HN1F Chapter 94: Ancient Legacy, Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality

Chinese song of the day. Alt version. This video made me laugh my ass. Pay attention to the guy trying to sheathe his sword. The dude says thanks for coming to save us.

The sword aura is as black as ink and harbours an endless air of murder and death.

Facing this sword, Lin Feng felt as though he was facing a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

He looked in the direction the sword aura came from and saw a well-built middle-aged man wearing heavy armour quietly standing at the very front of the Shenwu Army battle formation. He was like that sharpest point with the heaviest bloodlust at the tip of the sword, he brimmed with an unrivalled aura of power.

“Wicked?” Lin Feng’s forehead slightly wrinkled. In the blink of an eye the 24 Heavens Arhat Formation was already laid down. Buddhist light and chanting surged, protecting Lin Feng in the middle.

Without any hesitation, the three fire arhats rose up above him. Acala’s buddhist body appeared in the boundless sea of fire, releasing a beam of the Fury Flames of Acala that intercepted the pitch-black sword aura in mid path.

The milky-white little ember appears weak, but it destroys all in its path. In an instant it burned the pitch-black sword aura to a crisp.

The sword aura may have disappeared, but the thick killing intent and air of death lingered, turning into rolling black smoke that swirled in front of Lin Feng.

Wicked who stood at the front of the army battle formation didn’t even move, he only slightly raised his eyebrow: “The Fury Flames of Acala? Sarira? A damned monk of the Great Thunder Monastery?”

He asked three questions in succession, but not needing Lin Feng to respond, Wicked’s face suddenly revealed a smile: “Then you have to die too.”

While speaking, Wicked suddenly took a step forward and the next moment, he vanished on the spot.

The highest level of alert went off in Lin Feng’s heart and all of his hairs stood on end.

Behind him, a pitch-black sword aura as thin as an awn silently drilled into the buddhist light formation. It moved freely in the golden light haze like a swimming fish, rapidly piercing towards the center of Lin Feng’s back.

The sword aura may be as small as a needlepoint or awn, but as long as it hits, it can completely destroy Lin Feng’s body and soul in an instant. There is no way to survive!

The buddhist light may be unable to block the sword aura, but it let Lin Feng know at the first moment that someone is attacking him from behind.

Lin Feng wanted to dodge using the Cloud Dragon Escape, but he had a feeling that no matter how he dodged, the pitch-black sword aura as thin as an awn would always be right behind him like a maggot attached to bone, unable to be shaken off.

Under this sword, there is no road to Heaven and no door into the earth, all paths of survival have been sealed. You can only wait to die and receive this attack.

The sword art passed down by the ancient God Slaying School, the Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality!

Between the Heaven and Earth there is always a ray of hope. The number of the great expansion is 49 and is dynamic due to lacking one. (TL: There’s a hella long explanation behind this that you really don’t care about. Basically saying there is always room for some change, nothing is absolute due to the laws of the universe being incomplete and lacking 1.)

But the God Slaying School’s sword technique forcibly goes against the heavens, annihilating all life and cutting off the ray of hope. It is a sword of absolute death, thus its name the Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality!

Lin Feng tightly knit his brow, he was startled but not flustered. The Acala buddhist body in the sea of fire in the air above his head shouted: “Buddha is merciful, but sometimes He also shows wrath, releasing eternal flames of fury, eradicating all evil, burning everything and all!”

With this shout, the milky-white Fury Flames of Acala shot out from the vertical eye at the center of the Acala buddhist body, turning into a hazy rain of fire and completely shrouding Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s body stopped abruptly. The pitch-black sword aura had already caught up and stabbed right at the center of his back, but it was blocked by the Fury Flames of Acala around Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng snorted: “I’ve got you now.” The Fury Flames of Acala originally blocking his entire body like a shield rapidly gathered at the center of his back, going all-out against Wicked’s Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality.

After coming in contact with the milky-white ember, the pitch-black sword aura burst open and turned into a cloud of torrential black sword energy that shot towards Lin Feng.

The boundless sea of sword energy seemed to want to drown Lin Feng and then completely shred him.

The Fury Flames of Acala stopped his attack, but Lin Feng was unable to relax in his heart and his sense of danger instead became increasingly stronger.

Wicked’s figure slowly rose up from the sea of endless sword energy. He walked towards Lin Feng step by step, monstrous killing intent virtually froze Lin Feng.

“So it’s just a little qi disciple stage ant who obtained buddhist sariras by luck and refined them into magic items.” Wicked said with a calm expression: “Okay then, now, praise me or else I will kill you.”

Lin Feng twisted his eyebrows: “Praise you, is there something wrong with you head?”

“Of course not.” Wicked said seriously: “I cultivate the ancient path of murder, only slaughter can increase my cultivation level, so I constantly kill people. I’ve killed too many people, killing to the point where I’ve become numb, lost and tired of it.”

