AC Chapter 2: If Despair Had A Colour

All Hail Pikachu!!!

“Choose, Boy!”

The burning voice rang in his mind, in front of his eyes were still the three lines of black text 【Save Little Fatso】,【Run Away】,【Spectate】. Time was also frozen still, it was as though the ending was overturned and the story started anew.

“Could it have been a dream just now? My precognition ability has awakened in this world?” Shi Xiaobai’s brain was a mess, remembering that terrifying experience just now, he couldn’t help shuddering at the memory of it, but he quickly burned with a strong fighting spirit.

“If this is also the decision of the Gate of the Stone of Fate, I Shi Xiaobai will definitely stop the closure of the world line and change Little Fatso’s fate of death.”

“But… It is truly difficult for me who has been sealed by the God of Darkness to defeat Big Baldy’s reaper’s scythe! Is this the first calamity of the 10 thousand calamities in I, Shi Xiaobai’s cycle of reincarnation?”

“Hu, before I transcend the tribulation, I must first think of a way to save Little Fatso.”

After experiencing the blood and terror just before that was like a nightmare, Shi Xiaobai understood one thing — Humans, will die when they are killed. That frail neck, in front of the sharp scythe it was even softer than tofu and even more brittle than straw, Little Fatso couldn’t withstand even a single blow in front of the Havoc.

“Damnit, the treacherous enemy actually already knew that Little Fatso is the weak point of the Xiaobai Hero Squad. He took the lead against the weak point trying to weaken the Xiaobai Hero Squad’s combat power, truly despicable, I didn’t think that you were actually like this Big Baldy. No, I’ve gotta think of a plan to crack this situation.”

Shi Xiaobai was anxious in his heart, but no matter what he was unable to think of a way to stop Little Fatso’s death from occurring under this kind of circumstance.

Suddenly, that burning voice in his head turned extremely cold and slowly counted: “10, 9, 8…”

So there was a time-limit to choosing! Shi Xiaobai panicked and called out “Crap” in his heart, he didn’t know exactly what would happen past the time-limit, but his gut told him that he had to make his choice before the countdown ended. For him, there was no doubt as to which option to choose, but what to do after he picked made him flustered.

“I can only do that…” At the last moment, Shi Xiaobai suddenly thought of that pair of bleak eyes, he finally made up his mind to use a certain plan that he had directly rejected from the start.

“Little Fatso, I will definitely save you.”

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai made his choice again.

The paused time started turning the instant he made his choice. Little Fatso was still trembling but firmly standing in the sandpit, the Havoc was still gradually crawling out from the black hole, but this time Shi Xiaobai did not yell for him to run, nor did he sprint forward.

Shi Xiaobai cupped his hands in front of his mouth and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes like he was about to use all of his strength and roared: “Big Baldy, lowly Big Baldy! This King shall show mercy and allow you to lick the bottom of This King’s shoes! Prostrate on your knees to This King, Big`Baldy!”

Shi Xiaobai took a breath after finishing yelling, he opened his eyes and said in his heart: “It has to, has to work.”

Hearing Shi Xiaobai’s yelling, the right hand of the Havoc in the black hole that was already raised up instantly stopped. He slowly turned his hideous and terrifying head towards the area Shi Xiaobai stood.

“It worked, the Art of Aggro Transfer was a big success! Ok, I’ll add in some more fuel!” Shi Xiaobai was excited in his heart and immediately yelled again saying: “Tremble, despair oh Big Baldy! Your doomsday is here!”

“You… Court… Death!” The Havoc’s dark green eyes were filled with anger, his voice was dry and shrill, as though wanting to rip to shreds Shi Xiaobai in the distance.

“What did I hear, oh, it was the wails of a weakling!” Shi Xiaobai mocked aloud, while shaking his head he wagged his index finger. Afterwards he clenched his fist and stuck out his thumb downwards, his defiant gaze carried a colour of contempt.

