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AAIAALSS Chapter 12: Is There Really Only A Thin Line Between Lolicon And Pervert?

I need a picture… Of a cute little mermaid girl… Zooming around on a ball of water… Like Aang from Avatar… Don’t ask why… Oh, and Happy New Year!!!

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Chapter 11: People Usually Call This Sort of Action Stalking

(Potential) Warning, don’t google Awayume… This’ll probably make people google it, but at least I gave a warning. Second warning, the grammar in this chapter isn’t the greatest.

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AAIAALSS Chapter 10: Dreams Without Faith Are All Empty

《Fairy Forest》 changed to 《Elf Forest》. I feel like I’m gaining a weird following by translating this novel. .. My brain’s dead, I can’t edit this chapter any further.

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AAIAALSS Chapter 9: I’m Taking Him To Meet My Parents

Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon… No lolis in this chapter either. That was weird to type out. I’ve wanted to post some loli videos a few times, but the videos I found were a little… Not loli friendly.

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AAIAALSS Chapter 8: My Club Can’t Be So Weird

Video Three. If you clicked on that not knowing what to expect, please move on. If you clicked on that with some sort of expectation in your mind, please turn yourself in. Changes to the names, I asked for some … Continue reading

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League of Legends: 700 Years Later

Merry Christmas, Jesus loves us, Jesus loves you, Jesus loves me. Jesus is always listening, Jesus cares, Jesus will return.

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AAIAALSS Chapter 7: My opponent can’t be so weak

I won’t be translating any more chapters of Absolute Choice. It will be picked up CKtalon and translations will be posted on Wuxiaworld in the future. But hey, more lolis!!!

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