HN1F Chapter 91: A Promise Made is a Promise Kept for Life!

Chinese song of the day. Am I a bad person? If you read the synopsis for the teaser I posted before, you’ll know that everything the guy does in the game has the opposite effect. So what would originally make you lose favour with an NPC would instead make you gain favour with the NPC. Sometimes this is pretty hilarious like when the MC slaps an NPC silly and the NPC ends up treating him like a hero, but sometimes it’s pretty fucked up. Like, he’ll slaughter an entire family, and the sole remaining daughter not only won’t hate him, but will also fall madly in love with him and thank him from the bottom of her heart for slaughtering her family… And I laugh… Because the author somehow writes it in a very comedic tone and doesn’t go into details. This happens regularly with a bunch of horrible events and I laugh each time… Yeah, I’m a bad person.

“To think that you’ve snuck all the way to right in front of me, Yue Hongyan and the others are becoming more lax.”

The white-clothed youth lifted his hand with great effort to wipe the sweat on his forehead and coughed repeatedly.

But at this moment, shocking mana fluctuations burst forth from his seemingly frail body, spurring the golden sea of sand beneath his body to vibrate violently.

Right now Lin Feng was still under the state of using the Shadow Sneak Technique and also has the system concealing his mana fluctuations. Theoretically speaking it’s not easy for him to be discovered.

“I was careless.” Right when the white-clothed youth opened his mouth to speak, Lin Feng knew in his heart that the situation was bad and subconsciously looked at the desert beneath his feet.

This golden desert evidently possesses very strong detection ability. The moment there are outsiders who trespass it will instantly sense it and let the white-clothed youth know.

Through these grains of sand, the white-clothed youth is still unable to see through the system’s cover and is unable to sense the strength of the mana in Lin Feng’s body, but he can clearly sense that someone has stepped on the desert.

An outsider has barged in but he was unable to sense it, this is already enough to say that there is a problem.

Thus the white-clothed youth instantly took action.

Limitless yellow sand rose up that was about to engulf Lin Feng.

Lin Feng slightly furrowed his brow. He shook the Black Cloud Flag and his entire body was wrapped up by a mass of black light. The black light flashed and isolated the sand on the outside.

“An aurous core stage magic item? But it’s damaged, it cannot stop me.” The white-clothed youth weakly raised his hand and slowly formed a spell sign.

A water arrow shot out from the stream dividing the desert and mixed together with the yellow sand. It instantly turned into a dark yellow cloudy stream of water and shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng‘s mouth was dry. The white-clothed youth has yet to use his full strength but he has already demonstrated the powerful strength of an aurous core stage cultivator.

That cloudy dark-yellow stream of water actually easily broke through the the defense of the Black Cloud Flag’s black light and charged straight towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s eyes flashed: “The grains of sand are heavy and condensed. Just one grain of sand weighs probably hundreds or thousands of kilograms. It can match giant mountain boulders, but it has been condensed and compressed to the size of a grain of sand. The number of grains of sand flying towards me this time is over tens of thousands!”

“The grains of sand are heavy but they were rolled up by the stream and the flexible change of water was mixed into it. The trajectory is unpredictable and difficult to dodge. Even if I do dodge, the stream will change direction and carry those thousand kilogram heavy grains of sand chasing over.”

In this one move, the white-clothed youth flawlessly combined together the heaviness of earth and the flexibility of water. It truly is profound.

The Black Cloud Flag’s defense being broken open, Lin Feng did not lose his calm. He still controlled the Black Cloud Flag’s mana to hide his body, but he secretly undid the Heaven Cage Sigil sealing the taotie cub Tun Tun.

“What the hell is it this time?” Tun Tun screamed, but she could only once again helplessly take the bullet for Lin Feng, revealing her true form and difficulty devouring the dark-yellow stream of water.

“Ugh… Cough cough cough cough! I’m choking!” Tun Tun roared angrily: “Lin Feng you bastard, if you make me eat anymore of this random junk again I’ll fight you to the death! Ouch, what the hell is this, it hurts like hell.”

