AAIAALSS Chapter 6: In regards to what kind of club a lolicon should enter

Happy International Loli Day!!! Shut up, I need some sort of excuse to translate this. I was originally going to put a different video, but it was a tad too much… Honestly, if you want to call me a lolicon then I won’t fully deny it. Hey, put that phone down!!! I do think they’re cute, but, you know, kitten and puppy kind of cute (No, I don’t have zoophilia).Every manz needz a dose of cuteness in their life, some get it from animals…some get it from… other… sources… God, I’d be so embarrassed if someone I knew ever read my comments on this site. 

「I’ll help you ask if Yoruhisa has a sister, don’t worry!」

「Even though I don’t really have much hope, I still have to thank you.」

Afterwards Sena and I parted ways at the amusement park entrance after having lunch together.

「Bye, slightly perverted lolicon, don’t lay your hands on a little girl by the roadside on the way home and then have me pick you up from the police station!」

「I wouldn’t do something like that, in addition no matter what it wouldn’t be up to you to come to the police station to pick me up, right? Moreover…」

I would never tell her that I’ve already gone in four times this week…

After parting ways I clearly saw her stop a taxi by the roadside, don’t be so obvious with the class hierarchy! I who was already so poor that I almost couldn’t afford to eat could only miserably wait for the bus at the bus stop. Speaking of it, to a certain extent, Yumeno Sena could be considered my boss. After all, my wage for drawing illustrations can only be earned through her.

Only after thinking about it did I discover that she really is so damn detestable, actually making her own employee invite her to the amusement park! Although she also said before that the majority of her money was all kept by her parents, all she had left was some pocket money.

After my mind wandered around for some time the bus came. I noticed that my mind’s really been wandering around a lot lately, could this be the in-brain mini-theater Sena mentioned? But I feel like the contents are all complaints.

Returning to the apartment, I was about to go online and look at the illustrations of other artists. After all, only by constantly learning can I help my skills improve. Hm, so that’s how I think. Afterwards I saw Awayume once again “coincidentally” lying on my bed and sleeping with her clothes in disarray. Her collar was wide open and I could faintly see her skin that was as white as snow. Maybe it’s because she moved her body while sleeping, her slim shoulders were completely exposed before my eyes. She had already taken off her shoes and socks, a pair slender, long legs were slightly bent, displaying a beautiful curve. And right now the hem of her skirt was a bit upturned, I could vaguely see the NO.2 scene I wanted to see the most of half exposed little panties… Wait, no I didn’t! I thought of a terrifying possibility.

「Awayume! Awayume ! Hurry and get up!」

I did my best to not touch her exposed shoulders, minorly shaking her body. If my guess wasn’t wrong, there may be an accident if I shake her too much…

「Mm… Yi-kun you’re back.」

Awayume who just woke up rubbed her sleepy eyes. Lifting up her hands, she was just a tiny distance away from her clothes completely falling off, yet the collar of her shirt was stuck at her well developed chest.

You think this is wrapping a towel around you!

「Awayume… I’ll just skip asking you why you’re lying here, I just want to ask… You…Are you not wearing anything inside?」

Right now Awayume’s originally slightly sleepy eyes became clearer and clearer, her fair little face rapidly turned red at a visible rate.

「Ah!!! Yi-kun you big idiot! You’re still looking! It’s over, it’s over! I can’t get married anymore!”」

「C-c-calm down! I was just taking a guess! A guess! I still haven’t seen anything yet!」

Right now Awayume who had completely shrunk back into the covers slightly revealed a bit of her head, timidly looking at me.


「Absolutely! I swear on my honour!」

「No… You have to use your faith…」

With a “Crack”, I felt like I was about shatter. Making me use my faith is way to cruel!

「S… Sorry, I think I still saw a tiny bit!」

「Is that so… Then… Yi-kun… do you feel like, you like me a bit more?」

Right now, Awayume’s pretty red face that was trying hard really was super adorable, too bad I’m a lolicon.


「Sob… sob sob sob, I already deliberately didn’t wear any underwear to seduce you, why does it still have no effect at all…」

「So you did it on purpose!」

「Of course, how could there be a girl who forgot to wear her underwear! I just saw it say online that this appearance is very attractive towards boys, but it’s all a lie…」

「No no no, your attractiveness like this is nothing short of demon king level! It’s just that I’m a lolicon, I don’t belong to the same game as you!」

「Then from the result it’s all the same…」

Awayume’s dejected look was actually also very cute.

