I’m dropping HN1F and changing the format of my blog (try not to swear)

So, I know this came out of nowhere, I know I’m gonna get a lot of backlash from this (I have experience from Shura’s Wrath), and I know a lot of you are fed up with me, but this idea has been in my head for some time. Above all else, I have to say sorry to fans of HN1F.

So my translation pace hasn’t been the most stellar, and even that is quite the understatement. Now, obviously the most common suggestion is to find people to help translate, but for the purpose of my translation blog, it’s just a place I can post translations when I feel like it. It really is just recreation for me, I do this just for fun. I’m not good with working with other people and I don’t really want to work with other people. You can call me selfish, but that’s just how it is. Anyways, with the rate that I’m translating HN1F, it’s very possible that I won’t finish translating it or it’ll be many, many years from now before I finish translating it, could be 10, could be 20. I know some of you don’t care, but I do not want to see this and I do not enjoy the current situation. This is how the idea in my mind came to be.

Now, I’m sure you guys have noticed that I do a lot of teasers. This is not a mistake, I love doing teasers. Someone mentioned this before and I won’t deny it, my mind sways around a lot, it’s hard for me to focus on one thing. It happened with Shura’s Wrath, it’s starting to happen to me for HN1F. For me, sticking to the novel too long makes me start to lose interest in translation, and then translating a new novel (a teaser) renews my interest in translation. And every time I read an interesting novel, I want to translate it for you guys.  I guess this is just my character. So the idea in my mind is to change the nature of the blog. Instead of focusing on a main project of which you or I might never see the end of, I will become the ultimate teaser. So I will pick a novel, translate 50-100 chapters depending on my situation, and then move on. Yup, all of that was in preparation for this one sentence. Now, I know I won’t get any long term readers, and a lot of you will leave… again, but I’m (not really) ready to accept that. I really think that this is the best format for me.

So yeah, that’s what’s been on my mind. Thank you for staying with me up to here and not just going straight to the comments to yell at me.Now, I won’t ask for you guys to forgive me, but I do hope that you can understand me, or just understand that I change my mind like a girl changes clothes. Anyways, you may now head on to the comment section and utterly destroy me and make me feel super bad about myself. Feel free to swear if you feel like no other words can describe your rage. That’s right, I already changed my mind in the time it took to write this.

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23 Responses to I’m dropping HN1F and changing the format of my blog (try not to swear)

  1. Was a good run, thanks for translating

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  2. kitotikatatari says:

    you dead to me
    😀 jest kidding thx for your work i love this novel
    even thou i know nothing real bad gonna happened to Mc š
    i still get thrilled and get to see what going to be of the bad gut


  3. ady says:

    Sad thing indeed. This is one of the rare good novels. It does not have time wasting elements like repeating something that has already been said or obviouse things like “one needs to know that…” or “him being a junior and that guy a senior…” etc

    I’ve read a few novels until now, but none has such good writing style like this… We seriously need to make a lobby on Wuxiaworld or Gravity Talese for this novel, since is better than all the novels they translate. lol

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    • ady says:

      One more thing I have to say to the translator: have you considered not to read the novel ahead? I mean, to read the novel while you translate it. It makes you less bored, since you don’t know what happens and more motivated to go on with the translation.

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  4. gman says:

    TL;DR you have ADHD. On a serious note, thank you for officially dropping it than holding us leechers hostage of what to come next. I hope there are more people who are interested to undertake this project.


  5. hipployta says:

    Thanks for letting us know instead of just leaving us hanging. Good luck on finding the next novel you love enough to translate.


  6. Ophious says:

    Thanks for the chapters till now
    A little upset but I hope you are able to find another great novel that will make us love once again~


  7. Crombat Monta says:

    Thanks for the chapters.
    It is not prison work, if it was no longer fun for you, than you shouldnt do it.
    At least now we know about this novel.

    So thanks again for all the chapters.


  8. dushan says:

    Thank you for your work, and thank for actually telling us you are dropping the novel. Best of luck with your next project 🙂

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  9. Raenius says:

    I really liked this novel, hope someone picks it up. But you know, I reaaly like the teasers idea, I hope you choose infinity genre novels, I love them.

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  10. nericen says:

    Well…LNMTL.com is voting on the stories to add and HN1F is in 4th place. So it should only be a matter of time before it pops up there. If that happens would you submit terms to LNMTL?

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  11. Avalollk says:

    umm, can I ask for the raw’s then? Only if it’s okay for you.


  12. Sahas Pat says:

    How can i blame you? Because of you i now known about this novel. Also it’s good that you said it’s very clearly, some guys or team with ad will surely pick it up quickly.If you don’t mind, I want some summary though.
    Thank for everything.
    Also, Thousand loli is very funny.

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  13. worldofshars says:

    thank you a lot for translating HN1F for us my friend, this novel has brought so many god damn laughs into my days and i can completely understand your viewpoint . i for my part will be looking forward to whatever teaser you decide to pick up next.

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  14. welp… i hope you have good luck in your future endeavors? and i hope someone else will begin to carry the baton where you have left it…. don’t know what else to say here… i wonder what you will tackle next…

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  15. hexwolfx says:

    F–k I really liked HN1F

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  16. kenchan223 says:

    Its acceptable, i mean i cant blame you for being bored translating god knows how many chaps. It will get boring for traslators who translate chinese novels and its cool, i get the whole dropping = change clothes thing, i hope you pick good chinese novels with plot and genres harem and/or romance , also modern world if possible which are optional too cuz im starting to get sick of the “kill my family? Your courting death” usual line lol.. also, why are no translators not interested in 108 maidens of destiny? Such good novel being left in the dust lol

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  17. Eric Allen says:

    Please link the teasers as soon as they pick up the novels (teasers) to translate so we can read the rest on their blog/websites.

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  18. IcedTea says:

    I’m actually a big fan of the teasers idea! It could get people interested in novels they have no way of learning about before since many of us can’t just browse thru the raws and give them away to see what else is out there, which could be a massive help to the community. And who knows, it could inspire others to translate them once you drop it! That’s what happened with “bringing a farm” after bluesilver did a 20 chapter teaser of it! Of course…that’s blue silver lol ~_~. But no matter what you do, I’ve been a big fan of ur work for a long time, so please continue….a fan’s selfish request~ Thanks so much for all the HN1F. I’m sad to see it go, but I’m glad to see you going on!

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  19. mike777ac says:

    Teasers are good though. There are so many stories out there that no one even knows about, because they haven’t been picked up. Most people only translate a single novel and there are way more people writing novels in China than there are people translating them into English rofl.

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  20. mike777ac says:

    Can 50-100 chapters be considered a teaser? Roflmao.

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  21. tembulon says:

    Bout time. I could see that it was turning for u. Hopefully next time instead of holding it in you could look for alternative translators to pick up your projects. Thanks for the journey. GG


  22. exqalph03 says:

    huh? haha XD!
    Well, good job so far, I guess?
    Hopefully the next novels you take are also good 🙂


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