AC Chapter 3: Have You Experienced Despair

I spend too much time trying to fill this space…

Little Fatso’s screaming and crying resounded in the park, again and again as though wanting to shatter the evening afterglow and swallow all of the light.

His four limbs severed and his tongue minced, Shi Xiaobai cried tears of blood, releasing sounds of whimpering filled with anger, hatred and chagrin. Before leaving, the Havoc cast some unknown “magic” on him, a black light enveloped him and the area of his four severed limbs actually stopped bleeding. Moreover he was clearly in so much pain that he wanted to faint, but no matter what he was unable to fall completely unconscious.

Little Fatso’s screaming and the Havoc’s cruel laughter constantly travelled into his ears, Shi Xiaobai could imagine the scene of the Havoc using all the tricks in the book to torture Little Fatso. Different from decapitating the head with one slice before, this time the Havoc appeared very patient, as though he wanted to impose upon Little Fatso all of the torture methods in the world. Shi Xiaobai understood that the Havoc was venting the rage that he aroused.

“I’m sorry Little Fatso, I couldn’t save you and instead harmed you.” Shi Xiaobai was deeply pained in his heart, this kind of psychological torture broke a person easier compared to physical torture.

Little Fatso’s screaming gradually grew softer, until it disappeared. That was a long process, so long that it seemed to have crossed thousands of centuries.

“It’s your turn now, remember my name — Sahaden, it will accompany you through the most painful remainder of your short life.” The Havoc’s cold voice rose up and then the footsteps of the devil sounded immediately afterwards.

Shi Xiaobai slowly shut his eyes, awaiting the torture that was about to arrive.

“Choose, Boy!”

Suddenly, the burning voice once again rang in his head. Shi Xiaobai suddenly opened his eyes, he saw that the world in front was still the frozen scene of the Havoc just sticking his head out from the black hole. Everything had returned again to the instant that time was frozen, he was still alive, Little Fatso was still alive, everything was still okay.

But Shi Xiaobai was not stunned, nor delighted, nor did he have any emotion, his face was ashen and he was like a walking corpse. Before he used a precognition dream as an excuse to trick himself, now he had finally arrived at the moment where he had to think of the truth.

Why did he return twice in a row back to the time when the choices appeared. It turned out it wasn’t a dream, nor was it an illusion, it was because he failed. He was unable to “Save Little Fatso” so time was reset.

“What if I choose one of the other options?” For the first time Shi Xiaobai developed this kind of thought, his gaze landed on the other line of black text — 【Run Away】!

“If I run right away I can definitely get away.. Like that maybe time won’t rewind back to this moment again and I won’t die, Little Fatso may die but he doesn’t get tortured…”

“But… I really want to… Save him!”

The light that just lit up in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes instantly turned cloudy, his mind fell completely into darkness and a voice in his mind started to mock him.

“You can’t save him, you’re a weakling, trash, you can’t protect anything.”

“Do you understand? You’re not some main character, and you’re not some hero… You’re just an ordinary ol’ student that can be seen all over the streets… But if a script had to be written with you as the protagonist, then it would definitely, definitely be a tragedy…”

“You can’t even save yourself, what can you use to rescue others?”

“It’s not fair? All of the unfairness in this world is because of the involved party’s lack of ability. Little Fatso will die because he doesn’t have the ability to keep living… But you can, you can keep living!”

“Run, run, run away! As long as you run, you can survive!”

This voice carried a magic to hypnotize the mind, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes gradually turned red. If he chose 【Save Little Fatso 】again, he would only be letting the tragedy reenact itself again, but if he chose 【Run Away】, his pain would be over and he would obtain liberation.

Bloody and cruel ice-cold scenes flashed by in Shi Xiaobai’s mind, as though weeping of the pain and terror that he suffered before, seemingly convincing him to solidify his will to flee.

Suddenly, the scene in his mind froze on that soccer ball.