「Speaking of it, Awayume, after coming over to “seduce” me and not finding me, how did you end up sleeping in my room?」

Hearing my question, Awayume’s face once again turned red.

「I… I originally just wanted to smell Yi-kun’s covers… In… In the end I…」

Her voice became quieter and quieter, at the end it was already unhearable.

「I’m suspecting right now, Awayume have you awoken some sort of bad things…」

「No way! A… Anyhow it’s all your fault, Yi-kun!」

「Why is it my fault?」

「It… It’s all because you’re a lolicon! You won’t places your eyes on me at all!」

It’s appeared again, Awayume’s signature saying something embarrassing and then immediately becoming so embarrassed that she wants to die mode. I know that at this time I can’t stimulate her anymore.

「Forget it, it’s all my fault, go back and put on your clothes first, Awayume.」

「You can’t peep Yi-kun.」

「Don’t worry, I absolutely won’t look」

I closed my eyes and heard the sound of Awayume coming out from the covers. She seemed to sigh after confirming that I wasn’t looking and then walked out of the room.

「Yi-kun you idiot, it’s okay even if you look…」

After Awayume left I finally let out a sigh of relief. Honestly speaking, even if I’m a lolicon, I can’t be completely unmoved to a teenage girl lying on my bed with her clothes in disarray.

This is definitely because my spiritual practise isn’t high enough! Come Awayume, continue to challenge my psychological limit! I will be like Gautama attaining enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, understanding the true essence of lolis under your honing!

Right now is still the weekend, in addition Sena also hasn’t sent a work mail. I could only open the computer and randomly waste some time. I thought for a moment and decided to go check out the school forum. Last time Awayume told me that there seems to be some sort of post about me on the school forum. After entering the forum, in a post near the top I really did see my name.

“What thoughts do you guys have regarding Aoba Yi entering the police station multiple times this week?”

「Serves him right! This kind of scum who endangers the community just shouldn’t be let out!」

「I just wanted to lurk around… But seeing that it’s Aoba Yi I have to condemn him together with you guys! I’ve got a super kawaii little sister at home.」

「You’ve got a little sister? Introduce me?」

「This guy’s definitely pervert lolicon Aoba Yi! Everybody beat him to death!」

「I’ll smash his windows!」

「I’ll go block his toilet!」

「I-I’ll release the four pests at his house!」

「I… I think I’ll go be a bystander.」

「Aoba-kun isn’t some sort of pervert, he clearly hasn’t done anything, don’t frame him you guys!」

Hm, there’s actually a comment here speaking up for me… Although he very soon fell under the bombardment of the people and got completely buried. Closing this post, I think I roughly understand that right now I’ve already changed from the hero to the demon king, and they are the heroes coming to defeat me.

I started to browse other posts. The school forum really does have everything, from the fluctuation of the cafeteria’s prices to the immoral teacher-student romance of a certain class, it’s got everything. I feel like I can come over here more often in the future to browse around. At this time I discovered another post.

“Foreign prodigious bishoujo artist will transfer into Year 1 Class 3 of our school next week.”

And then below is some information related to her.

Name: Shinmei Yuno

Sex: Female

Height: 170 cm


The stuff afterwards, due to involving privacy, the OP did not list it all out.

「Foreign prodigious bishoujo artist? This title seems super amazing!」

「Che, this is just an exaggeration. In this day as long as it’s a transfer student they’ll all say it’s a bishoujo, you think this is a light novel?」



Looks like the majority of people aren’t really into it, although I keep getting this feeling that I’ve heard the name Shinmei Yuno somewhere before. But I don’t remember knowing any foreigners?

「Yi-kun, you also saw this post, I remember isn’t Year 1 Class 3 your class Yi-kun?」

A voice suddenly rose up behind me and gave me a jump.

「Even if you’ve got the key please knock on the door, thank you. Looks like she is indeed going to transfer to our class.」

「Are you super interested Yi-kun? It’s a genius bishoujo!」

「Sorry, after seeing her height of 170 I don’t have any interest.」

「I knew it would be like this… Yi-kun you can’t be like this!」

「In any case no matter what, for me, girls with a height of 170 cm have already passed their expiry date. When every girl was a little loli they were all angels favored by God. When they fell to this earthly world and were forced to grow up, their wings were already broken!」

「Sigh… Forget it, Yi-kun, what club are you in?」


「Yeah, you’ve got to join a club in this school. I hear the club credits are very important, didn’t anyone tell you before?」

「Because I have no friends at school to tell me…」

Awayume’s eyes looking at me suddenly became filled with pity, I also feel like my high school life is really sad.

