HN1F Chapter 97: All who believe in me, I never disappoint them

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“I wonder if you can let me look at your dao technique and let me compare them?”

With Lin Feng’s words, Kang Nanhua was instantly stunned.

One Society of the Strong Gale member finally couldn’t hold back crying out: “You bastard, did you come to take advantage of us?”

Yue Hongyan tightly knit her brow not speaking while the black-clothed man said heavily: “If you’ve really seen the complete version before then read it out to Mister Kang, isn’t that the same?”

Lin Feng ignored them and just silently looked at Kang Nanhua.

Kang Nanhua observed him very seriously for a while. After a long time he didn’t say anything either, a jade slip flew out from his sleeve and directly landed in front of Lin Feng.

After handing the jade slip over to Lin Feng, Kang Nanhua put all of his attention on the Ganges Quicksand Formation and strived to resist the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation’s pressure.

Lin Feng grabbed the jade slip. His mind entered within and instantly a long dao technique formula swarmed into his mind. It was precisely the Secret Records of Quicksand dao technique that Kang Nanhua practised.

“Please be useable!”

Lin Feng stared nervously at the last remaining black hole of the eight trigrams images in the dao technique creation system. In his mind he thought of the Secret Records of Quicksand.

It seemed to be just an instant, but Lin Feng felt like he waited for a whole million years.

The next instant, white light lit up!

In the dark void, eight clusters of white light floated in the air based on the eight trigrams positions, silently flashing.

Art of the Scattered Stars, Kṣitigarbha Sutra, Heavenly Wind Daoist Scripture, Nine Heavens Thunder Technique, Netherworld Nirvana Manual, Art of Acala, Supreme Mountain Script, Secret Records of Quicksand…

Heaven, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Mountain and Lake, the eight types of dao techniques have finally been gathered!

Lin Feng exhaled a breath of relief in near exhaustion. The system notifications beside his ears right now were like music to the ears.

“The number of basic reference dao techniques has met the requirements, starting to merge now!”

“Dao technique merging commencing… Dao technique merging complete… Starting to create 《Heavenly Scripture of the Dao》chapter one 《Eight Trigrams Chapter》.

“《Heavenly Scripture of the Dao》chapter one 《Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens》successfully created!”

A tremendous change occurred to the mana in Lin Feng’s body. At this moment, the many dao techniques he practised before all vanished, all of his mana changed to a completely new state.

Lin Feng’s mind entered into an extremely profound extraordinary state. There wasn’t a sliver of light before his eyes, it was darkness and chaos.

Suddenly a seemingly infinitely distant voice coming from an ineffable time and space, crossing over limitless space and time but also seemingly right beside Lin Feng’s ears sounded in the depths of his heart.

The voice appeared not loud, Lin Feng had to focus all of his attention to be able to catch it. But it also seemed deafeningly loud, filling the entire space and shaking Lin Feng’s soul causing him to be unsettled.

Following the rise of the voice, a point of light gradually appeared. It appeared infinitely small in the vast expanse of darkness, but it was incredibly clear and constantly spread out in all directions.

The light was not dazzling nor hot, it was just the purest most fundamental light. Gradually dispersing the darkness and chaos, prompting them to constantly evolve.

The light looked extremely small, but Lin Feng felt that the immensity of that point of light far surpassed his imagination, such that he couldn’t explain it. Because its size surpassed the hundreds of millions of times of any object that Lin Feng knew!

That point of light suddenly collapsed, turning into countless streaks of light that filled all of the darkness and chaos in an instant.

The millions of streaks of light turned into countless sights, stars, lightning, fire, the sea, flowing water, tempests, rain and snow, lava, the earth, deserts, trees, plants, metals, stones… A sea of infinity, all-encompassing and all-embracing. Everything that Lin Feng knows and doesn’t know is there, making his eyes dizzy and dazzled.

The primal chaos developing into the vast universe, and then the birth and death of billions of stars, a myriad of phenomena, countless lives being born and then fading away.

Time brings great changes to the world. Everything constantly cycles and changes. Creation, aging, decaying and then dying.

Lin Feng stood silently for a moment. The corner of his lips revealed a calm smile and he muttered to himself: “Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens… This is the true meaning of creation!”

He was wholeheartedly meditating on his dao technique and didn’t notice that Yue Hongyan and co were all closely staring at him.

Right now all of Lin Feng’s attention was placed on the system.

