AC Chapter 5: Can I Call You Big Brother

Chapter 4 of this chapter is the first time a chapter I’ve posted has never gotten a comment, but foolish humans, that will not stop This Translator from translating more chapters!!! 

Heroes cometh, Shi Xiaobai was waiting for this line the whole time.

In reality, at the last moment when he failed during his second choice, he also heard this line. At that time Little Fatso had just been tortured to death by Sahaden and Sahaden was walking over to him. He slowly closed his eyes, but this line travelled into his ears — Heroes cometh.

But afterwards the burning voice “Choose, Boy” rang in his head, because of this he didn’t have the chance to catch a glimpse of the late hero and went back in time to the paused moment when the choices appeared.

“If I can hold on until the hero arrives, maybe we can be saved?”

This thought became the faith for Shi Xiaobai choosing 【Save Little Fatso】the third time. To hold on until the hero arrived, he had to think of a way to stall for time.

But experiencing the first two times of failure, Shi Xiaobai understood very clearly in his heart that in front of the Havoc they were extremely fragile, they couldn’t stand the slightest bit of torture. Due to this, bluffing or putting on airs were absolutely unable to succeed in stalling time.

But luckily the second failure gave Shi Xiaobai two very important pieces of information. The first was naturally that a hero would come, while the second was that the Havoc’s name was Sahaden.

Thus Shi Xiaobai thought of the plan that was most likely to succeed — Flattery. He used all of the most exaggerated words and phrases to praise Sahaden, attempting to obtain its trust, at the very least he had to divert its attention.

The effect was good beyond Shi Xiaobai’s expectation, so this Havoc was that susceptible to praise. Shi Xiaobai let out a breath in his heart, but waves of disgust surfaced in his chest, because with every word of praise that he said to Sahaden, he would think of that screaming and crying under the evening sun.

The more he praised Sahaden, the angrier he felt, the sorrow in his heart was even more unable to be suppressed. As though his tears were about to flood, as though all of his negative emotions were stirring in his stomach, making him want to barf his guts out.

But Shi Xiaobai knew that not only could he not express his true emotions, he instead had to put on the appearance of fanatical devotion. This was very, very hard, but Shi Xiaobai did it.

After obtaining Sahaden’s “trust”, first and foremost was saving Little Fatso’s life. Shi Xiaobai was very dumb, so he used the dumbest method, which was at the same time also the most despairing method.

God knows how badly he hoped that all of this was just a dream when he kicked Little Fatso, when he shredded the hope in Little Fatso’s eyes word after word, how badly he hoped to immediately wake up from this painful nightmare.

In fact, he should have beat up Little Fatso even worse, only like that could he completely eliminate Sahadan’s wariness. But damnit, he couldn’t do it, after that one kick he was virtually about to collapse. He was playing the part of an evil character that he’d always spit on, but in his heart how he longed to be able to transform into a hero of justice and strike down Sahaden with one punch.

Dreams were very beautiful, but reality was very cruel. Shi Xiaobai had done his best, in the end he racked his brain making up a long rubbish incantation. Sahaden finally lost all of his patience and Shi Xiaobai no longer had any strength to stop him.

Shi Xiaobai who was on the brink of despair still had a last glimmer of hope in his heart, he was still waiting for the hero to arrive, thus he turned this glimmer of hope into a throat tearing cry and call.

The hero, really came.

Shi Xiaobai exerted all of his strength to resist crying, because he knew that it was not yet the time to cry right now. That hero wielding a moonblade may have blocked Sahaden’s scythe hand, but the battle had only just started, whether the hero could defeat the Havoc was the most important question.

“Go, hero.”

Shi Xiaobai clutched his small hands, he carefully moved his body towards Little Fatso who was in the sandpit.



The hero who blocked Sahaden with one sword was dressed a bit peculiarly, a yellow jumpsuit, red gloves red boots and a red belt, he also wore a white cape. Even stranger was his head, it was actually bald and would even flicker with light.

