under the effect of a certain great cultivator doing something or someone laying down a powerful formation here that the originally impure and chaotic spiritual energy can become pure and ordered.

And for Lin Feng, no matter which one of these two cases it is they are all not good news.

Lin Feng raised his vigilance and walked down following the tunnel.

After a while, the scenery in front suddenly lit up.

A light golden sand dune appeared in front of Lin Feng. Countless grains of sands sparkled brilliantly with a golden glow.

At the bottom of the dune, a stretch of desert was divided by a couple streams of water. The water flowed quietly and the sound of flowing water carried a strange rhythm that made people feel refreshed from listening.

But Lin Feng was increasingly more vigilant. These streams of water look random and divide the golden desert into scattered plots, but they vaguely form a massive sigil.

It is exactly this sigil that forms a profound spell formation that the spiritual energy in the hole became pure.

Lin Feng looked towards the tip of the sand dune, there was a person sitting there.

That is a white-clothed youth, he looks to be in very poor health and his face is pale. Even just sitting there, there is still cold sweat constantly appearing from his forehead.

But Lin Feng didn’t dare to have the slightest thoughts of looking down on him.

Even if that white-clothed youth looks really weak like he is seriously ill, Lin Feng is entirely unable to see through the depths of his cultivation level.

But at the same time, Lin Feng can faintly sense that there is an intimate connection between the white-clothed youth, the golden sand dune beneath him and the water stream sigil formation.

Being able to control such a massive spell formation, he naturally isn’t a regular person who’s never cultivated before.

And yet, Lin Feng is unable to see through the depths of his cultivation level. That means there is only one possibility, the actual cultivation level of this white-clothed youth is far above Lin Feng.

While Lin Feng was pondering, the white-clothed youth suddenly opened his mouth.

“A cultivator of the Zhou Dynasty? To actually be able to sneak into here, Yue Hongyan and the others are becoming more negligent.”

Finishing speaking, the white-clothed youth released a dry cough and the desert beneath Lin Feng’s feet suddenly started to tremor.

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