“Congratulations on the success of Host’s original sect fundamental dao technique!”

“Congratulations, Host has completed the second main quest!”

“Issuing main quest special reward!”

Lin Feng opened the main quest special reward at the first moment. The reason he worked so hard was precisely to complete the main quest. He was after this special reward.

“The first main quest’s reward, the War God Golem is already so powerful. As the second quest you surely can’t be shabby, right?”

The special reward this time was a formation diagram.

“The Yin-Yang Life & Death Formation, elaborating the universal laws of the dawn of the universe, yin-yang and creation, and the birth and death of of all life. There are a total of six transformations.” Lin Feng closely explored the formation diagram and gradually had a plan in his heart: “These six transformations, one of them seems to be precisely able to deal with the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation.

Seeing Lin Feng look like he was spacing out, Yue Hongyan glared at him with her large eyes and couldn’t help wanting to lash out, but the mountain suddenly shook violently for a moment.

Outside of the lone mountain, right now the tip of the massive pitch-black sword stabbing down from the clouds in the sky was already about to land on the peak of the mountain!

The tremendous amount of quicksand mud materialized by the Ganges Quicksand Formation had currently completely engulfed the massive pitch-black sword, virtually wrapping it up into a big ball of mud. But it still couldn’t stop the massive pitch-black sword’s descent.

The massive sword virtually the same size as the mountain peak came pressing down with terrifying power that made people’s hearts pump. It was like a calamity.

Kang Nanhua sat cross-legged on the sand dune. His face was pale and his white clothes were already soaked in sweat.

His two hands changed spell signs in succession and he then suddenly spit out mouthful of vital blood filled with his vital essence.

Kang Nanhua’s vital blood sprayed on the golden sand. The entire Ganges Quicksand Formation instantly pulled itself together and just barely  blocked the descending sword blade.

But Kang Nanhua himself was clearly sapped of his strength, his face appeared increasingly more exhausted. Even worse is that this method was undoubtedly drinking poison to quench thirst, it won’t last for too long.

Yue Hongyan gave Lin Feng a dirty look and then turned her body walking towards the outside.

The black-clothed man called: “Hongyan?”

Yue Hongyan said in a dull tone: “Go out and prepare. Even if the Ganges Quicksand Formation is breached, we’ve got to kill some more of them Zhou dogs!”

Lin Feng was also startled back to his senses by the power of the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation outside. Looking at Yue Hongyan’s figure that was like raging fire, he smiled shaking his head: “Your courage is commendable.”

Yue Hongyan who had already walked to the edge of the hole turned her head and glared at him. The other Society of the Strong Gale members also stared at Lin Feng with wary faces.

“Do not be rude.” Kang Nanhua who was strenuously supporting the Ganges Quicksand Formation and did not say anything the entire time suddenly spoke at this moment.

Yue Hongyan said urgently: “Mister Kang, he…”

Kang Nanhua raised his hand stopping her and then his gaze looked towards Lin Feng. He said slowly: “I am incompetent, I am no match for the enemy’s Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation. The Zhou army’s commanding general this time is that butcher, Wicked. Where he passes by he never leaves survivors.”

“If he charges in, not mentioning the cultivators in the mountain, even civilians will be slaughtered.” Kang Nanhua said in a heavy tone: “I am not afraid of dying, but I am unable to uphold my promise in the past to Hongfeng.”

When Yue Hongyan heard this, the eyes of the always strong and firm girl slightly turned red: “Mister Kang, if not for you, the people here would have already all died under the butcher’s knife of the Zhou dogs many years ago. It is us who dragged you down. If Big Brother knew in the underworld he definitely wouldn’t blame you, he would only blame himself for harming you.”

Kang Nanhua waved his hand, his eyes stared straight at Lin Feng: “I see that you are as calm as ever, you don’t seem to think anything of the 3000 Zhou soldiers outside and their Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation?”

“If you have great power, please save the people here. I Kang Nanhua would be eternally grateful!”

Finishing speaking, the white-clothed youth with a face of exhaustion actually slowly fell to his knees on top of the sand dune.

Yue Hongyan and co all had expressions of shock. They all stared blankly and Kang Nanhua and Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s face was calm He looked quietly at him: “You believe in me?”

Kang Nanhua said word by word: “I, do!”

Lin Feng sighed: “This favor, I’ll do it!”

“All who believe in me, I never disappoint them.”

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