HN1F Chapter 92: Stone Flute Secret Area

Chinese song of the day. Orignal JP version. There’s a line in a popular old Chinese song  that translates to “The most romantic thing I can think of is slowly growing old together with you.” Just chew on that.

Lin Feng looked at Kang Nanhua. After a moment of silence he opened his mouth saying: “I might have some ways to deal with your injury, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll fully recover.” While speaking, Lin Feng took out the stone flute.

A weak mana fluctuation travelled out from the stone flute again. It was pure and calm and difficult to discern its origin.

Kang Nanhua came in contact with this mana fluctuation and he instantly felt his entire body relax, even his pale white face became a bit more flushed.

“You are doing this for galactic sand?” Kang Nanhua furrowed his brow and said: “But I have great use for this galactic sand, I honestly cannot split out one cubic meter for you.”

Lin Feng wondered in secret why Kang Nanhua values galactic sand so much.

“There is no need to worry about the matter of the galactic sand.” Lin Feng shook his head saying: “As for this thing, I wanted to give it to you so I gave it to you. There aren’t so many reasons, you don’t need to think too much about it either.”

“There is only one point. You cannot speak of the matter of me using this stone flute to heal you today, can you do that?”

Hearing this, Kang Nanhua was not overjoyed and also didn’t hesitate or doubt him. He only very seriously pondered for a moment and then slowly nodded his head: “I can.”

His every word was spoken extremely slowly, his voice was calm but it had a crushing weight to it.

Lin Feng smiled lightly: “Then it’s fine.” While speaking, he raised his arm and had already thrown the stone flute towards Kang Nanhua.

Kang Nanhua was slightly surprised. He didn’t think that Lin Feng would so easily hand the stone flute over to him, or rather, he didn’t that that Lin Feng was so confident.

He caught the stone flute and sensed the mana fluctuations within. It faintly resonated with his injury and was constantly healing his wound.

Kang Nanhua inhaled a deep breath and nodded his head to Lin Feng: “Thank you.” He didn’t make a fuss about it and immediately used his mana to communicate with the stone flute and heal his injury.

When Kang Nanhua’s mana entered deep into the stone flute and channeled the mysterious power in the stone flute into his body, a change suddenly occurred to the originally mundane stone flute.

A fluffy, white, hazy light suddenly rose up from the grey, unassuming stone flute, projecting a mirage in the air above Lin Feng and Kang Nanhua.

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed and he stared straight at the mirage above his head.

In the fluctuation of the mirage, a couple of scenes flashed by.

Towering mountains shrouded by clouds. The sunlight came down and turned into a staircase towards the sky at the peak of the mountain, the staircase formed by sunlight went through to the nine heavens.

A cultivation abode was vaguely outlined in the void at the horizon, as if it was hidden in an endless space folded over itself.

“That place is a foreign space similar to the Void Battleground?” Lin Feng pondered in his heart: “Could it be the cultivation abode of a certain immortal? This stone flute seems to be the key to finding and opening the cultivation abode, this is probably the reason why Yan Mingyue and the Void Temple value it.”

Kang Nanhua opened his eyes and his eyes shone vividly. Even though right now his face is still pale, at the least he isn’t as weak as before, sweating profusely even just sitting on the spot.

“10 years ago I inadvertently discovered this great staircase in a mountain. I thought I had encountered an immortal and thus thought of climbing the stairs.” Kang Nanhua stared at the mirage and muttered: “But who could have imagined that just stepping upon the first step, it was like I was struck by lightning and I was gravely injured on the spot.”

“If it weren’t for the fact that I was quick-witted and instantly retreated,  I probably would have died right there.”

Hearing this, Lin Feng instantly wrinkled his brow. Kang Nanhua is already an aurous core stage cultivator but was already gravely wounded after just climbing the first step. How powerful are the restrictions of this cultivation abode?

And what kind of a great master does it take to be able to create this cultivation abode and set up such terrifying restrictions?

The stone flute may be related to the cultivation abode, but can one walk on that great staircase depending on just that stone flute?

Kang Nanhua said slowly: “Since then there has been a mysterious force remaining in my body. Not only does it torment my body, it also damages my spirit. I may have kept my life by luck, but I was seriously injured, up until today.”

Lin Feng pondered for a moment and asked: “Where is this mountain?”

Kang Nanhua shook his head: “I once carried thoughts of what if and felt that in order to untie the bell, the person who tied it is required. I was injured on the great staircase, maybe I could also find the method of recovery there? Of course, I was also a bit unwilling to give up. And so I returned back to the place to look for it, but that staircase constructed by sunlight had already disappeared.”

“Afterwards I once went to search for it many times, but I had no gains. That staircase doesn’t seem to be fixed at one location and instead drifts in the spatial turbulence, appearing at different places from time to time.

Lin Feng knows that Kang Nanhua is speaking the truth. Seeing the flickering cultivation abode within the mirage, he knows that this cultivation abode is indeed hidden in the void and drifts with the spatial turbulence.

