HN1F Chapter 93: Enemy at the Gate

Chinese song of the day. Chinese song of the day with story. There’s a story with this song that I’ll put at the bottom. 

Adding the remaining 700 trading points from before, Lin Feng who has now completed the Universal Mirror side quest has a total of 1200 trading points.

Without further ado, after Lin Feng entered into the trading system he instantly exchanged for the Heavenly Wind Daoist Scripture.

Looking at the main quest, in the dao technique creation system the black hole representing “Wind” had already lit up with white light. Lin Feng smiled: “There’s still the last one.”

Withdrawing from the system, he discovered that he had already used a lot of time to repair the Universal Mirror.

Using the stone flute to heal his injuries, Kang Nanhua had also already reached the final stage.

No signs of sickness could be seen on his face anymore. He was full of energy and powerful mana fluctuations spread out. Boundless golden sand and flowing water constantly spiraled around him.

After a long time Kang Nanhua opened his eyes. The mana fluctuations around him gradually calmed down and he smiled at Lin Feng: “It’s all thanks to you that I was able to heal my injuries.” He opened his palm, the stone flute that had already reverted back to its ordinary appearance again was lifted up by mana and brought in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng and him both are now already fully aware of the remarkability of the stone flute, but Kang Nanhua did not covet it. The moment his injuries were healed he handed it back to Lin Feng without any reluctance.

Lin Feng took over the stone flute and shook his head saying: “You don’t need to be so polite, this place on the other hand is actually not safe. Since I can find my way here, the Zhou army will eventually find their way here one day too.”

“If you really want to keep your promise to your deceased friend, you should think of a path of retreat as soon as possible. Take the adherents of Snowgale here and leave as soon as possible.”

Kang Nanhua responded saying: “To tell you the truth I also have this thought. The main reason we stayed here not leaving is actually because I was injured and had to borrow the geographical conditions here to set up a spell formation to protect them. Now my strength has fully recovered, even though I can’t talk big and say that I’ll protect them perfectly, at the very least there is a lot more leeway now and we don’t need to cling onto this place.”

Lin Feng nodded his head: “Since you already have arrangements I won’t say anything more. We part ways here, if luck brings us together again in the future maybe there can be a day where we sit and talk.”

Kang Nanhua smiled saying: “With you blessing, I look forward to that day.”

“Likewise.” Lin Feng laughed out loud. He shook the Black Cloud Flag and his body turned into black light, flying towards the outside.

Lin Feng flew out of the hole and hid his figure not startling anybody. He used the Black Cloud Flag’s spatial shifting ability and left the solitary mountain in the desert, reentering the Ancient World Marsh’s marsh zone.

“Hm?” Lin Feng suddenly sensed something and he saw that inside of the Black Cloud Flag’s interior space, that Shenwu field officer Dao Zhiqiang who was captured by him had once again taken out that voice transmission crystal.

But Dao Zhiqiang did not crush that voice transmission crystal to communicate with the outside world and instead stared in a trance at the voice transmission crystal in his palm.

A moment later, Dao Zhiqiang’s eyes became focused again as though he’d made some sort of decision. He swung his arm and threw away the voice transmission crystal.

The voice transmission crystal landed in the Black Cloud Flag’s rolling black light and disappeared out of sight. Lin Feng naturally can get it, but Dao Zhiqiang definitely can’t recover it.

Throwing away the voice transmission crystal, Dao Zhiqiang seemed to have cast off a thousand pound weight. His spirit and appearance all became different, no longer repressed and instead bursting with spirit.

Lin Feng revealed his figure and asked: “You’ve made up your mind? If I didn’t remember wrong, your action just now is the same as defecting from the Shenwu Army.”

Dao Zhiqiang nodded his head calmly: “That’s right, but just as that Kang Nanhua said, this is my heart and nature, I cannot go against it. I think doing this is the right choice and so I did it.”

Speaking here, his expression was a bit somber: “Had it not been that the general in charge this time be General Wicked, I absolutely would not do so. But if General Wicked finds this place, everybody, no matter cultivator or mortal will die. This is something I am not willing to see.”

Lin Feng said indifferently: “How you decide is your problem, just don’t regret it in the future.”

His consciousness retreated from the Black Cloud Flag and then he took out the Universal Mirror from his storage bag, Just now he felt an abnormality with the Universal Mirror.

Lin Feng’s mana poured into the Universal Mirror. The surface of the copper mirror instantly lit up with a weak light and the mirror became no longer clear, like muddy water.

A bright yellow little dot of light appeared at the center of the dirt yellow mirror, and around the bright yellow light dot was distributed an entire circle of thickly dotted red light dots.

“What do these represent?”

Lin Feng’s pupil’s suddenly shrank and a bad feeling developed in his heart.

“The bright yellow light dot is at the very center of the mirror, this position should be my current position, or rather the Universal Mirror’s current position.” Lin Feng slightly frowned: “Then what should these red light dots represent?”

The sizes of the red light dots vary. There are few big ones, only a couple dozen, while there are at least thousands of the smaller red light dots!

Lin Feng looked towards the distance and expanded his senses to the limit. He saw that within the marsh’s thick miasma fog there were actually countless human shadows vaguely flickering. They disappeared and reappeared and were encircling the desert lone mountain beneath Lin Feng’s feet from all directions.

Lin Feng’s heart instantly sank to the bottom, he already knows the identity of the newcomers.

The Great Zhou Dynasty, Shenwu Army.

The red light dots on the Universal Mirror are reflecting the existence of these people. The bigger light dots represent foundation establishment stage cultivators while the smaller light dots are qi disciple stage cultivators.

