AC Chapter 7: Girl, Your King is Here

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His face clearly still had tears, and his deliberately dignified voice was unable to hide his sobbing, but when Shi Xiaobai said “Girl, hurry up and sign a contract with This King!”, that serious and holy attitude made Riko involuntarily stop her feet and even start to think of the meaning of this line.

At this time Shi Xiaobai also said: “Sign a blood contract with This King, become a servant of The King, you will obtain one one-millionth of This King’s power.”

Seeing Shi Xiaobai speaking absurd words with a serious face, at the same time that Riko realized what he meant she was also annoyed and amused, This King? You’re clearly just a scared crybaby. Thinking this she threw him a look of ridicule.

Shi Xiaobai lifted his hand wiping his tears and said seriously: “This King broke through the void and arrived in this world, unfortunately exhausting all of This King’s cultivation prowess. Now even though This King is of mortal body, but one day This King will reign over the world. Girl, don’t let this godsent opportunity slip by!”

Riko rolled her eyes, in her heart she added idiot at the end of scaredy cat and crybaby to her impression of Shi Xiaobai. Encountering an idiot like this, with Riko’s temper she would usually tell him to screw off, but it was such an idiot who was a one in a million esper. He was person of talent bound to be crazily fought over by all kinds of organizations and was moreso the key to her winning that bet.

Damnit, this world is so unfair, isn’t it?

Riko retorted in her heart. She pretended not to hear Shi Xiaobai’s words and started introducing herself, “Cough, my name is Riko Minamiya, this person at the side is One-Pun-Sensei, we come from 【Gaia】, we…”

“Wait!” Shi Xiaobai said in excitement: “The 【Gaia】that you speak of, could it This King’s subject the Earth Goddess Gaia?”

“What? You don’t even know 【Gaia】?” Riko’s reaction was even greater than Shi Xiaobai’s, she said in disbelief: “There actually still exists a person on this planet who doesn’t know the name of us【Gaia】! Could you really not be a person of this world?”

Shi Xiaobai immediately chuckled coldly saying: “Hehe, girl, you’ve finally touched upon the Door of Truth.”

Seeing the two people about to go off topic, One-Pun coughed and said: “【Gaia】is an international hero organization.”

“Hero organization!” Hearing the word hero Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up, but he then immediately lowered his head pondering. He muttered to himself: “Since it’s a hero organization, then 【Gaia】is This King’s rival, no, maybe archenemy!”

Hearing this Riko was instantly greatly disappointed, so this idiot was already taken by a different organization. Thinking about it it made sense, he may be an idiot, but at any rate he is an esper, there are plenty of people who would fight over him.

“This King’s Xiaobai Hero Squad may only have two members for the moment, but it will eventually stand at the peak of the world. At that time if 【Gaia】dares to hinder This King’s steps, don’t blame This King for turning against you!” Shi Xiaobai raised his head in high-spirits.

Riko only reacted after two seconds, she deeply felt that she had been toyed with, but Shi Xiaobai just happened to have a serious look. It was like someone threw a rock at you and said it was a bomb, it was clearly unbelievably stupid, but the expression on that person’s face was so serious as though that rock really was a bomb.

Riko’s patience that wasn’t much to begin with instantly disappeared. Her temper came up and she extended her arm grabbing Shi Xiaobai’s collar. She said snappily: “I’m inviting you to join 【Gaia】, are you going or not?”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned, he silently raised his head looking at Riko’s bright eyes, staring for a long time.

Riko suddenly thought of the joke she just said about giving her first kiss, Riko naturally wouldn’t take this kind of joke seriously. Even with the bet she was willing to deny everything, not to mention a joke that not even the involved person knew about. But looking at Shi Xiaobai’s eyes as bright as the stars, a strange discomfort developed in her heart.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai asked softly: “If I join 【Gaia】, can I become a hero?”

Riko was surprised and loosened her hand. She said with careful wording: “Theoretically yes, even though as a newcomer you’ll need to undergo a period of training and tests before you can become an official member of 【Gaia】, but as an esper it shouldn’t be a big problem for you. The success rate over the past years of 【Gaia】’s ‘Hero Trial’ to become an official member is above 90%, cough, as long as you put in some effort your probability of becoming a “hero” is very high.”

Riko added in her heart, “But heroes are separated into classes, an idiot like you would at most one of the bottom few ranks in F-Class.”

After finishing listening Shi Xiaobai fell silent, because he didn’t understand. But this was not the point, Shi Xiaobai already had his own plan in his heart. He asked again: “After joining 【Gaia】, can This King… Can I also defeat that Havoc just now?”

Riko clearly saw a heartaching longing in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes.

“This idiot is pretty cute when he’s not being an idiot.”

Riko thought in her heart, but on her face she had a “You win” look. She sneered saying: “Che, that utter piece of trash F-Class Havoc. Any random person in【Gaia】could easily take care of it.”

Even though there was some exaggeration, but for Riko, Sahaden was indeed very weak, and in front of One-Pun it could only flee in fright.

“What I once thought of as despair was actually so weak… So despairingly weak…”

Shi Xiaobai thought this in his heart, he lowered his head in silence and whispered a moment later: “I’ll join 【Gaia】, I want to become a hero.”

His voice was so, so soft, and also seemed to carry some slight snorting.

Riko’s gaze also gradually softened, he may be an idiot, but he’s still a child. Well, as the big sister I’ll be a bit gentler to him in the future.


Shi Xiaobai suddenly lifted his head up laughing out loud, “One day This King will make the 【Gaia】of this world also become This King’s subject! Laugh, be excited oh girl, your King is here!”

Riko finally couldn’t hold back anymore and relentlessly punched Shi Xiaobai’s noggin.

“Ouch!” Shi Xiaobai instantly cried in pain. He retreated a few steps back and shouted: “Trying to smash This King’s hidden crown, girl, are you an enemy sent by an evil organization.”

“Enemy my ass, stand still!”


The evening gradually faded and the night descended. Shi Xiaobai rubbed his forehead in pain and Riko who was not far away had an angry look.

“Big Brother, I need to go home now.” Little Fatso said holding on to the soccer ball.

“It’s time for us to leave too.” One-Pun-Sensei reminded.

Shi Xiaobai nodded his head and walked towards Little Fatso. Looking at that round face that was wiped clean of tears but still had snot hanging from the nose, he said solemnly: “Name, tell This King your name, young Demon King!”

Little Fatso used the back of his hand to wipe his snot and said in a small voice: “Zhu Zhu…”

Shi Xiaobai took a deep look at Little Fatso and said seriously: “Piggy, remember, you are the Xiaobai Hero Squad’s second member, always!” (TL: His name 朱竹, Zhu Zhu. Pig, 豬, Zhu.)


Little Fatso heavily nodded his head.

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