「In short, Yi-kun you’ve got to join a club, so what club are you going to join? It should be an artsy one like the drawing club or something, right?」

「Maybe… Although maybe I’ll join something like the manga research club, after all I am a person in this circle.」

「True… But I feel like it’s still better if you join the drawing club. Yi-kun, don’t you rely on working and drawing online to earn your living expenses?」

「The drawing club’s activities might be a bit different from what I’m drawing right now…」

Awayume only knows that I draw on the internet, she doesn’t know the notion of illustrations. Moreover I haven’t touched those watercolour paintings and stuff in a long time either.

I remember when I was little, I really liked grabbing a pencil and paper and drawing in the park near the house. It was also there that I met that girl, although before that I first met my drawing teacher Ando-sensei. The weather that day was very nice, I felt that it was very fitting to draw the sky. And so I sat on the slide and started drawing after lifting my head and staring at the sky for a long time. My skill nowadays of being able to directly imagine in my head what I want to draw already existed at that time.

After focusing and finishing drawing my picture, I discovered a person had suddenly appeared beside me watching me draw. That person was Ando-sensei. He said I was very gifted and he hoped that I could go over to his studio to learn from him. Ando-sensei is a very kind person, but only when it comes to drawing is he very strict.

After going to the studio I discovered that there were a lot of students learning with me. At that time everybody possessed some basic skill, only I was drawing entirely based on interest before. But Ando-sensei kept encouraging me, so even if I was very tired from practising everyday I didn’t give up. After learning for a period of time I could notice that my skill had obtained significant improvement. The drawings of a lot of students who were originally much better than me gradually appeared a lot more crude in my eyes.

The me at that time could pretty much obtain Ando-sensei’s praise everyday. But gradually I noticed that the students originally in the studio all started to distance themselves from me. Everybody was gathered together drawing together, and only I was drawing alone by myself, this was no different from when I drew alone in the park. The young me would naturally feel lonely when being excluded, but Ando-sensei noticed this about me. He said to me, true artists grow up accompanied by solitude. A prodigy continuing to be accompanied by mortals will ultimately also fall into the crowd. He hoped for me to not be afraid of solitude, because solitude is also the spiritual food for an artist’s growth.

Ando-sensei really was a great teacher. His guidance towards me continued until I graduated from elementary school and was about to enter middle school. Due to having to move, I couldn’t continue learning with Ando-sensei. I remember the words he said to me before I left.

「If you feel lonely, then use the brush in your hand to paint down your loneliness.」

Even though my drawing dream nowadays runs in the opposite direction to the past, I who is engaged in illustrations has indeed always followed Ando-sensei’s words. Not only solitude, I will draw all of my pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy on these illustrations. Because on the drawing paper, those young, petite bodies are my faith.

「Yi-kun? Yi-kun?」

I returned back to my senses and discovered that Awayume was waving her hand in front of me.

「Ah? What’s wrong?」

「You’re asking what’s wrong? Why’d you suddenly just sit blankly not moving Yi-kun, have you been too exhausted lately and haven’t gotten enough rest, Yi-kun?」

「No no… I just suddenly thought of some stuff from the past.」

「Some stuff from the past? Could it be with me…」

「It had absolutely nothing to do with you.」

「Yi-kun you big idiot! Who’s this direct!」

「Overall, I most likely won’t be entering the drawing club. I’ll go look for another club more suitable for me on Monday.」

「Why’d the conversation suddenly jump back to here. Sigh, whatever, as long as you can find a club that you like Yi-kun.」

「Yeah, speaking of it, what club are you in Awayume?」

「Me? I’m in the choir.」

The club that Awayume chose was indeed very reasonable. Since she was little Awayume has always been a member of the school choir.

「I see, this suits you a lot.」

She smiled.

「Ne, Yi-kun, do you still remember how we met?」

「I do.」

The reason Awayume and I know each other was also her first time going on stage to perform in elementary school. At that time because she was too nervous, Awayume hid herself. The teacher had the students go look around for her, and I just happened to find her in the girl’s washroom… Don’t ask me why I would just happen to find her in the girl’s washroom!

「You really were shameless at that time Yi-kun, actually running into the girl’s washroom.」

「I didn’t have a choice either. It’s not my fault that the drawing I drew would actually float inside! I only dared to go in to get it after seeing that there was no one around.」

「Although it’s also because of Yi-kun that I had the courage to go on stage in the end.」

「But my drawing was ruined by the water on the ground…」

Awayume seemed to start to recall the past, the smile on her face was quiet and beautiful.

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