The Shenwu Army has already discovered the lone mountain where the members of the Society of the Strong Gale are hiding, thus their main force pressed in.

Lin Feng dragged out Dao Zhiqiang from the Black Cloud Flag. After getting a clear look of the scene in front of him, Dao Zhiqiang was extremely shocked: “I clearly didn’t…”

“I know you didn’t.” Lin Feng directly cut him off. Dao Zhiqiang was in the Black Cloud Flag’s interior space, his every movement was under Lin Feng’s surveillance. Lin Feng naturally knows that he didn’t pull any tricks behind his back.

Lin Feng looked at the Shenwu Army that was in battle formation and had already charged out from the fog. He asked Dao Zhiqiang: “The reason I called you out is to ask you how is the combat strength of this Shenwu Army troop and who is the leader?”

Dao Zhiqiang hesitated for a moment but still answered saying: “This is the Shenwu Army’s forward brigade left camp, the forward brigade is the entire Shenwu Army’s vanguard unit. They are the first to arrive in every battle and are the Shenwu Army’s most powerful spearhead unit.”

“The left camp I was in was originally just the flank of the forward brigade, it’s not as strong as the forward camp. The forward brigade is the vanguard of the Shenwu Army, and the forward camp is the vanguard of the forward brigade. All soldiers of the forward camp are the cultivators with the richest fighting experience and the greatest proficiency in combat. Their average cultivation level is also a step above the other camps.”

Speaking here, Dao Zhiqiang’s face slightly paled: “But that is all the past. Not long ago the original left camp commanding general was convicted and demoted. The higher ups transferred the original forward camp commanding general to our left camp.”

Lin Feng’s expression did not change: “It’s that whatever General Wicked you mentioned? His surname is Wicked, what about his name and master?”

Dao Zhiqiang shook his head hard: “His surname isn’t Wicked, his entire name is only one word, and that is Wicked! Before he joined the Shenwu Army he was originally a wandering cultivator. Reportedly he is the cross-generational successor of the God Slaying School that was greatly feared for a time during ancient times but has now already died out.”

“Rumour has it that General Wicked entered the path of cultivation through murder. He is a bloodthirsty butcher and I have never seen a cold-blooded and bloodthirsty person like him before. Anybody who he sees as an eyesore is killed by him. Don’t mention cultivators, even the number of regular humans, women and children who have died by his hand is innumerable.”

Dao Zhiqiang’s face was deathly pale. He said slowly: “Attacking other countries in the past, the number of mortal cities massacred by General Wicked is counted by the hundreds. His current cultivation level may only be aurous core stage, but with his notoriety, he is hailed as the Shenwu Army’s number one butcher.”

Lin Feng inhaled a deep breath. He wanted to ask something more, but a wave of shocking murderous intent suddenly exploded forth from the Shenwu Army camp across from him.

“Just relying on a broken aurous core stage magic item you dare to pry on our army’s battle formation? Cowardly scoundrel, die!”

Before the voice had died away, a pitch-black sword aura flew out from the void and stabbed straight towards Lin Feng who was in the sky.

The sword aura was as black as ink, harboring a terrifying aura of endless slaughter, death and destruction. It gathered the fiendish malevolent energy of countless dead souls, the sword aura that was like a door plank wanted to tear the sky asunder!

Lin Feng wanted to control the Black Cloud Flag to shift space, but he discovered that the surrounding space actually seemed to have been sealed. The Black Cloud Flag actually had no effect.

Alarmed, Lin Feng looked towards the Shenwu Army’s battle formation.  He saw that the mana of all 3000 Shenwu Army cultivators seemed to connect together as one. It was vast and enormous, seemingly without bound or limit.

The boundless mana was condensed together and soared to the heavens. It actually completely sealed the space around the desert lone mountain.

Even the miasma fog that has spanned for thousands of years in the Ancient World Marsh has to give way to it. A clear space was directly cleared out where the Shenwu Army’s battle formation stood.

The Black Cloud Flag is unable to be used and that fiendish, bloodthirsty pitch-black sword aura has already arrived right in front of Lin Feng’s eyes.

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So this is the story of an intense bromance, there’s these two guys with some intense bromance between them. At the beginning, the dumb friend is reading a passage, gets a word wrong and then the smart friend hits him and tells him the right word. Time goes by and the dumb friend decides to join the army which the smart friend did not want but still gives his blessings. Army friend gets in an intense battle and is like, “I can’t die, must go back to see my bro.”. He goes down (doesn’t die) and the entire troop is wiped out. On the day of smart friend’s wedding, he hear’s news that army friend’s entire troop is wiped out and he ditches the wedding to go look for his bro. In the mean time, his bro gets up but he has lost his memories. The only thing he remembers is the passage he was reading at the beginning and his bro’s name. All he does is mutter these all day. Little girl and old grandpa find him and take him in. Some time later inside of the city, smart friend arrives in the city and asks the little girl where the battlefield is. After she tells him, smart friend is like “Bro, I have found you.”. The dude walks off and as the dude is going in the other direction, the little girl runs off to tell the amnesia dude who was sitting in some corner that it’s time to leave. She also tells him that she met some guy who is from the capitol like him and they walk off in the other direction. Smart friend arrives at the battlefield and finds amnesia friend’s spear. At the end, amnesia friend is walking back to the battlefield muttering the passage. When he gets to the part that he always reads wrong, he stops and says the name of his bro and asks how the word is pronounced. In front of him is his spear and his bro’s sword stuck in the ground crossed against each other. Based on the song lyrics, they never meet ever again. Guys, these are the kinds of bros you need. It’s also a lot more tear jerking when you don’t keep using the words bro and dude and like.

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