HN1F Chapter 102: First Encounter with the Straw-Drawing System

Chinese song of the day. So, uh, change of plans on this side project business. As you can tell, I haven’t updated The Gate of Extinction for a long time now. Sorry to the people who voted and were looking forward to it. People from further back will know that I’ve already picked up a few side projects and then dropped them shortly afterwards. I’ve officially given up on side projects and will just translate whatever I feel like on the side. Once again, I’m really sorry to the people who voted and wanted more TGOE.

“This thing should have some weight?”

While thinking, Lin Feng took out a small mountain the size of a fist. It was precisely the magic item obtained that day after killing the Mighty Miracle School’s elder, Old-Man Yue.

At the time this small black mountain was crippled by the War God Golem. After Lin Feng obtained it he never had the time to repair it and only obtained from it the Supreme Mountain Script dao technique necessary to merge together the Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens.

Lin Feng clutched the little mountain and thought: “Even though it’s damaged, it’s ultimately still an aurous core stage magic item. It should be worth something?”

Starting up the straw-drawing system, he entered into the trading page and chose the item that he had his eyes on. Lin Feng did not choose the Trāyastriṃśa Elixir of Creation that increases cultivation level.

Even if he got the elixir, Lin Feng wouldn’t use it right away. As long as you are below the primordial spirit stage this thing is effective, obviously its value is the greatest when used at the nascent soul stage.

Right now even if he really does get it, he can’t immediately increase his strength. It’s the same as wasting a lottery chance for a short time.

What Lin Feng had his eyes on was one of the few aurous core stage magic items currently in the system, a spellsword called the Pure Yang Sword.

The Pure Yang Sword is created with one of the seven great true flames, the Pure Yang True Flame.

The Pure Yang True Flame is milky-white in colour. It is the ancestor of all flames and is the source and progenitor of fire in the entire Heaven Primal world. It is the most pure and unadulterated fire, it can assimilate many other flames and overcomes all evil.

This spellsword’s price in the trading system is on the same level as the Trāyastriṃśa Elixir of Creation. Wanting to trade for it himself within a short period of time is a complete dream, he can only take a gamble with the lottery system.

Lin Feng had already entered into the wheel system and the dice system before and taken a look. There wasn’t anything that he fancied in either of them, thus he figured he might as well take a gamble in the straw-drawing system.

Choosing the Pure Yang Sword and then betting the little black mountain, Lin Feng prayed in his heart: “Please let me win!”

The little mountain disappeared very quickly, and in the air 30 straws appeared above the cim bucket.

Lin Feng took a close look. Among the 30 straws, there were 3 red straws, 9 long white straws, 12 white straws and 6 short white straws. (TL 3+9=12, 12+6=18, 18+12=30, saved you a few seconds.)

“The probability of winning the Pure Yang Sword is only 10%?” Lin Feng tightly knit his brow: “The white straws and short white straws added together is a total of 18 straws, reaching a probability of 60%, over half.”

“Is it because the little mountain’s value is inferior to the Pure Yang Sword?” Lin Feng pondered in his heart. It’s his first time betting and drawing straws, he has no comparison or reference so it’s very hard to accurately estimate the system’s rule.

The only thing that can be determined is that the straw-drawing system’s probability of failure is far greater than the wheel system and the dice system.

The wheel system only has two empty grids, there is a one in nine probability of falling flat.

The dice system is a bit bullshit. Two empty grids plus two numbers that cannot be rolled, a two in nine probability of falling flat.

As for the straw-drawing system, just looking at this one time, the probability of falling flat reaches a high of 40%. Moreover there’s a 20% chance that he’ll obtain nothing and instead also have to lose an aurous core stage magic item. (TL: 40% white straw, 20% short white straw, 30% long white straw, 10% red straw.)

Of course, the advantage of the straw-drawing system is also easy to see. There is a probability of obtaining the prized item that he picked.

Lin Feng inhaled a deep breath and gave the command: “Commence straw shaking!”

The 30 straws fell into the cim bucket and rapidly spun in the cim bucket. After a moment they stopped and all of the straws lay still in the bucket.

Lin Feng stared at the straws. After closely looking for half a day he was forced to give up in the end. Right now the section of the straws revealed outside of the bucket were completely identical.

“Can’t observe any differences from the appearance, then I can only test my luck.” Lin Feng sighed and randomly picked a straw.

The straw floated out of the bucket and Lin Feng’s pupils suddenly shrank.

Fuck, it’s white!

Lin Feng’s breath was stuck in his chest and constantly rolling over. As the straw rose higher and higher, the end of it was not to be seen and Lin Feng’s raised heart finally slowly came down.

Fortunately I wasn’t completely unlucky.

A long white straw!

Lin Feng exhaled a big breath. It’s not the white straw that returns the staked item and wastes a lottery chance, nor is it the short white straw where he loses everything. It is the long white straw where a random item is exchanged.