Lin Feng laughed in secret: “Be thankful that you have something to eat, at least I’m even regularly thinking of switching things up for you.”

Tun Tun cursed incessantly while Lin Feng plugged his ears and once again used the Heaven Cage Sigil to seal Tun Tun.

“Bastard, sooner or later I’ll devour you!” Tun Tun rolled her eyes. Right now she clearly has indigestion and her stomach hurts like crazy. Even without the Heaven Cage Sigil she can’t cause any commotion for a while.

His spell was actually silently resolved by Lin Feng. A light flashed by in the white-clothed youth’s eyes and his back that was arced due to pain slightly straightened.

Seeing this Lin Feng wrinkled his brow and said preemptively: “Are you injured?”

The white-clothed youth coughed dryly: “No need for you to worry. Whatever skills you’ve got just come at me, I Kang Nanhua will take it all on.”

Lin Feng put away the Black Cloud Flag and revealed his body. He waved his wide sleeve and activated poser mode. He said proudly: “I never take advantage of anyone, not to mention bullying an injured junior like you.”

The white-clothed youth Kang Nanhua raised his eyes and stared at Lin Feng without speaking.

The Lin Feng of the moment is wearing a wide-sleeved white robe and daoist clothing. His demeanor is noble and proud, calm and composed, he truly does have a bit of the appearance of a master outside of the mundane world.

He looked at Kang Nanhua and said calmly: “I don’t have any connection with the Great Zhou Dynasty, you don’t need to be so alert.”

“If anything, there is even some friction between me and the Great Zhou Dynasty.”

Kang Nanhua lifted his hand wiping the cold sweat on his brow and said slowly: “I am all ears.”

Lin Feng said: “One of my disciples is the Great Zhou Dynasty Marquis of Xuanji Zhu Hongwu’s son.”

Kang Nanhua showed a sign of displeasure: “It seems like you are toying with me.”

Lin Feng had a calm look: “If you knew that that disciple of mine nearly died by his father’s hand you wouldn’t think that.”

A glint of realization flashed by in Kang Nanhua’s eyes: “Half a year ago Little Hei and them tried to kidnap one of Zhu Hongwu’s bastards and failed in the end. He was saved by Huang San of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, but afterwards news came back that that bastard and Huang San went missing together.”

“I remember that bastard’s name was Zhu Yi, could it be that you are talking about him?”

Lin Feng smiled lightly: “One month ago in the forest at the southern border of the Great Qin Dynasty, I just killed the second steward under Zhu Hongwu, I think his name was Tao Er? He wished to do harm to my disciple so I got rid of him.”

Kang Nanhua was silent. His eyes flickered and he was calculating something.

After a long while Kang Nanhua opened his mouth asking: “Then for what are you here?”

Lin Feng said openly: “I come here in search for a mineral called galactic sand.”

Kang Nanhua asked: “How much do you need?”

Lin Feng was delighted in his heart: “There really is galactic sand here!” But Kang Nanhua asked him how much he needs, this question stumped Lin Feng. God knows how much galactic sand is needed to be able to restore that broken mirror?

After pondering for a moment Lin Feng asked tentatively: “Do you have one cubic meter?”

Hearing this Kang Nanhua knit his brow: “I can’t give you that much.”

Lin Feng slightly narrowed his eyes. This Kang Nanhua just said “I can’t give you that much”, and not “There isn’t that much”, that means he actually has more that one cubic meter of galactic sand on his hands, but he is unwilling to give Lin Feng that much.

Lin Feng’s mind rapidly turned. He doesn’t have any grudge with him, it honestly isn’t worth it to engage in mortal combat. If he can obtain the galactic sand through a trade that would be the best.

While thinking, Lin Feng suddenly sensed something in his shirt move.

Lin Feng quietly checked it out and discovered that the object that produced a disturbance was nothing other than that stone flute that Long Ye gave to him that day.

Since half a year ago after Lin Feng obtained this stone flute he has frequently mulled over it, but he’s always had no gains. It made him about to question whether Long Ye that demoness tricked him.

Yet, to think that it would suddenly have movement facing Kang Nanhua today.

Could it be that this sickly white-clothed youth in front of him is actually related to this stone flute?