“Only by obtaining the praise of others after I kill people do I feel like killing has regained meaning again. So, now, praise me!”

Lin Feng grinned: “So there really is something wrong with your head, taking you too seriously is my fault.”

Wicked shook his head: “Are you not willing, then you can die now.”

Before his voice had died away, the sword at Wicked’s waist was finally unsheathed and stabbed straight towards Lin Feng.

The limitless black sword energy in the air all disappeared at this instant. All of it gathered on Wicked’s sword and stabbed towards the center of Lin Feng’s brow.

At this moment in front of Lin Feng’s eyes, the tiny tip of the sword filled his entire vision, becoming nearly infinitely big.

At this moment, the sword tip the size of a grain of rice was the entire world. Nothing else could remain, only this sword.

No path to retreat, nowhere to run!

Lin Feng laughed. In the first place the Fury Flames of Acala is an offensive ability, using it to defend is a complete waste. Facing Wicked’s sword, Lin Feng decided to give up on defending himself and all of the Fury Flames of Acala went to attack Wicked.

Wicked completely ignored it and only focused on stabbing straight towards the center of Lin Feng’s brow.

Even if he is killed by the Fury Flames of Acala he has to first kill Lin Feng!

The path of absolute death is one of pure offense, not leaving a way out for the enemy nor himself. It’s either your death or mine, this is the Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality!

Going against the heavens, severing all chances of survival!

Lin Feng’s expression finally changed. He can clearly judge that compared to his Fury Flames of Acala, Wicked’s sword is faster.

If they go head-on against each other, the result will definitely be him having a hole poked in him first by this Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality.

At this critical moment, Lin Feng was instead even more calm. His mind communicated with the 24 Heavens Arhat Formation and at the same time his mana instantly converted from the Art of Acala to the Kṣitigarbha Sutra.

The 24 sariras forming the formation are all the spiritual remains of the eminent monks of the Great Thunder Monastery. In life, three of these great buddhist cultivators practised the Art of Acala, so Lin Feng unleashed the Fury Flames of Acala with these three sariras as the core.

Now under the trigger of Lin Feng’s Kṣitigarbha Sutra mana, one arhat light figure amongst the 24 arhat light figures instantly reacted.

The other 23 arhat light figures simultaneously chanted a buddhist prayer. They all turned into golden buddhist light and rushed towards that arhat light figure, fusing into his body.

This golden arhat’s entire body shined brightly. The light was not glaring and was as yellowish and heavy as the earth.

The golden arhat’s appearance gradually changed, turning into the appearance of a bodhisattva holding a jewel in the left hand, carrying a staff in the right and sitting on a lotus.

The Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva form!

“If the hells are not empty I will not become a Buddha. Only when all living beings have been saved, will I attain Bodhi.” (TL: Just google Kṣitigarbha and read up on him/her yourself.)

The distant buddhist chanting seemed to come from the horizon, but also seemed to come from the nine hells.

The Kṣitigarbha form combined together as one with Lin Feng’s body, turning into a gilded buddhist body.

The Gilded Kṣitigarbha Body!

Lin Feng had just formed the Gilded Kṣitigarbha Body and saw that the tip of Wicked’s sword was only three inches away from the center of his brow. His killing intent was monstrous and the cold air from the sword froze Lin Feng’s entire body. He was unable to move and the situation was extremely dangerous.

“Clang!” With a crisp ring, Wicked’s sword had already touched the center of Lin Feng’s brow. But it was unable to pierce through and was stubbornly withstood by Lin Feng’s Gilded Kṣitigarbha Body.

Even though Lin Feng felt a stinging pain at the center of his brow and the powerful force made his brain virtually a jumbled mess, but against Wicked’s sword of absolute death Lin Feng defended against it using the Gilded Kṣitigarbha Body.

The course of the entire event was a close call!

Not succeeding with one attack, Wicked’s figure turned into a complete blur, going around Lin Feng’s body he instantly stabbed out hundreds of thousands of times. All of the vital points on Lin Feng’s body were stabbed by Wicked.

As the world famous top-tier defensive ability of the Great Thunder Monastery of the past, it withstood the test, taking on Wicked’s thousand sword assassination and not breaking.

“Besides the Fury Flames of Acala he also has the Gilded Kṣitigarbha Body?” Wicked wrinkled his brow. He suddenly sheathed his sword and retreated. His body flickered and he had actually already fallen back to the front of the army battle formation.

Lin Feng did not relax and instead became even more vigilant. This bloodthirsty lunatic in front definitely wouldn’t do something like retreating in the face of difficulty. Abnormal behaviour often means a fiercer and more brutal wave of attacks.

Landing in front of the army formation, Wicked raised his sword. His entire being combined together with the mana of the 3000 Shenwu Army cultivators. The monstrous killing intent skyrocketed and virtually swept over the entire area.

Seeing this scene, some information about the Shenwu Army suddenly flashed by in Lin Feng’s head.

“Crap, it’s the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation!”

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