HN1F Chapter 105: Two Realms Void Art.

This guy here made a pdf/epub of HN1F, so you guys can go check that out. Here’s a pipa version that I really like of this song.

Numerous black twisters roared towards Xiao Budian.

Not only was Xiao Budian not afraid, his face instead revealed a smile and he made a face at Gao Long: “Shorty, you’re about to get screwed.”

There was a strange warp in space and the black twisters that had already arrived in front of Xiao Budian suddenly vanished out of sight.

The air was so calm, as though the twisters that were still howling a moment ago had never existed before.

Gao Long opened his eyes wide and was so surprised that he couldn’t speak.

The twisters were neither quelled by someone using mana, nor were they defeated by a different attack, instead they just vanished into thin air.

Gao Long could still sense the connection between him and his twisters. He twisted his head looking toward the distance. There, in the originally tranquil forest, numerous black twisters suddenly appeared without any signs and devastated that vast forest into ruins.

Somebody transferred the twisters that he released over to there.

Gao Long turned his head around. A young daoist wearing a wide-sleeved white robe and daoist clothes appeared beside Xiao Budian.

Xiao Budian cried out with joy: “Master!”

Lin Feng nodded his head and smiled saying: “You did well.”

Xiao Budian sucked in his lips and said in grievance: “Master, that shorty’s bullying me.”

“Shorty?” Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing and saying: “You little brat, you’re not that tall either? He’s a foundation establishment stage cultivator, his dao technique and skill heritage is also not weak. It’s very normal for you to not be a match for him right now, although after you reach foundation establishment you can directly hang him up and beat him, simple and delightful.”

Hearing the conversation between Lin Feng and Xiao Budian, Gao Long was red in the face with anger.

“Excellent, I’ll see how it’s simple and delightful for you!!” Gao Long shouted in a low voice. He placed his hands in front of his chest together and formed a spell sign.

The Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation planted in the valley under their feet suddenly abandoned the Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm. All of its power gathered together and turned into an endless hurricane that rushed towards Lin Feng and Xiao Budian.

Even though Xiao Budian had removed a flag and the power of the formation was greatly reduced due to missing a corner, Gao Long steeled his heart and directly spit out a mouthful of vital blood.

This vital blood landed in the hurricane and vanished in an instant, but an astounding change occurred to the hurricane.

The originally black hurricane instantly turned blood red, as though there were countless crimson dragons baring their fangs and claws and rushing at Lin Feng.

A bloody air of hostility assaulted the face and dyed half of the sky in red.

“A mere mana marking, how could I not have noticed it? I just didn’t care about it, how many of you guys come I’ll take care of that many.” Lin Feng smiled faintly. His expression was calm, he just extended his right index finger and lightly pointed.

“Two Realms Void Art!”

The mana of the Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens circulated and linked together two different spaces, shifting the heavens!

This is the spell that Lin Feng himself grasped from the Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens, it is his original creation. A spell that has never appeared before in all of the Heaven Primal world, from past to present!

Just like the Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens, this is a spell that belongs entirely to Lin Feng himself, unique to him in the entire world!

The space in front of Lin Feng warped at a speed nearly imperceptible to the human eye.

And in this space, the blood red hurricane that was storming towards Lin Feng suddenly disappeared entirely.

It was not forcefully crushed by someone using force, nor did the hurricane gradually calm down and dissipate, instead it directly vanished in front of Lin Feng without making a noise.

It was at the exact same time that the space in front of Gao Long also warped.

And then Gao Long’s face turned green and he saw that the blood red hurricane that had originally mysteriously vanished was actually rushing towards him, the master. Its distance was inches away and its speed was so fast that he didn’t even have the time to cancel the spell.


A jade belt at Gao Long’s waist suddenly lit up. Afterwards the sound of screaming wind rose up and an invisible gale surged out to greet the blood red hurricane.

This gale was invisible and colourless, it looked completely transparent. Only a slight distortion in space could be vaguely seen which exposed its existence.

The invisible gale looked dull, but it was like an invincible blade and it directly cut the boundless blood red hurricane in half!

The Nine Heavens Formless Gale, the powerful wind class ability cultivated from the Wind God Sect’s supreme dao technique, Art of the Formless Wind God. Invisible, formless and invincible, the gale from the nine heavens above that cuts the sky and splits the ground. It is enough to be on par with the Fury Flames of Acala and the Gilded Kṣitigarbha Body.

This jade belt is a protective magic item specially made by a sect elder of Gao Long’s to protect his life at critical moments.

Gao Long who was still in a state of shock watched Lin Feng wave his hand as the formless gale slashed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and shook his head: “Looks like you don’t understand. Compared to the wind that you control, it is my power that is truly invisible and formless.” While speaking, Lin Feng and Xiao Budian had already disappeared on the spot.