“Foolish… Human… I will definitely… Rip you to pieces!” The Havoc roared like an evil spirit. He finally stepped out from the black hole and his body landed in the sandpit, he did not pay attention to the little fatty in front of him and turned around walking towards Shi Xiaobai.

Fear grew in Shi Xiaobai’s heart, he was almost unable to stand on his feet, but he still continued cursing: “Silence! You useless mitochondria that only knows how to breath, you think you have any chance to catch a breath? Ha, are your lungs that great, why not just work hard to create carbon dioxide and make a contribution towards global warming? Compared to the fish in the ditches who only know how to breath with gills, you are indeed more qualified to become one of This King’s livestock…”

“Hehe…” The Havoc laughed coldly and walked towards Shi Xiaobai step by step. All over his massive black and purple body were muscles that wriggled like worms, occasionally there would also be dark green eyes opening on his skin, it looked crowded and terrifying.

Shi Xiaobai’s legs shook badly, the strong desire to live in his mind told him to hurry up and run, yet his eyes caught a glimpse of Little Fatso in the sandpit and he discovered that Little Fatso was actually still there waving his fists and cheering, as though looking forward to how he would beat the Havoc with one punch.

“No, if I run Little Fatso will die for sure. I also can’t shout to warn Little Fatso to run, otherwise Big Baldy might shift his aggro.”

Shi Xiaobai thought this in his heart, his body involuntarily took a few steps back. He raised his right hand forward and said with a trembling voice to the Havoc: “Don’t get close to This King, or else you will be unable to bear this world’s most terrifying spiritual pressure and directly explode!”

Before his voice had died away, a cold light suddenly flashed by. Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were opened-wide, he saw that his right hand was already flying in the air, under the light of the setting sun the hot blood that sprayed out was red like the sunset.

“Ah!” Shi Xiaobai instantly screamed, his left hand hurriedly grabbed towards the right side of his body, but he could only feel wet flesh. Looking over in horror, he saw that only half an arm remained of his right arm.

While in pain, he suddenly felt that all of the sunlight above his head was swallowed and a shadow enveloped him. Shi Xiaobai shakingly raised his head and immediately discovered that the Havoc was already standing in front of him. That ugly black and purple body occupied his entire vision.

“Little Fatso definitely already understands that I lied to him, he’ll definitely run right away. As long as I help buy some time for him, he’ll definitely be able to escape. Just a little bit…”

Shi Xiaobai thought this in his heart, his lips quivered and he spoke mixed with pain and coughing: “Hands, feet, what harm is there in giving you one or two, even if This King’s body is skinned open, if that ugly scythe of yours can severe your destined tragic fate, then show This King! Ha, Ha…”

“I will cut you into pieces.” The Havoc’s tone was cold and calm, he raised his right hand and consecutively swung three times. Three arcs of cold light flashed by and Shi Xiaobai’s arms and legs were instantly all cut off. His body involuntarily shook violently, his eyes were wide open and nearly about to pop out, hoarse screaming squeezed out from his mouth that was opened so wide that it was about to split apart, resounding through the sky.

And yet another arc of cold light flashed by and Shi Xiaobai’s tongue was chopped up in an instant, the screaming turned into a weeping whimper.


Suddenly a sound that was not loud, but for some reason seemed to eclipse all sounded from the Havoc’s back. A soccer ball/football covered in dirt bounced off of the Havoc’s back and landed on the cold dirt a moment later.

“Hehe, I almost forgot about you.” The Havoc’s eyes turned increasingly colder. He burst the soccer ball/football with one stomp and turned around walking in the direction of the sandpit

“Mm… Mm… Mm… Mm” With no limbs he was unable to stand up, with no tongue he was unable to say anything, Shi Xiaobai whimpered and shed two lines of blood tears.

If despair had a colour, it would definitely be Shi Xiaobai.

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    “If this is also the decision of the Gate of the Stone of Fate, I Shi Xiaobai will definitely stop the closure of the world line and change Little Fatso’s fate of death.”
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