It was actually a hero dressed like a superhero.

The atmosphere right now was a bit strange. After Sahaden’s right hand scythe was blocked, its entire body started to violently tremble and its dark green eyes slowly turned crimson red, but not only did it not retract its right hand, its left hand also didn’t have any intentions of doing anything.

Moreover, after the bald hero leisurely withdrew his blade, Sahaden’s body still maintained the action of its right hand swinging to half way, as though a frozen statue.

“How do you want to die? Cut to death with one slice? Smashed to death with one punch? Or…” The bald hero spoke, when he put away his blade, his eyes originally filled with a murderous look suddenly became kinda blank. His originally tense face suddenly softened and for a moment he looked kinda harmless.

“I… I…” Sahaden spoke with a stutter and its body trembled even more intensely, it was like the baldy in front of it was utterly terrifying.

“I, I don’t want to die!” Sahaden suddenly yelled and actually directly turned around running in the opposite direction. Sahaden’s fleeing appearance was like that of a homeless dog.

Shi Xiaobai stared in amazement. He saw the bald hero raise his blade and assumed the posture of slashing down at Sahaden that ran further and further and was about to disappear from sight.

“Is he going to kill the Havoc with an air slash?” Shi Xiaobai watched in excitement, looking at the bald hero dressed like a superhero his eyes were filled with admiration.

Right at this time, an anxious girl’s voice rose up in the distance.

“Leave this head to me!”

Hearing this voice, the bald hero actually scratched his head and sheathed his blade in the scabbard. Shi Xiaobai was dumbfounded, he looked towards Sahaden that was already about to run out of his field of vision and was anxious in his heart.

Suddenly, an unforgettable scene appeared.

He saw that the Havoc that was torturing the hell out of him a moment ago, that Sahaden that was so strong for him that he was completely unable to resist, actually broke into numerous tiny pieces in an instant like a piece of tofu cut numerous times.

Shi Xiaobai was entirely unable to see what happened, but right in an instant Sahaden fell apart and became a pile of ground meat.

At the same time, from the edge of his vision a girl slowly walked towards them.

Due to being a bit far away, Shi Xiaobai was unable to see that girl’s face, but the girl wore a t-shirt and shorts, her white skin and impressive figure were in clear view.

“So cool!” For Shi Xiaobai, that was a stunning scene that he would never forget for his entire life.

But he did not focus on her for too long and instead crawled up resisting the pain in his abdomen, walking towards the sandpit.

“We did it Little Fatso… We survived… We…”

Shi Xiaobai who was in the middle of walking slowly stopped, because he saw that Little Fatso was retreating back in fear, his gaze looking at him was filled with dread.

“I hurt him… It’s all because I’m too weak… If I could be a bit stronger, I would definitely have a better way to protect him.” The joy in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes gradually dimmed.

“Sorry…” Shi Xiaobai said to Little Fatso, his voice was filled with regret and he deeply lowered his head.

“Big Brother…” Little Fatso suddenly lightly called him.

Shi Xiaobai lifted his head looking over. That small round face with tears, snot and sand all mixed together was like that old soccer ball in the evening afterglow, light yet heavy.

“Do heroes… Exist?” Little Fatso asked softly.

“Ya!” Shi Xiaobai heavily nodded his head.

“You’re not lying to me Big Brother?”


“Am I… A member of the Xiaobai Hero Squard?”


“Mama, Little Rat and Xiaolei won’t die?”


“Big Brother, can I call you… Big Brother?”


“Sob… Sob sob sob`”

His tiny body jumped up from the sandpit, landing in an embrace that was also very small, but enough to accept him.

In the evening park, Little Fatso hugged Shi Xiaobai and burst into tears.

Shi Xiaobai who was doing his best to hold back his tears was finally unable to hold back anymore, two streaks of tears flooded out from his eyes.


At this moment, this child who was only 13 years old cried his guts out.

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