Losing its target, the Nine Heavens Formless Gale cut into the mountain and directly cut off the mountaintop. The massive mountaintop rumbled and rolled downwards.

But it could not hurt a hair on Lin Feng.

Gao Long was finally scared: “This person is formidable. The Nine Heavens Formless Gale was ultimately created by an elder, I am not yet able to freely control it. I am not a match for this person. I’ll escape first today and go back to gather the experts in the sect to crush them.

Slapping the wind beast, the feilian under him, Gao Long turned around and ran.

The feilian is a wind class spiritual beast with astounding speed. It turned into a streak of green light and flew away 500 kilometers in the blink of an eye.

Gao Long was smug in his heart: “Even if I can’t beat you, you can’t do anything to me either. When I go back and call over the experts of the sect, I’ll have you die a graveless death.”

Lin Feng looked at Gao Long’s distancing figure and sighed.

“You still don’t understand.”

Lin Feng lifted his hand and pointed, the Two Realms Void Art once again activating.

Gao Long and his feilian beast under him who had already fled afar felt the scenery before their eyes blur. While the space they occupied slightly warped, they had actually already been transported back in front of Lin Feng!

The desperate dash before was all in vain!

Gao Long’s face instantly turned snow white. He pointed at Lin Feng and roared hastily: “Nine Heavens Formless…”

The jade belt at his waist once again lit up.

Lin Feng smiled faintly, he had already extended his finger one step ahead.

“Compared to the gales and lightning in the nine heavens and the fire and magma surging underground, in actuality, the power of space is the truly most powerful attack.”

“Because, in a certain sense, an attack from fracturing space is simply unable to be defended against!”

The Two Realms Void Art activated, Gao Long’s mind was in a daze and he looked around blankly.

“Hm? How is that daoist all of a sudden so far away from me? Wait a second, that is…” Gao Long’s eyes opened wide: “That is my feilian beast, then on top…”

A bizarre scene appeared in Gao Long’s vision. In the distance, Lin Feng was still confronting the feilian beast.

And on the back of the feilian beast there also sat a person.

Accurately speaking, it was half a person!

A person with only his lower body, his body from the waist up had disappeared entirely.

Gao Long blankly looked downwards. He saw that his body from the waist down, his lower body and legs had all completely disappeared, all kinds of internal organs were falling down to the ground below while dripping fresh blood.

Only at this point did the pain that drowned his senses arrive.

“No!!!” Gao Long released a gut-wrenching scream. His body of which only the upper half remained plummeted to the ground. Before he had even reached the ground, he had already died in mid-air.

Lin Feng stroked his chin: “This scene’s a bit PG-13.”

He turned his head and looked at Xiao Budian beside him, but what he saw was the little guy staring with his eyes wide open and muttering: “This move is awesome…”

“…. I was overthinking.” Lin Feng instantly retreated in defeat.

He patted Xiao Budian’s head and shifted his gaze to the trembling feilian beast in front. He said with a smile: “Even though it’s a mixed-blood, it’s ultimately the descendant of a rare ancient species. You’re in for a good time little punk, not only do you have the true blood of a Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm, someone even made a delivery and added one feilian blood for you.”

Hearing this, Xiao Budian also smiled and directly jumped on the back of the feilian beast.

The feilian let out a low roar and appeared extremely discontent. But when it noticed Lin Feng staring at it with a smile on his face, the feilian’s entire body shuddered. It instantly didn’t dare to have any unusual movements and allowed Xiao Budian to ride on its back.

Lin Feng beckoned with his hand and Gao Long’s lower corpse fell towards the ground, but that belt of his that can summon the Nine Heavens Formless Gale naturally landed in Lin Feng’s hand.

The jade belt shook violently, wanting to break free and fly away.

Lin Feng pointed with his finger and cast the Heaven Cage Sigil, sealing the jade belt. He then came down from the air and arrived at the center of the valley.

The Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm exhausted all its strength in evolving and was then attacked by Gao Long’s Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation. Right now it is at the gate of death and has no strength to struggle.

Lin Feng also used the Heaven Cage Sigil to seal the thunder wyrm, and then the Black Cloud Flag wrapped it up and stored the thunder wyrm’s massive body.

After doing all this, Lin Feng also jumped onto the back of the feilian beast and smiled to Xiao Budian saying: “Let’s go, we got a big harvest this time, your baptism is secured now.”

Xiao Budian’s big, shiny black eyes turned and he smiled, saying with a shy face: “Master, how’s about you also give me that belt of his?”

Lin Feng snappily smacked him: “These eyes of yours are pretty sharp, but I still have use from this item, I’m afraid I can’t give it to you. Although after we return this time, there’s something good waiting for you.”

“Not only you, you four apprentice-brothers all have a share.”

Xiao Budian’s eyes lit up: “What is it Master?”

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