That was a soccer ball that flew over in the evening afterglow and lightly hit the Havoc. It really was so light, but it also seemed as heavy as a thousand pieces of gold.

Expression and emotion returned back in the boy’s eyes that were as black as the long night, but also as bright as the eternal day. A certain firm and unyielding conviction stood up from the bottom of his heart.

“I choose…”



This really was a long evening. It was clearly just the last struggle before the night arrived, but it refused to give up, biting onto the last sliver of light and releasing the remaining warmth.

But no matter what, time once again started turning.

The Havoc’s neck was just about to stick out from the black hole, Little Fatso was still like a wall that would crumble at any moment, clinging to his final persistence. The tragic scene was about to occur.

“Hahaha! Oh great Sahaden, this Humble One… This Humble One has bowed his head towards the Demon World for thousands of years and has finally awaited your arrival. This Humble One has waited so long and hard to witness this crumbling world prostrate beneath your feet!”

A flattering voice wild with joy suddenly rose up, Shi Xiaobai suddenly kneeled on the ground, raising his hands high up and bowing three times. His forehead bumped the hard ground, releasing a crisp sound.

The Havoc’s body had just crawled half way out and he was just about to slay that child who just called him “Big Baldy”. Hearing Shi Xiaobai’s words he instantly turned his head over and said in disbelief: “You… Human, why do you know my name?”

Shi Xiaobai crawled up from the ground and cast a fanatical gaze, “This Humble One has always been awaiting your arrival! You are this Humble One’s king, and also the ruler of the universe, how could this Humble One not know your name.”

“Greatness even darker than the twilight, an existence even more scarlet than blood, that is your body, your supreme will. Your Excellency Sahaden, before the darkness fell this Humble One swore by his blood, towards all of the foolish beings blocking the path in front of you, this Humble One is willing to devote his body and burn his soul, as long as this Humble One can become a small cornerstone in your great achievements, this Humble One can die without regret.”

Sahaden’s eyes relaxed and he slowly put down his vigilance and animosity. As a weaker existence in the Havoc race, this was his first time receiving such admiration.

“Big Brother, what’s wrong with you? Big Brother…” Little Fatso’s confused and scared voice rose up.

Sahaden instantly woke up, this child that called him “Big Baldy”, he must die! Sahaden immediately raised his right hand and was about to sever Little Fatso’s neck.

“Wait! O great Sahaden! Please listen to a word of this Humble One!” Shi Xiaobai’s hurried voice rose up.

“Hm?” Sahaden instantly stopped his movement and looked towards Shi Xiaobai with a judging gaze, his vigilance and animosity once again rose up.

“This person insulted your Greatness, it is a sin of a thousand deaths! I absolutely cannot let him die easily, I must make him die with hatred after suffering all possible torture! Only like this can this Humble One resolve the hatred in his heart!”

Shi Xiaobai’s voice was filled with anger and hatred, he lightly shifted his feet and walked towards the sandpit.

“Big Brother?” Little Fatso’s eyes were filled with tears, his gaze looking at Shi Xiaobai carried heavy disbelief, but there was still a trace of faint hope.

Shi Xiaobai turned a blind eye and said respectfully to the Havoc: “This Humble One thinks that compared to physical torture, psychological torture is many time more painful! This Humble One will shred apart his remaining hope right away and give his despair no place to hide.”

Shi Xiaobai turned his head, looking at Little Fatso and saying coldly: “You lowly, stupid human, you really think your big brother is a hero? You think your big brother will save you? No, that was all a lie, it was all fake, do you understand? Are you in despair now?”

Shi Xiaobai laughed like he was crazy, he had already walked to the side of the sandpit. Suddenly he lifted his leg and heavily kicked Little Fatso. Little Fatso instantly flew backwards and yelled in pain.

“O great Sahaden, you take a break first, allow this Humble One to tell this foolish human what is despair.”

Shi Xiaobai walked to Little Fatso who had fallen to the ground, his eyes were like the cruelest demon resided within them.

“Foolish human, have you experienced despair?”

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