Lin Feng quietly took out the stone flute and observed in secret. He discovered that there was actually a trace of a strange mana fluctuation slightly quivering from the stone flute.

That mana fluctuation spread out and came in contact with Kang Nanhua. Pain-ridden Kang Nanhua suddenly felt refreshed and he felt that his old wound that was like maggots attached to bone was actually a lot more relieved.

Kang Nanhua looked towards Lin Feng in surprise. Seeing his appearance, Lin Feng was also surprised in his heart: “This stone flute can actually heal his injury?”

Discovering this point, Lin Feng was a lot more relaxed in his heart. But he still didn’t dare to be careless: “I have this extra bargaining chip in my hands now, bargaining again with him is a lot easier now. But this person is already so powerful while injured, if he fully heals his injury won’t he be even harder to deal with?”

Thinking for a bit, Lin Feng decided to first do his best to figure out his background. He asked seemingly off-handedly: “You are also an adherent of Snowgale?”

“No,  that is not the case.” Kang Nanhua shook his head: “If you really have to say, I can actually be considered a citizen under the Zhou Dynasty’s rule.”

Lin Feng was a bit astonished. Kang Nanhua’s eyes revealed a look of nostalgia: “My parents were both citizens under the Zhou Dynasty’s rule. Before I started cultivating I also once studied hard and even got the Zhou Dynasty’s xiucai.” (TL: Back to Chinese imperial examinations. Think of xiucai as your bachelors.)

Lin Feng continued asking: “Then why are you instead opposing the Zhou army now? Your family died at the hands of a Zhou person?”

Kang Nanhua shook his head: “My parents both left the world without pain after they reached their natural lifespans.. I achieved success with my cultivation and even though I wanted to extend their lifespans, I ultimately failed. But they both enjoyed a lifespan of 100 years, there isn’t anything to regret.”

Lin Feng’s eyes flashed: “There is your lover in this Society of the Strong Gale?” He thought of that chick who was like blazing fire, Yue Hongyan.

Putting aside her strong and upright temper, she really is a little beauty with devastating looks, definitely femme fatale level.

Kang Nanhua seemed to know what he was thinking in his heart. Hearing this he smiled: “You have seen Hongyan already? Hehe, I may not be against the feelings of men and women, but cultivating up until now I have still yet meet a woman who can move my heart, Hongyan included.”

“Who the hell would believe you.” Lin Feng secretly curled his lips and then asked: “Then for what are you helping the Society of the Strong Gale?”

Kang Nanhua said calmly: “One of the founders of the Society of the Strong Gale is Yue Hongfeng. Him and I are friends who sword to live and die together. Before he died he asked me to take care of and protect his compatriots, I agreed.”

Lin Feng’s pupils suddenly shrank, he eyes stared straight at Kang Nanhua.

Even though the white-clothed youth is tormented by pain and his entire face is dripping with cold sweat, his demeanor is calm and composed. He doesn’t have any thoughts of complaining that this is too troublesome and he also doesn’t have the pride of thinking himself a hero. He seems to just be doing something that is only a matter of course.

His voice is so calm, as though the matter of going against the Great Zhou Dynasty this kind of behemoth which is nearly impossible is as normal and rational as a person needing to eat and sleep.

Don’t mention the Zhou emperor Liang Pan and the Marquis of Xuanji Zhu Hongwu these kinds of formidable giants, and don’t mention the Shenwu Army this kind of killing machine, even the House of the Marquis of Xuanji’s stewards, Tao Er and Huang San are also both aurous core stage cultivators on the same level as him.

Going against a force like this, he could die at any moment. But Kang Nanhua seemed to pay no heed at all to these dangers.

Even if he is already plagued by pain.

Everything is all just because he agreed to his deceased friend and made a promise, so he has to keep his promise.

No matter if the path in front is covered in thorns or is a mountain of swords and a sea of flames, I will definitely do what I’ve promised, even if it costs me my life.

Lin Feng looked at Kang Nanhua, for some reason a phrase suddenly surfaced in his mind.

“A promise made to a person is a promise kept for life!”

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