Kang Nanhua exhaled a long breath of relief and revealed a smile for the first time since meeting: “Thank you for your generous help. I originally thought that this item could only ease and suppress my injury, but now it looks like I have hopes of a full recovery.”

“That being the case, I don’t need to use all this galactic sand anymore. Don’t mention one cubic meter, even if you need more I can provide it to you.” Kang Nanhua said generously and his two hands formed a spell sign together.

His body floated up into the air from the golden sand dune. The golden sand slowly split apart from the golden sand dune beneath and revealed what was buried under the ground.

Looking over, Lin Feng seemed to see a starry sky appear before his eyes. Countless stars twinkled with a dazzling glow.

Beneath the golden sand dune was surprisingly buried a tremendous amount of galactic sand.

Kang Nanhua explained saying: “Before I had old injuries and was unable to activate the Eternal River Quicksand Formation set up here. With no other choice I could only constantly refine this galactic sand and then depend on this refined sand to control the spell formation. Otherwise I would honestly be powerless to protect the members of the Society of the Strong Gale and their family here.”

“Now with your aid, I have hopes of fully recovering. Even if I give all of the galactic sand here to you it’s not a problem anymore.”

Lin Feng stared at Kang Nanhua and didn’t say anything for a long time.

Listening to what he means, if not that the stone flute can completely heal his injuries and cause him to no longer need to rely on tremendous amounts of galactic sand to maintain his strength, he would rather continue suffering the torment of pain than trade with Lin Feng.

In Kang Nanhua’s eyes, maintaining his strength to protect those people of the Society of the Strong Gale and to keep his promise to his deceased friend is far more important to easing and suppressing the pain that has tormented him for 10 years.

Lin Feng was silent for a long time and then suddenly asked: “Is it worth it?”

Only after being stunned for a moment did Kang Nanhua react to the meaning of Lin Feng’s words.

He smiled gracefully: “There is no worth it or not worth it, nor is there no noble or not noble. My heart and nature are so, I wanted to do so and so I did. If I really did fuss over the gains and losses, avoided trouble and went against my heart, I would instead develop inner demons. This is not beneficial to cultivating and is more harm than good.”

“From a certain angle, I can also be considered to be doing this because I have no choice? Hehe, every person’s path is different. I think this is the path that belongs to me so I continued walking down it.”

Lin Feng nodded his head not saying anything more. The black light of the Black Cloud Flag swept over and had already scooped up a bunch of galactic sand.

Kang Nanhua didn’t speak anymore either and closed his eyes silently operating his dao technique. He concentrated on communicating with the stone flute to heal his injuries.

In the Black Cloud Flag, Lin Feng first further crushed the galactic sand, making them become as fine as powder.

Afterwards he attentively filled the powder into the copper mirror’s damaged locations and then infused his mana into it.

The copper mirror may be severely damaged and has injured its core, but it has a strong foundation and still harbours some spiritual energy.

Receiving the nourishment of Lin Feng’s mana, this spiritual energy instantly became lively.

It’s just that what was out of Lin Feng’s expectations is that with his stimulation, the copper mirror seemed to have suddenly come alive. A strange force of suction was generated within the magic item and greedily devoured Lin Feng’s mana.

Lin Feng may have been startled, but he was not flustered. While slowly retracting his mana, he was also attempting to establish a link with the copper mirror.

Following the infusion of Lin Feng’s mana, the restoration of the copper mirror was virtually instantaneous. Just looking at the appearance one can notice that the copper mirror is recovering at a visible speed.

What made Lin Feng feel at ease is that he did not discover the copper mirror having its own conscious.

This means that even though the copper mirror is currently greedily devouring Lin Feng’s mana, there is no one behind it and it is just a necessity for reparation.

To be able to cope with the loss of mana brought upon by repairing the copper mirror, one after another Lin Feng swallowed an entire bottle of Energy Restoration Pills that replenish mana like eating beans.

“Damn, qi disciple stage cultivators treat even just one Energy Restoration Pill as a treasure, it’s just me who can restore a magic item like this.”

When the Energy Restoration Pills were gradually about to be depleted, Lin Feng sensed that the copper mirror’s speed of devouring his mana had clearly slowed down.

Lin Feng closely scanned the copper mirror. The damaged mirror surface has already been completely repaired, the bright mirror surface clearly reflected Lin Feng’s figure.

The entire copper mirror has an archaic appearance. It is no different from a regular mirror and it made Lin Feng unable to help but have butterflies in his stomach: “Even though there is a saying that goes “Divine items hide their light” and good things will hide their own brilliance, they’re all relatively low-key, but doesn’t this look a little too ordinary?”

Seemingly protesting against Lin Feng’s belittlement of it, following the completion of the reparations, a dark-yellow light lit up on the surface of the copper mirror. The word “Universe” faintly surfaced on the face of the mirror.

After the word “Universe” just appeared, a system notification rose up beside Lin Feng’s ears.

“Host has successfully repaired the Universal Mirror, completed the random side quest Repair the Universal Mirror, 500 trading points rewarded!”

Lin Feng wished that he could throw back his head and laugh. Without any hesitation he immediately entered into the trading system.

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