But very soon Lin Feng got nervous again.

A random exchange, who knows what the hell he’ll get?

If he gets something good then that’s okay, but if he gets a piece of trash, then this long white straw is even more bullshit than the white straw that returns the ante.

Lin Feng anxiously watched the long white straw flash three times in the air and then turn into a streak of white light. In the white light, an item fell out from it and landed in front of Lin Feng.

“Hm, the hell is this?” Lin Feng took a close look. It was an item the size of a palm that looked like a badge. Its material was neither metal nor wood and was pitch-black in colour. A faint radiance flowed over its entire body.

On the face of the badge was carved a “Hall” character. (TL: Something like this, but black, and the character is this “殿”.)

Sect construction badge. Host can use such construction badges to erect various buildings and facilities in the sect at the determined base.

The sturdiness of buildings and facilities is directly related to Host’s cultivation level. Needs enemy two major stages above host to be able to damage sect buildings.

Sect main palace hall construction badge, Host can use this badge to erect the sect’s main hall, for major ceremonies in the sect and to receive guests.

In addition, the main palace hall is suitable to be the core of the sect’s protective formation.

After using the badge and the main hall is built, Host has one naming opportunity.

Finishing reading the description, Lin Feng couldn’t say anything for a long while. He held onto the badge and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Is this thing good?


In a sense, it’s even better than the Trāyastriṃśa Elixir of Creation and the Pure Yang Sword. It is a true foundation of the sect, the face of the sect.

But for Lin Feng right now, it doesn’t have any practical effect of increasing his strength.

Lin Feng smiled and shook his head. He left the lottery system and put away the badge.

Sensing the abundant mana in his qi ocean, Lin Feng’s face revealed a pleased smile. He had a lot of gains in his closed-door training this time.

After exiting closed-door training, his disciples all came up to him, only Zhu Yi was missing.

Xiao Yan explained saying: “A few days ago, Second Junior Apprentice-Brother attempted to breakthrough to qi disciple level 12 but he encountered some bottlenecks. Currently he is also in closed-door training.”

Lin Feng glanced at him and instantly sighed in his heart.

Currently Xiao Yan’s mana had reached a perfect state and it flowed endlessly like a great river. He was impressively already at the great circle of perfection of qi disciple level 12.

Right in the one month of time that Lin Feng was in closed-door training to reach foundation establishment, Xiao Yan successfully advanced to qi disciple level 12.

Calculating with his fingers, it was exactly one year since Lin Feng accepted him as his disciple.

Four years later, this black-clothed youth who once ascended to the peak and then fell to the bottom finally returned back to qi disciple level 12.

Lin Feng observed carefully. In front of him, Xiao Yan no longer had any feelings of regret or nostalgia and was no longer so cynical. He only had high spirits and a bit of steadiness developed after experiencing ups and downs.

He no longer dwelled over himself wasting four years of time and instead put all of his energy into the path that he will walk in the future. One step at a time, quick and steady.

In the past he used four year’s time before advancing to qi disciple level 12. Now he achieved this using only one year, such is great progress through steady accumulation.

Lin Feng looked at him and nodded his head with a slight smile.

Xiao Yan also smiled and didn’t say anything, he just bowed to Lin Feng. Everything was understood without words.

Xiao Budian stood at the side and stared eagerly at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled and patted his little head: “Let’s go, take Master to go find that Heaven Gold Thundersnake and take its snake blood for your baptism.”

While speaking, Lin Feng turned his head towards Xiao Yan and Wang Lin: “Having Tianhao bring me over is enough. You two stay behind and guard Zhu Yi.”

Xiao Yan and Wang Lin both nodded their heads.

Lin Feng wasted no time bringing out the Black Cloud Flag and swept up Xiao Budian: “Let’s go!”


In the sky thousands of kilometers away from Lin Feng and co, the clouds suddenly swirled and were torn apart. A streak of green light shot out from inside.

Numerous hurricanes writhed around the green light with awesome power.

“Shouldn’t be too far away from here.” The green light stopped and revealed the figure of a colossal monster with the body of a deer, head of a bird and a snake as its tail. Green light flowed over its entire body.

This was a descendant of an ancient beast called the Feilian. Even though it’s not a pureblood, its strength is still very powerful and can control the gales of the nine heavens.

On the back of that feilian sat a short youth. His mana was as abundant as the sea, it was a foundation establishment stage cultivator.

He held a compass in his hand. The needle of the compass was originally pointing in a direction, but it suddenly started quivering as was unable to fix a position. (TL: Compass…)

The youth furrowed his brow: “How come it suddenly can’t fix the position anymore, was it obscured by a spatial magic item? Hmph, you guys can’t escape from my palm.”

“Three little shits, dare to kill our Wind God Sect’s people?” A vicious colour surfaced over the youth’s overcast face: “Even if you guys run to the edge of the world you guys can’t escape death!”

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